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The scope of getting a scholarship for A levels in Nepal

The A-level program is accredited to  International school, travel by the Patan school for skilled Studies.

Part of the world academic level

The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is globally acclaimed as a part of the Cambridge Assessment Department of the University of Cambridge, UK, for getting ready and developing students with up on curiosity and learning. 

International qualification is recognized by prestigious universities and employers round the world, providing students with a good style of academic opportunities and secure careers. Each year, thousands of Cambridge learners round the world receive grades, creating progress in their chosen specialization field at their chosen university. The rigorous and comprehensive Cambridge programs make sure that learners area unit assured, accountable, reflective, innovative and engaged - they have to contend and endure to achieve this dynamical and chop-chop evolving present time.

Cambridge Advanced, or A Levels, because it is usually referred to as, is meant for learners between the ages of sixteen and nineteen World Health Organization want advanced study to arrange for university and better education. this is often corresponding to the next secondary degree offered by the native national board in Nepal. This course includes 2 years of Cambridge International AS&A level qualification so a faculty deed Certificate. Practitioners World Health Organization enter this qualification area unit absolve to demonstrate AS level eligibility at their own level or as a part of A level of progress.

The Government of Nepal has created the subsequent rules:

Short title and Commission:

(1) These rules could also be the extent or normal of scholarship sought-after by a foreigner 
(2) The Commission approves the topic of scholarship upon receipt of such scholarship upon request of a selected person or individual.

CLICK HERE:- Scholarship Rules


The course of study is meant to be versatile, often updated and expanded to fulfill the requirements of the dynamical academic landscape worldwide and make sure that learners have the chance to specialize or study multiple disciplines. there's a mixture of fifty five subjects from that learners will select.

The course is meant for learning in information, understanding and skills:

In-depth content

Free thought

Applying information and understanding in new and acquainted things

Maintaining and evaluating numerous sources of data

Thinking logically and ordering and demonstrating consistent logic

Decisions, recommendations and higher cognitive process

Demonstrate logical explanations, perceive the implications, and communicate them clearly and logically

Working and act in English

Although the syllabi area unit international in scope, they maintain an area image with the international student body, further like many colleges and content, and thereby capture the ination of learners worldwide.


Cambridge International AS&A levels have a linear structure with exams at the tip of the course. Practitioners will select any of the subsequent assessment options:

Move the choice to AS level solely. half the Cambridge International AS Level information content is taken into account the Cambridge International A level.

Option Two-Phase
'Assessment Pathway - They complete the AS level within the take a look at series and therefore the final Cambridge International A level within the future take a look at series.

Option 3
Generally at the tip of a biennial course, take all papers from the Cambridge International A level course within the take a look at series.

Win the prize

Each subject within the AS and A levels receives a distinct grade of learning, that is according for the best accomplishment on the A * grade-to-grade scale.

Eligibility - University identity and research

Students who have achieved Cambridge International AS&A levels can apply to universities around the world, including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, South Africa, Germany and Spain.
More than 500 US universities accept Cambridge International AS&A levels, including all Ivy League and Ivy Plus universities, including Brown, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Yale.

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