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What is appendicitis?

 What is appendicitis?

The body has an organ called the appendix. The appendix is ​​a thin, short tube about 2 to 3 inches long. Pain in the same appendix is ​​called appendicitis.

In the early stages of this problem, there is frequent pain in the middle part of the abdomen. Within a few hours, the right lower abdomen begins to ache. Where there is a problem with the appendix. At that time the abdominal pain becomes serious. This pain is exacerbated when walking or coughing.

Problems such as loss of appetite and red eyes can be seen during appendicitis. There are two types of appendicitis.

1 Acute appendicitis

2 Chronic or permanent appendicitis

The acute appendix develops rapidly while the chronic appendix lasts longer. If someone suffers from appendicitis, they should have surgery to remove it from their abdomen as soon as possible. Doctors say that if a person has an appendix and there is no cure, there is no alternative to surgery.

What is acute and chronic appendicitis?

1. Acute appendicitis

Acute. It develops rapidly in the body as its name implies. It usually develops in a few hours or days. It usually develops in a few hours or a few days. It requires surgery for immediate treatment.

2 Chronic appendicitis

The pain lasts for a long time. In the case of appendicitis, it is only 1.5 percent of total appendicitis. Chronic appendicitis tends to build up slowly. This is what causes pain.

Symptoms of appendicitis

Its early signs and symptoms are often very mild. Symptoms such as stomach problems, loss of appetite, etc. are seen. Then the pain gradually increases.

It is difficult to tell the exact location of the pain to the patient.

Symptoms of appendicitis:

- Mild pain in the upper part of the navel or abdomen and gradually increasing the pain on the right side of the lower part.

- Not feeling hungry

- Vomiting after the onset of pain in the body

- Fever from 99 to 102 degrees

- Mild or severe pain in the upper part of the abdomen and lower part or rectum

- Having trouble urinating

- Stomach cramps

Causes of appendicitis

Generally speaking, the appendix develops only when a sac in the abdomen called 'Sikum' is filled with the disorder.

There can be many causes of appendicitis, although some are not specifically established. Here are some of the reasons.

- Intestinal disease

- When there is an infection in the body, there is a swollen part on the wall of the bag

- Closing of the appendix lumen may exacerbate this condition.

- Abdominal injuries are also a cause.

How to avoid the appendix?

There is no alternative to regular health check-ups to avoid the appendix. Therefore, it is essential to check the condition of all the organs of your body.

Treatment of appendicitis is an emergency treatment. If such patients do not get effective treatment immediately, the patient may die. So it is not appropriate to rely on natural remedies for this. However, some treatment methods may work in times of discomfort.

Such natural remedies tend to be more important in obstructing the development of the appendix than in stopping it once it is ready.

For example, the use of ginger, garlic, fenugreek seeds, fresh lemon, basil, vegetable juice, water, etc. plays a role in reducing appendicitis.

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