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Constipation: Pay attention to these things!

 Constipation: Pay attention to these things!

Most people suffer from constipation due to a modern lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. Constipation can also be a cause of other piles, fistulas, fissures. The diet we eat plays an important role in all three cases of disease progression, other diseases, or complications. Therefore, it is beneficial for the health of the patients suffering from constipation to pay attention to the unhealthy diet.


Piles are also called hemorrhoids. If you have symptoms such as bleeding during bowel movements, difficulty in passing, and lumps of flesh coming out, you should understand that you have piles. The main reason for this is constipation. It has four stages.

1. The first step

When defecating at this stage, the lump of flesh does not come out but the blood flows.

2. The second stage

At this stage, when defecating, a lump of meat comes out but after defecating, it goes inside by itself. At this stage, there is pain and even bleeding.

3. The third step

At this stage, when defecating, the lump of meat comes out and since it does not go inside itself, it should be pushed with the fingers of the hand. At this stage, there is itching, pain, swelling, and even bleeding.

4. The fourth stage

At this stage, the lump of meat does not go away even when pushed by the finger of the hand. Staying outside creates a fear of infection. It also causes bleeding, pain, etc.

Although the first and second stages are cured by medication, the third and fourth stages should be treated with alkali formula.

What is the alkali formula method?

Alkali is alkali and formula is the thread. The alkaline formula is the formula made by using Apamarg alkali and Haridra powder. This is an easy, safe, and reliable treatment for cutting soft flesh.


It is also called a fistula. Due to the infection in the glands inside the defecation area and the pus accumulated there, one opens inside the defecation area, and the other open outside. Fistula in anomaly is a condition in which small holes are seen around the place of defecation. Even in this disease, there is pain and pus. If you can't find out just by looking at it with a proctoscope, you have to find the trachea of ​​the fistula by a fistulogram. Alkali formula method is a suitable treatment for this disease which is the main cause of constipation.


Fissure in Eno is the problem of tearing around the place of defecation. It is also called parikartika and defecation in this problem causes extreme pain. Symptoms such as blood, pus, watery itching are also seen. Constipation is also the cause of this disease. The wound can be healed by dipping the defecation area in warm water and using medicine and ointment. If the flesh grows around the wound, that is, the senile tag, the alkali can be removed by the formula method.

To eliminate constipation caused by piles, fistulas, and fissures

What to eat

Fibrous foods should be eaten in large quantities. Fibrous vegetables and fruits help to relieve constipation. Get in the habit of eating salad. The salad should include cucumbers, radishes, carrots, turnips, cabbage, onions, turnips, etc. Drink plenty of water.

Water consumed as soon as you wake up in the morning is considered as nectar for constipation. Consumption of sprouted gram, lentils, wheat, soybean, fenugreek is considered beneficial for constipation.

 What to eat

Alcohol, alcohol, cigarettes, khaini, fish, meat, eggs, fried foods in oil should not be eaten too much. Eating large amounts of cold drinks, tea, coffee, potato chips, lentils, crisps, pickles, sour yogurt, flour, sugar, chilies, ghee, white rice is not beneficial for constipation patients. Haluvaved contains a large amount of tannic acid, which prevents food from moving into the stomach and takes a long time to digest. Therefore, Haluvaveda is not beneficial for constipated patients.

Raw bananas contain a lot of starch, which is difficult for the body to digest and it also absorbs intestinal water, which increases constipation by drying out the direction.

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Virtual visit to Bhaktapur: Observation of heritage from home

A virtual visit to Bhaktapur: Observation of heritage from home

Due to the slowdown in the global coronavirus epidemic, the cultural heritage of the country, including the Kathmandu Valley, has become desolate. The situation of those who make a living by providing various services to the tourists coming to the same heritage area is now becoming pitiable.

Meanwhile, Bhaktapur Sampada Yatra, which has been organized in collaboration with the Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee, Story Cycle, European Union, and other organizations for the information of the cultural and tourism sector of Bhaktapur, will be held on Tuesday through the virtual medium.

At the main entrance on the west side of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square area, the internal and external tourists who are ready for the heritage journey start their heritage journey with an artistic Ugrachandi and Ugrabhairav ​​statue next to the temple. After that, the advancing team reaches Chardham, Nyakanjya Durbar, Golden Gate, and reaches the palace at 55 o'clock. Nyakanjya Durbar means a window with a mirror. That is, when the first Muslim rulers came, they gave a mirror as a gift to the king of Nepal. At that time, it was not customary to look in the mirror in Nepal. According to the locals, the palace was named Nyakanjya Durbar because the king kept a mirror in the window so that everyone could see it. This is how the heritage journey of Bhaktapur increases. Each temple has its own set of legends.

Along with the analysis of the temple, information is given about the heritage of Bhaktapur, the center of ancient and medieval cultural structures.

Ram Sundar Beale, chairman of the Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee, informed that the procession will reach the priest's house through the temple, Bhairavnath's temple, Taumadhi, and Dattatraya.

The heritage journey does not only look at those tangible and established heritages. According to the ethnic rites, the cultural rites are reflected in every deed of the devotees in daily work. In Bhaktapur, which has been avoiding external rites as much as possible, one can still see a vibrant culture step by step.

Every stream and well there is associated with folk art. Each temple carries a complete history, as well as examples of original and new art culture.

After entering the Pashupati temple, the tourist enjoys the beauty of the local food along with the beauty of the Nyatpole and sits in front of the Nyatpole and moves forward with his indelible memories in his mind. The courtyard of the Nyatpole, which is the boundary between the potters and the metalworkers, is not just a stage for the division. It is also a courtyard to increase harmony by gathering people of both castes on one day of the year.

The Bhaktapur Sampada Yatra, which was started as per the plan to taste local art, culture, and food items during the yatra, will start virtually from Bhaktapur on Tuesday at 4 pm.

Bhaktapur, which has done exemplary work in the preservation of tangible and intangible culture, has also given importance to the cities of European countries in this heritage journey. Ram Sundar Bhele, chairperson of the Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee, said that they are ready to provide information about the entire tangible and intangible culture during the virtual heritage trip to be conducted by local guide Rita Suwal.

The British Council and the European Union are also planning to promote the event on their social media platforms. This is the sixth Sampada Yatra in Bhaktapur. It will be on Tuesday from 4 p.m.

Alzheimer's disease: a complication

 Alzheimer's disease: a complication

The statistics are alarming, with an average of one person losing memory every three seconds in the world. Especially because of Alzheimer's. In the past, only the elderly had Alzheimer's disease. Today, even young people and adults are victims.

Stating that the growth rate of Alzheimer's disease has accelerated, it is estimated that the number of people suffering from this disease will increase by 70 million by 2030.

In Asia alone, 2.29 million people suffer from dementia, while in South Asia alone, 9.8 million people suffer from the disease, according to the World Alzheimer's Report.

What is Alzheimer's disease?

With Alzheimer's, a person's memory is impaired by drying out and gradually eroding brain cells. It is also called neurodegenerative disease as it is a brain-related problem. This disease causes constant damage to brain cells.

Why Alzheimer's?

Age also increases a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Similarly, 70 percent of Alzheimer's diseases are caused by heredity. Besides, high blood pressure, head injuries, obesity, etc. can also cause Alzheimer's disease, so in recent times, Alzheimer's disease has become a 'thread' for the world. Therefore, it is necessary to spread public awareness to raise public awareness about it.

These are the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.


- Forgetting (forgetting recent and immediate work done within 48 hours)

- Decreased ability to think

- Changes in behavior

- Difficulty speaking and swallowing

- Increased depression

- And, as the problem progresses, people will stop recognizing the people around them.

Stages of Alzheimer's disease

Generally, Alzheimer's disease has three stages.

Early-stage- In the early stage, the patient's friends, family, and other people may feel this problem. However, people with this disease can easily drive and do other things. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. And, forgetting where you put the word you know or the object you use, having a problem with the name, forgetting what you read, being unable to make any plans.

Moderate-stage Alzheimer's disease can last for years if it is in the middle stage. As the disease progresses, the person may need more care. Because people with Alzheimer's often get confused about the word and start behaving strangely.

Besides, the person with the problem may forget their past, be moody, forget their home and office address, have difficulty choosing clothes for the weather and special occasions, have difficulty urinating and stopping, sleep during the day instead of at night, and be restless at night and change behavior. Begins to show.

Final Stage - In this stage the person becomes unable to react to the environment around them, communicate with the people around them, and control their activities. As a result, as their memory diminishes, so does the person.

And, they need to be taken care of all the time, constantly reminded of the environment around them, taught to eat, swallow, and talk.

How to avoid

There is no definitive way to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Scientists are still researching it. However, the risk of Alzheimer's can be reduced by controlling the risk of heart disease, cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. Besides, regular exercise from a young age can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

Risk of cancer due to poor lifestyle

Risk of cancer due to poor lifestyle

As long as we live, many processes related to life continue in our bodies. One of these actions is to become cells. In this process, the old and dead cells of the body are destroyed by themselves but new cells are formed in their place. This process continues in our bodies.

However, in the case of cancer, red blood cells, and white blood cells in the body begin to grow unnecessarily. These cancer cells slowly spread throughout the body and interfere with the functioning of healthy cells. These diseased cells are called cancers.

Our bodies, like computers, have many types of coding, which are passed on to our bodies by our parents through genes. Cigarettes, tobacco, drugs, and the wrong diet change the genetic code of our cells and this is what causes cancer in our body. Therefore, our lifestyle is responsible for getting cancer or not.

According to doctors, poor diet and lifestyle are the main causes of cancer. Inactive people, people who smoke, and people who smoke are at risk of cancer.

The risk of any type of cancer is high in people who smoke and smoke. Therefore, to avoid serious diseases like cancer, the use of tobacco should be stopped immediately.

Smoking can cause lung cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and cervical cancer. Tobacco and gutkha can cause cancer of the mouth and digestive glands. Cigarettes are found to be the biggest cause of cancer in 90 percent of cases.

Cigarettes enter the body when smoking bindi or cigarettes. These elements convert healthy cells into diseased cells and these same cells turn into cancer. There is also danger in not smoking cigarettes or bindi but constantly in contact with second-hand smoke.

Alcohol is dangerous for the body and it also increases the risk of cancer. Prolonged consumption of alcohol increases the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer, and anal cancer.

Uncontrolled weight gain can also lead to cancer and other serious illnesses. To control weight, you need to work hard every day.

It is said that if you work in one place all day, you will have to exercise for half an hour in the morning or evening. It is also important for the health of the body that the calories we eat should be used. Otherwise body fat starts to accumulate and obesity starts to increase. Obesity increases the risk of bladder cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, etc.

A nutritious diet is needed to protect the body from disease, to get the energy it needs for fitness and to work all day. A nutritious diet means fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and dried fruits.

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of oil, spices, and rations used at home. When buying fruits, make sure that no chemicals are used to cook them. Consumption of adulterated and chemical milk and cheese, sweets, and dishes made from it can also be harmful to the body. Let's use nuts and pulses as much as possible in food.

Junk foods are also high in calories and use many harmful ingredients to enhance the taste. Therefore, the body should take only the required amount of nutritious food

The sun's rays are good for the body, but only to a limited extent. Weight loss will be followed by exposure to the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the body. Prolonged exposure to these rays increases the risk of skin cancer.

Sunscreen protects against the effects of these harmful rays to some extent. But, apart from this, it is better to cover your whole body when you go out in the sun. Wear sunglasses and darker clothing to protect your eyes from these harmful rays.

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Heart is needed

 Heart is needed

The screams and other foods we eat accumulate a lot of cholesterol in the body, which prevents the heart from doing its job. This can cause heartburn and even a heart attack.

Heart problems are caused due to blockage, swelling, burning, poor lifestyle, stress, and other heart-related problems. Cholesterol causes only 30 percent of heart problems. By adopting a healthy lifestyle to make heart-healthy, heart-related diseases can be prevented.

To avoid heart disease

Eating - fresh, nutritious, healthy, and balanced food keeps the heart strong and healthy. While a poor diet can lead to heart disease. Processed, sugary, fatty, artificial, alcoholic foods are considered harmful to the heart.

Exercise - Being overweight means accumulating extra fat around our waists. This can lead to heart problems. Exercising regularly every day can prevent heart-related diseases. Eating a healthy diet and exercising will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Stress-free - To control stress, you need to meditate and do stress-free exercises.

Sleep - Insomnia is a problem in itself. It causes obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, and diabetes. So adequate and deep sleep is essential. Sleep also plays a role in keeping the heart-healthy.

In today's stressful lifestyle, the risk of heart disease is increasing day by day. This is why many are at risk of a heart attack. You need to be stress-free to keep your heart healthy. Also, an active lifestyle and healthy eating reduce the risk of heart disease.

Follow this table

- It is suitable to have breakfast in the morning. You should also eat a mid-day meal on time.

-Salt use should be reduced as much as possible.

- Let's eat low-fat food.

- Let's eat fresh green vegetables and fruits.

-The more colorful the fruit, the more beneficial it is for health.

- Let's give up the habit of smoking.

- Use olive oil as much as possible for cooking.

- Get enough sleep. When you can't sleep well, it increases the body's stress hormones and clogs the arteries.

-Sitting in the same position in the same place for hours is not good for heart health.

-Some time to go out for exercise. Exercise at least half an hour every day. This reduces the risk of heart attack by one third.

-Stress is harmful to heart health. The chemicals that are secreted into the brain due to stress damage all the systems of the heart.

Home method

Because of heart problems, they will be able to use the following home remedies.

-Drink water and lemon juice regularly.

-Eat seasonal fruits, lychees, apples.

-Eat pindalu as a vegetable.

- Add yogurt to food.

Corona: Does herd immunity spread every year until it develops?

Corona: Does herd immunity spread every year until it develops?

Many are now wondering, "When will the risk of the coronavirus end?" However, some vaccines are still being tested, but no real breakthrough has been achieved.

When will the coronavirus be the most common disease in the world? No one in the world today can answer that question. Scientists are conducting research and are not sure how long it will take for the coronavirus to be vaccinated. All that has been said about it is speculation.

A group of scientists recently said after research that the current problem of the coronavirus will not be solved until the herd develops immunity. Herd immunity is a public health belief that after 70 percent of the population is infected with corona, the rest develop antibodies on their own. Many scientific studies have concluded that the epidemic will not end until a large population develops antibodies against the coronavirus.

The concept of herd immunity is already emerging. Some countries have even used it. Scientists have also pointed out that the Covina virus-transmitted Covid-19 infection could be caused by seasonal raisins in countries with large differences in temperature.

Dr. Hassan Jarquet of the American University of Beirut in Lebanon says, "Even if the infection here is reduced now, it spreads every year until herd immunity develops." "Now we have to learn to live with the coronavirus. Prevention should be practiced by wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, washing hands, and taking necessary measures to get rid of congestion, ”said Jarrett.

Similarly, Dr. Qatar University in Doha. Hadi Yassin also says that one should learn to live with the coronavirus until the development of herd immunity.

More danger in rising temperatures!

Scientists also say that many communicable diseases, including respiratory viruses, recur regularly. People are especially at risk, especially in areas where the temperature fluctuates sharply. For example, influenza and other types of coronavirus can spread in winter or in cold places. Researchers in this study studied SARS-COVE-2 and found that it already had the property of being viral and spreading. At the same time, the cost factor was needed to keep repeating as a seasonal problem, which is also seen in it.

Crowds in closed spaces are dangerous

Scientists say the virus can stay on the surface for days, as well as in the air for hours. Because of this, people are at higher risk of contracting the virus. The virus can spread very fast due to heavy crowds in closed places. They believe that the virus can attack many times a year, especially during hot weather and in humid places.

The virus will be stopped by natural infection or vaccination

Scientists say that herd immunity develops in two ways. The first after a natural virus attack and the second using a vaccine.

COVID 19 infection spreads faster than the flu, making people more vulnerable than others. As the immune system gradually develops, the virus will begin to develop as a seasonal disease. This is because other types of coronaviruses such as NL63, HKU1, etc. also spread like influenza every year.

A bad environment makes people feel inferior

 A bad environment makes people feel inferior

The problem of suicides in Nepal during the Great Earthquake of 2072 BS was gradually brought under control shortly after that. In contrast, in countries such as Japan and Taiwan, the suicide rate has been declining for the past two years, according to international media reports. Although it is not certain how many people committed suicide during the earthquake in Nepal, it is undeniable that there were more suicides during that time than at normal.

Suicide rates have risen alarmingly even during the ongoing lockdown and curfew caused by the Coronavirus COVID 19. This problem was created when there was uneasiness in the mind due to the fear of when the earthquake will take its life.

At the time of the earthquake, only a few areas of Nepal were affected. This was a problem for the employment of some people in the area, while those living abroad were able to earn a living. But almost five years after the quake, the epidemic has affected the world, and it is estimated that there are more psychiatric problems than ever before. However, due to the lack of clear study on this, it has not been possible to say with certainty.

Even before the local administration issued the injunction, it was reported that about 1,200 people had committed suicide across the country. This is just a death toll. There are no definite statistics on the number of people suffering from depression who are on the verge of death, and it is difficult to estimate the number of patients who have died.

There have been unconfirmed reports that 2,000 people have committed suicide since the lockdown began. Thus, 2,000 people committing suicide in six months is a terrible form of mental problem. In the beginning, it is important to know why mental problems occur and at what stage people commit suicide.

Psychology considers the first stage of depression to be the first person to suffer from an inferiority complex. The illusion that life does not exist even when some work is not done can arise in your mind. If this is the case then maybe we should contact a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Then there are the conditions of mental problems that gradually become a burden in society, plan to die, try to die, commit suicide, etc.

No matter how many suicide problems there are today, these are all issues related to mental health. Mental problems are the main reason people commit suicide. Therefore, we have to look for a solution to the mental problem from the very beginning.

In which areas are there more problems?

Without a detailed study, there is no basis to say that people in this area are very involved in mental problems and suicides. However, based on the number of people who come for counseling in general, it has been found that school-age adolescents and those who have left their jobs are very mentally deranged.

Adolescents who enjoy regular homework and socializing with their friends are more likely to suffer from mental retardation when they are not able to visit their friends for long periods of time. Extracurricular activities also kept people busy. But now that all those activities have stopped, there seems to be a problem for many. On the other hand, the pain of being fired from a job due to the Kovid epidemic has also caused mental problems in many people. There are also examples of people committing suicide as they worry about how to support their families.

How to avoid it?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is still a lot of anxiety in people. Due to that, mental problems are also increasing. Some methods have to be adopted for its prevention.

First of all, there are various signs or symptoms of mental illness. As soon as these symptoms appear, you should go for psychotherapy. The role of society is also important for this. Mental problems are a disease that can never be cured, just as a society often ignores them and treats them inwardly without much treatment. If the mental problem seen in different stages could not be solved in time, then the mental problem is seen in the next stage, so it is necessary to pay attention to its solution.

Mental problems are largely cured through psychotherapy. If you have some complex mental problems, you may need to take medicine for it but it is cured. Some people have the illusion that it is a completely curable disease once the medicine is taken. Therefore, people with such a disease should seek treatment in time rather than considering themselves weak.

Effect of Ayurvedic treatment in Isolation Center

Effect of Ayurvedic treatment in Isolation Center

If you reach the Brahma Muhurat in the morning, the diary of the corona infected people kept at the Ayurveda Research Center in Kirtipur will not only surprise many but may also inspire them not to take the disease seriously. As soon as they wake up in the morning, some of them go to a place where they can do yoga, and those who are interested start enjoying their own kind of dance. Some live as musicians, some as spectators.

Doesn't Corona move from here when you hear it immediately? It may seem that the physical distance is taken into consideration while doing all these activities. Even security guards and nurses assigned to guard the center at a physical distance sometimes participate in such recreational activities.

The isolation of the center, which is kept in the same family environment, has helped the corona infected to recover and return home faster than elsewhere, according to the center officials.

The center has been developed as an isolation center for infecting corona and has been added to the list of centers for better management of isolation. One of the slogans of the center is 'Strength of the patient should be strengthened, not the strength of the disease.' After all, what is the condition of the infected living there and its management?

According to the center, no corona-infected person had to be kept in isolation for more than 10 days until the government decided to keep them in the isolation center for 14 days and send them home without testing. Assistant Medical Specialist of the Center Dr. According to Vikas Raj Ghimire, the center has been able to send people between the ages of 2 and 78 years by releasing corona from isolation.

Chief Training Officer of the Center Dr. According to Nirmal Bhusal, 90 percent of the infected patients have returned home with corona negative within seven days. "Most of the patients return home with a negative corona within seven days," he said. They have returned home in 10 days even though they are late. Due to the patient-friendly environment here, they appear to have been quickly discharged from the corona. '

Bhusal says that not only those who are now in isolation but also those who are in home isolation are constantly seeking advice on Ayurvedic medicine by telephoning. He says, "We have succeeded in dispelling the misconception about Ayurvedic medicine in the society." He said that although Ayurvedic medicine has not been proven to prevent corona, they have succeeded in proving that it helps in boosting the immunity of people.

Regular use of Ayurvedic medicine

No scientific experiment has confirmed the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine in the prevention of the coronavirus. But in this isolation center, the use of regular ayurvedic medicine helps to increase the immunity of the infected, he said. It belongs to Bhusal.

According to Bhusal, the infected people at the center were allowed to take various Ayurvedic medicines produced by Singha Durbar Vaidyakhana regularly.

According to the center, medicines made by mixing gurgle and author, marij, people, mica ash powder, jethi honey, ashwagandha, etc. are fed daily. "The charming atmosphere of Kirtipur may have helped the patient to recover faster," says Bhusal. "The external and internal management of the isolation ward was our attempt to prevent the patients from feeling that I was sick."

Yoga and recreation

Another important feature of this isolation center is the means of entertainment. The management of the isolation center encourages every infected person to do regular yoga. According to Bhusal, after waking up in the morning at the center, the infected people have been doing various asanas and yoga to suit themselves. Bhusal said that options like lungo and carom board have been provided for entertainment and dance and instrumental music can be used whenever he likes.

20 infected referred to APF hospital

According to the latest statistics, 20 of the patients have been referred to the Armed Police Force Hospital in Balamb. According to Bhusal, he had to undergo an X-ray as the fever was increasing and he had to be kept in the ICU as it became more complicated. "As the problem of pneumonia is on the rise, it has been referred to the ICU as a problem," he told Online News. "We have so far received 20 referrals due to lack of technology to do X-ray and ICU infection in the ICU."

What is the difference between other isolations and here?

There is a lot of difference in this isolation which is usually kept in the Ayurvedic treatment center than in home isolation. The annoying situation of having to live alone at home does not remain in this isolation. If you have any health problems, you can consult a doctor immediately. The difference between it and other isolation centers is that others try to cure the symptoms using modern medicine but the center will try to cure the disease with the help of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga meditation, he said.

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Which oil is more harmful to health?

Which oil is more harmful to health?

Oil is essential to our diet. Oil is essential for cooking vegetables or pulses. On top of that, fried food requires oil. So we use oil in every meal.

But doctors warn that "excessive use of oil is harmful to health." They suggest using controlled amounts of oil. Because there is a need to be so cautious about oil, most of the oils available in the market are found to be blended and inferior.

There are various oils available in the market, from mustard to sunflower. From soybeans to olives. Of these, relatively cheap oil reaches our kitchens. Which of these oils is suitable for consumption? Why

The BBC has published an article in this regard.

So there are many alternatives to oil - mustard oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil. But, what is useful for health?

The oil used in our cooking is often made from its fruits, plants, seeds, and seeds. Oil is produced by crushing it by a certain refining method.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

The biggest advantage of oil is that it contains a lot of fat. These include saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Until a few years ago, coconut oil was considered the best for health. Some even gave it the status of a superfood. Their understanding was that coconut oil is less likely to accumulate in the body as fat. However, a study from Harvard University confirmed that coconut oil is 'pure poison'.

Health problems

This is because the human body cannot digest much fat. Unnecessary fats begin to accumulate in our bodies. It causes heart problems and high blood pressure.

A UK government directive states that no man should consume more than 30 grams of oil a day and no woman more than 20 grams. This is because the fat in oil is made up of particles of fatty acids. This fatty acid is either bound to a single bond, called saturated fat. Either is attached to a double bond, called unsaturated fat. It is bound to a small chain of fatty acids, which dissolve easily in the blood. And, fulfills the energy needs of the body. However, long-term fatty acids reach the liver directly. It raises the amount of cholesterol in our blood.

Research on coconut oil says that it increases the amount of low-density lipoprotein in our body. It has a direct relationship with the heart. Therefore, coconut oil contains high-density lipoprotein.

Fatty acids and vitamins

High-density lipoprotein contains a chemical called lauric acid, which is called C-12 fatty acid. It is a long processed acid, which accumulates in the liver. It impairs health.

That's why experts say that the amount of saturated fat in the oil is low, it is useful to eat. But, it should also be eaten in small quantities. It provides the body with essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Fear of heart problems

Some oils are found in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, depending on the plant or oil extraction process. One survey found that the use of olive oil reduced the risk of heart problems by five to seven percent.

Olive oil

Olive oil is beneficial because of the monounsaturated fatty acids found in it. It contains vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and other micronutrients found in plants. Using olive oil also gets rid of harmful fatty acids in the body.

The bacteria found in olive oil are also good for the stomach. It also reduces the risk of heart problems. Olive oil also protects against cancer and diabetes.

It is advisable to consume less oil

Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamin E. However, heating this oil can destroy the nutrients in it. So it is more beneficial to consume it raw.

However, the amount of oil should be controlled.

This article is based on catering, especially in the West. However, it is not advisable to overheat any oil. The amount of oil is not much. Oil should be used sparingly.

What is the sweetness of life?

What is the sweetness of life?

Generally, how and to what extent any lust attracts a person depends on the level of body and mind. Therefore, sometimes even when we are walking unintentionally, we are suddenly fascinated by a lust. How many people have so much negativity in their minds that they don't feel any smell at all. Because people need a special kind of sensitivity to feel a certain smell.

We must have realized this ourselves. When many things are floating in the mind, then we do not even feel the fragrance of flowers. But when our mind is happy, the environment around us begins to look colorful and the scent of flowers suddenly begins to be felt.

The flower was always fragrant. It was spreading fragrance in the atmosphere. The thing is, we needed something that we didn't have to feel that scent.

Whether it is flowers or other plants. Be it soil or life. Everyone has their own fragrance. It has its own characteristics. But to feel that, it is necessary to have a certain kind of sweetness within oneself.

It is important to have a kind of happiness within yourself. So that when they go out, they talk to the plants. In ancient times, people discovered the usefulness of thousands of species of plants in this way.

For this, they did not need a microscope or any microscopic study. We came to know about such Ayurvedic medicine because the plants said this through various means.

Plants speak when we have nothing to speak about and we remain silent. Only when we have something to talk about do we understand our existence. Gain information about the limits of existence.

For example, about 20 years ago, the use of phones was very low. People used the phone only when there was an emergency. Times have changed today. Every man has a smartphone in his hand. So people today have countless things to talk about.

Yes, technology has enabled us. It is because of technology that we have been able to move forward. We can use such technology for good work. There is no dilemma in this.

But as soon as the battery of such technology or smartphone runs out, then due to the lack of a charger to charge it, we automatically start to disappear. Lack of batteries, lack of smartphones, we suddenly start to feel like idiots. In other words, the main reason for our smartness is our phone.

In this sense, Swadhisthana and Manipuraka are two dimensions by which people can do many things. The further we go, the less capable and more discriminatory it becomes. In a way, it is the result of Manipurak Swadhisthana and Muladhara.

Manipura Swadhisthana and Muladhara are the centers of body nutrition. It can reproduce what the body needs. And, these two together create life. Manipura only handles it. In this sense, manipuraka is very important in life.

Every cycle of life can move in its place. But especially since manipuraka is more dynamic, it tends to move from one place to another. Because this is the place where the 72,000 nerves in the body meet and reconnect. So, people can speed up their manipurak in different ways.

While Swadhisthana is the soul and the place. This is the place of the subconscious mind where life experience and its shadow are stored from the very beginning of human existence.

The mainstream stores all our karma, while Swadhisthan activates it. Swadhisthana awakens clarity and develops a personality.

Similarly, the mainstream relates to the unconscious mind where the karma and experience of the previous life are stored. This determines our future destiny. And, it is also the foundation of human personality development. It invigorates, inspires, and develops a personality.

Must wear a mask until the vaccine is developed?

Must wear a mask until the vaccine is developed?

The world is now waiting for the corona vaccine. But there have been rumors that the virus should survive until the vaccine is ready. The only way to avoid this disease is to be careful. Corona vaccine testing is currently underway around the world. But since it takes time to complete the testing process, experts have suggested ways to prevent it.

According to experts, the virus is targeting people with weakened immune systems. In this case, if scientists believe that the mask is a method that not only protects against viruses, it also indirectly plays a role in gradually developing immunity in the body.

Why is wearing a mask effective?

According to scientists, the mask does not completely prevent the corona, but it does reduce the risk of infection. Any so-called deadly virus, even if you take simple precautions, is not life-threatening. Many people die when they are not aware of many diseases as normal.

Effective mask in research

According to Monica Gandhi and George Rutherford of the New England Journal of Medicine at the University of California, wearing a mask greatly reduces the risk of the corona. One study also found that the mask filters out saliva containing corona. Similarly, wearing a mask reduces the inoculum in the body of any person. Not only this, but this principle was also used in mice. Even then, this theory has succeeded.

The study found that masked mice were less likely to be infected than other mice. This means that the mask reduces the risk of infection.

According to scientists, wearing a mask makes the virus less likely to enter the body.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Bad stomach, bad mind

Bad stomach, bad mind

Mental health has a special relationship with the stomach. Who knows but the one who treats depression?

Dr. George Porter Phillips, a British psychiatrist, had a similar experience at the turn of the century.

One day Dr. Phillips visited the infamous Bethlehem Royal Hospital in London. This hospital was notorious for keeping psychiatric patients. Due to this, the hospital became infamous as a madhouse.

During the monitoring, Dr. Phillips realized that his patients often suffered from mental problems such as constipation, heartburn, and indigestion. Also, his nails were long and his hair was dull and his face was rough.

Generally, looking at such patients, it is estimated that the mental state of such people is not right and their mood is not right because they are not calm. So Dr. Another question came to Phillips' mind. He thought, isn't stomach upset the main reason for their depression? ‘Can their depression be reduced by treating their stomachs?’, He began to think.

Abdominal relationship with the brain

Aiming to find out about the relationship of the stomach with the brain, Dr. Phillips performed one experiment on 18 patients.

He removed all kinds of meat except fish from the patient's diet. Instead, he gave her fermented milk called 'K'.

This milk contains a bacterium called lactobacilli, which is considered beneficial for the stomach. It is said that lactobacilli bacteria help indigestion.

Dr. Philips' experiment was successful. Eleven of the patients he researched recovered completely. The mental health of two more patients improved significantly.

This was the first study to confirm that the stomach is related to the brain.

The other bacteria in our gut are deeply connected to our health. It also has to do with our mental health. It only took a century for the world to accept this. Dr. Phillips' research was not accepted by the next generation.

But now all the researchers doing research on intestinal bacteria have found that Dr. Philips' research has begun to be recognized. They believe that stomach bacteria have a direct bearing on our mental health.

What does the research say?

Jane Ellison Foster, a professor at McMaster University in Canada, says there is no doubt that stomach bacteria have a profound effect on the brain. That is, we can treat the brain by treating the bacteria in the stomach. There is a lot of potential for the development of new drugs.

According to Jane Ellison, stress causes a variety of factors. Stomach problems may be one of the reasons.

A person who has some stomach related problem, if the stomach of such a person is treated, the mind also feels relief.

Popular research on the subject was conducted in 2004 at Kyushu University in Japan.

For this, a mouse was raised in the university, which did not contain a single bacterium. These mice showed significant fluctuations in the hormones corticosterone and ACTH.

This problem occurs when there is stress. The findings show that the bacteria in the stomachs of other mice kept their mental health and brains in balance.

The bacteria were removed from the stomachs of these mice and put into sterile mice. The result was that stress was reduced in the first most stress-free, sterile mice.

The research also found that transplanting bacteria from mice to humans or from humans to mice can have an effect on mental health and the brain.

Communication between the intestines and the brain

Some species of germs protect the intestinal wall. As a result, the elements in the intestines cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. Otherwise, there may be an upset stomach, heartburn, and stomach infection.

It is also said that the bacteria that protect the intestinal wall can cause mood swings and lethargy. If this problem persists for a long time, the patient may get depressed.

Bacteria in the gut also help digest hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

Also, the brain controls the functioning of the intestines through a nerve called the vagus. The intestines and the brain communicate through the vagus nerve.

According to scientists, if the brain can transmit a message to the intestines through the vagus, then the effect of the intestine reaches the brain through the vagus itself.

According to Jane Ellison, scientists are constantly researching the relationship between the brain and intestinal bacteria. They believe that the bacteria in the gut can help reduce the risk of depression.

Treatment of human intestinal tract

At present, the medication given to reduce depression is not for all people. It may not be effective for everyone. Only two out of ten patients have been found to benefit from such drugs.

Therefore, scientists believe that the study of the relationship between the brain and intestinal bacteria can be found to find a cure for diseases such as depression.

So Dr. Whether it was Phillips' research in 1910 or the current one, all of this research is still in its infancy. Therefore, it is important to do more research on how to reduce the risk of depression by changing your diet.

According to Jane Ellison, every person has different types of bacteria in their gut. Therefore, the treatment of the disease varies according to the nature of the bacteria.

Therefore, the major need now is to divide these bacteria into a few different categories. So that a kind of treatment method can be developed for such patients.

The relationship of the intestine with the brain

American scientist Julio Lisinio also says that various researches will be done in the future based on the relationship between the brain and the intestines and will try to find a cure for depression.

But for now, doctors say the same thing, eating can keep the mind healthy. For this, it is advisable to adopt the food eaten in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. This type of diet is high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood, and vegetable oils, while red meat and sugar are used sparingly.

‘To confirm the deep connection between the mind and food,’ says Felice Jacka of Deakin University in Australia many statistics can be found. However, what we need is peace of mind. And, to keep the mind calm, food must be improved. '

What is bronchitis?

What is bronchitis?

Children and the elderly are particularly at risk for bronchitis. Similarly, smokers also have more problems with bronchitis.

Bronchitis causes swelling of the trachea (bronchial tube). As a result, people with bronchitis cannot get enough oxygen or air through their lungs.

Problems with bronchitis are caused by exposure to viruses, bacteria, smoking, or chemicals. When the respiratory tract tissue is stimulated, the noise in it stops working. Due to which mucus (sputum) fills the respiratory tract and becomes more irritated. As a result, people with bronchitis tend to have more coughing problems with darker sputum.

Types of bronchitis

There are two types of bronchitis, acute (acute) bronchitis, and chronic (chronic) bronchitis.

The problem of acute bronchitis is short-lived, caused by bacterial infections, pollution, and chemicals. This problem usually develops after the flu or the common cold. Symptoms include chest problems with sputum. Sometimes there are fever and breathing problems. Acute bronchitis lasts from a few days to a few weeks. The problem of bronchitis is more common in children due to small airways. This problem is also considered common in the elderly.

With chronic bronchitis, the patient may have difficulty breathing. And, this problem is becoming more and more chronic. In which the health condition of the patient is deteriorating day by day. And, the patient may feel tired and have difficulty breathing, and may need artificial oxygen.

Bronchitis has three stages, the first, the second, and the third.

Bronchitis has three stages, the first, the second, and the third.

In the first stage of bronchitis, the cough is normal. In this, the lungs work up to 80 percent. In the second stage, the virus that causes acute bronchitis spreads through the respiratory tract to the lower part of the lungs and produces sputum. Which even makes coughing worse. At this stage, the lungs are 50 to 70 percent functioning.

In the third stage, the viral infection is cured in a few days. However, post-bronchitis syndrome tends to appear in the later stages of bronchitis. In which it takes a long time for the patient to recover from coughing and respiratory problems. At this stage, the lungs can only function 30 to 50 percent.

Why does bronchitis occur?

Acute bronchitis is caused by a virus, which develops after a cold or flu. Chronic bronchitis is caused by smoking. However, chronic bronchitis can also be caused by a recurrent onset of acute bronchitis.

Besides, exposure to air pollution, dust, toxic gases, and chemicals can cause bronchitis.

Symptoms of bronchitis

Symptoms of bronchitis include irritation of the bronchi, swelling, coughing, white, green, or gray sputum, sore throat, fatigue, fever, cold, chest pain, or runny nose.

Smokers weakened immune systems, children and the elderly are at higher risk for the disease.

Bronchitis can also be treated with Ayurvedic treatment, which is as follows:

Ayurvedic treatment of bronchitis

- The problem with bronchitis is increasing rapidly now. Children and the elderly are at high risk. In addition to sugar in milk, one or two teaspoons of honey can be taken to relieve bronchitis to a great extent. If you mix honey in milk and drink it regularly, the cough will disappear immediately. It doesn't burn.

Boil a pinch of turmeric in a glass of milk and boil it with a teaspoon of native ghee on an empty stomach two or three times a day to reduce the problem of bronchitis. Moreover, by adopting this measure regularly, the problem of bronchitis is gradually decreasing.

-South and cinnamon grind equally to make its powder. And, boil a teaspoon of its powder in half a glass of water. And, consume it hot. It provides immediate relief from the problem of bronchitis.

-South and Harrow should be mixed well to make powder. And, half a teaspoon of this powder mixed with two teaspoons of honey to get relief from the problem of bronchitis. The problem of bronchitis can be relieved even if it is taken regularly for one month by mixing five grams of the south in 15 grams of gud.

-Two teaspoons of ginger juice taken with two teaspoons of honey can also relieve bronchitis. Regular consumption of one apple or one or two teaspoons of amla juice also gives a lot of relief from the problem of bronchitis.

- Cut three cloves of garlic and boil it with milk and consume it before going to bed at night to get relief from bronchitis. Generally, garlic has antibiotic properties as well as antiviral properties. Therefore, it is beneficial for bronchitis patients to consume it as much as possible.

Besides, smoking is a major cause of bronchitis, so it is important to stay away from smoking and caffeine and alcohol. Also, stay away from people with the common cold. Get vaccinated against flu and pneumonia every year. Hands should be thoroughly cleaned. Also, avoid cold and pollution and keep warm by using warm clothes.

Friday, September 11, 2020

When the body is deficient in protein

When the body is deficient in protein

The amount of protein a person needs in his body is determined by his body, weight, muscle, physical exertion, and age. Unless the body consumes the required amount of protein, it can lead to many problems.

After all, what harm can a lack of protein do to the body?

No matter how much you eat

Generally, doctors recommend eating protein to strengthen the muscles of the body. Lack of protein in the body makes you feel full even when you eat a full meal. No matter how much food you eat, you feel hungry all day long.

According to a study published in Cell Metabolism, high protein intake releases a protein that controls appetite, which makes you feel full for a long time. According to the study, rats that did not eat high protein foods had higher levels of fat than those that did not.

The weakening of the immune system

Of course, no cure has yet been developed in science that can guarantee you a disease-free life. However, protein can be a good alternative to prevent the body from getting infected or to increase the body's resistance to disease.

According to the journal Obesity and Weight Loss Therapy, people with protein deficiency tend to have lower immunity.

This is because proteins help the body build cells as well as the body to make antibodies. Which teaches the body to fight against various germs, bacteria, and diseases.

Risk of fractures

You may have heard that milk strengthens bones. Protein also plays an important role in overall bone growth and bone strength. Therefore, in a person who does not consume enough protein, the problem of bone weakening as well as the problem of bone fracture also arises frequently.

Swelling of hands and feet

Lack of protein in the body also causes edema in the body. Due to which, if fluid accumulates in the hands and feet, the hands and feet get swollen.

Protein plays an important role in controlling salt and water in the blood vessels. The salt and water are not allowed to enter the cell. If the amount of protein in the blood is low, the flood cannot be controlled, which causes pain and swelling in the hands and feet.

Hair loss

Lack of protein in the body affects the hair the most. Our hair is made up of an element called keratin, which is produced at the roots of our hair. But when the body does not get enough protein, then the hair becomes dull, thin, broken, and split ends.

The nails will break

Like human hair, fingernails and toenails are made of keratin. Therefore, when there is a lack of protein in the body, the nails get cracked and broken. Therefore, to keep nails healthy, dermatologists recommend that you include plenty of protein in your diet.

Problems with high blood pressure

Lack of protein also causes people to have problems with high blood pressure. Young people who ate a high-protein diet, including eggs and meat, had lower blood pressure over a four-year period.

Therefore, doctors also advise patients with high blood pressure to consume plenty of protein. Otherwise, high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other problems.

Skin problems

Redness, blisters, and itchy skin can be symptoms of protein deficiency. According to a study by Oregon State University, lack of protein in the body can lead to skin allergies. Such allergies are also called eczema in medical parlance. Due to which the skin itches, burns, and red spots appear on the skin.

Muscle weakness

Protein intake is important to strengthen muscles. When we consume protein, the protein we consume breaks down into amino acids and provides essential nutrients to the body's muscles. Due to which the muscles become stronger.

But when the body is deficient in protein, the body starts looking for protein from other elements. At that time, it takes the protein from amino acids again.

Problems of irregular menstruation

Many women have problems due to irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation is especially caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS can lead to hormonal problems and infertility in women.

To reduce the risk of PCOS, doctors recommend eating a high-protein diet. While women suffering from PCOS are advised not to eat food made from flour, sugar, and carbohydrates.

What to do in an ear infection?

 What to do in an ear infection?

Ear infections are more common in children. There is a possibility of water getting into the ears while bathing or drinking milk from the mother. It infects their ears and causes them to ripen. If you are careful about the safety of your ears, this problem will go away on its own.

However, if the ear continues to ripen or blood and pus come out of the ear, it should be treated. This is because an ear infection can cause such symptoms. This problem also occurs in case of ear injury.

Occasionally there is a runny nose, which is considered normal. This is because of the dirt coming out of the ears. But if blood and pus come out, it indicates many problems.

Water can get into the ears while bathing or swimming. Similarly, cutting the ear indiscriminately can cause injury to the inside. There is a possibility of ear infection due to such reasons. Ear infections can cause watery, itchy, swollen ears, or blood, and pus. As the infection progresses, hearing and hearing may decline.

Cleaning the ears, traveling in an airplane, or diving into the water can cause ear injuries and holes in the eardrums. This causes fluid to flow from the ear when the inner part of the ear becomes infected.

What causes fluid to come out of the ear? The diagnosis can be found on the same basis. Doctors may prescribe ear drops, pain killers, or antibiotics for symptoms such as infections, pain, and swelling. Similarly, if young children have a fever or two, the doctor may prescribe ear drops for them.

If the infection is caused by a ruptured eardrum, the medication should be taken, which will quickly fill the ear canal. If the hole is not filled, the doctor may perform a minor operation.


-If someone has an ear infection, you should stay away from it.

- Do not put antibiotic ear drops after swimming in a canal or pond

- Do not clean the ears with any sharp or dirty object.

- Don't forget to wear earplugs when there is a lot of noise or cracking.

-Do not put too much pressure while cleaning the nose, it can affect the eardrum.

- Do not put your finger in the ear repeatedly.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Is your internet slow? Find out these reasons.

Is your internet slow? Find out these 5 main reasons

Customers never seem to be satisfied with internet service. This dissatisfaction is on the rise. Negative comments and abusive posts about Internet service providers are appearing on social media.

In fact, the Internet is slow for a variety of reasons. Every user needs to be aware of this. Today we are going to discuss the main reasons why broadband internet is slow.

1. Your WiFi offers extensive coverage but, it can weaken your connection performance. Distance reduces your WiFi signal and penetrates the ceiling and walls of the house, causing problems for the WiFi signal.

To get rid of this problem you can connect your device to your router using an Ethernet cable. Test the speed now and you will be happy with the result.

In addition, you can improve WiFi performance by placing the router in the center of your home. It is better to keep it in an open, downward position. But never hide it in a narrow place.

2. The internet is for sharing and use. So you share it with your friends and family. But while sharing, don't forget that Wi-Fi has its own limitations on how many devices it will flood.

When your broadband is being shared with many people, then this internet is being used for various purposes. Such as video streaming, online gaming, etc. It consumes a lot of bandwidth. As a result, the overall performance of WiFi is affected.

Test your broadband speed two to three times a day. You will find that when very few people are using the internet, then your net is working at a very fast speed.

But the fiber broadband package can support many connections well. It works better than standard broadband ADSL. It does not harm the speed and overall performance.

3. Not only the distance but also the location of the router is another factor that affects the connection performance by affecting the signal of your WiFi. Apart from this, the distance between the nearest telephone exchange and the active street distribution cabinet is another factor.

At these points, your information can be accessed online or uploaded to the Internet. The farther you go from these points, the weaker your connection becomes. A quick web search will show you the nearest telephone exchange location.

If you are a customer of Standard Broadband ADSL, request line speed as estimated by Fiber Broadband Provider. From this, you can see the current speed of your broadband. The technology of fiber optic broadband is that even at long distances, its speed is always very high.

4. If your WiFi password is secure, a neighbor can't steal it. But you are sharing the network infrastructure. Which also gives coverage to your road and surrounding area. The technology is the same as sharing the Internet with your family. But the Internet infrastructure that is shared with neighbors has a lot of potential on a large scale.

When there are more people online in your area or on the street, the demand for the network increases exponentially. In this case, the speed may be disturbed.

Some broadband providers have direct control over network usage. This control limits Internet activity. Which allows other users to access the Internet equally. This is called traffic management. It helps all users to consume the internet equally.

5. Sometimes the main reason for your sluggish broadband can be your service provider. Your provider's traffic management policy also controls your usage.

If so, you do not have a solution to this problem. In that case, go to your provider and request a possible solution. Even so, if you are not satisfied with the old service provider, you are free to go to another service provider.

Why isn't the internet speed as high as the service provider says?

 Customers never seem to be satisfied with internet service. This dissatisfaction is on the rise. Negative comments and abusive posts about Internet service providers are appearing on social media.

But service providers say the slow speed of the Internet is not their only weakness. In a virtual interaction held by Technology Journalists Forum (TJF) Nepal, they said that the internet could be slow due to problems with bandwidth, various servers, and mobile apps.

During the interaction, Vinay Mohan Saud, CEO of Subisu Kewal Net Pvt.

"Customers' complaints are justified. Internet service providers may offer more Mbps than they can afford due to fierce competition, but many of the problems are not just our fault. We are just a pool between the consumer and the server or app. If there is a problem in one of the three parties, the internet will be slow, but we will be the only ones to be abused, 'said CEO Saud.

Saud said all service providers were working to address customer grievances and that their initiative alone would not be the answer. "Sometimes there is a problem with platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktak. But consumers blame the Internet service provider. We can't solve the problem of Facebook, Tiktak, YouTube, 'he added.

Similarly, Vinay Bohora, Managing Director of Vinet Communications, said that the complaints of consumers about slow internet will never end. "The internet is slow now because of the ticking. Another similar app will come tomorrow. There will be many internet consuming sites. Even then the internet may be a bit slow. Therefore, its grievances cannot be fully resolved. We will continue to reduce it, 'said Bohora.

At present, 80 percent of internet consumption is in video and it is on the rise, so how to provide quality internet in the coming days is a challenge, says Bohora.

"Even though we have a lot of internet consumption, we don't have the infrastructure and equipment to manage it. We also have to import bandwidth.

We buy from India. If there is a problem, the internet will slow down or shut down in Nepal. On top of that, Nepal's geographical remoteness is also a problem, 'he said.

Managing Director Bohara hoped that the criticism of internet service providers would be lessened if the servers and exchanges of big platforms could be kept in Nepal. Bohora admits that sometimes customers may not get quality internet due to unhealthy competition among internet service providers in the name of competition.

"We have no control over bringing in servers. We are also at their mercy. There is a lot of content politics in it, 'says Bohra,' and again the content owners don't give us money. But we have to adjust the quality of their content. Content comes from Uta but we get abused when the content is buffered. '

The problem is exacerbated by corona

The speed of the Internet has been further hampered by the fact that people have to stay indoors due to lockdowns and bans on coronavirus prevention and control. According to Vinay Mohan Saud, CEO of Subisu Kewal Net Pvt.

He informed us that the demand for 22 to 25 GB bandwidth has increased only after the lockdown. ‘Before the lockdown, a customer used to consume about 300 GB of the internet in a month.

At present, 500 to 600 GB is being consumed. The Internet may have been slowed down by most users. It's good that they understand that, too, "said CEO Saud." Another problem is the cost of customs. WiFi congestion is on the rise. The number of internet connections is on the rise, 'he says.' Customers need to have a good device for WiFi. It also improves the customer experience. '

After Corona, Google grew by 37 percent, Facebook by 47 percent, and TickTack by more than 75 percent, he said. Saud also urged people not to do so as the internet will be slow when the app or server used for entertainment is running in HD and high capacity.

Similarly, Vinay Bohor, Managing Director, Vinet Communications Pvt. Ltd., said that Internet service providers are facing a bigger problem after Corona. "The demand for the internet has grown so much that our equipment is in a state of disrepair. In such a case, it takes time to bring the goods on the charter ship coming from abroad. That is, manpower is not available at the time. After Corona, we are in more trouble, ”said Bohora.

Not just by blaming service providers: Anandaraj Khanal, a telecommunications expert

In a virtual interaction with TJF, telecommunications expert Anandaraj Khanal said that one should be satisfied with the services provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) amidst many shortages in the country.

During the epidemic, developed countries have taken many other initiatives to improve the quality of the Internet, including increasing bandwidth, but Khanal accused the Nepalese government of doing nothing but instructing consumers to get discounts.

‘The quality of the internet is not just in the hands of the service provider. The Internet is a great system in itself. The government, regulators, and consumers have a long way to go. If we understood the plight of the service providers, we would not have abused the service providers, 'said Khanal, a telecommunications expert.

Stating that the ISP has to travel here and there for days to pay for bandwidth abroad, Khanal said that the government has only given instructions but has not paid attention to policy and practical work to improve the quality.

He said that the service providers have been providing the content including the routers, adding that the internet speed has been reduced due to the low-quality routers.

He says there are only two ways to increase internet service as per demand, the first is bandwidth and the second is infrastructure.

He cited the fact that Europe saw the problem of infrastructure constraints in order to manage the growing Internet consumption during Kovid's time, adding that OTT had to reduce quality and adapt its services to its infrastructure. Similarly, the United States has also added unused frequency service providers, but in Nepal, there is a lack of flexibility, he said.

In addition, many devices are connected at home. But he also discussed the unreasonable expectation of the service seekers that we are looking for 10 Mbps on the same device.