Friday, May 22, 2020

Everyone should exercise slowly for the first time.

The Corona virus epidemic has affected people's lives due to the ban.
Now that all activities have come to a standstill, there are many physical and mental health problems. Exercise (physical exercise) positively improves a person's disease. Exercise changes mood because it releases the hormone endorphins.
Now that everyone is at home, they may be confused about how to start exercising. Before starting any exercise, you should keep in mind that you do not have a chronic or other disease.  When exercising, diabetics should adjust the medication, food and exercise schedule they are taking. Such patients should not exercise like other normal people. It is advisable to exercise by making a schedule.

Exercise makes you feel dizzy, it is difficult to breathe, if you have chest pain, you should reduce the intensity or remember how much you can keep the amount. 
Exercise should be started slowly, if it is awkward, it should be done for a short time. Everyone should exercise slowly for the first time. The time can be increased from 10 to 20 minutes per week. Warm up, exercise period and cool down period must be kept during each exercise. I like to exercise if I listen to my favorite music and enjoy the rhythm with my breathing. Exercise should not be considered as a burden, but should be given time to the body. It is appropriate to pay attention to diet while exercising. It is suitable to eat fish, eggs and nuts. It can be used for a long time to gain strength. To become a body builder, you should take a short-term goal without exercising. Just like I keep a good mood, I think positive, I have to start saying that energy is good. Then the fitness goal can be set.
After exercising, my family and friends have changed so much at home, it can be said that you should also start.
It is better to use it in a healthy way without considering it as a burden. There is also a way to exercise, how to get more health benefits? To keep the body healthy, an adult needs to do at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. Other physical activities including yoga, aerobics can be done for physical exercise. However, when you start any activity, you should start gradually and gradually increase the time. For that, it is necessary to determine certain symptoms and motivate oneself.

Just as it is better to do something than not to do anything, exercise can be started with at least five minutes of physical activity.
If a person has a disability, an active life can be lived according to the advice of a doctor. In addition, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health problems can exercise according to their doctor's advice. It is important to exercise at least two and a half hours a year to increase heart rate and sweat. For this, activities like walking fast, playing basketball, football, dancing etc. In addition, each of these activities can be divided into ten-minute activities such as ten minutes of brisk walking and ten minutes of dancing. You can talk to someone to see if your exercise is moderate. Because while doing moderate exercise, you can speak simple sentences but you can't sing songs.
For those who want to lose weight, it is important to exercise at least thirty minutes a day.
Such exercises should not be done only in the morning. Some exercise can also be done after lunch and dinner. Similarly, heavy exercise can be done at least twice a week to strengthen and strengthen the bones and muscles. Heavy exercises like weight lifting can be done at least two to three times a year to strengthen various parts of the body, especially the arms, legs, back, abdomen, chest 

What to do to keep yourself active during this time?
For this, you can start the day with any kind of normal exercise or activity. According to the advice of the fitness trainer, you can go for walks, walk, play tennis, football, etc. and various other activities can be adopted. You can do any exercise you like to increase the duration of any activity. So that no one feels uncomfortable doing the activity. Not only that, to stay healthy, adults need to do moderate to intense type of exercise for 150 minutes to two and a half hours a week. Such exercises help to keep the heart healthy and to keep the respiratory system running smoothly.
Sometimes, if you can't do 30 minutes of exercise at a time while doing such activities, you can complete such exercises by taking a break of 10 minutes. Exercise can be reduced by watching TV, playing video games, and surfing the Internet. In addition, you can keep yourself active by going for walks with your family, playing badminton and going for walks in the park. Most people are reluctant to exercise under the pretext of heat and rain.

However, if the goal is set, the exercise can be continued by remaining equally active in any weather.
For this, you can wear a raincoat during a rainy season and in winter, you can exercise by wearing warm clothes with a jacket, hat and sunscreen. In addition, an active lifestyle can be adopted by doing indoor exercise.

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