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How to deal with angry children?

 How to deal with angry children?

Children often have tantrums, which is normal. They express their feelings through anger. What they are not able to say openly, they express it through anger.

Usually, children get angry if they want something, if they are sad or in pain, if they cannot eat what they want. When they get angry, they cry, scream, throw hands, jump from high places. Which is also called tantrum in medical language. But this is normal.

This is how children learn to hold their own and behave. But even as you get older, such behavior, such as getting angry, beating someone when you don't understand, it is called unhealthy behavior. These symptoms are not normal but can also be due to mental illness.

Dr. Vijay Gyawali, Psychiatrist

Why do children keep getting angry even as they grow older?

Children get angry for many reasons. Mental health is also one of the reasons. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) also causes children to get angry. Its symptoms include inability to concentrate, impulsiveness, quick decision-making, and repetition.

Children also get angry due to separation anxiety. For example, when returning home from school, getting angry, snapping, and chirping are symptoms of it. They are excited to see their parents after the school holidays. Not knowing how to express that enthusiasm, they get angry and angry.

They get angry because they cannot express their feelings clearly due to family discord, quarrels, when their wishes are not fulfilled and also due to bullying in school.

How to trick children?

Usually, children have a habit of getting angry and upset over small things. At this time, they should not be scolded, beaten and beaten. It can have a bad effect on them mentally. Instead, if they are very angry, you should try to understand their feelings.

Children can be fooled by applying Parent Management Technique (PMT).

At first, they should be taught how to express their feelings. When you get angry, write down what you are angry about, show a red card when you get angry, and sit with both hands tied.

If you don't like something, you can make him take a long breath, close his eyes, and sing a song without showing anger. Which helps to reduce their anger.

A change can be made in the language that deceives them. Like, if you are angry, why are you angry, did you do your homework or not?, isn't it time to go to school? Asking them like this can make them even more angry. Instead of using a different kind of language, children can be told 'I am angry today, you are fooling me'. It learns that when angry, this is how it behaves. Anger is also reduced.

Similarly, it can be taken for a walk or to play inside or outside the house. For example, you can make them play in the sand, play football, run, etc. Which helps to 'release' their angry energy.

Five standards, which show that a child is developing correctly

 Five standards, which show that a child is developing correctly

The dimensions of the child's development are mainly of five types. Anil Ojha says.

He says, 'The first basis to see whether a child's development has taken place in the right way or not is his physical development. At what age does the child sit, at what age does it start walking etc. A child had to start walking in one year. There was no problem when I started walking after two or four months. However, if he does not start walking even after that, the parents should be aware that his development has not taken place properly.

The development of another language is equally important. Children start speaking from the age of one year. Ojha says that if they give examples of mother, father or any other word, it should be understood that their language has developed well. He says, "If a child does not speak even until the age of two, and even when speaking, they do not make clear examples of words, then it should be understood that their language development has not been done properly."

According to Ojha, a child's social and emotional development should also be accompanied by age. Like a one-year-old child should be loved by the mother rather than kissing the child on the cheek. I had to clap instead of clapping.

If a child uses his hands, fingers, wrists and muscles to grasp something, it is called 'fine motor skill'. Through these skills, children learn to coordinate their eyes, hands, fingers and wrists. This is important for two- to five-year-old children, says Ojha. This skill should be developed at the age of 2 to 5 years. With its help, children learn to hold things, write, understand etc.'

The intellectual development of a child according to age is equally important. A one-year-old child starts looking for hidden things. If he shows curiosity about something, it should be understood that his intellectual development is also going well. However, Ojha said that if these five skills are not developed in a child, then his development is considered to be delayed.

What should be the weight and height according to the child's age?

If the weight and height of the children are according to their age, it can be understood that the child is healthy and the diet they are getting is good. Developmental pediatrician Dr. Ojha says that age and weight gain is a normal and necessary process as children grow.

He says that a child's weight at birth is 3 kg, but at 6 months, his weight doubles to 6 kg. When a child is born, its height is about 50 cm, and in one year it is 75 cm.

A 5-year-old child should weigh around 17.9 kg. He said that at this age, it is considered healthy for a child to have an average height of 42.5 inches.

If children's height and weight are not developing according to their age, then it should be understood that something is lacking somewhere. A doctor's advice should be taken for this.'' says Ojha.

Until what age does the child's physical development accelerate?

In the first year, the child's physical development is very rapid. Ojha said that physical development happens with the age of the child. However, even in a year, the speed will decrease. The child's mental development is very rapid in the first two to three years.

Special attention should be paid to the diet of the child during this age period

Special attention should be paid to the diet of children in the age group of two to three years. Proper nutrition is a solid foundation for a child's good health and development. Ojha said that children who have good nutrition can learn and grow well.

"Even if only mother's milk is enough for 6 months, from 6 months, you should start eating semi-solid foods such as pulses, jalous, fruit juice, litho." It should be taken.'

If the child is not growing properly, is under-age or abnormally large, the cause should be sought

If the child is not growing properly for its age, is small or abnormally large, it may be due to genetics. Some children look young till 11-12 years old but can grow rapidly in adulthood. Even if the child lacks nutrition, the growth and development of the child will not be done properly. Ojha said that due to some health problem, the child may look younger or older than his age.

He suggested that if children's development is not according to their age, they should seek the help of a doctor to find out the reason.

6 ways to strengthen children emotionally

 6 ways to strengthen children emotionally

  Nowadays, the competition in every field has increased a lot. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the parents to make the child physically and emotionally strong. If a child is emotionally strong, he can overcome every difficulty easily.

Being emotionally strong enables the child to face problems. Also, they do not give up even in the face of challenges and failures and continue to strive. It is very important for a child to be emotionally strong. Because children who are not emotionally strong, even if they get low marks in the exam, they think that they have made a big mistake.

In such a situation, it is very important for the parents to strengthen the child emotionally from childhood. For that, parents themselves must be emotionally strong. Because children learn a lot by watching their parents.

How to make the child emotionally strong?

Do not scold the child

The way to make a child emotionally strong is not to scold him for small things. If you scold a child for small mistakes, it makes the child emotionally weak and his confidence starts to decrease.

When a child makes a mistake, he should be encouraged not to make the same mistake again. Also, if the child does not agree to do any work, he should be lovingly reasoned with him.

Create an environment where the child can speak freely

Parents should occasionally talk to their children and listen to them. By doing this, the child can tell the parents that this has affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. Even if the child listens carefully to everything and says we are with you, they are emotionally strong.

When children reach their teenage years, they can be very emotional. Even if they are taught how to control their emotions at that time, they become emotionally strong.

Teaching the child the importance of time

With the passage of time, there is a rapid change in technology. Also, there has been a change in children's behavior and confidence. Nowadays, children learn a lot from a young age. In such a situation, the child should be encouraged to do the right thing at the right time. The importance of time should be explained to them. This will create confidence in the child.

Teaching problem solving skills

Life is full of challenges. So it is necessary to teach the child how to deal with those challenges. They should be included in the decision-making process and should be helped to develop problem-solving skills. Children should be encouraged to think critically and solve everyday problems.

Helping to develop positive thinking

It is also important to develop positive thinking in children. There is a way to overcome every challenge. Therefore, continuous effort, perseverance and the ability to learn from mistakes should be increased. By developing a mindset that accepts challenges as a natural part of the learning process, children develop resilience and the ability to bounce back from setbacks.

Explain the importance of family

Emotional strength is the cornerstone to building strong, positive relationships. Encourage your child to develop good relationships with family and friends. The child should be told the benefits of building good relationships with others. With the help of family, friends and colleagues, children can easily get out of every difficult situation.

Parents are role models for children. In such a situation, the child should be supported at every step. He should be motivated to do something new. Encourage them to be better people.

What should a single parent pay attention to when raising a child?

 What should a single parent pay attention to when raising a child?

If the husband and wife separate for some reason, the responsibility of the children falls on the shoulders of one of the parents. There are many challenges to face during single parenthood.

The rate of children living with both parents in the US is decreasing every year. About a quarter of the children live there with their mother or father. This trend is not limited to America but is growing all over the world.

The reason for this may be because the mother or father works away from the family, because of family quarrels and divorce. Experts say, single parenthood is not a positive development. Children who live with one parent are more likely to have behavioral problems.

Behavioral problems in children

Children who grow up with a single parent may have behavioral problems and difficulties with emotional self-regulation. Single parents are not able to give enough time to their children. As a result, problems such as irritability, hyperactivity and inability to concentrate may appear in the child.

It also affects the future of children who grow up with single parents

Children who grow up with a single parent receive a lower level of education than other children. Because usually the income of a single parent is not as much as two parents. Therefore, most of the single parents cannot meet the needs of the house.

Due to lack of finances, if they do not get a good education, those children will not be able to get a good income-earning job in the future. In this case, along with their childhood, their future also passes in financial deprivation.

It is beneficial for both parents to be together for the best care of the child

If both parents are together, they get more time and attention to take care of the child. It is beneficial for both the parents to bring up the child together in the physical and mental development of the child. So, whatever the reason, it is better for parents to find effective ways to strengthen their family instead of looking for reasons to stay apart.

Instead of blaming, single parents should be helped

Socially, single parents should be helped instead of being blamed. This will improve the physical and mental health of millions of children.

What is a single parent to do?

Take time for yourself. Let's take care of our children as well as take care of ourselves. Being worried can cause problems in taking care of children.

It is good to have a daily schedule for you and your child. A single parent may face more problems due to wrong lifestyle. So it is better to go according to the schedule.

During single parenthood, you can take help from relatives or someone close to you. In the beginning, you can also take help from your friends. A single parent needs to be a friend to a child. Rather than being a parent, you should listen to the child as a friend. Their problems can be identified and solved only by becoming friends.

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Eye exercise is essential

 Eye exercise is essential

We are talking about diet and exercise to make different parts of the body healthy. But we don't pay much attention to the eyes that work regularly other than during sleep.

To keep the eyes healthy, one should pay attention to everything from exercise to hygiene. Then how to exercise the eyes?

Eyes should be cleaned before doing eye exercises. Close the eyes and wash them with clean water. After that, the water that has been boiled in a pot should be placed in an eye cleaning pot, a cup or in the hand and the eyes should blink. If you want to do it with Aywas cup, you can put it in your eyes and blink once with your head looking towards the sky and blink again while looking away. It helps to flush out the debris and dirt stuck in the eyes.

These 7 exercises can be done after doing Aivasa.

Eye opening

After cleaning the eyes, close and open the eyes once. This should be done as soon as possible. In the same way, one should squint the eyes, grind the teeth and shake the head. Both these exercises can be repeated five to ten times.

Turn the eyes downwards

To keep the eyes healthy, you can do the exercise of looking at the pupil upside down. Keeping the head straight, the pupil of the eye should be raised without bending the forehead. It should be done once by looking at the sky and the next time by looking at the ground. This exercise can also be done as fast as possible for five to 10 times. With this kind of eye exercise, the nerves and muscles of the eyes are strengthened, which does not reduce the brightness of the eyes.

Crossing the eyes

The pupil of the eye can be exercised by first crossing the right top left bottom, then the left top right bottom. It should be done as soon as possible.

Roll the eyes around

Another exercise on the eyes, in which the eyes should be rotated all around. Both the eyes should be rotated once up right down left and then the exact opposite from left to right should be rotated at least 10 times. Then close your eyes for two minutes and relax. Then it should be repeated again.

Practice looking at the line

In this, the thief finger of the right hand should be kept in line with the eyes. Look carefully at the fine line visible on the upper tip of the finger, take that finger away from the eyes once and bring it close to the nose once. This should be repeated five to ten times.

Eye strain

The eyes should be adjusted to keep them sharp. Heat your palms by rubbing them together and close your eyes. The palm should be kept on the eyelashes for 6 seconds. This process should be repeated up to three times. By doing this, the eyes will get immediate relief.

Tratak method

This is a yoga method. In which one should sit in one of the yoga poses. After that, the light of a candle or a lamp should be placed at eye level at a distance of 5-6 feet. Then you should look at that dim light with tears and close your eyes for a while and meditate.

All these exercises can be done twice a day in the morning and evening.

Benefits of eye exercises

Exercise removes dirt from the eyes, increases light, and improves eyesight. It also helps to get rid of the problem of wearing glasses. It makes the eye veins flexible and flexible.

As exercise balances the eyes, it cures problems such as eye focus out. Eye hygiene and regular exercise can prevent problems such as eye burning, pain, and itching.

But these exercises should not be done if there is an infection in the eyes, redness, or eye diseases. Exercising at this time can cause problems such as eye damage or pain.

Why are the voices of boys and girls different?

 Why are the voices of boys and girls different?

Why are the voices of men and women not the same? Why is every person's voice different? How can you identify a person just by hearing the voice?

This is a very interesting topic.

No matter how many people there are in the world, their voices are not uniform. Children born in the same house, from the womb of the same parents, do not have the same voice. There is something different in the voice. Moreover, male and female voices are very different.

Someone's voice is hoarse, someone's voice is melodious. Someone's voice is small, someone's voice is loud. What is the reason for such diversity in voice?

The sound we make or speak comes from the larynx in the throat. The larynx is called the larynx in medical language.

There are two chords in the larynx, between which the voice comes out through the middle of the air. In other words, sound or sound comes from vibration (vibrate) inside the vocal cords in the upper part of the trachea. The tongue and brain play a special role in speaking the voice that comes in this way in an understandable language or in a language that you want to express.

What is the position of the larynx?

The larynx is divided into two parts from the lower part of the throat. There are two vocal cords inside the larynx. Vocal cords are like strings. Sound is produced by the vibration of the vocal cords. It is located between the trachea and esophagus.

Why is the voice of men and women different?

Just as the physical structure of the face is different, the structure of the mechanism of women and men is also different. Women's vocal cords are shorter than men's. As a result, men's voices are usually thick due to long and thick layers. Whereas women's voice is a bit softer or melodious due to their longer larynx.

Likewise, not all men or women have the same voice. Just as the physical structure and face of a person are different, some are soft, some are sharp, some are pale and some are pale. Whatever the tone is, it is not a problem in itself, it is natural.

Why is someone's voice loud, someone's melodious?

If the structure of the larynx and the pressure on the larynx during breathing are high, a loud sound will be heard. If this pressure is low, the sound will be a bit mellow.

We say how melodious or sweet some people's voice is. In this way, their speaking practice is also one. According to the way people speak continuously, their voice may or may not be sweet. Our tongue, throat, facial bones and brain also play an indirect role in this.

Do people who speak loudly have problems with their larynx?

People who speak loudly and speak for a long time may have problems with the larynx.

Because when we speak loudly or for a long time, there is extra pressure on the larynx. Due to continuous friction, the problem of swelling of the flesh and water blisters occurs.

In the same way, talking in a loud voice can cause infection in the larynx.

6 ways to prevent house dust mites

 6 ways to prevent house dust mites

During the rainy season, when water enters from the window or the wall, the room becomes damp. When the humidity increases, not only the wood of the house, but also the walls of the house, ceiling and other damp places, clothes, stale food, books, shoes, etc.

Due to dust, the walls of the house look bad and become dirty and smelly. Therefore, these measures can be taken to prevent dust from coming to the walls of the house.

Apply ventilation

Ventilators should be made in the places where dew falls on the walls of the house. Fresh air helps to dry damp walls. Ventilation can be installed in rooms without windows or doors. Which prevents the air from flowing inside the house and falling on the walls and ceiling.

Keep the light on

There is a possibility of intrusion even in rooms with closed windows for a long time. In such rooms, there is no problem even if proper ventilation is arranged or windows are opened and cleaned from time to time.

A combination of house and land

When building a house, the surface of the house should be higher than the ground level. If the surface of the house is lower than the surface of the ground, the dew will get on the walls and floor of the house. In such a situation, the surface of the ground should be leveled and arrangements should be made to prevent water from seeping into the foundation of the house.

to repair

If you can prevent the house from becoming damp by removing the holes in the walls, roof, windows and pipes, and if you can maintain the place where the water seeps, then the dampness will be controlled. The main way to prevent hives is to not let the house and room get damp. Therefore, the water-soaked place in the house should be cleaned immediately and made dry.

Do not wear collar in rain

Painting and waterproofing should not be done on the walls during the rainy season to avoid getting wet. Because it rains during the rainy season, the color does not absorb the sun well, and when applying the color, the wall gets cold and takes time to dry. Because of this, there is a possibility of getting wet. Therefore, it is advisable to do these activities later than during the rainy season.

Use of water proof

Water proof can be used to avoid getting wet. One can be mixed with cement while plastering, while the other can be mixed with water-proof paint. Nowadays, many people wear it while plastering. But if you don't put it on it, you can put it on the wall as well. In addition to this, waterproof tiles and wall foam (like wall paper) can be used in the market today. It frees the wall from clutter and also makes it attractive. It is more suitable when used on the roof of the house or even on the roof.

Where does body fat go after exercise?

 Where does body fat go after exercise?

Exercise reduces body fat, but where does it go? This question may arise in the mind of many. A few years ago, 150 doctors, dieticians and physical trainers were asked questions about this topic.

There were three answers.

1. Fat is converted into energy and heat.

2. Fat turns into muscle.

3. Fat is converted into carbon dioxide and water.

Out of this, 147 people answered it wrongly. If you think the answer is 'A' or 'B' then it is wrong. Ruben Meerman, a scientist at the School of Biomolecular Sciences at the University of New South Wales, says many experts don't know the answer.

He says, 'Most people say that fat is converted into energy, which is wrong. In fact, this is against the laws of conservation of matter, which follow chemical reactions. Similarly, Meerman says that option 'B', i.e. the conversion of fat into muscle, is also impossible.

According to Merman's research published in the British Medical Journal in 2014, the correct answer is c. That is, fat is converted into carbon dioxide and water. According to research, water comes out of the body in the form of urine, sweat, breath and other bodily fluids. In which the main organ of the body, the lungs, has an important role.

Elaborating on this, Mirman wrote on TheConversation.com, "If someone loses 10 kg of fat, 8.4 kg of it comes out as carbon dioxide and the remaining 1.6 kg comes out as water." In other words, we are generally losing this much weight. The lungs play an important role in this reduction. Which we leave as breath.

Why were the doctors wrong?

Because only three of the 150 experts who were surveyed gave the correct answer to this question. Merman conducted a survey of this question among experts in Australia, America, Britain and some European countries, but the answer was wrong everywhere.

Also Merman's conclusion is based on the fact that what we eat should also include the amount of oxygen we take. For example, if 3.5 kg of food and water are consumed in the body, then we have also taken 500 grams of oxygen. We ate a total of four kilos. Therefore, four kilos should come out of the body. Otherwise, the weight will increase", says Meerman.

What to do to reduce obesity?

According to Meerman, it is necessary to remove carbon from fat cells in order to lose weight. The carbon we release when we breathe.

Meerman writes, 'This cannot happen because hyperventilation is caused by taking more breaths than necessary. Which can cause dizziness and fainting.

Therefore, he says that the only way to increase the amount of carbon dioxide from the body is to increase muscle activity.

What is the most effective solution?

Meerman says that carbon dioxide can be produced in the body in many other ways besides exercise. While standing, cooking, cleaning, walking, the body's metabolism increases three times.

If you want to lose weight, Meerman suggests eating less and exercising your body more.