Thursday, October 8, 2020

Risks of using citamole indiscriminately

Risks of using citamole indiscriminately

It is not easy to come to the hospital. That is why some people take medication on their own when they have minor problems. Paracetamol has been used indiscriminately by many.

People use citamole as an easy way to cure the disease, even though it is easily available in the market and has no immediate side effects. But the continued use of such drugs for short periods of time can lead to serious problems. Its excessive use can have serious effects on various organs of the body including the kidneys and liver.

According to doctors, the use of more than three grams of paracetamol daily can be fatal to health. Therefore, doctors advise not to use paracetamol without advice.

If a pregnant woman takes paracetamol without a doctor's advice, it will interfere with the physical development of the unborn baby.

Prolonged use of paracetamol, which is used to reduce pain, can damage the kidneys. Prolonged use of paracetamol can cause flatulence. Also, you may feel indigestion or a heavy stomach. Similarly, in some people, excessive intake of citamole can cause skin redness, itchy skin, burning, etc., which can be caused by skin allergies.

Children are given paracetamol if they have a mild fever or need to reduce the fever. However, many studies have shown that giving paracetamol to children from the age of six to seven years causes asthma symptoms in their bodies. According to the World Health Organization, paracetamol should be given only after a child has a fever of 101 degrees.

Taking paracetamol without a doctor's advice for jaundice, jaundice, or liver problems can make the liver worse. If you have this problem, it is important to consult a doctor before taking your own medicine.

According to a study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, USA, excessive use of paracetamol also increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Researchers living in Washington, D.C., tested blood samples from 6,500 elderly people over a six-year period. Nine percent of the 577 people found excessive use of paracetamol.

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