Thursday, May 14, 2020

The most beautiful solo song of MOTS-7 BTS

As the first South Korean team to stand out among us, BTS did its best to maintain it.

Every album is no exception to its predecessor, so the group's fourth full studio tour, "Map of the Soul: Seven", reached number twenty on iTunes' top song chart. Twenty titles in all - 5 of them released on their 2019 EP, "Map of the Soul: Personal".

Tot and Primal, "Mots: 7" is a very self-referential tribute. Now in its seventh year, the Septum has a consistently affiliate degree angle with each other, and every member of the cluster - RMP, Suga and J-Hope; And Singers Jin, Jimin, Wei Dynasty and Jungkook - Whatever their artist's work is, everyone gets the gist of the same address here.

BTS closed out the album with hits from "Mots: Persona", as well as his collaboration with Impeccable Sheeran (gentle ballad "Make It Right") and Halsey (bright bop "Boy With Love"). But the most influential RM bowler in these "old" numbers is "Intro: Personality".

With washed peaks and noisy backgrounds, chord instrumental lines take the observer back to the retro age (Beastie Boys), as BTS leaders hate every Korean and Englishman.

Wherever you talk about madness and anxiety, new tracks begin with Suga's "Interlude: Shadow".

The entire band performed alongside South African Australian pop singer Troy Sivan opposite Sugar, RM and J-Hope's "Stairway the Bombers".

The metronomic precision of Jungkook's falsetto before the smash kick in Dole Delivers gives it a new atmosphere, which the character says: "People we square measure. Gee's lighting pop "Moon" speaks to her fans ("You're My Earth / And I'm You"), once Wei's brooding "Inner Child" became very difficult.

In "My Time", Jungkook is growing up on BTS, and Jamin's "Filter" wants to draw attention to the Latin ("Your unresolved face ... please see") On me) "Elsewhere, Vee and Jamin describe their friendly relationship with a hearty couple of" friends ":" Seoul is exceptionally bright / I really have another new world ... sooner

"His latest Onomatopia Disc track by Rap Line (in the spirit of 2018's" Dudeng "):" Lying / lying is often true / all over this place /

A person with complete morality / absolute judgment or fun. "

The power ballad "00:00 (Zero O'Clock)", encourages listeners of "Mots: 7", everyone, regardless of UN agency, they start a new day. RM and Sugga have left the poem highly respected. With the haunting and aggressive ballads "We square measure bullet proof: The Eternal", BTS fulfills his dream: "We measure only seven, but all of you." Our. "J-Hops" Answer Tar: Ahem "BTS BTS with samples from their 2013 album" Cool Cool Four Faculties.

In fact, Square measures many tracks with antimatic, stadium-ready quality. During the double, 1 and close-track remixes with the lead single "On" Cluster, Sia addresses the chorus in her familiar usage.

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