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Armour Of God Nepal

Band - Armour of God 

Armour of God (formerly Armour of God Nepal) is an Nepali Christian music praise and worship
group from Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal where they started making music in  2015, at Bethel
AGFN Church. 

The band has some notable members, including John, Dainel, Yamima, Kiran, Abhisekh, David and Ranjit.


The group formed in 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal, where they were located at Bethel AGFN Church.
Their members were childhood friends since children's church from the beginning where they were engaged in all kind of Christian praise and worship activities. The group was called Bethel Musical Group until 2017, when they took the name Armour of God. They all are active members of Church's praise and worship group.


Song titled (Kati Ramahat ko Din Yo) |Armour Of God |  released their first official musical video streaming through YouTube as a Nepali Christmas Rap Song, recorded @  Hephzibah Music City on their official YouTube Channel, Dec 22, 2019.

Armour of God is going to release their first musical album by the end of 2020.

Here are the list of their Original songs from their upcoming album. 

#ChristainSong #GospelMusic #Armour_of_God #armourofgod_nepal

Auu Hami Uchalau Yeshu Lai |Armour of God |

Auu Hami Mileey Garau Prathana |Armour of God |

Antim Samaya |Armour of God |

Hey Yuwa | Armour of God |

Jiwan Full Jastai |Armour of God |

Lau Dajai Suna Hai Yeta |Armour of God |


As of 2015, John Das has been appointed to lead the band by thier team members. 

The following have been or are currently active members of Armour Of God. 

Vocal/ Guitar :- John Das 

Rap/ Vocal/ Arranger :- Daniel Dq

Vocal/ Keys/ Guitar :- Yamima Bomzon

Bass/ Guitar/ Vocal/ Keys :- Kiran Gurung

Drum/ Vocal :- Abhisekh Sonam Chhetri

Lead Guitar :- David Tamang

Rhythm Guitar :- Ranjit Shrestha

Links to thier Offical website

Instagram   armourofgod_nepal

Facebook Armour Of God


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