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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Finally started MDMS, no more illegal mobile in Nepal

Finally started MDMS, no more illegal mobile in Nepal

Finally, Nepal Telecommunication Authority has implemented Mobile Device Management System (MDMS). This system, which was said to be implemented for a long time, was put into operation by the regulator on Thursday.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Coronavirus Nepal: Answers to your questions about the covid vaccine

Coronavirus Nepal: Answers to your questions about the covid vaccine

Can a person who is undergoing treatment for a disease or chronic disease safely receive such a vaccine?

Monday, August 29, 2022

Mahakali Treaty: After 27 years Oli admits 'weakness', these are the three main 'mistakes' made by Nepal

Mahakali Treaty: After 27 years Oli admits 'weakness', these are the three main 'mistakes' made by Nepal

About 27 years after the signing of the Mahakali Treaty, the Chairman of CPN-UML and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, one of the people who played a role in getting the treaty approved by the Parliament, said that "there are some weaknesses" in the treaty.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Risks of using citamole indiscriminately

Risks of using citamole indiscriminately

It is not easy to come to the hospital. That is why some people take medication on their own when they have minor problems. Paracetamol has been used indiscriminately by many.

People use citamole as an easy way to cure the disease, even though it is easily available in the market and has no immediate side effects. But the continued use of such drugs for short periods of time can lead to serious problems. Its excessive use can have serious effects on various organs of the body including the kidneys and liver.

According to doctors, the use of more than three grams of paracetamol daily can be fatal to health. Therefore, doctors advise not to use paracetamol without advice.

If a pregnant woman takes paracetamol without a doctor's advice, it will interfere with the physical development of the unborn baby.

Prolonged use of paracetamol, which is used to reduce pain, can damage the kidneys. Prolonged use of paracetamol can cause flatulence. Also, you may feel indigestion or a heavy stomach. Similarly, in some people, excessive intake of citamole can cause skin redness, itchy skin, burning, etc., which can be caused by skin allergies.

Children are given paracetamol if they have a mild fever or need to reduce the fever. However, many studies have shown that giving paracetamol to children from the age of six to seven years causes asthma symptoms in their bodies. According to the World Health Organization, paracetamol should be given only after a child has a fever of 101 degrees.

Taking paracetamol without a doctor's advice for jaundice, jaundice, or liver problems can make the liver worse. If you have this problem, it is important to consult a doctor before taking your own medicine.

According to a study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, USA, excessive use of paracetamol also increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Researchers living in Washington, D.C., tested blood samples from 6,500 elderly people over a six-year period. Nine percent of the 577 people found excessive use of paracetamol.

Monday, October 5, 2020

How to avoid motion sickness on long-distance travel

How to avoid motion sickness on long-distance travel

Decades of activity are on the rise in Corona. Temporary settlers in the city are beginning to return to their homes. It is said that the number of people leaving Kathmandu is also increasing.

The long journey is not so easy now. However, for some, even on a normal day, a long journey can be difficult. As soon as they get in the car, they start feeling unwell. The smell of the car and the hot steam make it muddy. I feel nauseous throughout the journey. Vomiting comes. The body relaxes. Headache. This problem happens to many.

This type of travel problem is called motion sickness. This is a problem that lasts only for the duration of the trip. It does not have a long-term effect.

Not everyone has the problem of motion sickness. For those who have to deal with this problem, the long journey is very difficult. Is there any way to make a comfortable and enjoyable journey in such a situation?

There are some ways to do this. These methods can be used before traveling.

If someone has a headache or vomiting problem while sitting in the car, sit in the front or middle seat of the car. Sitting in the back seat can cause motion sickness. Which can cause vomiting. Motion sickness can also be caused by a hungry stomach or an empty stomach. If someone has motion sickness during the journey, drinking lemon water also provides relief from motion sickness. When traveling by car, keep reading and writing away and look straight ahead. Motion sickness can also be caused by looking out of the window during the journey.

Ginger consumption can also prevent motion sickness or vomiting. Ginger contains antimatter. An antiemetic is an ingredient that prevents vomiting or dizziness. Clove is also one of the various diseases that prevent motion sickness. Putting cloves in the mouth also prevents vomiting.

What is a hepatic hernia?

 What is a hepatic hernia?

Even so, Nepalis are more prone to stomach ailments. Most suffer from gastric and other problems. One such problem is a hernia.

Flatulence and constipation can be symptoms not only when eating, but also at other times. Of course, indigestion and acidity also cause such problems. However, even under normal circumstances, if the stomach becomes heavy and bloated, it may not be just acidity or indigestion, it may be a hepatic hernia.

Usually, our esophagus reaches the stomach through the valley. In the middle of this is a small part that separates the two areas of the body into two parts, called the hiatal, keeping the chest away from the abdomen. In some cases, the hiatus tends to be slightly larger than normal. In this case, some part of the hiatal in the lower part of the abdomen moves upwards. This condition is called hiatal hernia in medical parlance.

Symptoms of hiatal hernia

- In the case of hiatal hernia, it is felt that the food comes up immediately after eating.

-The stomach is heavy and the stomach feels full and the food is in the upper part of the stomach.

- Hetal hernia tends to increase acidity. Chest burning and pain may occur several times.

Symptoms of hiatal hernia include difficulty swallowing, food stuttering, shortness of breath, indigestion, and nausea.

Way to escape

- Do not eat very greasy, spicy and spicy food

- Do not sleep immediately after eating. Otherwise, the food may move from the stomach to the esophagus, causing problems.

- When eating food, chew it with pleasure. And, eat little by little so that the food you eat is easily digested.

- Weight should be controlled. This is because if you have a hiatal hernia due to excess weight, you may feel heaviness or pressure in the abdomen.

- Alcohol, tea, coffee, and other extremely hot things should not be consumed.

What is appendicitis?

 What is appendicitis?

The body has an organ called the appendix. The appendix is ​​a thin, short tube about 2 to 3 inches long. Pain in the same appendix is ​​called appendicitis.

In the early stages of this problem, there is frequent pain in the middle part of the abdomen. Within a few hours, the right lower abdomen begins to ache. Where there is a problem with the appendix. At that time the abdominal pain becomes serious. This pain is exacerbated when walking or coughing.

Problems such as loss of appetite and red eyes can be seen during appendicitis. There are two types of appendicitis.

1 Acute appendicitis

2 Chronic or permanent appendicitis

The acute appendix develops rapidly while the chronic appendix lasts longer. If someone suffers from appendicitis, they should have surgery to remove it from their abdomen as soon as possible. Doctors say that if a person has an appendix and there is no cure, there is no alternative to surgery.

What is acute and chronic appendicitis?

1. Acute appendicitis

Acute. It develops rapidly in the body as its name implies. It usually develops in a few hours or days. It usually develops in a few hours or a few days. It requires surgery for immediate treatment.

2 Chronic appendicitis

The pain lasts for a long time. In the case of appendicitis, it is only 1.5 percent of total appendicitis. Chronic appendicitis tends to build up slowly. This is what causes pain.

Symptoms of appendicitis

Its early signs and symptoms are often very mild. Symptoms such as stomach problems, loss of appetite, etc. are seen. Then the pain gradually increases.

It is difficult to tell the exact location of the pain to the patient.

Symptoms of appendicitis:

- Mild pain in the upper part of the navel or abdomen and gradually increasing the pain on the right side of the lower part.

- Not feeling hungry

- Vomiting after the onset of pain in the body

- Fever from 99 to 102 degrees

- Mild or severe pain in the upper part of the abdomen and lower part or rectum

- Having trouble urinating

- Stomach cramps

Causes of appendicitis

Generally speaking, the appendix develops only when a sac in the abdomen called 'Sikum' is filled with the disorder.

There can be many causes of appendicitis, although some are not specifically established. Here are some of the reasons.

- Intestinal disease

- When there is an infection in the body, there is a swollen part on the wall of the bag

- Closing of the appendix lumen may exacerbate this condition.

- Abdominal injuries are also a cause.

How to avoid the appendix?

There is no alternative to regular health check-ups to avoid the appendix. Therefore, it is essential to check the condition of all the organs of your body.

Treatment of appendicitis is an emergency treatment. If such patients do not get effective treatment immediately, the patient may die. So it is not appropriate to rely on natural remedies for this. However, some treatment methods may work in times of discomfort.

Such natural remedies tend to be more important in obstructing the development of the appendix than in stopping it once it is ready.

For example, the use of ginger, garlic, fenugreek seeds, fresh lemon, basil, vegetable juice, water, etc. plays a role in reducing appendicitis.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Heart is needed

 Heart is needed

The screams and other foods we eat accumulate a lot of cholesterol in the body, which prevents the heart from doing its job. This can cause heartburn and even a heart attack.

Heart problems are caused due to blockage, swelling, burning, poor lifestyle, stress, and other heart-related problems. Cholesterol causes only 30 percent of heart problems. By adopting a healthy lifestyle to make heart-healthy, heart-related diseases can be prevented.

To avoid heart disease

Eating - fresh, nutritious, healthy, and balanced food keeps the heart strong and healthy. While a poor diet can lead to heart disease. Processed, sugary, fatty, artificial, alcoholic foods are considered harmful to the heart.

Exercise - Being overweight means accumulating extra fat around our waists. This can lead to heart problems. Exercising regularly every day can prevent heart-related diseases. Eating a healthy diet and exercising will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Stress-free - To control stress, you need to meditate and do stress-free exercises.

Sleep - Insomnia is a problem in itself. It causes obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, and diabetes. So adequate and deep sleep is essential. Sleep also plays a role in keeping the heart-healthy.

In today's stressful lifestyle, the risk of heart disease is increasing day by day. This is why many are at risk of a heart attack. You need to be stress-free to keep your heart healthy. Also, an active lifestyle and healthy eating reduce the risk of heart disease.

Follow this table

- It is suitable to have breakfast in the morning. You should also eat a mid-day meal on time.

-Salt use should be reduced as much as possible.

- Let's eat low-fat food.

- Let's eat fresh green vegetables and fruits.

-The more colorful the fruit, the more beneficial it is for health.

- Let's give up the habit of smoking.

- Use olive oil as much as possible for cooking.

- Get enough sleep. When you can't sleep well, it increases the body's stress hormones and clogs the arteries.

-Sitting in the same position in the same place for hours is not good for heart health.

-Some time to go out for exercise. Exercise at least half an hour every day. This reduces the risk of heart attack by one third.

-Stress is harmful to heart health. The chemicals that are secreted into the brain due to stress damage all the systems of the heart.

Home method

Because of heart problems, they will be able to use the following home remedies.

-Drink water and lemon juice regularly.

-Eat seasonal fruits, lychees, apples.

-Eat pindalu as a vegetable.

- Add yogurt to food.

Corona: Does herd immunity spread every year until it develops?

Corona: Does herd immunity spread every year until it develops?

Many are now wondering, "When will the risk of the coronavirus end?" However, some vaccines are still being tested, but no real breakthrough has been achieved.

When will the coronavirus be the most common disease in the world? No one in the world today can answer that question. Scientists are conducting research and are not sure how long it will take for the coronavirus to be vaccinated. All that has been said about it is speculation.

A group of scientists recently said after research that the current problem of the coronavirus will not be solved until the herd develops immunity. Herd immunity is a public health belief that after 70 percent of the population is infected with corona, the rest develop antibodies on their own. Many scientific studies have concluded that the epidemic will not end until a large population develops antibodies against the coronavirus.

The concept of herd immunity is already emerging. Some countries have even used it. Scientists have also pointed out that the Covina virus-transmitted Covid-19 infection could be caused by seasonal raisins in countries with large differences in temperature.

Dr. Hassan Jarquet of the American University of Beirut in Lebanon says, "Even if the infection here is reduced now, it spreads every year until herd immunity develops." "Now we have to learn to live with the coronavirus. Prevention should be practiced by wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, washing hands, and taking necessary measures to get rid of congestion, ”said Jarrett.

Similarly, Dr. Qatar University in Doha. Hadi Yassin also says that one should learn to live with the coronavirus until the development of herd immunity.

More danger in rising temperatures!

Scientists also say that many communicable diseases, including respiratory viruses, recur regularly. People are especially at risk, especially in areas where the temperature fluctuates sharply. For example, influenza and other types of coronavirus can spread in winter or in cold places. Researchers in this study studied SARS-COVE-2 and found that it already had the property of being viral and spreading. At the same time, the cost factor was needed to keep repeating as a seasonal problem, which is also seen in it.

Crowds in closed spaces are dangerous

Scientists say the virus can stay on the surface for days, as well as in the air for hours. Because of this, people are at higher risk of contracting the virus. The virus can spread very fast due to heavy crowds in closed places. They believe that the virus can attack many times a year, especially during hot weather and in humid places.

The virus will be stopped by natural infection or vaccination

Scientists say that herd immunity develops in two ways. The first after a natural virus attack and the second using a vaccine.

COVID 19 infection spreads faster than the flu, making people more vulnerable than others. As the immune system gradually develops, the virus will begin to develop as a seasonal disease. This is because other types of coronaviruses such as NL63, HKU1, etc. also spread like influenza every year.

A bad environment makes people feel inferior

 A bad environment makes people feel inferior

The problem of suicides in Nepal during the Great Earthquake of 2072 BS was gradually brought under control shortly after that. In contrast, in countries such as Japan and Taiwan, the suicide rate has been declining for the past two years, according to international media reports. Although it is not certain how many people committed suicide during the earthquake in Nepal, it is undeniable that there were more suicides during that time than at normal.

Suicide rates have risen alarmingly even during the ongoing lockdown and curfew caused by the Coronavirus COVID 19. This problem was created when there was uneasiness in the mind due to the fear of when the earthquake will take its life.

At the time of the earthquake, only a few areas of Nepal were affected. This was a problem for the employment of some people in the area, while those living abroad were able to earn a living. But almost five years after the quake, the epidemic has affected the world, and it is estimated that there are more psychiatric problems than ever before. However, due to the lack of clear study on this, it has not been possible to say with certainty.

Even before the local administration issued the injunction, it was reported that about 1,200 people had committed suicide across the country. This is just a death toll. There are no definite statistics on the number of people suffering from depression who are on the verge of death, and it is difficult to estimate the number of patients who have died.

There have been unconfirmed reports that 2,000 people have committed suicide since the lockdown began. Thus, 2,000 people committing suicide in six months is a terrible form of mental problem. In the beginning, it is important to know why mental problems occur and at what stage people commit suicide.

Psychology considers the first stage of depression to be the first person to suffer from an inferiority complex. The illusion that life does not exist even when some work is not done can arise in your mind. If this is the case then maybe we should contact a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Then there are the conditions of mental problems that gradually become a burden in society, plan to die, try to die, commit suicide, etc.

No matter how many suicide problems there are today, these are all issues related to mental health. Mental problems are the main reason people commit suicide. Therefore, we have to look for a solution to the mental problem from the very beginning.

In which areas are there more problems?

Without a detailed study, there is no basis to say that people in this area are very involved in mental problems and suicides. However, based on the number of people who come for counseling in general, it has been found that school-age adolescents and those who have left their jobs are very mentally deranged.

Adolescents who enjoy regular homework and socializing with their friends are more likely to suffer from mental retardation when they are not able to visit their friends for long periods of time. Extracurricular activities also kept people busy. But now that all those activities have stopped, there seems to be a problem for many. On the other hand, the pain of being fired from a job due to the Kovid epidemic has also caused mental problems in many people. There are also examples of people committing suicide as they worry about how to support their families.

How to avoid it?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is still a lot of anxiety in people. Due to that, mental problems are also increasing. Some methods have to be adopted for its prevention.

First of all, there are various signs or symptoms of mental illness. As soon as these symptoms appear, you should go for psychotherapy. The role of society is also important for this. Mental problems are a disease that can never be cured, just as a society often ignores them and treats them inwardly without much treatment. If the mental problem seen in different stages could not be solved in time, then the mental problem is seen in the next stage, so it is necessary to pay attention to its solution.

Mental problems are largely cured through psychotherapy. If you have some complex mental problems, you may need to take medicine for it but it is cured. Some people have the illusion that it is a completely curable disease once the medicine is taken. Therefore, people with such a disease should seek treatment in time rather than considering themselves weak.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Nepal has pushed back 22 places in internet speed, the situation is the worst in two years

 Nepal has pushed back 22 places in internet speed, the situation is the worst in two years

Nepal's position in the global broadband speed league has slipped. Nepal, which was ranked 128th in the world last year, has slipped 22 places to 150th position this time.

At the same time, Nepal's internet speed has reached the worst level in the world rankings for the past two years. Earlier, in 2018, Nepal was ranked 144th (out of 200 countries). Nepal jumped 16 places to 128th last year (out of 207 countries).

But in 2017, Nepal's situation was even worse. Out of 189 countries, Nepal was ranked 169th. Although Nepal's place in the world rankings has slipped, internet speed is improving.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019, the download speed of broadband internet in Nepal has increased from 0.97 Mbps, 2.36 Mbps to 3.62 Mbps and now it has reached 5.22 Mbps. However, during the lockdown period, the speed decreased to 4.52 Mbps.

Compared to the fastest internet in the world, Nepal

Before the lockdown in Nepal, the average download speed of the Internet was 5.22 Mbps. It took two hours, 10 minutes, and 52 seconds to download a five GB movie.

Liechtenstein in Western Europe has the fastest internet in the world. Where the average download speed is 229.98 Mbps. It takes only 2.58 minutes to download a five GB size movie.

The next top ten countries with fast internet are Jersey, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Monaco.

The average internet download speed is 218.37 Mbps, 213.41 Mbps, 183.09 Mbps, 118.05 Mbps, 116.88 Mbps, 110.45 Mbps, 105.32 Mbps, and 104.98 Mbps respectively.

Neighboring Nepal

Of the 27 countries in Asia, Nepal's internet speed is ranked 18th. The top five fastest internet countries in Asia are Hong Kong (105.32 Mbps), Singapore (72.75 Mbps), Taiwan (54.77 Mbps), Japan (54.77 Mbps), and Malaysia (46.82 Mbps).

The average download speed of Nepal's neighboring countries is 13.46 Mbps in India, 20.73 Mbps in Sri Lanka, 5.88 Mbps in the Maldives, 3.24 Mbps in Bangladesh, 12.58 Mbps in China, 2.09 Mbps in Pakistan, and 4.62 Mbps in Bhutan.

Where the world's worst Internet speed

When it comes to fast internet speed, very slow internet speed is not discussed. In 71 out of 221 countries of the world, the internet is running at a slower speed than in Nepal. The worst internet in the world is in South Sudan.

Where the average download speed is only 0.58 Mbps. It takes 19 hours and 31 minutes to download a five GB movie. Earlier, the top five countries with slow internet were Yemen (0.65 Mbps), Turkmenistan (0.74 Mbps), Equatorial Guinea (0.75 Mbps), and the Syrian Arab Republic (0.76 Mbps).

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Google's AI technology in Bihar to give flood alert from Nepal

Google's AI technology in Bihar to give flood alert from Nepal

India is the second-most populous country in the world. More than 20 percent of the world's flood deaths each year are in India.

Floods destroy tens of thousands of homes every year. With that in mind, Google volunteers have been working to help flood victims in India for the past two years.

In 2018, the company launched the Pilot Initiative for flood forecasting in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Bihar is one of the most flood-prone states in India for a long time.

Where more than a hundred people lose their lives every year. Google was trying to provide them with accurate flood forecasts in real-time.

The company's AI model analyzes the historical data of many river basins in different parts of the world for accurate forecasting. Google is not alone in this project.

Instead, it is cooperating with the Central Water Commission of India, the Israeli Institute of Technology, and the University of Barisan. The company is also working with the Indian government on how New Delhi is compiling water level data to improve its efforts.

They have installed a new electronic sensor, which automatically transmits data to bodies working in the water sector. Two years later, Google on Tuesday announced that its 'Flood Forecasting Initiatives' would cover the whole of India.

The company is also cooperating with the Water Development Board of Bangladesh. Bangladesh, India's neighbor, has more floods than any other country in the world. At the same time, Bangladesh has become the first country outside India to launch Google's service.

Google's efforts are likely to make a huge difference in the lives of people in India and Bangladesh. The company has so far sent more than 30 million notifications to flood-affected areas in India.

He said his efforts have helped 200 million people in an area of ​​250,000 square kilometers. In Bangladesh, Google's model has managed to reach 40 million people and work is underway to expand it nationwide.

‘We are providing people with information on when and how much flood water will rise. We have been sharing in-depth maps of the flood-prone areas and sharing detailed information about the user's village and region, "said Yossi Matisse, Google's engineering VP and head of Crisis Response.

In this context, the company is also working with Yale and there is a need for further improvement in the service. This year, Google will make the alert more accessible and effective.

For that, Hindi, Bengali, and seven other local languages ​​have been added and the messaging alerts will be customized in the coming days. The company has also rolled out a new forecasting model.

Which has doubled its alert warning time?, a philanthropic arm of the company, has also partnered with the International Red Cross Federation and the Red Cross Society to build local networks and provide alerts directly to those without a smartphone.

"It simply came to our notice then. Much work needs to be done in the coming days to improve the system to expand the flood-affected area to more people. To that end, we are working with our partners around the world. "

"We will continue to develop, manage, and further improve the technology. The project's digital tools will help save communities and lives, "said Mattis.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Google says '11 percent of Nepalis still at home'

Google says '11 percent of Nepalis still at home'

Google has been publishing reports from time to time on how the movement and activities of people in society are changing due to coronavirus (Covid-19). Google released a new 'Community Mobility Report' on Thursday, based on a study from last Tuesday.

According to the report, the activities in the homes of Nepalis have not been completed yet. Compared to the normal situation, 11 percent Nepalis are still at home.

Activities in other areas are gradually becoming normal. But the excitement at home is still there.

Based on Google Maps, Google has divided the study area into 6 different categories. These include entertainment, supermarkets and pharmacies, parks, public transport, work areas and housing.

According to Google's report, the number of people visiting restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, museums, libraries, movie theaters and other places in Nepal is still 35 percent less than usual. However, compared to March, it has increased by 43 percent, according to Google.

In March, activity at such locations had dropped by 78 percent. Similarly, the activity of people in grocery, food, agricultural market, pharmacy, supermarket and other places is still 17 percent less.

Activities in national parks, river banks, public gardens, etc. have been reduced by 21 percent. Similarly, activities in public transport, bus parks and other places have decreased from 74 percent to 36 percent compared to March.

According to a report by Google, 34 percent of people are still unable to attend work.

The number of people returning to the area, which was reduced by 72 percent in March, seems to be increasing. On this basis, Google concludes that 11 percent of people are still at home.

Nepal and Nepali's new 'address'/'Thegana'

Everyone has their own personal experiences and experiences. There are many examples of those experiences that have made a difference in people's lives.

The story of the popular messaging app Viber in Nepali society was also an experience. Talmon Marco started Viber to shorten the hours-long journey to visit his girlfriend.

Similarly, Garrett Camp, the founder of Uber, has become the owner of billions of dollars by turning an unpleasant experience of paying eight hundred dollars into rent into an opportunity.

Similarly, there are many Nepali products born from one's own experience. A vivid example of this is 'Address Service'. Address i.e. digital map of Nepali.

The streets of Patan were smooth and if Vishal KC could have easily found his friend's office, it would not have become an 'address' today.

KC, who returned to Nepal after a long stay in the United States, had never followed the streets of Patan before. He lost his roof based on the location given by his friend. Reaching a friend's office through that street of Patan proved to be a Mahabharata for him.

Casey recalls, "I went ahead and showed the location of my friend's office to the locals. But, I could not reach the address I had to go. I had to call my friend to pick him up by giving him the address where he was standing. '

The journey to the friend's office is over. But, in my mind, the map of the new journey began to be drawn. After returning from a friend's office, he spent the next few months searching for a way to cross the street.

KC recalls, ‘I thought it would be possible to map Nepal digitally. So that you can easily reach your destination by pointing to a digital number. '

However, not all the streets in Kathmandu had a separate name. The government has not done much in this regard. After brainstorming for about eight months, he finally took the journey of his mind to the place of 'address'. Which was a unique location based on code.

This is April 2019. Although code-based mapping systems are new to Nepal, they are not new to the global environment. During the study, KC found that it was used in countries like Kenya and Mongolia.

Even there, it was used to solve problems like the confusion in the streets of Kathmandu. So Casey himself doesn't consider it unique.

Anyway, his team started it in Nepal. For that, 858 million codes were prepared by measuring the territory of Nepal at the rate of 9 by 9 meters. Nine numbers with letters and numbers were provided to make each place unique.

For example, the address of Goshwara Post Sundhara, Kathmandu was given as 'KTM-P82756'. The first three letters indicate the district concerned and the remaining six numbers indicate the location. In the above address, KTM means Kathmandu district and the rest is the electronic address of Goshwara post office.

In the same way, 'Address' has given a unique number to every place in Nepal. It even has its own address from the top of Dada to the middle of the Trishuli river. Casey wanted it to solve even future problems.

So, even if there is no house in any place at present, even if the road is not paved, the digital address of that place is already ready. It also has the facility to allow the user to enter the name of their address as they wish.

If someone needs a QR code for their address, it can be prepared by putting the necessary information in it. According to KC, the number of people using 'address' has exceeded 1,500 at present. According to him, digital addresses of more than 16,000 households have been prepared.

The 'Address App', which works even offline without internet, can show the way to the destination by giving instructions at every turn. KC's dream is to make the journey easier by showing the way to every passenger.

"It also aims to make it easier to get delivery services, get emergency services, register addresses in a bank account, and travel from one place to another on foot," he said.

It can also relieve financial institutions from the difficulty of following the current KYC rules. It seems to be useful for quick and simple relief work during natural disasters. In the process of preparing the address in this way, it is not uncommon for those who say that the address team is like Google Map.

KC said that he understood it as a right question and wrong answer. Explaining his point, he goes on to say, "Because, where Google and Apple Map left Nepal, we started all over again." Of course, Google Maps is the backbone of our system. We do not plan to replace Google with the address. '

Do a Google search for the site and then click on the cached link below the search results. But the 'address' has made it possible to find every house from the search. Casey thinks replacing a big company like Google is beyond his capacity and purpose.

In fact, 'Address' is a local product that solves the problems of Nepal and Nepalis by making good use of Google Maps. Even though the product is ready, now the issue of explaining the importance of their address to every people has become a challenge for them.

KC's team has made a plan to get rid of the obligation to say location from a certain place here or there. Now his team is busy marketing the address. At the same time, 'address' is being used as an alternative to sustainable and sustainable projects.

The company currently employs eight people. They are in a hurry to use the code-based address as an alternative in government bodies. But government bodies have not been able to rise above the same old matrix system.

The metric system is a system of naming certain streets separately and addressing the houses and places below / above the road on the same basis. However, not all streets in Nepal have been named.

KC sees such a practice as impossible to imagine a digital Nepal. He says, "Address can be a good tool to realize the vision of Digital Nepal."

Based on the 'address', the government is likely to make a good income by activating the postal service. This was KC's motive behind creating the app.

"I wanted the dead postal service in Nepal to be revived with this address," says KC.

Now the market is sure to be based on online. Online shopping, online business has begun to expand. 'Address' can be an easy way to get cheap goods to the destination.

If it is to be used, it is certain that the current obligation of the customer to contact again and again for delivery while giving his location will be removed.

Who can work out a solution cheaply and quickly. Address is also preparing to collaborate with online service delivery companies.


Friday, July 24, 2020

Nepal's cyber security risk has not decreased

Nepal's cyber security risk has not decreased

Experts have said that the risk of cyber security is increasing in Nepal due to lack of adequate precautions. Speaking at a virtual panel discussion titled 'Belt Your Data' organized by Women in Big Data, Narayan Koirala, managing director of cyber security firm Eminence Wage, said that the risk of data breach could not be reduced due to lack of adequate vigilance.

Koirala, a cyber security expert, said, ‘Data security and data brewing are growing in Nepal. Although data security has improved compared to the past, cyber security risks have evolved to another level. '

Similarly, advocate Pravin Subedi, who has been advocating for information and communication technology law, said that the practice of implementing data law in Nepal is the best in Asia. According to him, Nepal is making good efforts in the implementation of such laws and praised the government. He noted the need to be aware of data protection laws and regulations at the grassroots level, as well as to be aware of the security and confidentiality of data.

Similarly, Dobhan Rai, a data scientist and education coordinator, said that data security was as important as a mask to prevent covid 19. "Everyone needs to keep their data safe and prevent potential theft," she said.

The virtual event held on Sunday was attended by 125 people. What is data in that program ?, How does data breach ?, How to prevent data breach? Experts also discussed the current state of data security in Nepal.

Women in Big Data was established in 2015 with the aim of attracting women in the field of big data and analytics. Meanwhile, the Nepal Chapter of Garsh Woman in Big Data has opened. This community organization has been inspiring women to develop their careers by involving them in the field of Big Data.

How strong or weak is your password? Check it out like this

Of course, you may have many accounts online. You may have different passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking, Gmail and other accounts.

You may think that the password in those accounts is very strong, which no one can hack. But have you ever checked, how strong are the passwords you use in your online account?

If you haven't checked yet, today we are going to tell you about the tools that can help you know how secure and strong your password is.

Generally, a length of 10 characters is considered sufficient for a strong password. However, the important thing to remember here is that the longer the password, the harder it is for the hacker to crack it. So don't be shy about having a 20 to 30 character password.

Also, make it a habit to change your password every three to four months, no matter how strong your password is.


Nord provides users with a free online password testing tool. With it, you can check if the password you have or are about to keep in your online accounts is strong.

As far as you know, if your password is strong, hackers will not be able to easily access your important and confidential data. It also allows you to create strong passwords.

It checks how strong any password is based on its length, uppercase-lowercase (uppercase and lowercase letters), symbols, numbers, etc.

It can even estimate how long a password can be cracked by a hacker. You do not need to download any software or app to check the strength of the password here. You can check the password by going to Nordpass's website by clicking here. Click here if you want to create a strong password.

UIC Academy

You can also use the UIC Academic Computing and Communication Centre's website to check your password strength. Here you can find tips on how to keep a strong password for your account.

Click here to access UIC's password checker tool.

It also helps you to know the difference between strong and weak passwords. You don't even have to log in to check your password. Also, passwords are tested on your computer, so you don't even have to worry about sending your information online.

If you are still not convinced, you can test your password by changing it slightly or by keeping it as a sample. After opening the website, as soon as you put the password in the password checker, it indicates whether your password is weak or strong.

The feature of this website is that it explains the effects associated with every aspect of your password. This will help you to create a strong password.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The first 'bike' made in Nepal

The first 'bike' made in Nepal

The first motorbike made in Nepal has been made public. Founded in 2017, the electric bike manufacturer Yatri Motorcycles has brought this bike as its first product. The bike is named 'Yatri'.

This bike has been built under 'Project-Siro'. The electric-powered bike was built by a team of six Nepali youths, including four engineers. The company says that they have designed and manufactured all the parts of the bike in collaboration with the United States, China, India and other European countries.

The bike has 40 horsepower and the company says that it can run 230 kilometers once fully charged. The full speed of the bike is 120 kilometers per hour and the bike has a screen with a seven-inch display, which will show the speed. Called environmentally friendly, this bike has its own app 'Passenger Hub'. According to the company, the bike will be available for public sale from March 2020.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cheap iPhone SE arrives in Nepal, how much is the price?

Cheap iPhone SE arrives in Nepal, how much is the price?

Kathmandu. Apple's cheap iPhone SE Nepal has arrived some time ago. Generation Next Communications Pvt. Ltd., the official seller of Apple in Nepal, has introduced a cheap iPhone in Nepal.

The company has stated that the cheap iPhone SE 2020 model will be available in the market from next year. The phone, which went public in the international market on April 19, has entered Nepal late due to lockdown.

With a 4.7 inch display, the home button is used in this phone. At first glance, it looks like the iPhone 8 that went public in 2016.

The phone has a fingerprint sensor without Face Unlock. The phone has a 12-megapixel main camera and a 7-megapixel selfie camera. The phone will be available in three different colors namely white, black, and red.

How much is the price?

iPhone SE is the cheapest phone in the company. The iPhone SE will be available in 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB variants in the Nepali market.

The cheapest variant will be priced at Rs 68,500 while the 128 GB iPhone SE is priced at Rs 76,500. Similarly, the 256 GB iPhone SE will be priced at Rs 92,500, according to Generation Next.

But in the international market, the starting price of the iPhone SE is Rs 47,552 as per the exchange rate on Tuesday.

Vivo's new smartphone Y30 in the Nepali market, this is the price and features

Vivo has unveiled its new phone Y30 model in Nepal on Tuesday. This phone, which was first made public in Malaysia last May, has entered Nepal after a long wait.

The company has stated that this phone is available in two model variants in Nepal. The phone with 4 GB RAM plus 64 GB storage is priced at Rs 24,999 while the 4 GB RAM plus 128 GB storage variant is priced at Rs 27,999.

This phone has a powerful battery backup of five thousand mAh. Speaking of the camera, it has four cameras on the back. There are 13 megapixels, 8 megapixels, and 2/2 megapixel cameras.

The company claims that all these four cameras have AI support. It also has an eight-megapixel selfie camera on the front. This phone has rear fingerprint and face recognition for security.

Speaking of the Vivo Y30's screen, it has a small punch-hole camera in the upper corner. With a 6.47-inch display, the phone has 1560 by 720 pixel HD Plus resolution.

Talking about the software of the phone, it has an octa-core MediaTek Helio P Thirty-Five (MT6765) processor chip. This budget segment phone is enhanced by its iView display, AI quad-camera, and powerful 5,000 mAh battery backup.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Nepal is one of the top ten hacker countries - 2020

Nepal is one of the top ten hacker countries

Kathmandu. For some time now, the number of Nepali hackers on the Bug Bounty platform BugCrowd has increased dramatically. In the report 'Inside the Mind of a Hacker 2020' released by Bug Crowd on Wednesday, Nepal has managed to be included in the top ten countries.

However, the number of hackers has increased significantly in other countries in South Asia recently. Neighboring India has become the first country in the Bug Bounty to overtake the United States.

The report is based on an analysis of data from 3,493 hackers and 1,549 BugCrowd Vulnerability Disclosure programs between May 2019 and April 2020. There were 7.7 million interactions in this process.

According to the report, the number of Indian bug hunters has increased by 83 percent compared to last year. It has established India's image as a world leader in the field of information security research.

India has overtaken the US this time. For the first time, the United States has been forced to settle for second place with a limited number of 10 percent bug crowd users.

‘Such a significant decline indicates a decrease in the number of U.S. security research hackers. But the data shows that the number of Indian hackers is growing faster than in other countries.

Other countries in the top five of the list are Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia respectively. The UK is sixth, Egypt is seventh, Australia is eighth and Germany is 10th.

While announcing the results, BugCrowd estimates that it will curb cybercrime worth  8.9 billion in 2019 alone.

BugCrowd's platform aims to track where security researchers live, as well as to consider in-depth the factors that define a hacker.

CTO Chassis Ellis, founder, and chief technical officer of BugCrowd, said the company also wanted to erase the story of a man who hooked up to a dark room designed in the name of a hacker.

Interestingly, the survey found that about 53 percent of the hackers surveyed were under the age of 24. Forty-one percent were new, less than 12 months after joining the BugCrowd platform.

Thirteen percent of those hackers had neurodiverse. Neurodiverse is a broad term, which includes diseases such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder and autism.

"About 6 percent of neurodiverse are experiencing ADHD and they can make progress in rapidly changing areas such as security research," says Ellis. Their creativity to think outside the box is respected. ’

What kind of organization is Bug Crowd?

BugCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform. It is the first company to embrace and utilize crowdsource security and cybersecurity researchers as the main link to the business model.

Founded in 2011, the company is expected to become the world's largest bug bounty company by 2019.

What is Bug Bounty?

Bug Bounty is a reward given to cybersecurity personnel who detect errors or weaknesses in any computer program or system.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Fear of 'mass depression'

Fear of 'mass depression'

Epidemics, natural disasters come and go from time to time. The effect of the mind, the brain lasts a long time. This should be taken care of in time.

Various studies claim that ‘one in three people in the world will be mentally ill after 2030’. The reason for the global terror of Kovid-19.

"It's hard to say how traumatic the Covid-19 epidemic can be," says Yuval Nerai, a professor of psychology at Columbia University in the United States. But it will last longer than any previous epidemic. '

The epidemic does not stress an individual or a family, it affects the society and the nation. Kovid-19 has caused a stir all over the world. Experts have warned that even after the technical control or termination of Covid-19, its injuries could endanger the human race in the long run. And, that would be more of a mental distraction than a financial and physical one.

The virus, which was seen in Wuhan, China in late December, is now spreading around the world. After China, Italy, and now the United States is at the center of the crisis.

As of Friday, the virus had killed more than 53,200 people. 1 million 15 thousand people are infected. The omnipotent US President Donald Trump has said that it would be an "achievement" if the death toll in the US could be reduced to one million.

The majority of countries are in limbo. A quarter of the world's population is confined to their homes. Hotels, airports, colleges, and all kinds of workplaces are closed. The United Nations has called Corona the worst crisis since World War II. The world has rarely faced such a collective shock before.

After Chait, Nepal's public life also became chaotic. The lockdown that started on December 11 has been extended till December 10. Thank you! So far, the infection has not become an epidemic in our country.

Even so, the common man has not been able to get rid of the anxiety of what will happen next. Psychoanalyst Basu Acharya says, ‘We now have less psychological stress caused by viruses than in other countries. But if we are not careful, it can hurt for a long time. '

According to Acharya, the mental disorder that appears in the common man after an epidemic is called traumatic stress disorder in the language of psychology. Disasters that you have never experienced, that you have never imagined, make people restless. Anxiety and nervousness occur. I feel sad and unhappy. Uncomfortable and restless. "After the earthquake, we had such a disorder," said Acharya. "Most of the people who come to me for counseling say that the problem started after the earthquake."

It is difficult to say how painful the Covid-19 epidemic is mental. But it will last longer than any previous epidemic. - Yuval Nerai, Professor, Columbia University
After the 2003 SARS attack in China, a large community was suddenly depressed. The 9/11 terrorist attacks created a similar situation in the United States. But Professor Nerai does not want to compare it with the events of September 11 and the post-World War II depression. He sees the current situation as even direr. "At that time, there was only terror within a certain geography," Nerai told CNBC. There is no limit now. '

So far, the number of Kovid-19 infected people in Nepal is low. But people are still terrified. Psychological deviations have begun to spread on social media. What a mess it must have been! There are no positive signs that the virus will be eradicated. Instead of trying to recover, we wallow in our sadness and thus, experience more failure.

Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Yoga and naturopathy specialist Dr. Hari Prasad Pokharel expresses concern that the problem of the body is shifting towards the mind. ‘Covid-19 can cause a variety of mental stressors. We have to be ready to fight it now, 'he said.

We believed that foreign countries had helped us and would do so even if the earthquake-damaged our property. We receive remittances from almost every household, the earthquake did not affect it, but Kovid-19 may close or affect that road. It takes some time for the domestic economic business to deteriorate. The tourism sector takes a long time. It is this tension that has taken root in our minds.

"We are being plagued by fabricated and negative fears rather than realistic ones. Its source is social media, 'said psychoanalyst Acharya.' People are panicking while following unnecessary and exaggerated information about Covid-19. You have to balance that yourself. '

According to him, even after the end of Kovid-19, most people are not afraid of the virus coming back, I think. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. I feel like crying. The work wakes up. Acharya says, ‘But the person himself may not know that he has a problem. I have met many such people after the earthquake. I don't know why I was sad. '

'Useless social media to relieve stress'

Depression can be avoided if psychotherapy, family love, social support, and the victim's intellect can be refined. Even if you do not do this, you should take medicine.

According to experts, this treatment is based on family love. Like now when you are with your family in lockdown, you should talk to each other as much as possible. The behavior of yourself and your family members should be monitored. It may flow in the mind, it should be made an environment to release. Those who do not want to be open should be made emotionally comfortable. Must be engrossed in creative work. Tolerance must be developed. According to psychoanalyst Acharya, it is very effective if only one member of the family takes care of this and gives support/counseling to others accordingly. The pain subsides at home.

"Now let's have fun at home, let's increase family love. Let's have a lot of fun at this time so that we can develop the courage to resist collectively no matter what happens tomorrow. '

After family, social intimacy develops a person's self-confidence, but in our case, Acharya claims that society has a hand in increasing mental anguish. He says, ‘After seeing a slight change in behavior, others call him crazy. Makes a laughing stock. This tendency puts the victim in the throes of further pain and then comes the guardianship of the state.

Psychologists say that when I believe that the state will take care of me when there is a crisis, there will be less mental distractions. In Nepal, the government has announced relief for daily wage workers, special care for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and provision of wages by employers for formal sector workers.

Voices are being raised that government relief is positive but inadequate. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announced an emergency economic package of two trillion dollars. The relief program is expected to enable Americans to cope with the economic crisis.

Psychiatric counseling has started in New York without control of Covid-19. Governor Andrew Cuomo has appointed 6,000 employees. They are working 24 hours a day for free psychiatric treatment.

Due to this epidemic, those who will lose their jobs, those who will lose relatives, those who will 'recover' after the infection, they become mentally weak.

Depression or other problems are more likely to be exacerbated. Elena Newman, a mental health researcher who has been affected by the outbreak, says:

For now, avoiding Kovid-19 is all that matters. Different energy can come after facing the crisis. New possibilities of profession/business can be born. Acharya suggests, ‘Now let’s enjoy sitting at home, increasing family love. Let's have a lot of fun at this time so that we can develop the courage to resist collectively no matter what happens tomorrow. '

Why are men more prone to COVID infections?

Why are men more prone to COVID infections?


Infection with the Noble Coronavirus affects people of all genders and age groups. But in the last six months, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide has shown that men are most at risk. About 7.5 million people have been infected with the coronavirus since December 2019. Of these, 3.9 million have recovered after treatment and four million have lost their lives. Of those infected, 82 percent are men and only 18 percent are women.

Although the statistics of different countries have been analyzed differently, men are more infected in each country. About 70.3 percent of those infected in Chinese hospitals are men. In the United States, 60.7 percent of infected people admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in New York City are men, and 67 percent of those who die are men. Eighty-two percent of those admitted to the intensive care unit in Lombardy, Italy, were men. Similarly, 69 percent of infected men in the UK and 79 percent in Spain. At the time of writing, 4,364 cases of infection have been confirmed in Nepal, of which 4,055 (92.91 percent) are men. Of those infected, 11.95 percent are men. 26.95 percent of the infected are women are free of infection. The proportion of infected men and women is 70-30. That is, men are twice as likely to be infected as women.

Of course, in Nepal, men spend more time out of the house than women, go abroad for employment, drink more alcohol, and smoke, so they may have more infections. However, as more men than women are infected worldwide, the search for biological causes has begun. This article will discuss the same biological causes.

The determination of whether a person is born a boy or a girl is made in the first stage of fetal development in the mother's womb. In the process of reproduction, the fetus is formed by the union of the sex chromosomes of the mother and father. The father has X and Y sex chromosomes, while the mother has both X chromosomes. If the father's Y and mother's X chromosomes match, a son is born. If the X chromosomes of both father and mother combine to form an embryo, a daughter is born. Therefore, the role of the chromosome of the father, not the mother, plays a role in determining the sex of the child born.

Professor of Immunology at the University of Oxford, Dr. According to Philip Goulder, the difference between men's and women's ability to fight disease begins here.
It is the job of the immune system to detect and produce antibodies that are needed to detect and resist any foreign harmful bacteria. The noble coronavirus is encoded in a recognizable protein X chromosome. But X chromosomes are two in females and only one in males. Therefore, the ability to prevent corona infection or the resistance expressed by the protein is automatically reduced by 50 percent in men. Dr. Philip Goulder believes that women have a greater ability to fight not only coronavirus but all diseases than men.

Another factor that differentiates men and women from coronavirus infection is the angiotensin-converting enzyme. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE-2) is a type of enzyme present in the human body. Enzymes are catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions in the body. ACE-2 is a central component of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS), which controls blood pressure, heals wounds, and regulates fluids in the body. This enzyme, discovered by Leonard Skags in 1956, indirectly increases blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. Therefore, ACE-2 inhibitors are used in the treatment of most heart diseases.

When the coronavirus infects humans, the virus's protein attaches to the same ACE-2 enzyme and travels to cells in various parts of the body. As a result, it opens the door to infection in the lungs while taking oxygen through the blood and blood vessels. According to an article published in the European Heart Journal, ACE-2 is more common in men than in women. It occurs in large quantities in the lungs, heart, and testicles of men. Because ACE-2 occurs in the testicles, there are more males than females in the testicles. Iziah Sama explains. Similarly, published in the ‘Journal of Virology’. According to Hong Peng Xia's article, ACE-2 has the appearance of being attached to a thorn-shaped protein spike on the surface of the current Nobel coronavirus. Thus, the physical constitution of men has increased the risk of corona infection in men than in women.

According to a recent article in Science News, coronavirus infections in men have been linked to another factor. According to the article, androgen hormones also play an important role in increasing the risk of infection. The androgen hormone helps men to produce the hormone testosterone and make sperm. The same hormone also helps the coronavirus to enter the cell. Men cannot be fertile without the hormone testosterone. Infections in China, Spain, Italy, and the United States have been linked to androgen hormones and coronavirus infections.

The androgenic hormone regulates the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme in the male prostate gland. The prostate gland helps men to urinate and keep sperm alive. Therefore, transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme is produced more in men. ‘Cell Journal’ According to Marcus Hoffmann, published in, coronavirus infection also depends on the surface membrane of the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme. The membrane of this enzyme combines the thorny proteins of the virus with the DNA in human cells. Men also have an increased risk of coronavirus infection due to this enzyme.

Italian molecular cancer specialist Dr. According to Andre Alimonti, some of the men who used androgen in some of the experiments there did not have to go to the hospital because of Kovid-19. Thus, the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme produced in men during prostate operation and regulation has increased the risk of corona infection in men.
The fact is that men are more at risk of coronavirus infection than women, not only for socio-economic reasons but also for biological reasons.

(Koju, who has a doctorate in zoology, is the head of the Faculty of Natural Resource Management under the Center for Post-Graduate Studies, Nepal Engineering College, Pokhara University.)