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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

What is yoga?

What is yoga?

The word "Yoga" in itself is like a complete science that unites body, mind, soul, and universe. The history of yoga is about 5000 years old, known in ancient Indian philosophy as the practice of mind and body. Different styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

What is gluten? Why is it harmful to health?

What is gluten? Why is it harmful to health?

Many people now eat wheat bread as an alternative to rice. There is a lot of understanding that bread is suitable for some diseases or weight loss. However, is a dish made from wheat bread and wheat flour really beneficial?

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Why is the habit of staying up late at night bad for heart health?


Why is the habit of staying up late at night bad for heart health?

Good sleep is important for good health. Only when you get a good night's sleep can your body relax. If you don't get enough sleep every night or don't get enough sleep, it can affect your health.

Sleep deprivation can affect the heart. Not sleeping late at night increases the risk of heart disease. Not sleeping at the right time every day or not sleeping late at night also increases the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Problems that can occur when staying up late at night

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Such health examination should be done according to age

Such health examination should be done according to age

We do not have a tendency to get regular health check-ups. Many have also fallen ill because of poor access to hospitals or health care. Some are experiencing physical problems. The hospital is visited only after a serious illness.

Monday, July 12, 2021

How are children being deprived of social life?

How are children being deprived of social life?

It is our natural nature to live by sharing our sorrows, exchanging support, celebrating, mutual harmony, and cooperation, but now the new generation is being alienated from social life.

Many are now raising single children at home. Raising, raising, and educating many children is relatively expensive and cumbersome. While raising a child does not cost the parents much. Not burdensome. But, from a child's point of view, it's not good. Because, if there is only one child in the house, they are alone. They don't have playmates. When they are not equal friends, they are lonely.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Probiotics are essential for the digestive system

Probiotics are essential for the digestive system

Our body's immune system is very strong. There are more than 500 good bacteria in the stomach. These are the same bacteria that fight against the bad bacteria that grow in the body. Their job is to digest the food we eat and that is why our immune system is strong.

When bad bacteria start to grow in our digestive system, we feel like vomiting. It can also cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. The growth of bad bacteria can sometimes have the effect of a cleansing effect or an antibiotic. This activates the bad bacteria and starts destroying the outer layer of the intestine. That is why we sometimes get serious stomach ailments.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Blood Donation: How Beneficial?

Blood Donation: How Beneficial?

'Blood donation'. The easiest thing we can do for philanthropy is to keep our bodies intact, donating blood. It is also called 'Mahadan'. Because when we donate blood, it can give new life to other patients. One unit of blood can save someone's life.

However, people are not as aware of the importance and necessity of donating blood. Blood donation campaigns are run in different places, but people are not ready to donate blood. One of the reasons for this is people's misconception about blood donation.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Is honey really a priceless gift of nature?

Is honey really a priceless gift of nature?

Honey is considered to be not only delicious and juicy but also full of health benefits. Honey has been used as a home remedy for centuries. In the past, beehives were built in houses, and honey was eaten. It was also used for long time storage. Even if kept for a long time, its properties are not destroyed.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

The correct method and procedure of exercise

The correct method and procedure of exercise

There are many types of exercise. So you have to keep an eye on what kind of exercise is beneficial. You need to make sure that all types of exercise are suitable for you. Because in some cases exercise can be harmful. Exercising indiscriminately and voluntarily does not benefit the body, but harms it.

We are now health-conscious. We are aware. That's why we want to exercise regularly, even if we have time. Morning is the best time to exercise. Of course, you can exercise at other times as well. However, other times are not as favorable as in the morning. One thing to keep in mind while exercising is to wear comfortable clothes and do it in a comfortable place. It is best to exercise in the open or fresh air.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

How to increase immunity?

 How to increase immunity?

Corona ruined a lot of things. How many lives were lost from this world disease, how many families? Some suffered physical pain and some mental stress. However, because of Corona, the human community was able to realize something.

For example, the physical distance must be maintained to avoid any infectious disease. Pay attention to physical hygiene. Eat nutritious and balanced food. And, the body's ability to fight disease should be increased.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Five effective benefits of Ayurveda

Five effective benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a kind of basic medical treatment in this age of encouraging return to nature. In which people have become more attracted lately.

If a combination of a balanced and nutritious diet, massage, use of natural herbs, and light yoga poses are done regularly, a classic package of Ayurveda is completed. Here are 5 benefits of Ayurveda that help improve the overall health of the body and mind. It also helps keep people fit.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Rising mortality due to lack of physical activity - study

Rising mortality due to lack of physical activity - study

According to a new study published in The Lancet Global Health, at least 3.9 million people worldwide die prematurely each year. Because of illness or physical problems, they may not be able to live a full life. After all, why do so many people die prematurely?

Saturday, May 29, 2021

When the stomach is heavy

When the stomach is heavy

The common Nepali problem is gastric. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is one of the common causes of gastric ulcer. Not only gastric but also many stomach problems. After all, what causes stomach problems? How to avoid it?

Chew properly

The thing we neglect the most while eating is chewing food. Eating nutritious, fresh food alone does not make you healthy. It is also important to eat properly to stay healthy. The first condition is to chew properly.

It should be swallowed only after playing food in the mouth and chewing it well. That is, solid food should be chewed and swallowed only by making it soft and juicy. Swallowing in this way facilitates digestion. It is said that we have 32 teeth and we have to chew any food 32 times. This means that the food should be chewed smoothly.

But, now we are in a hurry. We do not chew food properly. We swallow quickly. According to nutritionists, it is important to pay full attention to any food you eat. You should not pay attention elsewhere while eating. Food should be eaten slowly, comfortably, with taste. Eating this way does not cause stomach or digestive problems.

Let's not eat more than hunger

Our tendency is to eat more than we need if we have sweet and savory food. In most cases, we eat more than we are hungry. Eating too many foods at once affects the digestive process. Food does not digest well. Stomach problems. Similarly, according to Ayurveda, food should be eaten at least five hours apart between two meals. That is, the next meal should be eaten only after the first meal is well digested.

Artificial sweeteners should be avoided

Now we have a habit of eating a variety of dishes. Such sweets are also plentiful in the market. While this type of artificial sweetener also affects digestion.

Let's reduce gas

Bananas or other carbonated drinks fill the body with gas. Instead of carbonated drinks, fresh fruit juice, sarvat, yogurt, mohi, etc. are very useful.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Growing smartphone addiction in the younger generation, the risk of long-term health problems

Growing smartphone addiction in the younger generation, the risk of long-term health problems

Growing smartphone addiction among young people has shown that patients are more likely to get sick. Studies in various parts of the world, including London, have shown that one-third of the world's youth are addicted to smartphones. Studies have shown that these young people are more likely to have problems with sleep. Studies have shown that in addition to sleep, a variety of problems increase.

How many times a day do you pick up your phone? How many times a day do you check information on your social network? How fast do you get uncontrollable when a message arrives on the phone? If this whole thing happens to you, it can be considered as an addiction sitting on your phone. A study has shown that about one-third of the world's people are addicted to mobile phones.

A new study by King's College London has revealed this fact. The researchers' study of 1,043 young people aged 18 to 30 confirmed this fact. Of those, 39 percent said they lost control of their phone.

The phone is disturbing people's sleep

Researchers have found that more than two-thirds of those addicted to smartphones had sleep problems. They have been found to suffer from insomnia and restlessness at night. This problem is found to seriously affect their lives.

Competitors who reported increased use of cell phones also had trouble sleeping. It has been studied before that those who use smartphones a lot at night tend to feel less sleep and more tired. According to researchers, smartphones also cause more mental problems during sleep.

This is how the study was done

The study, conducted by researchers at King's College London, was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry. In the study, researchers asked students about their sleep quality and smartphone use. The study was conducted online. About 39 percent of respondents to the questionnaire, which was designed to assess smartphone addiction among young people, said they were addicted to smartphones.

The effects of smartphones

According to Polotsky, a researcher involved in the study, phone addiction is also known as nomophobia. This is because any LED spectrum suppresses the level of light source melatonin.

Trying to break free from addiction

 Turn off the phone for a while

According to researchers, to get out of this addiction, first, turn off your phone for a while. For example, when you are in a meeting, having dinner, playing games with your child, or driving, stop for a while.

Make less use of social media

Keep the number of applications on your mobile to a minimum and consume fewer applications. The use of social networks Facebook and Twitter can be reduced from your phone. Use the phone's laptop to check it.

Go to the grayscale

Turn your smartphone to grayscale, according to psychiatrist Mela Roberts. This will improve your concentration. You can wear an alarm to get up in the morning like in the old days.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Medicinal properties of lemongrass

Medicinal properties of lemongrass

The main ingredient in lemongrass is lemon or citral, which has antifungal and anti-microbial properties. Lemongrass is good for health.

Lemongrass is a good source of vitamins A, B, C, and folate. Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron found in it are necessary for the body to be healthy and function.

The antioxidant (phenolic compound) found in it acts as a medicine to prevent various diseases in the body. Here are the benefits of consuming lemongrass:

Lowers cholesterol

Lemongrass has antihypertensive lipidomic and antihypertensive cholesterol properties that help keep cholesterol levels healthy. According to a study, daily consumption of lemongrass improves triglyceride levels and helps lower LDL cholesterol in the body.

Removes toxins from the body

Lemongrass helps in removing harmful toxins accumulated in the body. After the toxins are released from the body, the organs of the bodywork well.

It helps to reduce the level of uric acid in the body. Due to the diuretic properties found in lemongrass, frequent urination and excretion of toxins through urine. It also improves your digestive health.

Eliminates stomach problems

According to a study, lemongrass has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that help fight stomach infections. It also helps to improve the digestive system and prevent ulcers such as gastrointestinal disorders. Lemongrass can also be used to get rid of constipation.


Due to the antiseptic and astringent properties found in lemongrass, it is very beneficial for the skin. It acts as a very good cleanser for oily skin and helps to remove blemishes from the skin.

Removes body odor

Lemongrass is used to make deodorant. The antibacterial found in it helps to get rid of body odor. Also prevents fungal and bacterial infections.

Strengthens the immune system

Lemongrass helps in maintaining proper digestion, respiration, and the nervous system. It helps the body absorb essential nutrients from food which strengthens our immune system.

Monday, February 8, 2021

First Aid: When an accident occurs suddenly

First Aid: When an accident occurs suddenly

Accidents or sudden physical problems can be faced at any time. So we have to be prepared for this. Especially mentally. For example, there was an accident. What to do immediately if you see a serious injury? What to do if someone suddenly gets into a fight while walking? What to do immediately if someone is bitten by a snake?

In this case, we have to work patiently. If there is a sudden problem, you need to know how to treat it first.

Suddenly I had a heart problem

-Keep the victim in a position where he can feel very comfortable.

-Sleep in an upright position on the ground. The knees should be raised slightly.

- Be aware of the victim. So he should be kept in the open air.

- Her heart rate, blood pressure, consciousness, etc. should be checked from time to time.

-If a person is having trouble breathing, he should put a pillow on his back and lift it slightly.

- Medicine should be given immediately by contacting the doctor.

- An ambulance should be called immediately as soon as the emergency is felt.

Asthma attack

- To put the person in a chair in a comfortable position. You should not sleep.

- Don't leave the victim alone. Don't crowd around.

-Asthma sufferers always have an inhaler and a relief puff with them, so a relief puff should be given without delay.

If unconscious

- Let's keep the victim in an open-air place. Let's not crowd around.

- It should be made taller by placing two or three pillows on the legs.

-If the hands and feet get cold, they should be warmed. Massage should be done.

- Water, lemon water, etc. should be allowed to drink.

If the bone is broken

- Do not shake around the injured area without support. There should not be any kind of pressure.

- If you have to shake, support the broken place with a cartoon, etc. And, it should be carefully tied with a cloth.

- To reduce swelling and reduce pain, ice should be rubbed on the affected area.

- Do not massage with oil without any assignment.

In case of fire

- If there is a fire in the clothes, do not run here and there, but roll the ground.

- Do not pour water on the burnt person, but wrap it with a blanket.

- The victim should be taken to a safe place and his clothes should be changed.

- Do not make the mistake of applying ice to the burn. Instead, add cold water.

- Ghee Kumari gel should be applied to the burn area to reduce pain or less burning.

In a road accident

-If there is bleeding, the bleeding area should be pressed hard to stop it. Or tied with a clean cloth.

- Accidental person's breathing and heart rate should be checked.

-If you get ahead or spinal injury during a road accident, don't let it move too much.

- If you are very frustrated or restless, you should massage the victim's hands and feet.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

What is a peptic ulcer?

What is a peptic ulcer?

The abdomen contains a smooth layer of mucus that protects the inner lining of the mucus from the hardening of pepsin and hydrochloric acid. The characteristic of this acid is that it is necessary for digestion, but if the same acid comes in direct contact with other tissues of the body, it can also cause damage.

This is the synergy between the acid and the mucus layer. When this coordination deteriorates, ulcers occur. If a person already has physical or emotional stress, it can aggravate a peptic ulcer.

Ulcers can also be caused by painkillers, such as frequent use of certain medications. Ulcers usually occur in the lining of the stomach and upper lining of the small intestine.

H. pylori bacteria caused by ulcers

The most common cause of peptic ulcer is H. pylori bacteria. Not only is peptic ulcer caused by food and stomach acid, but H. pylori bacteria are also to blame.

These bacteria spread from the direction and wastewater. The problem of bad smell is more in the rainy season than in other seasons. Decreased physical activity and changes in the immune system also help to make these bacteria. Eating lots of starchy and spicy foods as well as tea and coffee can also increase stomach acid levels.

Symptoms of ulcers include acidity, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting.

Peptic ulcers can also cause respiratory problems. Acid sometimes enters the esophagus due to digestive problems. Someone who has a headache and feels like they have a heart condition. It affects the throat, teeth, breathing, etc.

Timely treatment is essential

Anemia due to peptic ulcer, bleeding when directed and if the ulcer does not heal for a long time, there is a risk of stomach cancer. There is a lack of blood in the body due to internal bleeding.

Holes in the wall of the stomach or small intestine increase the risk of serious intestinal infections. Peptic ulcers can also damage the tissues of the stomach which interferes with the flow of food in the digestive tract, leading to vomiting and weight loss.

What not to do

-If you want to avoid peptic ulcers, do not smoke.

-Stay away from tobacco products.

-Do not consume meat, caffeine, and alcohol.

-Avoid spicy, spicy, and spicy feasts

Do not allow iron deficiency in the body

After giving birth, many women have to go through the problem of malnutrition. As soon as a baby is born, malnutrition affects both the mother and the baby. Malnutrition during and after pregnancy can be fatal for the baby.

Pregnancy is also a cause of malnutrition

Breastfeeding is the first and foremost reason. Breastfeeding mothers need at least 1000 calories daily. Many women are unaware of this, which is why they suffer from dehydration, vitamin or mineral deficiency, and sometimes anemia.

It is very important to take vitamins before and after the birth of a child. Folic acid dissolves in water and is excreted from the body. As a result, most women suffer from anemia due to folic acid deficiency after childbirth. Therefore, foods rich in folic acid such as green vegetables, oranges, lemons should be eaten.

The risk for the newborn

In pregnant women, malnutrition has a detrimental effect on the unborn child. The baby does not develop properly and weighs less than normal at birth.

Malnutrition during pregnancy and low birth weight can have a detrimental effect on the baby which can have various consequences. If the mother is malnourished during pregnancy, the baby should face the following diseases in her life

The child has problems with osteoporosis, chronic kidney failure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, lung disease, etc.

Problems for the mother

If the mother is malnourished during pregnancy, it can be fatal. Besides, premature birth can lead to problems such as miscarriage.

Women also have many other problems such as infections, anemia, lack of productivity, lethargy, and weakness.

How to prevent malnutrition?

Malnutrition can be prevented by eating a balanced diet. Women should consume adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables, water, fiber, protein, fats, and carbohydrates during pregnancy.

Nutritional requirements


Iron is very important for making hemoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. If there is a lack of red blood cells in our body, there is not enough oxygen for all the organs.

If you do not consume iron properly, you will gradually become deficient in hemoglobin and you will be anemic. You feel a lack of energy in your body. Your body does not have the strength to fight disease.

Most women feel tired and weak after giving birth. In this case, they should eat iron-rich foods. Women bleed a lot during childbirth and therefore are anemic, so include enough iron in your diet.


Glucose is also very important for the proper absorption of iron in the body. It absorbs iron rapidly and provides energy to the body.

After giving birth, many women want to lose a lot of weight. Due to this, they are not allowed to consume a proper diet. This can be harmful. Breastfeeding reduces weight on its own.

While breastfeeding mothers need 300 extra calories daily.

So exercise along with a balanced diet and avoid excess calorie intake. If there is a normal delivery, you can start light exercise shortly after the baby is born. However, the C section does not exercise for 6 weeks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

What is leukemia?

What is leukemia?

Leukemia is an early stage of a type of blood cancer. It can be easily treated. But, for that, the disease must have been known at an early stage. If not treated in time, it can be dangerous and even fatal.

How to know

How do you know if your child has leukemia? Because its symptoms are normal, which we do not take seriously. However, from the following things, it can be known that the child is afraid of this disease.

- Repeatedly having the same type of infection

- Very high fever

- Weakening of the child's immune system

-Feeling tired and weak all the time

- Having anemia

- There is a problem of bleeding from nails and gums

- Experiencing pain in the joints

-Swelling different parts of the body

-There are knots in different parts of the body

- Having problems with the liver

- Frequent headaches. Or migraine

- Paralysis means having a stroke

- To be confused about something again and again. That is to be mentally stressed


-Increased skin itching problem

- Having a problem of not feeling hungry

- It takes a long time for any wound to heal

Leukemia spreads rapidly

Early symptoms of leukemia include the flu and other serious illnesses. However, when leukemia spreads rapidly, all the above-mentioned problems start appearing at once. If these problems are ignored, leukemia can spread to other parts of the body. This is why the body begins to swell abnormally. But if the symptoms of leukemia are identified and treated at the right time, there is no risk of blood cancer.

Leukemia is a dangerous disease

Leukemia cells directly affect the blood. Of course, the symptoms of leukemia can be easily detected now. If one ignores it, and leukemia is not treated in time, his life will be only four years at most. This age also depends on the immune system and the type of leukemia.

Risk of disease while benefiting

Risk of disease while benefiting

Now we are the beneficiaries. You have become more interested. You have become fashionable. This has led to many health problems.

Car and motorcycle riders are now suffering from back pain. Because the position they take in bike riding, car driving, is very wrong. Prolonged exposure to such a position is the root of the problem.

In the car, sitting on the bike is the right position. In particular, it is better to sit comfortably in the seat with the spine straight. That doesn't mean you shouldn't bow down. All bending and kneeling should be done in the correct position.

We also sit in the same chair, in the same position for a long time in the office. Sitting like this is affecting our spinal cord as well as the internal organs of the body. We do not change our position as there is no immediate reaction. But, in time, that position starts to cause us problems.

The practice of wearing high heels is widespread now. High heels have become a must in formal wear. This has also led to the problem of back pain. Many now work on laptops. Watching movies, photos, videos, using Facebook is done on the laptop. Sitting in the same position for an hour with a laptop in your lap hurts your back and neck.

This problem is also seen in young children. According to doctors, children are now being brought to the hospital with neck pain. This problem has been seen in children who play games and watch videos on mobile phones and tablets.

Sitting, we feel very normal. But, there is a right position to sit. Often when we sit down, we sit down, bend over, bend over.

However, the backbone should be kept very straight. Due to this, the functioning inside our body can be done better. The heart, kidneys, digestive system, lungs can all work easily. Muscles are not affected. Blood flow is good. Because of this, we don't have any problem.

However, most of us Nepalis, i.e. 90 percent, do not come to life. Whether in an office chair, whether in a car, whether on a bike. Can't sit properly.

People in the army and the army stand in a straight position. The reason for this was not known before. Especially standing and sitting in that kind of position is a health-friendly style.

Our sleeping position is also not good. There is a correct position on how to sleep while sleeping. Sleeping in such a position does not affect blood flow, respiration, digestive process. But, we don't know that way of sleeping.

When we work in the office, we sit in the same position for hours, which brings physical complications. It doesn't matter what position you are in. This mistake can lead to problems later. When a problem arises, it takes a long time to improve. The treatment takes time, money.

No matter where you sit and work, do not sit in the same position for hours. Change position at most one hour. Take a walk around. Feel relaxed. Work comfortably. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Drink enough water. After drinking water, he also gets up to urinate.

Do you exercise When asked, many respond, I work all day, why exercise? . The illusion is that exercise is not necessary after work or physical activity. That is exercise. This is a misconception.

While working, not all parts of our body exercise in a balanced way. On the one hand, there is more pressure. There is stress. So while working, the body does not get the exercise it needs.

Exercise is a systematic action that moves the limbs of the body properly.

The root of the problem of nerve entrapment, bone loss, neck ache, back pain is our bad lifestyle. Our bad habit is sleeping, working. So the natural solution is a lifestyle change. You go to the hospital with the disease, but if you do not change your lifestyle, the process of going to the hospital will continue. That never ends.

So you have to pay attention to how to sleep, how to live, how to work. Don't bend over, don't bend, don't bend. But, you have to know how to bend down, how to bend.

1. Always sit with your back straight.

2. When sitting in a chair, car seat, or anywhere, the back of the hip and knee should fit in the chair.

3. Don't stay in one place for long. Take a break from time to time. Moving the body

4. When riding a car, do not lean too much, but sit straight in the seat. Do not allow the spine to contract even when riding a bike.

5. The position of kneeling, lying on the left side, sleeping on the crotch is not correct.

6. Sitting on your feet can also be fatal to your health.

Not only the lifestyle of today's people but also the nature of the disease has changed. These diseases did not exist in the past. Or the disease that our forefathers did not get is plaguing us.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Let's listen to the child's feelings

Let's listen to the child's feelings

No child can admit that he is weak, that he has lost. However, not all children have the same abilities. You would expect them to be at the forefront of sports, but the child was not interested. Or he may not have tried. So the friend overtook him.

This time you asked them, "Are you only second or third?" Why can't you be the first? '

Does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

The child had already tried to win. At least participated in sports. This was also a positive thing. You don't have to look at his positive side. He also participated in the exam. Tried to write. Some questions could not be resolved. Even now he had tried. You should be happy with what he did.

But, you are upset that your child did not get first in the exam or did not get good marks. You think your child is weaker than others. And, he expressed this sadness to them. It does not inspire or motivate them. Instead, pressure builds.

That is, your expectations become a mental burden or pressure for children. The pressure never makes progress. Instead, it weakens the child's morale. They lose the creative ability. So you have to understand that what you expect from them is just pressure.

You did not allow the child to dress as they wished. He didn't let me go to play with my friends. When he was hungry, he refused to eat. All this puts pressure on the child. Pressure always makes them weak and discouraged.

Your child failed the exam. He could not surpass everyone in sports. So is your child vulnerable?

You think, 'Yes, they are weak.'

You made your children feel weak because you compared them to others. When you get here, you have to keep in mind that no child can be compared to anyone else. Because children are born with their own talents and abilities. They are born with no innate strength. Their interests, desires, goals are determined by the environment in which they grow up, home environment, friends, family culture, etc. This is also improving their skills.

To understand the child. Read their temperament and tendencies. What do they want What are they interested in? Create a conducive environment accordingly.

Don't think of your child as a robot, a human being who does everything remotely according to your remote. You do not create the child according to your interests, but you create the appropriate environment according to the child's interests.

Your child is human. He has also brought some weaknesses in his birth. He can make human error. Don't assume that your baby needs to be perfect. No one in the world is perfect. Even warriors who set out to conquer the world are not perfect. They also have some shortcomings, weaknesses.

So don't forget to dig into your child's shortcomings. Give the child the environment to grow according to their interests and abilities. Give them freedom. Understand their interests and desires.