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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly?

 Women's Health: Why do panties get dirty quickly?

Although it sounds normal, the question that is lost in the mind of common women is, why panties get dirty and dirty quickly? This is also an important question related to women's reproductive health. Often women's panties may be stained and wrinkled. There is no single reason for this.

Generally, if you don't change your panty for a long time or if you don't clean it properly after urinating, it will quickly get dirty and dirty. Apart from that, the menstrual cycle is another main reason. Vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge) before or after menstruation makes the panty dirty. It has four different phases, menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal.

In these four stages there are different types of vaginal discharge of different colors. It is a white and thick liquid. Apart from that, there is a kind of acidic fluid in the genitals, which is called pH acid.

This causes the panty to get wet, stiff, and then dry and the panty becomes wrinkled. That's why panty will be dirty.

What is acid pH?

Generally, the pH acid level in the genitals should be less than or equal to 4.5. But before and after menstruation, the pH level may decrease. At this time, bad bacteria can grow and cause an infection.

If the pH is high in the genitals, the risk of bacterial growth is high. In such cases, abnormal brown, white or yellow vaginal discharge occurs. It smells like fish. In this way, there is excessive itching during vaginal discharge and burning during urination.

Vaginal discharge is normal?

Vaginal discharge is a normal and natural condition. It protects the genitals from external infections. Therefore, this acidic substance should not be cleaned too much.

Most women or teenagers have a little vaginal discharge on a daily basis. But its amount is more during egg making. It is white in color. If there is excessive vaginal discharge, it should be cleaned only. If you have a lot of vaginal discharge daily, you should see a doctor.

To keep the genitals dry?

It is summer now. At this time, sweat and vaginal discharge can cause fungal infection. Therefore, it is better to keep the outer part of the genitals dry, but the inner part of the genitals should be moist.

How to clean the genitals?

The vagina should not be cleaned frequently. Can be cleaned once or twice a day. But for cleaning, soapy water should not be cleaned daily. It happens once a week when cleaning with soapy water. At other times, only water should be used to clean it.

After urinating, tissue paper or a clean soft cloth can be used to dry the genitals.

What panty is suitable?

Cotton panty is comparatively useful. Wearing nylon or silk panties does not absorb fluids, which increases the risk of infection.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Drinking too much cold coffee is harmful to health

 Drinking too much cold coffee is harmful to health

It is very hot time now. The body and face are sweaty. In this case, the mind looks for a cold drink. Lassi and juice are preferred by many in cold drinks.

Cold coffee is also the choice of many people these days. Connoisseurs of cold coffee consume it four to five times a day. That's why many people have this addiction.

In this case, the question arises, can it be safe to drink too much sweet coffee in summer?

If you have the habit of drinking cold coffee daily and drinking it several times a day, it is not considered good for your health. It contains excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar. Due to this, drinking more in hot weather can lead to dehydration, digestive problems and increased sugar levels.

-Drinking very cold coffee makes you urinate more. As a result, the body lacks water and may suffer from dehydration. Because coffee contains too much caffeine.

- On the one hand, caffeine and the extreme cold of the refrigerator can cause digestive problems.

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What are the health problems of drinking too much tea and coffee?

- If sugar is used in cold coffee, it increases blood sugar and affects the weight of the person.

- In summer, the temperature increases and sleep becomes less. In this case, drinking cold coffee keeps the brain stimulated by the caffeine in it. Therefore

It can also be difficult to sleep at night.

- If you have high blood pressure, it is better not to drink it. Because drinking too much also affects the blood pressure level.

- Some iced coffees contain high-calorie cream, milk and other flavors. Eating too much of it can lead to weight gain and digestive problems.

The right way to drink cold coffee

- Drink only once or twice a day.

-Drink it before evening and put little or no sugar in it.

- Drink water one hour before drinking coffee.

Coffee: Friend of loneliness

It is continuously raining. The weather is cold. How about drinking hot coffee right now?

There is a mood of escaping from the crowd, noise, family, work and dealings and being absorbed in oneself. How about sitting in a secluded place and enjoying coffee?

Coffee is not only a drink that quenches thirst. It is also a friend of loneliness. when you are alone There are no friends to gossip, no relatives to gossip about. There is no work to be done immediately. What do you do now? He sits sipping hot coffee. Whether it is to kill time or to take a break from the hectic daily life, you sip coffee.

In bygone days it was a favorite drink of the elite. But now coffee is for everyone. This is a drink easily available in most kitchens. Also, coffee culture is also very popular in the city now. Coffee houses are operating in places. Coffee connoisseurs are also increasing.

There are not few people who drink coffee regularly, not only occasionally. There is not a small group of people who get excited when they say coffee. Some of them are not even in the mood to work without drinking coffee.

According to a study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the amount of caffeine in coffee is high. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system. As a result, it helps fight fatigue and increase energy levels. That's why some people feel a different energy in their body after drinking coffee. However, too much caffeine is harmful to the body.

Neurologist Dr. According to Ram Koirala, certain elements in coffee help the brain to concentrate. That's why many poets, writers, thinkers have made it like a friend. "The antioxidants present in it benefit the brain," he said.

"Coffee is high in antioxidants," says nutritionist Uma Koirala, "so drinking coffee in limited quantities is said to be beneficial."

According to a report published by a nutritionist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, drinking coffee in limited amounts is beneficial for the body. Some elements found in coffee help to reduce liver, heart and skin problems. It is also said to protect against the possible risk of Alzheimer's.

It has been written in various medical journals that drinking coffee regularly reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Consuming coffee in the right amount is said to protect against the risk of colon cancer. It is also specified how much coffee to drink daily, according to which it is mentioned that it is appropriate to drink up to two cups of coffee a day.

"But since there is a problem with diabetes, it is better to drink it after consulting a doctor," says nutritionist Uma.

Drinking too much is harmful

There is a proverb in Nepali, if there is too much, even nectar becomes poison. Nutritionists say the same about coffee. There are some elements in coffee which are beneficial for health. However, drinking too much coffee does more harm than good, they said.

They say that especially if the amount of caffeine in coffee is high, it will cause harm. It is said that those who have a chronic illness or are undergoing treatment for any disease should only drink coffee after consulting a doctor. Drinking too much coffee can cause problems like insomnia, anxiety, heartburn.

Who is not suitable for?

Nutritionist Koirala says that people with high cholesterol, people with heart disease, and people with heartburn should avoid coffee as much as possible. He says that anxiety patients and people with stomach related problems like gastric should not eat it.

It is better not to eat coffee because some people get headaches, while some people get more headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. Similarly, doctors advise pregnant women not to drink coffee.

Monday, October 16, 2023

Mobile phone addiction and junk food can cause serious health problems in children

 Mobile phone addiction and junk food can cause serious health problems in children

A bad lifestyle increases the risk of many diseases. Due to bad lifestyle, not only old people, but also young people are falling prey to various diseases these days. Not only adults, but also small children are suffering from many diseases due to wrong lifestyle and diet.

Recently, children are more at risk of diseases than adults, because children prefer to eat outside the home, they prefer to play mobile games than to go out to play. If parents do not pay attention to their children's lifestyle and diet, then the children may face many health problems in the future.

Bad lifestyle and diet can cause such health problems

Foods like junk food and packet food outside can cause malnutrition in children due to lack of nutrition. Artificial colors, sugar, fatty substances, sodium etc. are mixed, which causes the problem of increasing obesity. There is a problem like tonsils after eating cold ice cream juices.

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Consuming such food can lead to problems like stomach problems, obesity and later heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

Children use mobile phones a lot and are not physically active. Problems such as eye problems and virtual autism have also appeared due to using too many mobile phones. Special attention should be paid to these two things to save children from various health problems.

Give home cooked food

Junk food is becoming a headache for children's health. Children are more attracted to junk food and packet food available in the market than home made food. Junk food itself is not a fresh, nutritious and balanced meal. Artificial colors, sugar, fatty substances, sodium etc. are mixed in such foods, which can cause many diseases from obesity.

After filling their stomach with junk food, children do not eat other nutritious food. This causes them to lack nutrition. Therefore, children should be allowed to eat fresh home-made food rather than market food. Therefore, it is possible to prepare food for the children at home and arrange the time.

Send the children outside to play

Today's children have started spending more time on mobiles, tabloids and laptops. It has also become a good excuse for parents to deceive their children. But children should be encouraged to play more outdoor games, where their bodies are active. It increases physical activity. Good returns on overall health.

Physical fitness is necessary for a child's mental development. If the body is strong, healthy, fit, they can easily accept what they hear and see.

Physical fitness is also important for intellectual development. Therefore, exercise is essential for physical fitness. If children are used to outdoor games, they get physical exercise. They play with their friends, run and jump. It is a good physical exercise.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

"There is also a need to discuss the mental health of teachers"

"There is also a need to discuss the mental health of teachers"

  Recently, there are many problems related to mental health in school students. This affects their ability to acquire skills and knowledge. At times, public awareness programs on mental health are targeted at students.

But the mental health of the teachers who teach the same children is not given much attention. Teachers may also be stressed by personal problems such as their home affairs and career. The effect of which can be seen in their work. It can have a direct impact on students' teaching and learning.

In this case, don't teachers need training on human health? How important is it to discuss the mental health of teachers? What is the teacher's health condition? In this context, psychiatrist Dr. Edited excerpt of online journalist Manisha Thapa's conversation with Vasudev Karki:

How important is it to discuss the mental health of teachers?

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Children are the foundations of the future. Teachers are the creators of children's future. Therefore, if the creator is not mentally healthy, the society of the future will not be prosperous. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the mental health of both children and teachers.

In the context of Nepal, there are many mental health programs targeting children and students. But by focusing on teachers, the discussion about mental health is reduced.

On the other hand, some time ago in America, there was a survey about the mental health of teachers. According to which 27 percent of the teachers were suffering from depression. In a prosperous country like America, teachers are going through mental problems like depression, but in a country like Nepal, the government has not been able to provide even the necessary services and facilities that teachers should get. It can be attributed to the recent teachers' movement. Even if only the teachers present in the movement are studied, 50 percent of them may have problems like depression.

In this case, if the mental condition of the teacher is not good, how can the children like the little buds get quality education from the education given by them? Therefore, it is very important to discuss the mental health of teachers.

Teachers have their own problems. Family matters, financial matters or various things are also making them stressed. Is the side-effect of such stress in the classroom or not?

If the teacher himself is in a stressful situation, its side-effect is completely falling in the classroom. A person who is mentally stressed may also have anxiety and depression. Due to stress, symptoms such as sleeplessness and dizziness may appear in them. How can he teach in the classroom who has not slept all night? On top of that, a teacher who is going through depression may have anger, impulses, and thoughts playing in his mind, and a teacher who comes to the classroom with a stressed mind either does not want to teach and is forced to teach.

Also, even a small mistake by a student in class can cause anger in the teacher. The result may be activities such as scolding and beating students. There are many examples of incidents of beatings by teachers from time to time. This can affect the mental health of not only the teachers, but also the students studying there. Not only that, the teacher may not be able to share enough knowledge as needed, which affects the students' learning.

How does the mood of teachers affect children?

If someone greets you with a smile when you go somewhere, the atmosphere is different. The same principle applies in the classroom. If the teacher looks cheerful and energetic, then even the students who are sitting in the classroom will get energy and vigor. They can easily absorb what is taught. They do not feel that the class is over.

But there is a lot of stress going on in the teacher's mind. He has no energy, no energy and comes with an angry face. And, if they are always presented in the same way in the class, students may not like to read, find it difficult to concentrate, and may not like to ask questions that they do not understand. Some teachers are kind enough to vent their anger on students due to the personal stress of homework. In this case, students are afraid to even sit in class. The class atmosphere is also negative.

All students consider their teachers as the storehouse of knowledge. Children consider teachers as their role models and they dream of being like teachers. Students follow not only the teacher's teaching but also their behavior. The direct effect on the students' emotional state and learning environment also depends on the teacher's presentation.

Even if the student is not scolded or beaten, some behavior of the teacher has a direct effect, right?


First, it was said that small punishments should be given to the students to make them level and discipline them. If you don't do your homework, if you make noise in the classroom, if you don't obey, you will get beaten up. But now the idea that students should not be beaten will have a more negative impact on children. Most teachers believe that the classroom should be child-friendly. However, activities such as not encouraging, not responding, and discouraging the students for their extracurricular activities in the class can have a negative effect on the student's mentality. Not only that, because stressed teachers cannot teach well, students also cannot learn well.

If the teacher himself is depressed or sad, can he cover it up and teach the students properly?

If the teacher himself is sad, he cannot cover it up. Even if they want to, they cannot teach the students properly. No matter how much the teacher tries to hide his indifference, it can be seen in his behavior.

What kind of mental problems can teachers have?

Depression, anxiety and stress are the most common psychological problems among teachers. Some teachers are not even able to experience that they have mental problems. But in their behavior, the symptoms of mental problems are visible and if the problem becomes dominant, the behavior may change. After which students and colleagues around can also notice.

How to make the teacher mentally healthy and emotionally strong?

In order to make them mentally healthy and emotionally strong, their stress can be reduced by giving them the wages that schools and colleges deserve, understanding the problems of teachers from time to time, not giving them unnecessary pressure from the administration, encouraging them when they have done a good job.

Also, it is important for the teacher to have a discussion program with the counselor at school from time to time, so that they can openly discuss the mental stress they have.

It is necessary for the government to conduct mental health awareness programs in all teaching areas and to train teachers on modern education. This can increase the intellectual capacity of the teachers and can also increase their passion for teaching.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What is health, remedies, causes, tips

What is health, remedies, causes, tips

"Health is Wealth." Everyone knows this line, but how many people give time for it is something to think about. In order to be happy in life, it is necessary to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Usually, people think that they run a lot in their daily routine, so they don't need any physical exercise. But it is wrong to think like that. Whatever you are doing, it has become a part of your life. Your body has become accustomed to this kind of lifestyle, so some form of exercise is necessary for everyone.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Which medicines are available for free at the health post?

Which medicines are available for free at the health post?

There are some such medicines, which we need in common diseases. Most of these medicines are distributed free of charge. You can go to a government hospital or health post of your choice and get these medicines.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Baking Soda uses health benefits and side effects

Baking Soda uses health benefits and side effects

Baking soda is a pure substance, it is alkaline and has a slightly salty taste. It is also known as sodium bicarbonate. Its chemical name is NaHCO3. Many people know it as salt by many names like bread soda, cooking soda. We use it to clean clothes and household furniture along with food. It is also used for skin care. Naconlite is naturally found in it, which is a mineral sodium. The European Union marked it as a food additive.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Taste the tongue, which also tells the health status

Taste the tongue, which also tells the health status

When you are sick and reach the hospital, the doctor says, 'Go ahead'. And you open your mouth and stick out your tongue. The doctor looks at your tongue and makes a preliminary estimate of your health status.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Mental Health: Know what is mental illness? Follow these steps to avoid it

Mental Health: Know what is mental illness? Follow these steps to avoid it

In order to avoid problems related to mental health, it is important that we have complete information about it. Even the person who is going through this situation many times does not know that he is.

Mental health

Mental health

Both physical and mental health are very important for any person. If a person is physically healthy but his mental health is bad then he will have to face many kinds of problems in his life. Mental health shows a person's abilities, gives him confidence that he can face stress in life and can contribute to the development of his community through his work or actions. Mental disorders affect a person's health-related behavior, judgment, regular exercise, adequate sleep, safe sexual behavior, etc. and increase the risk of physical diseases. Due to mental illness, a person has to become a participant in unemployment, broken family, poverty, drug abuse and related crimes. If a person's mental health will be right then his life will also be right. So we will tell you in detail about every aspect related to mental disorders in this section, which will help you improve your mental health. But let's first learn some important things related to mental health.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Nepalese eat a lot of salt: how much is necessary for health?

Nepalese eat a lot of salt: how much is necessary for health?

If we don't have salt, our every bale will be salty. And, our tongue directly rejects this type of food. It simply means, salt has seduced our tongue.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

What is yoga?

What is yoga?

The word "Yoga" in itself is like a complete science that unites body, mind, soul, and universe. The history of yoga is about 5000 years old, known in ancient Indian philosophy as the practice of mind and body. Different styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

What is gluten? Why is it harmful to health?

What is gluten? Why is it harmful to health?

Many people now eat wheat bread as an alternative to rice. There is a lot of understanding that bread is suitable for some diseases or weight loss. However, is a dish made from wheat bread and wheat flour really beneficial?

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Why is the habit of staying up late at night bad for heart health?


Why is the habit of staying up late at night bad for heart health?

Good sleep is important for good health. Only when you get a good night's sleep can your body relax. If you don't get enough sleep every night or don't get enough sleep, it can affect your health.

Sleep deprivation can affect the heart. Not sleeping late at night increases the risk of heart disease. Not sleeping at the right time every day or not sleeping late at night also increases the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Problems that can occur when staying up late at night

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Such health examination should be done according to age

Such health examination should be done according to age

We do not have a tendency to get regular health check-ups. Many have also fallen ill because of poor access to hospitals or health care. Some are experiencing physical problems. The hospital is visited only after a serious illness.

Monday, July 12, 2021

How are children being deprived of social life?

How are children being deprived of social life?

It is our natural nature to live by sharing our sorrows, exchanging support, celebrating, mutual harmony, and cooperation, but now the new generation is being alienated from social life.

Many are now raising single children at home. Raising, raising, and educating many children is relatively expensive and cumbersome. While raising a child does not cost the parents much. Not burdensome. But, from a child's point of view, it's not good. Because, if there is only one child in the house, they are alone. They don't have playmates. When they are not equal friends, they are lonely.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Probiotics are essential for the digestive system

Probiotics are essential for the digestive system

Our body's immune system is very strong. There are more than 500 good bacteria in the stomach. These are the same bacteria that fight against the bad bacteria that grow in the body. Their job is to digest the food we eat and that is why our immune system is strong.

When bad bacteria start to grow in our digestive system, we feel like vomiting. It can also cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. The growth of bad bacteria can sometimes have the effect of a cleansing effect or an antibiotic. This activates the bad bacteria and starts destroying the outer layer of the intestine. That is why we sometimes get serious stomach ailments.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Blood Donation: How Beneficial?

Blood Donation: How Beneficial?

'Blood donation'. The easiest thing we can do for philanthropy is to keep our bodies intact, donating blood. It is also called 'Mahadan'. Because when we donate blood, it can give new life to other patients. One unit of blood can save someone's life.

However, people are not as aware of the importance and necessity of donating blood. Blood donation campaigns are run in different places, but people are not ready to donate blood. One of the reasons for this is people's misconception about blood donation.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Is honey really a priceless gift of nature?

Is honey really a priceless gift of nature?

Honey is considered to be not only delicious and juicy but also full of health benefits. Honey has been used as a home remedy for centuries. In the past, beehives were built in houses, and honey was eaten. It was also used for long time storage. Even if kept for a long time, its properties are not destroyed.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

The correct method and procedure of exercise

The correct method and procedure of exercise

There are many types of exercise. So you have to keep an eye on what kind of exercise is beneficial. You need to make sure that all types of exercise are suitable for you. Because in some cases exercise can be harmful. Exercising indiscriminately and voluntarily does not benefit the body, but harms it.

We are now health-conscious. We are aware. That's why we want to exercise regularly, even if we have time. Morning is the best time to exercise. Of course, you can exercise at other times as well. However, other times are not as favorable as in the morning. One thing to keep in mind while exercising is to wear comfortable clothes and do it in a comfortable place. It is best to exercise in the open or fresh air.