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Latest information on Corona-virus

6 million 54 thousand infected worldwide from Corona, 2.562 million more cured (how many in which country)

The global pandemic corona virus (Covid-19) has so far infected 6 million 54 thousand 187 people worldwide. According to Johns Hopkins University, 2.562 million of those infected have recovered.

The most contagious cases have been reported in the United States. As of Sunday morning, 1,769,776 infections had been confirmed in the United States. Similarly, 4 lakh 16 thousand 461 have been cured.

The death toll in the United States is also high. So far, 133,758 people have lost their lives in the United States. Similarly, 500,000 people have been found infected in Brazil. So far, 4,98,440 infected people have been found in Brazil. Of them, 2 lakh 892 have recovered and 28 thousand 834 have died.

After Brazil, Russia has seen many infections. So far, 396,575 people have been found infected in Russia. Of those infected, 4,555 have died and 1,67,469 have been cured. A recent decline in infection rates has so far confirmed 274,219 cases of the virus in the UK. Of them, 1,173 have recovered and 38,458 have lost their lives. Corona, which has been rampant since late December, has so far affected 188 countries. So far, 368,711 lives have been lost in these countries.

Figures for the ten most infected countries

Infected: 17,69,776
Deaths: 1,03,758
Healing: 4,16,461

Infected: 4,98,440
Deaths: 28,834
Healing: 2,00,892

Infected: 3,96,575
Deaths: 4,555
Healing: 1,67,469

United Kingdom
Infected: 2,74,219
Deaths: 38,458
Healing: 1,173

Infected: 2,39,228
Deaths: 27,125
Healing: 1,50,376

Infected: 2,32,664
Deaths: 33,340
Healing: 1,55,633

Infected: 1,88,752
Deaths: 28,774

Healing: 68,386

Infected: 1,83,189
Deaths: 8,530
Healing: 1,64,908

Infected: 1,81,827
Deaths: 5,185
Healing: 86,936

Infected: 1,63,103
Deaths: 4,515
Healing: 1,26,984

(Source: Johns Hopkins University)

Corona outbreak: This is the latest epidemic in the world

As of this writing, 371,006 people have died and 6,160,295 have been infected in the world due to the corona virus epidemic, which has become a major challenge for the world in the field of health.

Similarly, 27 lakh 38 thousand 284 people have recovered after health treatment while the health condition of 53 thousand 515 people in the world is critical. Outbreaks of the corona virus, which has spread to 213 countries, have killed 15,557 people in the United States and infected 1,816,820.

There, 5 lakh 35 thousand 238 people have recovered after health treatment and 17 thousand 163 people are in critical condition.

In Brazil, 4,99,966 people have been infected so far and 28,849 people have died. Similarly, 15 people have died and 1,526 new infections have been added today. In Brazil, 25,371 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment, while 8,318 are in critical condition.

In Russia, 4,555 people have died and 3,96,575 have been infected with the corona virus.

There, 1,67,469 people have recovered after health treatment and 2,300 are in critical condition.

In Spain, 27,125 people have died and 2,86,308 have been infected with the corona virus.

There, 196,958 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment while the health condition of 617 people is critical.

In the UK, the corona virus has so far killed 38,376 people and infected 272,826. The health condition of 1,559 people there is critical.

In Italy, 33,340 people have died and 232,664 have been infected with the corona virus. There, 155,633 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment while the health condition of 450 people is critical.

In France, the corona virus has so far killed 28,771 people and infected 188,625. There, 68 thousand 268 people have recovered after health treatment and 1 thousand 325 people are in critical condition.

In Germany, the corona virus has killed 8,600 people and infected 183,294 so far. There, 1,64,900 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment while the health condition of 720 people is critical.

Similarly, 5,185 people have died and 182,143 have been infected with the corona virus in neighboring India so far. There are 316 new infections today. In India, 86,984 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment, while 8,944 are in critical condition.

According to WorldDometer, 4,515 people have died and 1,63,103 have been infected with the corona virus in Turkey. Similarly, 126,984 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment while the health condition of 649 people is critical.

In Peru, 4,371 people have died so far due to the corona virus epidemic

A total of 155,671 people have been infected. There, 66,447 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment while the health condition of 960 people is critical.

In Iran, 7,734 people have died and 148,950 have been infected with the corona virus. There, 116,827 people have recovered after medical treatment and 2,533 people are in critical condition.

In Canada, 7,073 people have died and 90,190 have been infected. There, 48,103 people have recovered after medical treatment and 1,618 people are in critical condition.

In Mexico, the corona virus has so far killed 9,779 people and infected 87,512. There have been 364 deaths so far today and 2,885 new infections have been added today. In Mexico, 61,871 people have recovered and 378 are in critical condition.

Similarly, two more corona infections have been confirmed in China today. There have been 4,634 deaths and 83,001 infections. There, 78,304 people have recovered after health treatment and the health condition of 3 people is critical.

Similarly, 1,483 people have died and 69,496 have been infected in Pakistan so far. Today alone, 88 people have died and 3,039 new infections have been added. There, 25,271 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment while the health condition of 111 people is critical.

In Belgium, 9,453 people have died so far and 58,186 have been infected. There, 15,769 people have recovered after receiving medical treatment while the health condition of 73 people is critical.

In the Netherlands, 5,951 people have died so far and 46,257 have been infected. The health condition of 170 people there is critical.

In the last 24 hours, 500 people have died worldwide and 9,812 new infections have been added.

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'Drone' conveys corona awareness message

Madhyapur Thimi Municipality of Bhaktapur ward no. The general public has been urged to follow the logging by using drones in one area. By connecting hand mic to the drone, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality ward no. 1 is blown inside.

Madonna Thimi Municipality Ward no. 1 Chairman Suraj Khadka informed. He clarified that drones were used to warn the people when they started coming out of their houses even though the government announced to lock them down.

"People's representatives, volunteers and security personnel cannot go everywhere," said Khadka. "Again, not everyone has access to all information and informative messages." That's why we're using drones to follow the lockdown and miking ways to prevent corona virus infections. ' According to him, the drone, which weighs about eight kilograms with a hand mic, hovers over the houses of the people in one ward of Madhyapur Thimi Napa for about half an hour at a time. He said that the drones have been flying repeatedly in places where they have not reached once.

But the drone was not provided by Madhyapur Thimi Municipality and Ward Office. Ward Chairman Khadka said that the drone was arranged by Pokura Innovations Pvt. Ltd. in Kupandola, Lalitpur. "The entire cost of flying the drone has been borne by Pokura Innovations," he added.

According to him, it is estimated that it will cost around three lakh rupees to fly the drone. A team of engineers Ram Khanal, Sushil Khadka and Sajan Amatya, led by Gokarna Jung Thapa of Pokura Innovations, has been operating the drone. Drones are also a safe technology to prevent them from spreading.

According to him, the drone-carrying hand mic has been broadcasting audio messages including the possible effects of corona, measures to be taken to avoid it, adherence to lockdown and urgent information about the possibility of infection. Apart from much-needed work, people are not allowed to go out during the lockdown. Khadka clarified that the drones were used to control the increase in the number of people going out of their houses and opening shops outside the stipulated time.

Government increasing surveillance on drones

As the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has increased in Nepal, the government is preparing to make policy arrangements to regulate this type of flight called drone.

Although drone flights are currently being managed by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Procedure 2072, government officials say new arrangements are being made because the "hastily issued" procedure is not sufficient.

Venezuela: 'President Survives Drone Strike'

The option to 'shoot' the drone blocking the airport

According to Home Ministry spokesperson Ram Krishna Subedi, the committee formed to identify the security challenges posed by drone flights in detail and formulate working procedures will complete its work within the next two months.

The committee comprising officials from the Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority and various security agencies will prepare working procedures based on the opinions and suggestions of all, said Subedi.

Current system

According to the procedure issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, in order to fly a personal drone, permission for the frequency has to be obtained from the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The Ministry of Communications has allowed drones to fly at frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz, said Anup Nepal, Deputy Secretary, Frequency Management Division.

Nepal informed that most of the drones are built on that frequency and the drones on this frequency do not need permission from the Ministry. However, in the case of devices with different frequency connections, permission must be obtained.

It is designed for telephone and airplane communications and is designed to avoid the frequency used by security agencies.After the frequency, permission has to be obtained from the Ministry of Civil Aviation with the consent of the Ministry.The drone can be flown only after fulfilling the flight conditions and getting the consent of the Home Ministry.

Government eye

Although various countries around the world have implemented strict policy rules on drones, government officials acknowledge that the monitoring of drones in Nepal took place only after the catastrophic earthquake of 2072 BS.

After the drones were operated arbitrarily to collect the details of the human and material losses in Nepal after the earthquake, the government had made public the procedure by stopping such flights for the time being.

According to a Home Ministry official, the government's attention was drawn after foreign bodies and media outlets captured pictures and videos of various parts of the country from drones "indiscriminately" in the days following the quake.


The use of drones, which became widespread much later than in developed countries, is now being used for a variety of purposes. Officials say the use of drones for surveying, studying, filming, filming music videos and documentaries has increased. Personal marriage and fasting these days the number of applicants for capturing activities on camera is increasing.

"Every day, one or two people come to us to get information about drones," Nepal told the BBC Nepali service.

"Not all people come because other bodies look at drones. In that sense, the number of people coming to get permission to fly drones can be very high."

Although various restrictions have been imposed on flying drones that can capture large and audio-visual images, small-sized entertainment devices have not been tightened.

However, even such small drones cannot be flown in restricted areas.

Many opportunities

According to government officials, drones could be used in various parts of the geographically remote country. He said that the government is positive that services can be provided easily by using technology, especially in places where there is no access to health services. Some young entrepreneurs are using drones to collect blood, urine and sputum samples from people in remote areas and test them in other places, and after the tests, they are discussing with various agencies to send the report and medicine from the drones, officials said.

Robot journalist at Microsoft now!

Microsoft is going to hire an automated robot journalist by removing the journalists working on its MSN website.

At present, Microsoft has hired journalists to collect news from various media outlets, select headlines and pictures and publish them on Microsoft's website. But now Microsoft will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to select and publish news by removing all contract journalists.

Microsoft said the new experiment was part of an assessment of its business.

"Like all other companies, we regularly evaluate our business," Microsoft said in a statement. This will help in increasing investment in some areas and re-employment of employees. '

Microsoft, like other technology companies, pays various news agencies for the purpose of publishing on its website. But in order for news agencies to decide which news to put on their websites, Microsoft has hired journalists under contract.

With Microsoft's decision to hire the robot as a journalist, at least 50 contract journalists working on the MSN website will be laid off by the end of June. However, the team of full-time journalists will remain the same. On the other hand, contract journalists who are about to be fired have said that it is unethical to think about displacing people from machines. Stating that it would be difficult for robots to adapt to strict editorial guidelines, they claimed that it risked seeing irrelevant news on Microsoft's news site.

A journalist who was about to lose his job at Microsoft said, "I used to spend time reading about how artificial intelligence is grabbing people's jobs. But now it's my turn. '

Remember that various communication and technology companies around the world have started to use robot journalism to cut costs. Google has launched a project to study the potential of robot journalism. '

Information Technology: Key Lockdown Friend

The world's human race has been hit by the coronavirus, which has spread like a global epidemic. The number of infected people is increasing by thousands every day. The Covid-19 vaccine, which has spread to more than 200 countries around the world, has not yet been developed. Scientists have suggested that the immediate solution to this is to 'lockdown' or live in solitude.

The government of Nepal has also adopted a policy of lockdown saying that one can be safe from this virus without contacting anyone. Following the decision of the government, all Nepalis have been living in lockdown for a month and a half. In such a situation, information technology is playing a significant role in making people's daily routine easier and simpler than the prevention of COVID-19. Information technology is helping to do all kinds of work in solitude.

Proper use of information technology is the main option for lockdown time. The use of information technology has made it easier for the Government of Nepal to provide information to the general public on what to do to prevent the virus, what to look for, and what the symptoms are. The Ministry of Health and Population of the Government of Nepal has launched a mobile app called 'Hamro Swasthya' which provides complete information about the corona virus. The app is designed to identify an infected person and find a nearby hospital for an infected person. In the app, a firm has been created to survey whether a person has corona or not. If the person fills in the form and finds symptoms similar to corona, the person will be contacted and tested.

Five within your province. The state has also created an app. This makes it easier to communicate information about the corona, to identify infected people, and to treat them. Nepal Police has updated the app called 'Nepal Police' to make it easier for the prevention of COVID-19. The app is in operation to report any lockdown violation, blackmail during lockdown, if you or anyone in the neighborhood has symptoms of Covid-19, or if you need to report being in self-quarantine, and if there are any problems.

This has made it easier to fully implement the lockdown, control the black market, and identify and treat those infected with COVID-19. The Consumer Rights Management Information System (CRSIS) has been launched under the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection to take action against those who lodge complaints and grievances online to prevent shortage of essential services and control the black market during lockouts.

Similarly, various IT companies have developed various apps and software to facilitate the prevention of Covid-19. The Prime Minister has been holding discussions with the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing from time to time to get information about the status of implementation of the strategies formulated for the prevention and control of COVID-19.
Similarly, the Government of Nepal will provide licensed zoom software to all local levels to facilitate online meetings at all levels.

Nepal Telecom and Ncell are informing about the symptoms of Covid-19 in the ring tone by providing information on how to avoid it. He also started a system to check if a person has any symptoms over the phone there are one. 

People are fighting against Kovid-19 by conducting information activities using information technology in solitary confinement at home. In addition, various schools and universities have started teaching activities online. It has also been decided to run the online classroom under the direction of the Ministry of Education, Vice Chancellor, Dean and departmental discussions.

Online learning platforms such as e-Library, Khan Academy, Class Central, Fate, CK Telv, British Council, Dearwalk Learning Center, EDX, Coollabs, Midas E-Class as well as YouTube and some video streaming platforms have provided various online courses.

For students who find it difficult to spend their days at home but want to study, digital education is a good opportunity to make good use of time and build knowledge. All kinds of books are available online. Because of this, online is the only option for people who are trying to read but can't afford to buy a book.

As the corona outbreak spreads, everyone is living in lockdown. No one came out except the most urgent. Apart from government hospitals, other private hospitals have not even treated people when they are sick. Cold and fever patients are no different than those seen by private hospitals.

In such a situation, information technology has provided a solution to these problems. We have various websites, apps including Doctor, Doctor On Call. They provide advice to patients based on what they ask, tell, and prescribe medication based on their symptoms. Some of these apps / websites are also treating patients through video calls. There are also online portals related to medicine that deliver the medicine requested by the patient to the home through online, go home online and collect blood sputum for lab test and send the report online.

Thus, it has become possible to provide health services through the use of information technology during lockouts. The only way to survive from Kovid-19, the companion information technology of solitude, is to fully implement lockdown. At present, people are doing everything from solitude.

The most embarrassing thing for a social being like a human being is to live in solitude. However, the use of information technology has brought people closer to social distance even though they are physically isolated. Along with spending time on various social networks, various companies and websites are offering free online trainings, and young people are gaining knowledge and skills according to their interests through classes.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Actor Tom preparing for a film shoot in space

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is preparing to fly in space to make a film. According to NASA, it is being prepared.

The head of NASA has given information about this on Tuesday. His film is said to be about the International Space Station. It is said that the space agency is working with Cruise for this. A NASA spokesman said the cruise would go into space and stay. In addition, very expensive laboratories will be deployed in it. The lab will also be orbiting the Earth. The astronaut team has been working on it since 2000. But some high-paying tourists have been barred for years.

Some films have already been shot on Space Station. The IMAX Documentary in 2002 was one of them. Which was narrated by Cruz. The science fiction film 'Apology of Fear' made in 2012 is another of them. Cruz will be the first actor to act in space.

According to NASA, this will be the first 'Narrative Feature Film' to be shot in outer space. But it is not clear when Cruz will fly into space and who will be added to his spaceflight. But Boeing has been working in the United States for years to develop the spacecraft's capabilities. SpaceX had earlier stated that it was working with a third party company.

Also, NASA will not bear the cost of Space X or Boeing. The project will cost 22,500 a day. The International Space Station was built as a partnership between dozens of countries. But the United States and Russia are its primary operators. It also has a US-owned testing laboratory. Where astronauts do scientific and professional research.

Tom Cruise, NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX preparing to shoot a picture in space

Tom Cruise is in development with SpaceX and NASA, becoming the first star to shoot an action-adventure film in outer space.Reported by Deadline, the film is not part of the Mission: Impossible franchise, where Cruise performed several high-octane maneuvers involving gravity, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and a helicopter walking out.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein confirmed the existence of the project in a tweet, saying the project could be shot at the International Space Station. Located 250 miles above the Earth, the space station is the center of research and many advanced experiments. If Tom Cruise goes into space, you should expect him to be fully trained to become an astronaut, which is no easy task.

After screening, therapy, etc., the actual evaluation process takes 2 years.

Although not very long in terms of film, Tom Cruise is 57 years old, yet such a wonderfully ready place can be challenging - at least on paper. John Glenn is the oldest astronaut who entered space at age 77, but after many years of extensive training in military careers and space travel. With Elon Musk vocal about the concept of commercialization of his spacecraft, it is interesting to see what steps the actor takes to eliminate the possibility of space flight for In order to learn to travel outside, you would think that the physical aspects of astronaut training by NASA is essential for an astronaut.

The following is an excerpt from NASA's official website regarding selection and training:

As part of the astronaut candidate training program, applicants must complete military water survival before launching the flight syllabus and qualify for the SCUBA to prepare them for aerospace training.

They must swim 3 meters of a 25-meter pool non-stop, and then swim a 3-meter pool in flight suits and tennis shoes with no time limit. They must wear water in the flight suit and drink continuously for 10 minutes. Candidates are also educated on the issues of elite. The (hyperbaric) and lower (hypobaric) chambers learn to deal with atmospheric pressure and emergencies associated with these conditions. Most of these measures must be completed for health and safety purposes and to increase the chances of success for the product.

On top of the training, there is also the actual filming material. Do you need a crew to go into space? Would a filming rig be installed in the space station if there were no crew? True astronauts must follow health and safety parameters to avoid danger. Would the project be even better without a fully regulated environment? There must be many obstacles to such an aspirational film. The risk to the aerospace industry is also significant for both NASA and SpaceX. If this project is successful, it will cement Mr.

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Samsung launches 'ISOCELL GN1' photography technology

Samsung has unveiled a new technology called 'ISOCELL GN1' with a 1.2μm size and 50 MP to make it easier for young people to take quick auto focus and take quality pictures.

With a 50-megapixel image size and 1.2 million views, the technology is considered attractive for mobile photography. The ISOcell GN1 is Samsung's first image sensor with dual pixel and tetracell technology.

Which provides light sensitivity to be comfortable even in the dark. It also has DSLR level auto focus speed. This technology is considered suitable and comfortable for capturing dynamic scenes.

According to company officials, ISOcell GN1 is a new technology that can capture amazing images even in hostile environments. Yongin Park, vice president of sensor business under Samsung Electronics, has expressed his commitment to bring the latest technology to mobile photography in the future.

The ISOcell GN1, recently introduced by Samsung, is considered to be a technology that captures attractive and stunning images in any situation, according to the interests of the younger generation of modern times. The technology features a high level of auto focus.

How to take great photos from a smart phone? Here are five tips

Most of the mobile phones now have fast cameras. The cameras of relatively low priced smartphones are also capable. So their usefulness is important.

Most of the photos taken from smartphones are posted on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So it doesn't matter if your phone's camera doesn't give the same quality as DSLR. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when taking photos from your phone.

Here are five easy tips that will help you take quality photos from your mobile.

Click on focus

Today's phone cameras have an auto focus feature. This means that when a face or object with enough contrast falls into the frame, the camera focuses on it. This ensures that the object you want to draw is in focus. But, like any auto item, Auto Focus can miss the main item. So you have to press the space inside the frame you are trying to highlight the most with your finger. When you press on that location, the camera refocuses. This trick works a lot in big pictures.

To keep stable

The biggest trick to taking good photos from the phone is to keep the phone stable. Although phone companies claim that their cameras are very fast, the reality is different. Cameras on expensive mobiles are also slower than other cameras. Some slow down to focus, while others slow down.

Depending on how bright the scene is, the phone camera automatically reduces the speed of the capture, so that more light can be captured. The mobile phone needs to be held still for an additional one or two seconds while the photo is being taken. The phone should be kept still for another 2 seconds even after the photo has been taken, especially in low light. This increases the focus of the photo.

Keeping the exposure right

The most interesting feature of smartphones that are not even available in DSLR is the ability to set the exposure in a very easy way. Exposure means how much light the camera is going to capture and for good photos it should be fine, no more or less.

Phones usually set their own exposure. But after calculating the light in the whole scene, they do. But what if you had to photograph a dark brown chocolate cake on a white table? In that case, tap the part of the screen where the object is located. It tells the phone to recalculate the exposure based on the main object.


Good photos have some similarities and some combinations. So before you draw a photo, pay attention to the scene and capture it in a frame that looks good. Now, composing is something that every photographer does differently. This is the creative side of photography. But, there are some simple rules that you can use.

One rule of thumb is that you should be close to the object, especially in the case of large photos and portraits. This object is to cover the frame. Second, don't try to capture too many things at once. The object or person you want to capture must be removed. Third, the perfection of the image must be felt. No element should be cut in a hurry.

HDR experiment

Phone makers are still working on how to better implement HDR mode. But, if you have a Nexus-like phone that has excellent HDR mode, you should use it. HDR mode gives good contrast to the image and helps you take useful photos in low light. Most expensive phones come with Auto-HDR mode.

Normally you should leave this as the default. However, if your phone does not have Auto HDR mode, switch to this mode every time you take a photo in low light or high contrast scenes (for example, sunset).

Electric cars expanding the market

Increased tax on electric vehicles, thus increasing the price

The government has a policy to increase electricity consumption at a higher rate in the coming fiscal year. For that, the government has a plan to promote electric vehicles. However, the budget has undermined its own plan by raising taxes on electric vehicles.

In the budget for the coming fiscal year 2077/078 presented in the parliament on Thursday, the customs and excise rates for importing electric vehicles have been increased extensively. This will make jeeps and cars more expensive than buses with electric motors.

The government plans to impose up to 80 percent customs duty on all types of electric cars. In the case of three-wheeled electric vehicles, only 30 percent customs duty has been fixed. However, 50 percent discount has been provided in it, so 40 percent customs duty has to be paid while supplying.

The government has brought a budget bill to impose excise duty of 5 to 80 percent on electric vehicles depending on the capacity of the motor.

The government has decided to levy 80 percent customs duty on electric cars brought for private use.

Earlier, the government was levying 10 percent excise duty, 13 percent VAT and 4 percent road tax on the purchase price. As the government has given duty exemption on electric cars, the buyers of electric vehicles have been attracting more and more.

Earlier, the excise duty on electric cars imported from 10 percent has been increased to 80 percent. Jeeps and cars with 50 to 100 kW motors will be subject to 30 percent excise duty.

Vehicles with 100 to 150 kW motor will be charged 50 percent excise duty on vehicles with 40,150 to 200 kW motor and vehicles with 200 to 300 kW motor will be charged 60 percent excise duty. If the pick-up of the car is more than 300 watts, 70 percent excise duty will be levied.

The government will impose only 5 percent excise duty on vehicles with more than 25 seats. The excise duty on electric buses of smaller capacity is up to 55 percent. The government has also increased the road toll from 1 percent to 5 percent this time.

How does the price of an electric car increase?

Let's look at an example of how the price of an electric car currently being sold in Nepal for Rs 10 million is increasing. An electric car worth Rs 10 million in Nepal is now bought in foreign markets for  49,000. Based on today's exchange rate, its value in the company is Rs 7.252 million.

Now, according to the tax rate brought by the government, 80 percent customs duty is levied on it. In other words, it now costs Rs 58 lakh 1 thousand. However, as half of the exemption has been given, Rs 2.9 million will be added to the customs.

An additional 60 percent excise duty is also charged. That is, now the value of Rs 43.51 million is added to it. Accordingly, the value of this vehicle can reach Rs 14.5 million after paying customs excise duty. Adding 5 percent road toll to this price adds Rs 725,000. Besides, 13 percent VAT should also be added. Accordingly, 1.835 million VAT is added. By the time the price of this vehicle crosses the customs point, about 17 million 62 thousand importers can have spent it.

If 20 percent profit is kept in it, the value will be maintained only by adding 3.4 million 12 thousand. That is, an electric car bought abroad for Rs 7.2 million can be sold in Nepal for only Rs 20.5 million.

Electric cars expanding the market

President Vidyadevi Bhandari, Minister for Energy Barshaman Pun, Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising and others have been using electric vehicles.

It has been months since Minister Pun left Toyota's petrol car and started riding in the Chinese brand BYD E-Six model car. After him, President Bhandari has also started using the same model car worth Rs 6.6 million.

Not only these high-ranking officials but also the general public are showing interest in electric vehicles today. Sahil Shrestha, Chief Executive Officer of BYD Auto Industries, said that electric vehicles (EVs) have become the choice of many as they do not have to pay taxes annually, do not have petroleum problems and are environmentally friendly.

"Adding maintenance, taxes and fuel costs saves millions of rupees," he said. "It only costs a rupee to run a kilometer on an EV." According to him, electric vehicles have not been able to produce with great results.

He said that due to limited battery production, such vehicles could not be distributed in the world as per the demand. Hyundai sells two models of electric cars in Nepal, Kona and Ionic. Bhatta informed that 44 vehicles have been sold so far.

"Hyundai is all set to launch a new model of e-vehicle," he said, adding that "there is a growing demand for such vehicles as people become more environmentally conscious." We launched Kona last January with 40 units booked in a single week. We have sold it all. 'Hyundai's Kona costs Rs 5.59 million and Ionic costs Rs 5.196 million. BYD is unveiling a new E3 model car in a few months. Shrestha also informed that e-bus is also being brought.

Mahindra, Tata, Kia brand electric cars can be bought in Nepal. Apart from this, cars of brands like Haoyu, Dehi, J Star are also available. They range in price from Rs 1.6 million to Rs 6.6 million. Among them, Mahindra's models like Reva and Verito are the most sold. Mahindra has so far sold about 600 electric cars, while Dehi has sold 10, Hao 4 and J Star 4. Banks provide up to 80 percent auto loans to those who buy electric vehicles.

The number of electric cars in Nepal is now around one thousand, said Umesh Raj Shrestha, president of the Electric Vehicles Association. According to him, there are 3500 to 4000 e-scooters, 4000 tricycles and 750 clean tempos in the country.

"Ten years ago today, the Navy Company introduced electric brand electric cars," he said. There are not enough choices to make.

He said that he was getting the car of his choice as there was no variety of vehicles. "Is it cheap, expensive or mid-range vehicles?" He said. "There is not enough diversity."

Charging station not reached

The electric vehicle has to be charged just as the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle needs fuel. Now electric car companies have set up their own charging stations in various locations. BYD has 12 fast charging stations inside Kathmandu and 3 outside the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal Electricity Authority has also set up charging stations at Ratna Park and Singha Durbar.

"It would have been easier to have a charging station every 30-40 kilometers," said Sitaram Dahal of Budhanilkantha, who runs Mahindra's Verito. Hesitant sellers have experience.

Shrestha of the Electric Vehicles Association does not consider charging stations to be a big problem. According to him, if the government provides land and electricity in some major places like Muglin, Bardibas and Narayanghat, companies can easily build stations by placing charging piles. "The government's environment-friendly transport policy plans to make 20 percent of vehicles electric by 2020," he said. The government is bringing in big diesel-powered vehicles. '

Shrestha said that the government should be more serious for the promotion of electric vehicles. He said that not only cars but also e-scooters and public electric vehicles need to be promoted. "In order to reduce pollution by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, the government should place special emphasis on the promotion of public electric vehicles," he said. "The promotion of private vehicles alone is not enough."

Thursday, May 28, 2020

How to make money online in lockdown

Many kinds of work can be done through the internet in one corner of the world and in another. 

This is called IT outsourcing, online freelancing, offshore development. With the recent outbreak of the corona virus, the number of users of 'work from home', online classes, video conferencing, Google Meet and Zoom has increased. Zoom is gaining popularity these days. The number of daily zoom users was 10 million in December 2019 and has reached 200 million by March 2020.

Educational institutions are also conducting classes online. Lately, various IT companies in Nepal have been outsourcing online freelancing and IT team. From Nepal's point of view, most of those who have taken IT education seem to be engaged in outsourcing, but if we look at developed countries as well as neighboring countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, those who have taken IT education as well as others have done a lot of work online.

Freelancing online with some practical knowledge according to your attachment, housewives and leisurely people can make a good income by working online by making good use of their time.

What can be done online?

Many things can be done online from home. Graphics designing, ghost writing, translating English to Nepali, business plan, thesis typing, online live chat agent of any organization, online support, digital media planner, image clipping, image processing, voice recording etc. .

Converting from voice to text, video animation, logo designing, visiting cards, AutoCAD designing, interior designing, banner making, website content creation, product cover designing, product banner making, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Or create bio data, earn some money online by teaching some lessons online.

Where to take the course?

Online courses can be taken through Ivarsity, CourseAra, Eudemi, Udacity, Code Academy, Block, Skill Share etc.

Websites like YouTube, Vivo, etc. have a lot of easy-to-learn videos. You can also learn through online reference, guide book, ebook, tutorial etc.

You can even get a certificate by identifying your needs and working. Google has been offering certificates to its various programs for free, including online exams, which must be renewed every year.

Where to find work online?, merged in 2015 to become Which connects those who work and those who work online in a variety of ways. It works to resolve disputes between two parties through

Freework can be done through websites like Freelancer, 99 Design, Guru, Taptal, Credo, Popular Hour, Design Crowd. Some of the work that can be done online can be done on an hourly basis or on a project basis.

How to get paid?

Payments for work done online can be brought to your online payment account through various online payment gateways such as PayPal, Skrill, Two Check Out,, Stripe.

Also, such freelancing websites in conjunction with companies like Payner etc. send their customized cards to any corner of the world by courier after crossing some income or level.

He has not come to Nepal legally. PayPal, an online payment company, was founded in 1998 and has more than 305 million customers worldwide in 2019.

Network friends in lockdown

The growing use of social media and technology has at times raised concerns about the growing distance between people. Some even found it satirical on social media. A 2018 Australian Loneliness Survey also found that a quarter felt lonely three or more days a week. One of the main reasons for feeling lonely was the excessive use of social media.

Even in Nepal, some analysts have been interpreting social media as a means of isolating people. The adjective social media, used as a means to increase distance between families living under the same roof, has now changed. And, at the same time, social media has become a friend of the user as a connecting link rather than a disconnect.

In order to prevent the spread of Corona infection all over the world, the government launched a crackdown in Nepal from March 25. Due to the lockdown, the roads from the city to the villages are deserted. Except for the essentials, the doors of most institutions and offices are closed. Physical distance with friends and relatives who meet regularly is far away. How are people confined to their homes or rooms? At this time, online technology or social media has become a close friend of most people. Through social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, he is active in his regular work, contact with friends and relatives, discussions and creative campaigns.

Creative programs online

Poet Shravan Mukharung chose social media as a suitable alternative after being locked inside the room after the lockdown. He thought that he should play a creative role when people were frustrated by frustration and negative news. As soon as the plan was finalized, poet Mukharung launched a series titled 'Poems from Quarantine'. Every day through Facebook, he comes live with local and foreign poems and recites them in a beautiful rhythm. The number of people listening and following the poem he recited on Facebook is increasing.

Poet Mukharung says that there is a 'positive vibration' when sharing creations while in bondage. "Everyone has their own responsibilities at this time. When I became a poet, I did my duty, 'he says,' so it also sends a positive message about making good use of social media. '

Journalist Dil Bhushan Pathak is running a special series of Tough Talk broadcast from Himalaya HD through Facebook Live. Every day from 9 to 10 pm in the program with singers and musicians with experts in various fields and related people come to the online conversation with relevant topics. Journalist Vijay Kumar is podcasting the 'Directions' program from home. Not only the program, but also the regular meetings and discussions of the organizations are taking place online.

Chairman Vishesh Khanal says that the regular and urgent meeting of the organization of scientists working in research and innovation will be held online. "We are doing video conferencing for regular work and research. It is becoming very effective, 'says Chairman Khanal. Spokesperson of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Suresh Kumar Dhungel says that the post-lockdown work and meeting is also being held online. ‘In such a situation, friends work online from home. We also hold the meeting online, 'said spokesperson Dhungel.

Online Festival

As soon as the festival is called, we imagine a large crowd, with guests all over the stage and spectators outside. The fact that people were confined to a room to avoid corona infection developed new options and possibilities, which became interesting and effective.

Kitab Jatra Foundation has started 'Virtual Literature Festival-Kitab Jatra-2020' from April 1. According to Rishi Ram Adhikari, chairman of the foundation, the literary debate 'Kitab Jatra' was held in Kathmandu. "But the festival has been launched online at this time due to fears of a corona infection," said an official who is also the festival's director. According to him, the debates at the festival can be watched live from the Facebook page of Kitab Jatra.

Various aspects of Nepali literature, art and life will be discussed at the festival, said session coordinator Shakuntala Joshi. "When we talk about art and literature in times of crisis, we are getting a response that is motivating us to be creative. Various suggestions are also coming about the program. The festival, which has been started for a week, can be extended according to the situation and response, 'she said.

Earlier, the Natya Mahotsav was held online for 16 days. The 'Quarantine Campaign Drama Festival 2076' has been organized by Theater Mall, Kirtipur Theater and Theater Center for Children.

India's book agency The Bookbreaker had earlier organized a literature festival online. The festival, which ran from April 6 to 12, was attended by 91 sessions and more than 600 speakers. The panel discussion, which was live on Facebook from 10 am to 9:30 pm, was attended by bestselling writers, cricket celebrities, famous actors, famous motivational speakers, leading journalists, political analysts, businessmen, police officers and others. "It simply came to our notice then. We are happy to have a challenging but different program during the lockdown, ”said Sanjeev, co-founder of the organization, Mathur said, "It was very effective as it included all genres."

Prosperous online class

Sheetal Chaulagain, who is studying Bachelors in Chinese Language at the University of Hawaii, China, came to Nepal on February 15. Her new semester started on February 17. University of China closed due to Corona disaster At the moment, he and all his friends are taking online classes. ‘Every day, online classes start at 11 a.m. Chinese time. At the same time, group work is also done from assignment or video class. This is how we are studying as soon as the new semester starts, 'she says.

Even in Nepal, some universities are conducting online classes for students. Sapkota, who is studying Fine Arts in the second semester at Kathmandu University in Hattiwan, takes online classes from home. According to the routine of the college, their classes are conducted from 10 am to 2:30 pm.

According to Professor Chandiraj Dahal, Kathmandu University is taking classes online on some subjects according to the concept of 'Work Firm Home'. "It simply came to our notice then. He is being taught by other friends including me, 'he says,' Instead, one or two students were absent in the physical class. Everyone is present. They are having a kind of engagement. '

Not only universities but also some schools are conducting special online classes for regular students. Sanskriti International School, located in Thulo Bharryang, conducts video conferencing with students of all classes through the 'Zoom' app. To free the children from Corona's terror, the school also conducted counseling classes online from psychologists. Similarly, the school has also organized a separate online conference for parents. The school is currently working on the concept of Google Class, says Bishwa Sigdel, a Nepali teacher at the school. According to him, even the teachers of the school are participating in the training on how to conduct online classes.

An educational organization called Spiny Babbler has teamed up with Cycle Story to offer online study for children between the ages of 3 and 13. The 'Offer Spine Babbler Evolution Online Education Program' is providing attractive education to children through arts, science, mathematics, social sciences, fitness, language and development through Google Classroom. Parents can fill out an online form for their children. Similarly, factories, Midas Education, Max Connect and other organizations are providing free e-learning to children. In this way, parents and teachers understand that the e-learning class is a good use of the time of the students who have access to the internet and does not hinder their learning.

Both the disadvantages and the advantages of social media

More than 3.8 billion people worldwide use social media, representing 49 percent of the world's population. It is estimated that 40 percent more people in Nepal are using the Internet than ever before. Anthropologist Dumbar Chemjong says the use of social media has increased in the current crisis to lift people out of loneliness and socialize.

"Even magazines don't come to the house now. It would have been difficult without social media," says Chemjong. "Social media has become the most comfortable medium at this time." In the village, it is being used more than before.

The author and thinker Ahuti says that social media is being used both positively and negatively. According to him, using social media for positive purposes is a great achievement of mankind. "It simply came to our notice then. A platform has also been provided to spread rumors. On the other hand, it has played a big role in providing accurate information and enrichment. '

According to Nast spokesperson Suresh Kumar Dhungel, people's mobility was very fast in the past due to the use of science and technology. I could not stand still in one place. However, with the advent of post-lockdowns technology, people are still connected to one another even when they are indoors. He says, "Science and technology has been very effective in exchanging information, in carrying out our activities, in providing entertainment."

The importance of social media has increased

Internet was used more during the lockdown. However, it has been used and misused. Most of the citizens are now suffering from laxity. Internet is running 40 percent more in Nepal. It has the most important role in the exchange of information. Online reading is now more popular than print media. If there was no social network, there would be no magazines and no double communication with television. But, social media has become a medium to feel comfortable. We should always pay attention to its positive utilization. Social media is the link of social relations at this time, so let's not misuse it.