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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Parents' words and behavior are children's school

Parents' words and behavior are children's school

For young children, the whole world is their home. They grow up while learning about activities at home. They gradually get used to the language, style, and customs spoken at home. In the same way, they start learning the activities and activities done at home. In this way, they become integrally connected with the house.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Why is the death rate rising?

Why is the death rate rising?

About Mahabharata: 6 reasons to reduce life expectancy

The number of hospital openings has increased recently. At the same time, new equipment is being made in the health sector. At first glance, it seems that this is a matter of happiness. However, it also indicates that the number of patients is increasing. In other words, the rate of people getting sick is increasing at the same rate. After all, why is the number of patients increasing now? Why are new diseases plaguing us? There are four main reasons.

Toxic air

The climate of that time is different from the climate of today. Pure air is important for a healthy life, which we are constantly changing.

At that time there were no mills like now. There were no vehicles. There was no pressure. The forest was not cleared. I could get enough and pure oxygen.

At present, the atmosphere itself is becoming toxic. Various types of pollution are poisoning the air. It has not reached our body with enough oxygen. As far as it is concerned, it is not pure.

Toxic food

At that time only organic food was available. Processed foods were not in vogue. Moreover, they used to consume the same food as what they produced. Natural foods such as groundnuts and fruits were eaten.

We now consume processed foods. Food also contains a variety of inedible elements. We don't take care of the body in the cycle of eating sweets.

We do not farm ourselves. Various pesticides are used in agriculture. Toxins are used to make food grow faster, to grow more, to cook, to store, to make it look attractive, which enters our body. Such food is damaging the internal organs of our body. Has made chronically ill. It has weakened the immune system.

Artificial lifestyle

At that time, the ancestors were farmers. He lived in harmony with nature. He used to practice keeping pace with nature. They used to eat food suitable for the weather and live according to the same lifestyle.

Now we are not getting closer to nature, but trying to adopt a lifestyle against nature. We grow and eat non-seasonal food. We also process and consume food produced from nature. Fruits, vegetables, grains are not weather friendly, we eat unfavorably.

We use AC and cooler to evade heat. We use the fridge to cool food. We mix different kinds of inedible elements in food, we mix colors. This kind of lifestyle is also making us sick.

Beneficiary life

The people of that time struggled. Used to do physical work. Used to walk He would take care of his own needs. He sought the solution of everything through labor. He practiced living naturally. He was not addicted to pleasures and luxuries.

Now we are so engrossed in ash-Aram that even the energy stored in the body is not consumed. That's why we run to the trade mill in the morning, to the gym. So, the body burns extra calories.

We have become very privileged in our search for happiness. This causes unnecessary disorders in the body. The same disorder is making us sick and chronic.

About Mahabharata: 6 reasons to reduce life expectancy

In the Mahabharata, the age of all human beings is stated to be 100 years. However, most deaths occur at an early age. Why?

Mahatma Bidur had told Dhritarashtra the reason for this. This is further clarified by Bidur's verses.

Atimanoativadashra tatatyago naradhip.

क्रोधश्रात्मविधित्सा च मित्रद्रोहश्र तानि षत् ।.

एत एवासयस्तक्ष्णाः कृन्तन्यायूंषि देहिनाम्।

So many human beings do not die.

What does that mean?

Extreme pride

The one who praises himself all the time, the one who considers himself the wisest is arrogant. The pride of a man who thinks of himself as the best and the other as inferior is reducing his age.

Talk a lot

Many talkers sometimes fall into such a trap, which affects them in the long run.


Anger is considered to be the greatest enemy of man. Anger never works. It drowns people.

Lack of sacrifice

To live happily in society, people must have a sense of sacrifice and dedication. Sacrifice and lack of belonging also shorten a person's life.


According to the scriptures, cheating on a friend is a great sin. Due to this, the age of a person also decreases.


Greed is called the enemy of man. Because of greed, a person cannot control his emotions. It also shortens a person's life.