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The risk of cataracts is not limited to old age

The risk of cataracts is not limited to old age

Cataracts are a common problem in old age. This is especially true after the age of 50. Of course, aging is not the only cause of cataracts. According to doctors, cataracts also occur for other reasons. Some people may develop congenital cataracts due to congenital eye injuries.

The eyes see the colors fade. It looks dim. He sees a circle around the light. Can't see even in bright light, vision is weak even at night. This condition is called a cataract.

What happens after cataracts? Naturally, our routine is affected. When the eyesight is impaired, there is difficulty in normal functioning. We are unable to work anyway we want. Cataracts are white clouds or white spots that appear around the pupil of the eye. However, when the protein in the eye is concentrated in one place, then a white cloud appears in the eye. If there is a white cloud in the eye, the lens cannot send a clear picture to the retina. Cataracts can occur in one eye or once in both eyes. However, cataracts are less likely to occur in both eyes at the same time.

If you have cataracts, your eyesight will gradually become blurred. Doctors say that problems like eye pain, itching, itching, blurred vision, and burning are different. A clear sign of cataracts is that when you look at distant objects, it looks like a cloud. It is said that if it is not treated in time, the eyesight may be lost.

What causes cataracts?

- Prolonged use of steroids and other drugs

- In case of diseases including diabetes

- Smoking

- Injuries

- If you look at the sun a lot

- If you have eye surgery

- If you have eye problems for a long time

Types of cataracts

There are different types of cataracts. It depends on how it develops in the eye. Nuclear sclerotic cataracts are age-related cataracts. This type of cataract occurs when the lens of the eye is hard and yellow. As the problem progresses, the eyesight becomes weaker. If it is a cataract, the pupil of the eye will turn yellow or gray.

Congenital cataracts are less common than other cataracts. Secondary cataracts are caused by diseases and medications. Among them are glaucoma and diabetes. Other diseases can sometimes cause cataracts.

Cataracts can also be caused by eye injuries. But cataracts take a long time due to injuries.

Risk of cataracts

- Eye injury

- Family history

- If affected by harmful radiation from the sun

- Old age

- Excessive alcohol consumption

- Smoking

- Obesity

- High blood pressure

- Diabetes

- Effect of harmful radiation

Cataract prevention measures

- Use glasses when going out in the sun. It protects the eyes from the sun's harmful radiation.

-Regular eye health examination

- Do not smoke

- Consume antioxidant fruits and vegetables

- Weight control

- To control diabetes

What is the treatment?

If you have cataracts, some treatment options can be adopted. Under normal circumstances, wearing glasses also improves it. In some cases, eye lens surgery is required.

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