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Respiratory problems: What are the dangers?

Respiratory problems: What are the dangers?

Having trouble breathing is a risky thing in itself. Every activity of our body continues as long as the breathing changes smoothly. Therefore, if there is a problem in breathing due to any other reason other than an obstruction in the airway, it is a matter of concern. In this case, you should contact a doctor immediately.

The airway is a complex system made up of tubes. Inhalation is done by air through the mouth or nose to the lungs. This can cause breathing problems, airway problems, or other causes.

Symptoms of respiratory problems

Breathing problems may be associated with the following symptoms.

- Illusion

- Anxiety

- Blue spot on the skin

- Dizziness

- Chest problem

- Being scared or suspicious

- A loud noise when breathing

- Fatigue

- To be unconscious

- Pain in the neck, etc.

In what condition should I see a doctor?

If we notice any of the following breathing problems, we should contact a doctor

-If you have difficulty breathing for more than a month

- Bad breathing condition during sleep

- Coughing for three weeks or more

- If there are various other physical problems while having breathing problems.

Due to respiratory problems

There are various causes of breathing problems. For example, heart disease can cause breathing problems. Because in this condition we cannot pump enough blood to deliver enough oxygen to the body. We have some of the most common causes of breathing problems.

- Inhale or exhale any external object through inhalation

- Cystic fibrosis

- Any small object stuck in the nose or mouth

- Allergic reactions

- An obstruction in the airway due to an accident

- Breathing in excessive smoke

- Bacterial infections

- Asthma

- Damage to the wall of the respiratory tract, etc.

In what situations is it dangerous to breathe?

Children are more likely than adults to get stuck in the airways. They carry toys or other small objects in their noses or mouths. Other risk factors for airway obstruction are as follows.

- Insects like flies and foods like almonds can cause allergies.

- Birth defects or patients who can cause airway problems.

- Smoking

-People who already have problems swallowing what they eat. Such a situation can be dangerous even for such people.

Ways to avoid breathing problems

The following measures can be taken to prevent many types of respiratory risks.

- Avoid drinking too much alcohol before eating.

- Made small pieces during the meal

- Meals should be eaten slowly.

- Toddlers should be taken care of while eating.

- Food should be chewed well.

- Small items should be kept away from the child.

Breathing problems can also be avoided by paying attention to your behavior

- Avoid smoking - Even if you have been smoking for a long time, we are largely free from the risk of heart disease after smoking.

- Avoid pollution - Pollution like smoking can also be a cause of respiratory problems. Therefore, avoiding pollution is also a way to reduce respiratory problems.

- If you are overweight, reduce it. It should not be allowed to grow.

- Take care of yourself and consult a doctor immediately if you have any medical problems.

- Plan your work. Talk to your doctor about what can be done if the symptoms get worse.

- Do not try to work in high places.

Treatment of breathing problems

Medications can be used to treat this development. But often it helps to solve the problem of breathing. The following measures can be taken to reduce it.

- OPD drugs like morphine.

- Anxiety medication such as Lorazepam.

- A drug that opens the airways.

- Antibiotics etc. to prevent pneumonia or other infections.

- Oxygen therapy.

- Lifestyle changes etc. can also reduce the problem of breathing.

What to eat to reduce breathing problems?

Foods can also be seen to reduce the risk of shortness of breath. In which the following foods should be consumed for respiratory problems.

- Fruits and vegetables

- Fish meat

- Various nuts

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