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Parents' words and behavior are children's school

Parents' words and behavior are children's school

For young children, the whole world is their home. They grow up while learning about activities at home. They gradually get used to the language, style, and customs spoken at home. In the same way, they start learning the activities and activities done at home. In this way, they become integrally connected with the house.

They are closest to them at home, their mother and father. They consider their parents as everything. A child's psychology is that parents are the biggest, the most knowledgeable, the best, the sweetest, the most powerful.

What this does is that they make their parents their ideals. And whatever their parents do, they follow it. So what kind of speech do parents have? How do they behave? What kind of relationship do they have with each other? What kind of family traditions do they follow? This is very important.

After growing up, parents send the child to school for education. They think that after sending them to school, they will know and understand. While the origin of children's learning is the parents. Children's speech-behavior develops according to the culture that parents give.

What does this mean if you make your children wise, virtuous, obedient, well-mannered or angry, jealous, rude, stubborn? It totally depends on you.

Learning and age

By the age of five, most of the child's brain has developed. So we have to teach children many things within that age. What they learned at that time they remember for the rest of their lives. At the age of 6 to 16, they can distinguish between right and wrong. Therefore, from the age of 6, they should be taught manners, behavior and knowledge.

We teach children by telling them, showing them and making them feel anything.

What to teach?

The first and most important thing to teach young children is the habit of learning. Learning is the formula for success in everything. After that, they should be taught the importance of spirituality, self-development, health, humanity, family, identity and money in one way or another.

The sense of spirituality, how to develop oneself, food and hygiene related to health, humanity, how to deal with family members, how to be recognized in front of others by doing good work and the meaning of money should be taught. Children should also be taught about how to earn money, how to spend and how to save.

Effective method of teaching

An effective method of teaching children anything is parental education. If the child is to be taught some things of behavior and some things of knowledge, then first of all the parents should adopt that behavior. A child learns by seeing rather than saying anything. Therefore, the child learns by seeing what kind of behavior the parents have adopted. Children consider their parents as their role models. They will follow what their role models do.

Another aspect of teaching children anything is the teacher. Children who go to school also learn a lot from their teachers. If their teacher behaves well, they will also learn from it. Therefore, an effective method of teaching children is to teach them by doing anything or doing.

How do children learn?

We have five senses. By hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling and tasting through these five senses, we know anything. When teaching anything to a child, three of the five senses are activated, and the child learns quickly.

Do they learn useful things from the classroom?

After home, children learn a lot from school and classroom. They spend a lot of time in the classroom with their teachers and peers. From there, they learn useful things such as how to behave with their friends, how to socialize, how to share, play and eat.

Current education system and learning method

According to the current education system of Nepal, the way of learning is not very scientific and practical. The education system, schools and teachers are not getting any practical education.

Children are not getting the education that will be useful in their life from the current education system. Making children marketable is education and learning. But because our current education is not scientific and practical, that education will not work in the future. With the current education system, we can become literate, but we cannot become educated.

Teacher jobs only

Now many teachers are employed. A teacher should have personal, linguistic and interpersonal qualities. Many teachers do not have these qualities. Only those who have these qualities and are interested in the teaching profession should be teachers. And only teachers can impart knowledge to children. Interest is more important than a license to teach. Many teachers do not understand children.

Method of learning

He should be close to teach children anything. He should be taught according to what he is most interested in. Children learn through their five senses. Therefore, when a teacher teaches anything, at least three of the five senses should be active.

We teach children by telling them, showing them and making them feel anything.

Classroom environment

The school and classroom environment has a great impact on students. Students have to learn something spontaneously from the environment there. Children's classrooms should be open, comfortable and attractive. Similarly, the classroom should be ventilated.

A chair or mattress for children to sit on should be comfortable. The classroom should be decorated in such a way that they can enjoy it. Also, they can learn something useful from such decorations. If the classroom environment is child-friendly along with the teacher, they will learn a lot.

Impractical course

The current curriculum is also very useful. The teacher should be able to teach by adopting the means that the children understand what is in the curriculum and some things outside the curriculum.

Although the curriculum is useful, there are many things that need to be improved. The current curriculum is not practical. The curriculum should be practical. There should be such a curriculum that children can apply what they have learned from reading books in practice.

Current education increases unemployment

If we do not change the way children are taught today, they will not be able to apply those things later.

The way they are studying does not teach them practical things. Skills are not taught so they have to go through unemployment and poverty. They are forced to go abroad if they do not get a job according to their studies.

Studying is one thing, work is another and they are not happy with work. From studying, they do not learn how to talk to their family and friends, so that the problem of depression and anxiety increases.

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