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Monday, February 1, 2021

Why is the death rate rising?

Why is the death rate rising?

About Mahabharata: 6 reasons to reduce life expectancy

The number of hospital openings has increased recently. At the same time, new equipment is being made in the health sector. At first glance, it seems that this is a matter of happiness. However, it also indicates that the number of patients is increasing. In other words, the rate of people getting sick is increasing at the same rate. After all, why is the number of patients increasing now? Why are new diseases plaguing us? There are four main reasons.

Toxic air

The climate of that time is different from the climate of today. Pure air is important for a healthy life, which we are constantly changing.

At that time there were no mills like now. There were no vehicles. There was no pressure. The forest was not cleared. I could get enough and pure oxygen.

At present, the atmosphere itself is becoming toxic. Various types of pollution are poisoning the air. It has not reached our body with enough oxygen. As far as it is concerned, it is not pure.

Toxic food

At that time only organic food was available. Processed foods were not in vogue. Moreover, they used to consume the same food as what they produced. Natural foods such as groundnuts and fruits were eaten.

We now consume processed foods. Food also contains a variety of inedible elements. We don't take care of the body in the cycle of eating sweets.

We do not farm ourselves. Various pesticides are used in agriculture. Toxins are used to make food grow faster, to grow more, to cook, to store, to make it look attractive, which enters our body. Such food is damaging the internal organs of our body. Has made chronically ill. It has weakened the immune system.

Artificial lifestyle

At that time, the ancestors were farmers. He lived in harmony with nature. He used to practice keeping pace with nature. They used to eat food suitable for the weather and live according to the same lifestyle.

Now we are not getting closer to nature, but trying to adopt a lifestyle against nature. We grow and eat non-seasonal food. We also process and consume food produced from nature. Fruits, vegetables, grains are not weather friendly, we eat unfavorably.

We use AC and cooler to evade heat. We use the fridge to cool food. We mix different kinds of inedible elements in food, we mix colors. This kind of lifestyle is also making us sick.

Beneficiary life

The people of that time struggled. Used to do physical work. Used to walk He would take care of his own needs. He sought the solution of everything through labor. He practiced living naturally. He was not addicted to pleasures and luxuries.

Now we are so engrossed in ash-Aram that even the energy stored in the body is not consumed. That's why we run to the trade mill in the morning, to the gym. So, the body burns extra calories.

We have become very privileged in our search for happiness. This causes unnecessary disorders in the body. The same disorder is making us sick and chronic.

About Mahabharata: 6 reasons to reduce life expectancy

In the Mahabharata, the age of all human beings is stated to be 100 years. However, most deaths occur at an early age. Why?

Mahatma Bidur had told Dhritarashtra the reason for this. This is further clarified by Bidur's verses.

Atimanoativadashra tatatyago naradhip.

क्रोधश्रात्मविधित्सा च मित्रद्रोहश्र तानि षत् ।.

एत एवासयस्तक्ष्णाः कृन्तन्यायूंषि देहिनाम्।

So many human beings do not die.

What does that mean?

Extreme pride

The one who praises himself all the time, the one who considers himself the wisest is arrogant. The pride of a man who thinks of himself as the best and the other as inferior is reducing his age.

Talk a lot

Many talkers sometimes fall into such a trap, which affects them in the long run.


Anger is considered to be the greatest enemy of man. Anger never works. It drowns people.

Lack of sacrifice

To live happily in society, people must have a sense of sacrifice and dedication. Sacrifice and lack of belonging also shorten a person's life.


According to the scriptures, cheating on a friend is a great sin. Due to this, the age of a person also decreases.


Greed is called the enemy of man. Because of greed, a person cannot control his emotions. It also shortens a person's life.

Some eating conditions

Some eating conditions

They die without knowing how to eat more than they do without food. More food than the hospital is essential for health. Because the food itself is disease-free. The same food, to make sick. Eating right, balanced and healthy food keeps you healthy. If food is eaten indiscriminately, it makes the body a reservoir of disease.

It sounds unpleasant, but we don't know how to eat.

We are not aware of the food that is directly related to public health. Not everyone has to eat at a standard hotel or restaurant. We are also careless in our own food.

Eating is for both the tongue and the stomach. When we put food on a plate, we have to keep in mind that it reaches the stomach. From the moment it is chewed, it must undergo various stages of digestion. Finally, the nutrients in the food reach the organs of the body. The rest is excreted as feces.

In that sense, we emphasize healthy eating. We choose nutritious food. At the same time, we eat as much as the body needs.

Eating is not just about filling the stomach. Eating is also a culture. It is also a celebration. In some communities, it is customary for family members to sit together and have fun. We should also follow such a food culture.

Why eat

Why eat food

Many think so. To fill the stomach. For the same reason, we are always thinking of filling our stomachs. While eating is very important for overall health. The body has a direct sign of food. The sign of the body is with the mind and the brain. We need to eat healthy to keep all these parts of the body fit and healthy. Balanced and accurate.

Why right

Because we don't even have a way to eat. This is true even if it sounds unpleasant. We don't know how to eat. Our mythological scriptures have taught us to eat. How to live, how to eat, what to do while eating, what not to do?

However, we are rejecting it as a pretense. Modern civilization has repeated the same thing that our mythological scriptures said. Eating is for both taste and health. That is why it is said that one should eat with a pure heart while consuming food. Happy heart To be happy To be satisfied


Food does not always have to be varied. There doesn't always have to be meat. Pulses do not have to be pickled. Even if it's just Gundruk, it has to be made in the right way. He ate gundruk in the morning and dal in the evening. In another dish, add vegetable juice and eat. Change new taste in every meal.

In the morning, the cumin seeds are sifted and the lentils are sifted. It adds something new to the taste. If potatoes and greens are cooked in the morning, gravy can be cooked in Raj at night.

Art can also be mixed in eating and serving food. In fact, cooking is a kind of art. That is why it is also called 'Culinary Art'.

Catering etiquette

Modern society has called it a 'dining manor'. This is a matter of civilization, how to eat food.

Catering etiquette shows how civilized we are. Because food is the basis of life. When it comes to eating, you need to know how to eat.

Let's put the same food on our plate that sucks us. It tastes good. Let's put as much food on the plate as we need.

Put a little rice on the plate, a little dal, a little nuts, a little, vegetables, a few pieces of meat.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Let's not make these mistakes in winter, we will get sick

Let's not make these mistakes in winter, we will get sick

During the growing winter, we often use various methods to protect ourselves. So that we can avoid problems in the cold. But there are also small mistakes that can be made at such times, which can increase their risk of health problems or infections. This requires that we change our normal lifestyle to protect ourselves in cold weather and to fight any infection.

Our health is at risk due to climate change. Colds and fevers are commonplace at this time. To avoid these things we must avoid some mistakes.

The habit of drinking less water

Many people drink less water in the winter, due to which the body does not get enough water. Which can later lead to health problems. However, everyone should drink water regularly even in winter, so that the body does not become dehydrated. With it, you can go out regularly.

Irregular eating habits

Don't eat too much outside food in the cold. Excessive oil consumption in outside food can lead to poor eating habits. Everyone knows how oily food affects our health. This can put you at risk for many health problems. For this, you need to eat your own home-cooked food and healthy food.

It is better to include a lot of green leafy vegetables in the diet. Which communicates positively to our health. Besides, it protects against many types of infections. Most children are addicted to such fast food. Such work should be stopped by the child.

Abandon exercise

Exercise is very useful to keep us physically and mentally healthy. When you exercise in winter, it feels warm and active throughout the day. But many people stop exercising because of the rising cold, which makes them feel sluggish at home. However, you should exercise regularly in winter to avoid laziness and stay healthy. With the help of which you can stay healthy for a long time.

Do not use a moisturizer on the skin

Cold air during the winter can make your skin completely dry and can even damage the skin. To avoid this, we should use moisturizer regularly to keep the skin moist for a long time. But many people show their summer habits even in winter. They do not use any moisturizer even in the winter season, which makes their skin completely hard and dry. It also increases the risk of many skin problems and infections.

Don't drink too much alcohol

Alcohol harms our health from many angles, as you all know. However, many people still drink heavily in the winter. Due to which many health problems start to occur, to avoid this, the consumption of alcohol should be limited even in cold weather. Reduce intake as much as possible. With it, you can stay healthy for a long time.

The tips above are about common mistakes made during the winter, which can help you stay away from your daily schedule and keep yourself healthy.