Wednesday, May 13, 2020

5 Ways MBA Affects Your Digital Marketing Career in 2022

Digital marketing - the type of marketing done online - has taken a break. As a result, demand for jobs in the industry is rising.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in advertising, promotion and marketing management are growing at an 8% rate from 2018-2028 - well above the average for full-time jobs.

Why the boom in digital marketing?

Because digital marketing is modern marketing. It’s about reaching a global audience from a local audience, connecting with people who are searching for information, socializing and doing all kinds of shopping.

About 4.54 billion people worldwide are active Internet users. Of them, 2.05 billion are online shops, and they cost more than physical stores. By 2021, retail eCommerce sales worldwide will be tr 4.5 trillion.

Corrected, digital marketing effectively connects other businesses with Internet users.

As a digital marketer, you can create and lead marketing campaigns to attract their interest and attention. You can create content to build trust and build loyalty. For affluent brands, you can run local advertising campaigns on social media.

The best thing? All of these ways to reach the target audience are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Here are some more:

Email Marketing
Content marketing (creating blogs, articles, videos and others)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Payment Search (PPC)
Social media marketing
Local advertising
Affiliate Marketing

With so many people online and many ways to reach them, the field is dying of opportunity and people are jumping at the chance to get a piece of online marketing.

The only problem: In a hot job market, how can you stand out? What competitive edge do you gain in the digital marketing world?

Getting an MBA may be the answer.

The Advanced Master of Business Administration program can give your ticket the opportunity for that big promotion or job offer. Keep reading to find out how.

How the Advanced MBA Program Prepares You for the Digital Marketing Landscape
One of the factors that differentiate digital marketing from other sectors is the rate of change in the industry.

Trends come and you can nap. Technology advances are going to happen overnight.

The only thing you can count on as a digital marketer is the way that the customer reaches and the audience is never consistent.

Fortunately, the advanced MBA program prepares you for a rapid change in your digital marketing career. It gives you the basic tools and knowledge to lead a digital marketing team in any industry.

What are the specific things in MBA?

The MBA program is a way to learn business and marketing concepts from a holistic perspective. You will learn all the aspects of running a business that will give you a better understanding of how digital marketing fits into the larger puzzle.

The topics covered in specific MBA courses are:

Business management
Strategic Management
Financial Management
Data Analysis
Business accounting
Human Behavior, Ethics and Human Resources

Most MBA programs give you additional options for concentration, where you focus on one important aspect of business - such as marketing.

 What skills do you develop?

The skills you build in an MBA program will definitely prepare you for managing digital marketing. Some of them are important:

Leadership: Learn how to manage and lead a team of people and spear projects.

Communication: Understand effective ways to communicate with your team, your employers and your customers.

Problem Solving: One of the best skills you will learn is creative thinking and analysis that applies to business and marketing barriers that hinder growth in problem solving.

Strategy: You will learn how to strategize for business and implement them effectively.

Management and Multi-Tasking: You can identify how to hit multiple balls in the air, including monitoring teams, projects, campaigns, and initiatives.

How long does it take to complete your degree?

Depending on where and how you earn your degree, your MBA program may take 12-14 months to complete. Some campus programs take longer - sometimes up to 2 years.

Your MBA online earning opportunities are more ubiquitous than ever. Earning an online degree also comes with much more flexibility. Wherever you go, your class runs, so you can do an MBA even while at your current job.

Ways to Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Career with an MBA

There are many reasons why MBA can push you to a career success in digital marketing. Here are some important:

Developing the full working knowledge of digital marketing management

As we have already mentioned, completing the MBA program gives you a good education in the basics of business. You will learn everything from data analysis to marketing management to accounting and strategy.

Your education will set you up for high-speed digital marketing work, where you will have to wear several hats and continuous axes to adapt to the rate of change in the industry.

For example, actually look at these real job listings in the digital marketing field. The keywords highlighted in yellow will expand the knowledge and skills you need in many areas to become a true, high-earning, digital marketing master:

Ways MBA Affects Your Digital Marketing Career

As you can see, good business education can position you as a candidate for these types of digital marketing positions.

Digital marketing is another example of distance from job listings, where the skills and knowledge that is required are ranging from data analysis to accounting principles and good writing / oral exams

Ways to Mislead Your Digital Marketing Career 

Get tons of opportunities to get into Theory of Practice

Earning an MBA sets you apart from other approaches when looking at a digital marketing career - it provides you with valuable work experience opportunities that you need to capture in the eyes of a hiring manager or employer. In other words, you have more opportunities to put business and marketing principles into practice.

Most MBA programs will contact you with a network of opportunities to practice your skills: internships, extensions, group projects, conferences, and more.

All of this can lead to beneficial contacts and job opportunities later.

And in each of these cases it seems to be equal to the beginning of the reUme.

Make a higher wage out of the gate + increase employment

One of the most compelling reasons why people choose to get their marketing MBA is because it automatically hires them for better pay and better job opportunities.

With an MBA, you will definitely stand out. According to data from Zipia, 60% of all digital marketing managers have a bachelor's degree, but only 24.4% have a master's.

Higher education is important when looking at many employers and hiring managers.

Ways an MBA Can Catapult Your Digital Marketing Career

Advance in Your Organization by Leaps & Bounds

If you work in digital marketing and want to further your career, an MBA can help you take the next step to that promotion or a swankier job title.

You already have a better chance of promotion via your department or company versus an outside opportunity.

According to ADP’s State of the Workforce 2019 report, companies and departments in the information sector are more likely to promote from within – more than any other industry. On top of that, the average wage increase due to a promotion is 17%, which is among the highest out there.

That means leveling-up your business marketing knowledge and skills with an MBA is a smart idea, because there’s a great likelihood it will lead to bigger and better things in your current environment.

Make Valuable Connections

Last but not least, one of the best reasons an MBA will supercharge your digital marketing career is due to the connections you’ll make.

Your professors, classmates, advisors, and other contacts in your MBA program will be valuable networking assets both before and after you graduate. Whether you choose to learn on a campus or online, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to create mutually beneficial relationships with the people in your classes and program.

If you work on building those professional relationships along the way, you’ll be set up with a dependable resource once you’re ready to get out there and leverage those connections.

Investing in an MBA Could Be Your Smartest Career Move

Your career in digital marketing gets fast-tracked if you invest in an MBA program. That’s because earning a marketing MBA gives you a solid foundation for thriving in a hot market that’s not slowing down.

Digital marketing hopefuls and professionals alike need a competitive edge in this field, which can change as quickly as the weather.

An MBA program offers you a deeper understanding of business and marketing concepts, more chances to add to your resume, increased employ-ability, and a better likelihood of advancing within your current job environment.

Add the networking possibilities to the pile of benefits, and you’re left with an investment in your future you can’t deny.

An MBA can help you reach farther and faster in your digital marketing career. Ready to make it happen? Check out the online MBA program from St. Ambrose University.


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