Monday, October 5, 2020

How to avoid motion sickness on long-distance travel

How to avoid motion sickness on long-distance travel

Decades of activity are on the rise in Corona. Temporary settlers in the city are beginning to return to their homes. It is said that the number of people leaving Kathmandu is also increasing.

The long journey is not so easy now. However, for some, even on a normal day, a long journey can be difficult. As soon as they get in the car, they start feeling unwell. The smell of the car and the hot steam make it muddy. I feel nauseous throughout the journey. Vomiting comes. The body relaxes. Headache. This problem happens to many.

This type of travel problem is called motion sickness. This is a problem that lasts only for the duration of the trip. It does not have a long-term effect.

Not everyone has the problem of motion sickness. For those who have to deal with this problem, the long journey is very difficult. Is there any way to make a comfortable and enjoyable journey in such a situation?

There are some ways to do this. These methods can be used before traveling.

If someone has a headache or vomiting problem while sitting in the car, sit in the front or middle seat of the car. Sitting in the back seat can cause motion sickness. Which can cause vomiting. Motion sickness can also be caused by a hungry stomach or an empty stomach. If someone has motion sickness during the journey, drinking lemon water also provides relief from motion sickness. When traveling by car, keep reading and writing away and look straight ahead. Motion sickness can also be caused by looking out of the window during the journey.

Ginger consumption can also prevent motion sickness or vomiting. Ginger contains antimatter. An antiemetic is an ingredient that prevents vomiting or dizziness. Clove is also one of the various diseases that prevent motion sickness. Putting cloves in the mouth also prevents vomiting.

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