Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Brief Story of Nepali Map

To bring back the entire encroached Nepali territory, Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli asked for a three year long date.

The next three years are the last term of the current Oli government. Date not too long? Three years is 1 thousand 95 days, isn't it? On behalf of the Save the Border Campaign, when we demand the publication of a map of Nepal, we bring back the encroached land. I still vividly remember his rude answer. How difficult would it be to make a scrapbook map public? In the first phase, the current government of Nepal drew the map. The credit goes to Prime Minister Oli.

You were also credited with lifting the blockade by showing strength against India's blockade of Arghelo. Now is the time to take another credit. This time the victory is sure to be completely historic. Such rare opportunities are rarely received by even the fewest personalities in the world. May you be successful this time too. Best wishes. Let us displace the Indian presence in our land as per the Sugauli Treaty.

If implemented?

Nepal makes decisions but does not implement them. It has been eleven years since the declaration of Api-Nampa Conservation Area. That announcement was not made by the Council of Ministers at Singha Durbar or the Prime Minister's residence in Baluwatar. This was done at a special meeting held at Kalapathar in Solukhumbu. As per the jurisprudence of Nepal, such government decisions cannot be validated without being published in the Gazette. If the government had implemented its own law-abiding Api-Nampa Conservation Area, it would not be a hassle today. The area of ​​the Api-Nampa Conservation Area is 1,903 square kilometers.

The height of Api Himal standing in that area is 7,101 meters. The height of Nampa Himal is 6,757 meters while Vyas Himal is 6,670 meters high. These mountains are uniquely attractive for that terrain. The availability of many plants and herbs is another attraction of the place. If the conservation decision had been implemented by the government, it would have been almost ten years. How many wild animals, birds, butterflies and other insects are there? At the same time, the wise people of that region would establish and develop an intermediate zone. Until now, that area could have been a source of income.

Nepal has been wise enough to satisfy half of Kali and Mahakali, but still tries to chase India. Where is this policy from?

Why the army?

Even now, if the government prints a map of the encroached area and sits on its knees again, the current patriotic enthusiasm, enthusiasm, curiosity and activism will be as hot as a straw fire for a while. It is not like a fire of chaff. The Indian government is linking the issue to the armed forces. Isn't it about showing the army? That can be estimated. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the road built by India unilaterally.

After our Prime Minister demanded Nepal in the Federal Parliament on border encroachment, the response should have come from the then Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But the Indian government pushed its army chief Manoj Mukunda Narwane forward. I started to say from his mouth. It was claimed that the Pithoragarh-Lipulek road was built on Indian soil. Unsatisfied with this, the Indian Army Chief even said that Nepal opposed the construction of the road at the behest of someone. When Indian Prime Minister Modi himself was dissatisfied with the statement of Nepal's Prime Minister Oli, his equivalence would have remained the same. That response was justified. Here the army chief was put forward.

What about this century?

Has India shown bigotry by being small in Nepal's territory and small in population? Is the hangover of British colonialism over yet? Nepal has ratified the Sugauli Treaty. The issue of greater Nepal has not been raised. Fort Kangda, Sutlej Nalapani has not been claimed. Nepal says it will not turn a blind eye to Article 5 of the Sugauli Treaty. Nepal then belongs to the whole of Kali Nepal. But Nepal has been wise enough to satisfy half of Kali and Mahakali, but still tries to chase India. Where is this policy from? Coming, living in the land of Nepal, not writing the name of Kali river. Don't consider a small hollow as the definition of hydrology. To mess with the map alone.

Due to the absence of administrative and security organs of Nepal, the Government of India has taken exemption from setting up paramilitary, military, police camps, constructing structures of permanent type and temperament and doing everything as on its own redistributed land. All these must be taken into account. The civilian government of India is trying to show the robe of military rule by pushing the army in the Limpiadhura area, not trying to intimidate, it is trying to push which is inappropriate.

Oli was also credited with lifting the blockade by showing strength against India's blockade of Arghelo. Now is the time to take another credit. This time the victory is sure to be completely historic.

A concrete thing became public last Wednesday at Singha Durbar. Minister for Land Management, Poverty Alleviation and Cooperatives Padmakumari Aryal confirmed the addition of 310 square kilometers of encroached land by making public the political and administrative map of the far western region including Limpiyadhura, which was included in the Sugauli Treaty. The first phase of the movement to save the border was completed by making the map public. The mistake of missing that much area in the map that Nepal first published in 2032 BS was completed or established on Wednesday. In the year 2032, the Department of Survey of Nepal asked the upper body that it was a dilemma.

Draw a map with Limpiyadhura or without Limpiyadhura? From Uta came the instruction to make a map without Limpiyadhura now. After that, a map without a limp was drawn. Why didn't the dilemma come out? Even then, printing was done in India. Chuchche maps including Limpiyadhura were printed on maps printed in India. B.Sc. in Lipulec. In 2019, the Indian Army had fled the war with China. V.S. In 2019, a paramilitary group guarding the Tibetan border began to be armed.

Probably hit the bottom right now.

The upper level is the royal palace. Now, what does it mean for the court to print a map without limp? What is the meaning and meaning behind the instruction to make a map without limp? Or was it to save the Indo-Tibetan Border Police camp in Kalapani, India? When the then Foreign Minister Rishikesh Shah made a statement to King Mahendra, the king had issued an order to 'kill now'. Is it true that King Virendra also called Nich Mar? Why weren't 18 Indian military checkposts removed from Kalapani when they were removed from Nepal's northern border? Is it the same here? Otherwise, why a map without a limp? It was / was not customary to keep such incidental details in the court.

It's mysterious. Yes, who will reveal the secret? In fact, there should be an arrangement to keep a complete record of events. What is the meaning of map without limpiyadhura without printing? How did King Virendra also accept this? Did the Indian Indo-Tibetan Border Police instruct not to remove Kalapani? No records. The country was in a dilemma when the map of Limpiyadhuraharita was made public. Why was the map of Limpiyadhuraharahit and Sahita published without controversy? Stakeholders should give an explanation.

Both the kings said only border issue without pronouncing their names.

As soon as the issue of Mahakali comes up, King Mahendra and King Virendra are also suddenly drawn. Very few people are available to understand the nature of these two personalities. Those who understand the court say that the statement of the then Foreign Minister Rishikesh Shah that the order to kill Nich was issued after informing Mahendra that the Indian Army was stationed in Kalapani may not be true. King Mahendra did not have that nature. Instead of listening and not responding.

When he did not respond, he used to interpret the silence in his own way. Talking to a wise man who was in close contact with the king, he said to Tarak Bahadur Shah, "King Mahendra, how long should I obey the order of Rishikesh Shah? It was the father / son's view that India's security situation in Kalapani should be removed through peaceful diplomacy. During meetings and talks with the Prime Minister of India and the Presidents, both the kings used to raise the issue of borders but did not mention the names of the encroached places like Kalapani, Lipulek, Limpiyadhura Susta etc. The king of both generations said that peaceful diplomacy is the only solution.

Why the map?

Now let's go to the year 2032. The issue of Indian encroachment in the Limpiyadhura area will continue to arise from time to time. It is not known where the idea of ​​making a map of one's own country of Nepal came from in 2032 BS. But the mapping is done by the survey department. Counselors may need to draw their own maps. Yes, you have to draw your own map of the country. What a wonderful thing! But the administration had to ask the court. The court has given instructions. To include only the territories agreed upon between the two countries. But it seems that the basic thing that India will cover the part that Nepal has not covered has not been taken into consideration. Nepal has now left its invaluable land and made a map.

The king is called Bhupati. The hartakars of the survey department at that time said that they should not prepare a map covering the disputed land. The court did not understand or could not explain. The Department of Surveying and Mapping published a map without limp, which was a big mistake. Nepal was lagging behind in its own work. After that, sharp differences about the 'map' in Nepal became public. All these became the material of history. For the first time in the world, Nepal has taken its map to the world for the first time by formally making public on Wednesday that the government has finally included the areas left out in its previous map. Thanks for that.

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