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Thursday, June 9, 2022

There are no kindergartens in the city, and children are forced to be locked inside the room

There are no kindergartens in the city, and children are forced to be locked inside the room

Walt Disney, a famous filmmaker from Los Angeles, USA, went to Griffith Park asking his two daughters to go for a walk.

Her daughters Diane and Bhoran did not like the park at all, even though other children were having fun there. Disney was taken aback when he saw the little girls who were having fun playing in the park.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

How important is a mother's touch for children?

How important is a mother's touch for children?

When we hug, hold hands, and touch, we are psychologically encouraged. Which is considered very important for emotional happiness and healthy development. Happiness and health are not only associated with touch. It also provides thrills.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Children need to learn practical knowledge from Japan

Children need to learn practical knowledge from Japan

Japan is one of the countries in the world with an exemplary education system. Japan's education system is considered practical. What can we learn from the Japanese education model, which teaches practical education at home from an early age and emphasizes practical education rather than theoretical at school? Interview with Kumud Bhatt, a longtime Japanese education model:

Monday, July 12, 2021

How are children being deprived of social life?

How are children being deprived of social life?

It is our natural nature to live by sharing our sorrows, exchanging support, celebrating, mutual harmony, and cooperation, but now the new generation is being alienated from social life.

Many are now raising single children at home. Raising, raising, and educating many children is relatively expensive and cumbersome. While raising a child does not cost the parents much. Not burdensome. But, from a child's point of view, it's not good. Because, if there is only one child in the house, they are alone. They don't have playmates. When they are not equal friends, they are lonely.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Something important for children

Something important for children

Most children now live with their parents. He has missed his regular studies. It is not convenient to walk, walk and play outside the house. In such a case, the parent can be the teacher and the home can be the school for them. They can earn a living from their parents and their home.

To cope with the situation

What could be better than to be happy forever? But sometimes there are situations in life that we can't ignore.

Teaching children to cope with such situations from an early age and how to present themselves in such situations can also get them out. Because of this, they can be happy and happy for the rest of their lives.

To reuse and save

We help keep the environment healthy by reusing a variety of products. In addition, reuse teaches children to be creative and to be psychomotor. It gives them knowledge, they don't have to spend millions of rupees to apply their art skills. With this in mind, reuse is given special importance in Spanish schools.

To cook

By involving children in cooking, we can maintain a good relationship between ourselves and the child. In particular, when you put them together when preparing food, they know the importance of food and they reduce their intake of junk food. So tell them about the importance of each food while cooking.

Save money

As people get older, their financial responsibilities increase. In such a situation, if we do not manage the money properly, a big crisis may come. Therefore, it is the duty of every parent to teach children the importance of money from an early age and to teach them how to save money.

To rejoice in the soil

Most of us believe that a child can be infected by soil. That's why we don't let our children play on the ground. However, not only do soil-borne infections spread, but they also contain health-friendly bacteria that can benefit children mentally and physically. Children who play on the soil are stronger because of the health-friendly bacteria.

To increase creativity the child should be allowed to play in the soil and open environment. It strengthens the child's body and gives them the ability to do something different and creative.

Dance song

According to a study by Karlstad University, dancing can greatly improve the performance of hyperactive children. Dancing helps them to express anything through their body

Music helps them to be creative, social, and self-reliant. Dance helps children become aware of different art cultures and maintain a broader ideology.

Monday, May 3, 2021

How do children lose faith?

How do children lose faith?

"I have a lot of respect for my parents," said one columnist in a prestigious English fortnightly magazine. I consider them my role models and want to be like them. But, on the last day, my confidence is broken. Because my father loves others more than his mother. He has an affair with a woman next door. I know that. '

What kind of state of mind is the child going through in such a situation? He cannot talk about it openly with anyone, nor can he keep it under wraps. What to do in such a situation? He has no concrete decision.

There is a risk of some accidents in such a mood. The child knows about the misconduct of the parents. This has made him very sad. Has created fear. However, he himself is not in a position to play a decisive role. That is, he is unable to do anything about it.

Parents cannot open each other's poles. Even keeping it secret can have bad consequences. Due to this, his mentality is getting weaker. She is swallowing with remorse and fear. Her confidence is broken.

Often a child considers his parents to be the most ideal character in the world. When they grow up, they want to be like their parents. What parents do, what they say is what they think is appropriate. Follow the behavior of parents.

However, when the parents' speech and behavior start to go wrong, then their feelings are deeply hurt. They have mental disorders.

They lose their faith. Feel insecure. Due to the bad behavior of their parents, they are not able to think well about their life, education, and future. Do's and don'ts Can't decide Because of this ambiguity, they run the risk of going astray.

Looking at the background of some people involved in criminal activities, it is found that their childhood is similarly stressful. There is always a risk of children developing violent attitudes due to parental misconduct and quarrels.

To allow the image that children have built on their parents, such as trust and confidence, to be shattered is to inflict emotional abuse on children.

Therefore, parents need to keep themselves moderate and balanced for the future of their children. How does your behavior affect them? This should be considered. After giving birth to children, it is not enough to feed and clothe them. Just reading is not enough. Good guardianship should also be given.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Home remedies to reduce ear infections in children

Home remedies to reduce ear infections in children

Ear infections or pain are common in infants and young children. Often you see children crying a lot or grabbing their ears. But many do not know what the problem is for the child. This type of pain is most common in infants up to 18 months of age. It can happen to people of any age group. Boys are more likely to be infected than girls. However, the cause has not been identified. If this is happening to your child or the children around you then this article can be very important for you.

Proper treatment of a child's ear

If your baby is crying because of earache or has been seen repeatedly rubbing his ear, it may be an ear infection. It is also available at home. Electric heating pads can also be used for this. This is a great way to reduce the pain in your baby's ears.

How to get rid of earwax

If any fluid comes out of your child's ear or the child is having pain in the ear, warm olive oil or sesame oil can be applied to the ear. In this way, the infection and dirt inside the ear can be easily removed.

The baby needs enough fluids

Infections in a child's ear can cause dehydration. In this case, the baby cries a lot and that is why the body uses more energy and water. In this case, the baby should be given enough fluids.

Ayurvedic treatment

You can also get Ayurvedic treatment to solve the problem of the child's ear. Such as garlic, olive oil, mustard oil, basil juice, etc. can help treat your child's ear infections. All of these products completely cure ear pain and soreness.

Breastfeeding is important

According to research, mother's milk is the right nutritious food for the baby. At the same time, it increases the child's immunity. Therefore, every mother should feed her baby for at least 12 months. Antibodies in breast milk can protect your baby from ear infections.

Keep away from pollution

If you want to see your child's ears healthy, keep in mind that he is not facing any problems due to external pollution. At this time, the child should be protected from the sun and smoke.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Severe congenital diseases in children

Severe congenital diseases in children

Some diseases are congenital in children due to which children become very ill later. Congenital inequalities can be both physical and mental.

Most of these problems are related to a nerve tube defect called a 'neural tube defect'. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The simplest way to avoid these diseases is information and caution.

Spina bifida

Congenital heart disease is one of the most common congenital heart diseases in children. Many babies are born with this problem.

Spina bifida causes the baby's spinal cord to rupture and sometimes the spinal cord to protrude. This weakens the muscles below the cracked area. This causes paralysis in the lower part of the baby.


This is the most serious problem of the musculoskeletal system. Many babies are born with this problem. Babies born with this problem do not have the upper part of the skull or the cerebellum.

The adrenal glands are damaged so babies live only for a few moments and most of them are daughters.

Hydrangea syphilis

In this disease, the baby's head is abnormally large. A large amount of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain causes thinning of the skull, which can lead to cerebral palsy.

Apart from this, many other problems are found from birth, such as cleft lip or palate. In the early stages of pregnancy, some viruses cause congenital diseases in the baby. Other congenital diseases include deafness, cataracts, heart disease, and mental retardation.

Reasons for giving birth to a congenitally ill child

It is not known exactly what causes a malformed child or a child born with a congenital health problem but it is mainly divided into two parts.

- Hereditary causes

- Environmental reasons

How to save a child from such problems

- Get in the habit of eating nutritious food before pregnancy. Include fruits, dried fruits, green vegetables, dairy products in the diet. Avoid eating junk food.

- Folic acid intake before or in the early stages of pregnancy reduces the chances of giving birth to a sick baby.

- Do not take any medicine during pregnancy without the advice of a doctor. Use caution when taking any medicine.

-If women are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, the birth defects of the baby can be prevented by controlling the blood sugar before pregnancy, but before that, you must consult a doctor.

- Avoid X-rays in the early weeks of pregnancy. This has a dangerous effect on the fetus. Do not have an X-ray for the first four months

- Patients with hyper or hypothyroidism need to consult a doctor before getting pregnant.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Sleep is a medicine

Sleep is a medicine

As much as food and exercise are necessary for a healthy life, so is sleep. It is said that for a healthy life, one should get 7 or 8 hours of sleep daily. Children should sleep longer than this according to their age. Adults must get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep should be deep. To get a good night's sleep, you need to be mentally and physically fit. The bed, the environment, the position, etc. can also affect our sleep.

Light exercise, pranayama before going to bed is said to be beneficial for a good night's sleep. The process of deep breathing and exhalation is also very beneficial.

According to architecture, it is better to sleep with the head facing east or north. Sleeping position and the earth's magnetic field also affect our health. You should not keep a very high pillow while sleeping. Sleeping on the left side is good for your health. Of course, we do not sleep in the same position all night. However, to sleep, when you lie down on the bed, you should lie on your left side. Why so

This makes it easier to digest food in the stomach and esophagus. When sleeping in this position, the pancreas properly releases enzymes to digest food. It digests food eaten at night. Those who have indigestion, upset stomach, they should lie down on the left side. The function of the liver is to extract bile juice, which helps digestion in the gallbladder. This action is done while lying on the left side. Because of this, fat is digested well. Fat does not accumulate in the liver.

Sleeping on the left side also relaxes the short and long intestines. This prevents constipation. After defecating in the morning, the stomach is cleansed. When you lie down on your left side, the toxins and disorders accumulated in the body are slowly released. Leaning to the left does not affect the liver and digestive system, food is well digested. When food is well digested, it does not cause many diseases. Sleeping on the left side does not put pressure on the heart. Because at this time the supply of blood from the heart is very large. When the heart is healthy, the supply of blood and oxygen is easy. It makes the body healthy.

In this way, the body's waste products are excreted by the liver and kidneys. So it should not be too much pressure while sleeping. Sleeping on the left side corrects the stomach, relieves fatigue, does not cause bloating and other problems of the body. Sleeping on the right side affects the body.

Yoga for the mental and physical health of children

Yoga for the mental and physical health of children

There are many types of yoga. The method of yoga, its benefits are also different. Children and adolescents can practice special types of yoga. Especially from the yoga they do, you can learn how to increase your intellectual capacity and improve your mental health.

In fact, the age to do yoga is in childhood. The body becomes flexible in childhood and adolescence. There is no complicated disease. Chronic illness is not caught. At this age, we have immense energy. So at this time, we can do any kind of yoga practice. You can also perfect yourself in so-called complex yogas.

Tomorrow when we become adults. You get old. At that time, due to some diseases and physical conditions, we could not practice many types of yoga. If you start doing it now, you can do that kind of practice for the rest of your life.

Yoga is one of the best methods of proper body exercise. Yoga is useful for making the body naturally strong, fit, and healthy. But, it not only makes us physically healthy, but it also makes us mentally strong. Yoga is useful for the purification of the body and mind.

Some yoga methods keep the brain healthy. Increases memory capacity. So when the body is strong, healthy, we are still mentally healthy. When the body is sick, problematic, then we can't accept many things even if we want to. Can't remember

So in this time of leisure, we can devote ourselves to yoga. There are natural methods like yoga, meditation, pranayama, which make us healthy, fit as well as positive, and happy.

For physical health

Yoga plays an important role in the physical development of a child. It makes their body flexible, agile, and strong. Yoga is important to keep fit and fine from childhood.

Increases concentration

Yoga removes disorders of the body. Blood flow is smooth. When the body is healthy, children are also mentally healthy. Similarly, yoga and meditation help to increase concentration in the brain and mind. As a result, they can easily recall what they read.

To increase the ability to fight the disease

Regular yoga also boosts a child's immune system. Because yoga makes internal organs naturally strong and healthy. As a result, external diseases cannot attack.

The first step in learning yoga is to set your own time. It is best to do yoga, especially in the morning. Yoga can also be done in the evening. You can also do yoga in the afternoon by combining your free time. That is, there is no set time for yoga. Morning is considered the best time.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

How to get a child accustomed to mobile textbooks?

How to get a child accustomed to mobile textbooks?

Nowadays children are indulging in gadgets. They have started spending more time on mobiles, laptops, and tabs than on textbooks. In it, they watch videos, play games. Thus, the ability of students to focus on digital devices is weakening. Putting them in the classroom to read and write textbooks has become challenging. Generation Z (10 to 24 years old) and Generation Alpha (under 9 years old) have been born in a world where smartphones are setting their direction.

Today's children are so addicted to the stimuli from smartphone apps and streaming platforms that their attention is distracted from the classroom. This has added a big challenge to teachers. How to impart technology as well as traditional education to students?

Please note

The development of a child's brain is a complex subject. Over the past few years, researchers around the world have expressed concern about the adverse effects of smartphones and media multi-tux on concentration.

"The obvious evidence is that technology, social media, instant access to the Internet, and smartphones are harming children," said Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Raging Generation Tech.

His evidence has not been fully substantiated, arguments can be made against him.

"We're fundamentally changing the way a child thinks and develops his or her brain," says Taylor.

Lara Shad, a seventh- and eighteenth-grade (12- to 14-year-old) child in Philadelphia, says the average teenager can concentrate for about 28 seconds.

Smartphones have affected their brain development. And, the teacher has no idea how to relieve the student from this.

Lara Shad became a teacher in 2015. She has not received any training on how to teach a child born in the digital age.

The influence of technology is beginning to be seen in the curriculum and teaching available in traditional schools. Curriculum-based digital media for children has increased the use of apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, which are full of pictures.

Erica Swift teaches sixth grade at a school in California. She says, ‘It has become very difficult for students to teach long and complex lessons. Whereas earlier students did not mind reading such a lesson. '

Today's students do not easily understand complex and long lessons. They have to be broken and taught. Some children have stopped reading long lessons.

Transferring text to a device may not be as helpful. The problem is a bit deeper than just prioritizing the screen overprint.

According to Taylor, concentration is the gateway to learning anything. Remembrance deepens understanding.

"Without the ability to concentrate, a child will not be able to produce any information," says Taylor. They are not able to remember it. This means that they cannot interpret, analyze, synthesize, and critique it and cannot come to any conclusions about the information. '

Classroom of the future

When students cannot understand or memorize a long lesson, the teacher categorizes the lesson into shorter parts. The teacher thinks that a short lesson is appropriate.

Some teachers are also focusing on increasing students' concentration. One teacher also created a clam app to help students meditate.

Some teachers go and communicate with the students wherever they are. Such as YouTube and Instagram.

Asha Choksi, vice president of global research and insight at educational publisher Pearson, cites the example of a teacher who created a video from a scientific experiment and posted it on YouTube.

He showed the same video to the students in the classroom and started trying to remind the students of the lesson.

Students can be attracted to digital platforms if they are interested. Destler praises the teacher who linked the history of Nazi propaganda to cyberbullying.

He says, "If you add today's relevant thing to the compulsory curriculum, students will try to understand it more interestingly."

Educational platforms like Flipgrid, where students can share their videos by giving presentations, teachers can help students by engaging them.

Pearson's 2018 study found that students in Generation Z prefer to watch videos rather than books. After teachers, video is the second-largest source of information for them.

If the teacher adjusts the rhythm to the student's attention, it will be easier for him to focus.

Some schools have adopted platforms such as Google Classroom, where students and parents can monitor grader upcoming assignments.

The damage done to reading skills through technology has been compensated as much as it has been done.

Computer reading

This school in Lexia has a very interesting reading method. There, students are encouraged to participate in sports.

A separate group of students is formed based on performance. Successful students are assigned a previous level offline job. Backward students are given digital practice, as long as they do not fully memorize the text.

In the field of American education technology Is a global leader. In 2018, the Edu Tech company raised जु 1.45 billion. However, companies like Flipgrid and Lexia were hit by another country.

The Edu Tech industry has spread rapidly in East Asia. Newton, like the American platform, has expanded abroad. These companies are exploiting global interest in creating digital classrooms for students.

Mixed study

Teachers are adopting technology in the classroom. However, some studies have shown that traditional classrooms can be more successful.

A 2015 study by the London School of Economics found that when schools in Birmingham, London, Leicester, and Manchester banned phones in the classroom, there was an improvement in GCSE exam scores.

William Lam, a professor of neuroscience and author of The Learning Skills Cycle, points to a 2014 study. It was learned that students who write notes in the classroom can memorize any information more than students who write on laptops.

Lame considers it dangerous to break any text into smaller sections. According to him, going from one lesson to another immediately does not develop the student's memory. When the teacher starts a lesson, the student should memorize the lesson completely.

However, some advocates of technology point out that there are shortcomings in traditional reading methods as well. Therefore, he said, it would be more effective to move forward by mixing both technology and traditional education.

Katie Davis, an associate professor at the University of Washington School of Information, says, "I've seen a lot of discussion among academics in recent years about whether reading through lectures is like a relic and will disappear like a dinosaur."

Davis acknowledges that new media and technology teach new skills. However, the lecture has its own place.

Elizabeth Hoover, chief technology officer at a public school in Alexandria, Virginia, is working to improve the quality of education.

Hoover says teachers are just as indispensable today. And face-to-face conversations with teachers are still an important part of the classroom.

Hoover takes the side of technology where it is impossible to teach a lesson offline.

Economic initiatives

Shaad also says that some teachers rely on technology only because they do not have enough offline resources.

If more financial support is provided to the school so that the teacher can focus on the backward students, then there is no need for a program like Lexia.

Philadelphia teacher Sophia Date teaches social studies in the 12th grade. She also says that it would not be appropriate to spend money on technology instead of teaching.

"Efforts are being made to promote technology in the classroom," she said. The grant-in-aid organization is paying a hefty sum for tabs or laptops. But, they are not allowed to pay the salary of a teacher for one year. '

The date makes it clear that equal access to technology is important for low-income students, but it cannot replace management change.

Let's learn to think

Technology weakens some aspects of education, but it also empowers students.

"It's believed that young people are a little bit depressed, a little bit lazy, and they're being provoked by technology," says Choksi, who is associated with Pearson.

In fact, we need to reduce the role of technology in empowering a child's learning and learning.

To satisfy any curiosity, the students first ask the teacher and wait for the answer. Now they do not have such patience. They have started using technology to satisfy their curiosity.

At present there is no solution to any problem in the textbook or practice booklet, the solution is sought on YouTube or Google.

As information becomes more ubiquitous, success no longer depends on what you know.

Instead, it depends on the ability to think with subtlety and creativity. The irony is that digital media is undermining this skill.

In digital media, children have adopted new media. Now the teacher has to update himself with this. Now the teacher has to guide the students on how to benefit from the technology. Also, the teacher must fundamentally educate the student so that he or she can succeed in a world where he or she is constantly distracted.