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Nine things that should always be kept secret

Nine things that should always be kept secret

आयुर्वित्तं गृहच्छिद्रं मन्त्रमैथुनभेषजम्।

दानामानापमानं च नवैतानि सुगोपयेत् ।।

Namely, age, wealth, house secret, guru mantra, sex, charity, honor, humiliation, and medicine, these nine things should always be kept secret.

Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, was also a great politician. The teachings of Shukracharya, who learned the art of resuscitation to save the dead by making Lord Shiva his teacher, are famous as eucalyptus. He has composed many scriptures.

In one verse of Shukraniti, 9 such wells are mentioned which should be kept hidden in every situation or in every situation. What are those nine things?


People should not tell anyone about their age. The better the age, the better. If the enemy finds out about the age, they will harm you by waiting for a suitable opportunity, so you should not tell your age anyone.


Wealth and money bring happiness and prosperity in life but in some cases, this money becomes the cause of misery. The fewer people know about their property, the better. Otherwise, some people with wrong intentions may get the needle of money and by doing many tricks first, they can even cause a great loss after making friends. Therefore, you should not give information about your property to others.

The secret of the house

Don't tell others the secrets of your home. If others find out about the architectural defects of the house and other domestic disputes, the opponent can take unfair advantage of it. If others are told, the fruit of home peace will not be obtained.


Some people worship and chant regularly to gain God's favor. For this, initiation is also taken. You should not tell anyone the mantra you are chanting. It is said that one who can keep his worship and mantras secret gets the fruits of his good deeds.


Don't tell others about sex or sex life. Keeping sex life secret is considered good in every way. If a third party finds out about the relationship between the two people, he can take undue advantage of it. If others find out about this, it will become a problem or a matter of shame for them.


Charity is a good deed that is as fruitful as it can be kept secret. A person who makes a showy gift for the sake of gaining praise from others or to perfect himself in front of other people, all the good deeds are done by him before they are destroyed.


Some people have a habit of showing their respect to others. This habit is not beneficial for any human being. Demonstrating self-esteem in front of others can lead to self-loathing. Because of such habits, others may try to distance themselves or try to do so.


If you have ever been insulted by someone, you should always keep it a secret from everyone. If you tell such things to others, you will hurt yourself. If others find out about this, they will stop respecting themselves and make fun of themselves.


Medicine means the person or doctor who administers the medicine. Your doctor also knows some personal things. In this case, if the enemy finds out about the person who is treating them, they can try to harm themselves by contacting them or seeking help. Therefore, the information of the doctor treating you should not be given to others.

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How to reduce the amount of sodium in food?

How to reduce the amount of sodium in food?

Think about it, what foods are high in sodium? French fries, chips, mum, pizza, chowmein and other fast food, processed food, and various foods found in restaurants?

Not only that, but the pieces of bread consumed by the westerners also contain a lot of sodium, which may surprise anyone.

However, such high sodium foods are also high in calories. As it is easy to cook and easily available, people have to choose such food. So, if your diet includes chips, snacks, bread, fried food, processed food, restaurant food, etc., understand that you are not only eating salt, you are also increasing the number of calories in the body.

Surprisingly, the relationship between sodium and weight is not limited to this. There are many other things where sodium not only makes people hungry, it also increases their ability to eat food.

Sodium also makes people feel thirsty faster. As a result, people drink a lot of soft drinks, including soda and beer. That's why people at the bar offer free popcorn and pints in front of your table in the hope of consuming more beer or other liquor. So it is not uncommon for a person who eats high-sodium foods to gain weight.

A 2015 study also found that eating a high-sodium diet can lead to weight gain and a larger waist. Besides, other studies have shown a strong link between high sodium consumption and body weight.

Eating high sodium foods can lead to high blood pressure. It also proves that high sodium foods can cause high blood pressure by increasing the amount of water retained in the body.

Various studies and research are being done on how to reduce the amount of sodium in food. But for now, it is important to understand that weight loss can be controlled by reducing sodium intake. Reducing the intake of high sodium foods can also reduce the intake of high-calorie junk food.

For this, it is not necessary to completely ban high sodium foods. Sodium levels can also be controlled by paying close attention to food and reducing the intake of processed foods and junk food. With the help of which blood pressure is reduced and weight is also controlled.

What is leukemia?

What is leukemia?

Leukemia is an early stage of a type of blood cancer. It can be easily treated. But, for that, the disease must have been known at an early stage. If not treated in time, it can be dangerous and even fatal.

How to know

How do you know if your child has leukemia? Because its symptoms are normal, which we do not take seriously. However, from the following things, it can be known that the child is afraid of this disease.

- Repeatedly having the same type of infection

- Very high fever

- Weakening of the child's immune system

-Feeling tired and weak all the time

- Having anemia

- There is a problem of bleeding from nails and gums

- Experiencing pain in the joints

-Swelling different parts of the body

-There are knots in different parts of the body

- Having problems with the liver

- Frequent headaches. Or migraine

- Paralysis means having a stroke

- To be confused about something again and again. That is to be mentally stressed


-Increased skin itching problem

- Having a problem of not feeling hungry

- It takes a long time for any wound to heal

Leukemia spreads rapidly

Early symptoms of leukemia include the flu and other serious illnesses. However, when leukemia spreads rapidly, all the above-mentioned problems start appearing at once. If these problems are ignored, leukemia can spread to other parts of the body. This is why the body begins to swell abnormally. But if the symptoms of leukemia are identified and treated at the right time, there is no risk of blood cancer.

Leukemia is a dangerous disease

Leukemia cells directly affect the blood. Of course, the symptoms of leukemia can be easily detected now. If one ignores it, and leukemia is not treated in time, his life will be only four years at most. This age also depends on the immune system and the type of leukemia.

Risk of disease while benefiting

Risk of disease while benefiting

Now we are the beneficiaries. You have become more interested. You have become fashionable. This has led to many health problems.

Car and motorcycle riders are now suffering from back pain. Because the position they take in bike riding, car driving, is very wrong. Prolonged exposure to such a position is the root of the problem.

In the car, sitting on the bike is the right position. In particular, it is better to sit comfortably in the seat with the spine straight. That doesn't mean you shouldn't bow down. All bending and kneeling should be done in the correct position.

We also sit in the same chair, in the same position for a long time in the office. Sitting like this is affecting our spinal cord as well as the internal organs of the body. We do not change our position as there is no immediate reaction. But, in time, that position starts to cause us problems.

The practice of wearing high heels is widespread now. High heels have become a must in formal wear. This has also led to the problem of back pain. Many now work on laptops. Watching movies, photos, videos, using Facebook is done on the laptop. Sitting in the same position for an hour with a laptop in your lap hurts your back and neck.

This problem is also seen in young children. According to doctors, children are now being brought to the hospital with neck pain. This problem has been seen in children who play games and watch videos on mobile phones and tablets.

Sitting, we feel very normal. But, there is a right position to sit. Often when we sit down, we sit down, bend over, bend over.

However, the backbone should be kept very straight. Due to this, the functioning inside our body can be done better. The heart, kidneys, digestive system, lungs can all work easily. Muscles are not affected. Blood flow is good. Because of this, we don't have any problem.

However, most of us Nepalis, i.e. 90 percent, do not come to life. Whether in an office chair, whether in a car, whether on a bike. Can't sit properly.

People in the army and the army stand in a straight position. The reason for this was not known before. Especially standing and sitting in that kind of position is a health-friendly style.

Our sleeping position is also not good. There is a correct position on how to sleep while sleeping. Sleeping in such a position does not affect blood flow, respiration, digestive process. But, we don't know that way of sleeping.

When we work in the office, we sit in the same position for hours, which brings physical complications. It doesn't matter what position you are in. This mistake can lead to problems later. When a problem arises, it takes a long time to improve. The treatment takes time, money.

No matter where you sit and work, do not sit in the same position for hours. Change position at most one hour. Take a walk around. Feel relaxed. Work comfortably. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Drink enough water. After drinking water, he also gets up to urinate.

Do you exercise When asked, many respond, I work all day, why exercise? . The illusion is that exercise is not necessary after work or physical activity. That is exercise. This is a misconception.

While working, not all parts of our body exercise in a balanced way. On the one hand, there is more pressure. There is stress. So while working, the body does not get the exercise it needs.

Exercise is a systematic action that moves the limbs of the body properly.

The root of the problem of nerve entrapment, bone loss, neck ache, back pain is our bad lifestyle. Our bad habit is sleeping, working. So the natural solution is a lifestyle change. You go to the hospital with the disease, but if you do not change your lifestyle, the process of going to the hospital will continue. That never ends.

So you have to pay attention to how to sleep, how to live, how to work. Don't bend over, don't bend, don't bend. But, you have to know how to bend down, how to bend.

1. Always sit with your back straight.

2. When sitting in a chair, car seat, or anywhere, the back of the hip and knee should fit in the chair.

3. Don't stay in one place for long. Take a break from time to time. Moving the body

4. When riding a car, do not lean too much, but sit straight in the seat. Do not allow the spine to contract even when riding a bike.

5. The position of kneeling, lying on the left side, sleeping on the crotch is not correct.

6. Sitting on your feet can also be fatal to your health.

Not only the lifestyle of today's people but also the nature of the disease has changed. These diseases did not exist in the past. Or the disease that our forefathers did not get is plaguing us.

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How is uric acid?

How is uric acid?

Uric acid is a substance that is released in the body through the metabolism of proteins. Uric acid is made only from nucleic acids and proteins of the purine group. It usually comes out of the urine.

When the kidneys' ability to filter is reduced and uric acid remains, it accumulates in the bones. When the kidneys excrete less uric acid, it also builds up in the blood.

Uric acid levels may also rise temporarily during fasting or rapid weight loss. Also, diabetes medication can be a factor in increasing uric acid.

Initially, there are no signs of increased uric acid. Many people do not even know its symptoms and how to recognize them.

In general, increased uric acid causes joint pain, difficulty getting up and sitting, swollen fingers, and lumps in the joints.

Similarly, there is severe pain, including bruising of the hands and feet. People get tired quickly with uric acid. Besides, kidney problems and difficulty urinating.

Causes of increased uric acid

- Eating and lifestyle changes are the main reason for the increase in uric acid.

Uric acid can also be increased due to drugs taken by diabetics.

-Red meat, seafood, lentils, mushrooms, tomatoes, banda, peas, cheese, ladyfinger, rice, etc. also increase uric acid in the body.

- Protein consumed as food also increases the amount of uric acid in the body.

Excessive exercise and weight loss can also lead to uric acid problems.

Medicines used for high blood pressure, pain killers, and drugs used to treat cancer also increase the amount of uric acid.

Similarly, uric acid can be increased due to heredity, increased iron levels in the body, thyroid problems, kidney failure, obesity, or excessive drinking.

What is the effect?

Causes pain in small joints of the body. If you are over 25 years old and eat a lot of food, you will be at risk of this disease. If you feel pain in the fingers, toes, and joints while sleeping at night, it may be a symptom of uric acid. Uric acid builds up, especially in the bones. This disease affects small joints in the body. There is a pain in the joints.

How to control?

- Consume enough water or liquid food, which excretes more and more uric acid through urine.

- Caution should be exercised in catering. Especially protein foods should not be consumed.

- Foods such as red meat, liver, alcohol, nuts increase the risk of uric acid.

- Take at least 500 grams of vitamin-C in the food you eat every day.

- Exercise regularly. Healthy eating and lifestyle should be adopted.

Taste of tea and biryani cooked on bamboo sticks

Taste of tea and biryani cooked on bamboo sticks

 Have you ever eaten tea cooked in a bamboo gabuwa (dhungro) in a bamboo cup? Not only tea but also biryani cooked on green bamboo can be tasted in Kathmandu. For this, one has to reach Maiti Devi of Kathmandu.

About 100 meters from the white bridge of Maitidevi towards Ratopul, on the right side you will find a bamboo cottage. The cottage, which can accommodate about three dozen customers, has all the structures from chairs to dining tables made of bamboo. Today, the main attraction of this restaurant is the bamboo dishes.

Starting from the taste of biryani cooked in bamboo cows about a year ago, this restaurant is now more famous for its bamboo tea than biryani. Restaurant operator Vivas Kafle says that after being popular on social media, now more than 150 customers come to Bamboo Biryani for tea made of bamboo.

At present, green bamboo for making tea and biryani is being brought from Jhapa on Wednesday. Bamboo cups for drinking tea are also made on Wednesdays.

The long bamboo brought from Jhapa is initially cut into the shape of a 2 feet long cow. Tea leaves, sugar, milk, and water are kept from the hole on the other side of the cow. This is also the way to make biryani. After placing the necessary ingredients, the tea is prepared after baking in the oven for about 5 minutes. For biryani, it takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Once the tea or biryani is made, the cow cannot be reused. So it is burned as firewood in the same furnace. According to Kafle, 4 to 6 cups of tea are made in a cow.

Kafle says that nowadays it costs 5 to 7 times a day to make bamboo tea and biryani.

The path to self-reliance after failing in CIA

Kafle, who has had success in three businesses, does not have a happy past. After entering Kathmandu in 2069 BS, he initially had a dream to study CI He took a basic course in Kathmandu and went to New Delhi, India for further studies.

After repeatedly failing the CE exam, he dropped out of school and returned to Nepal to study commerce. He worked for a living at Bishwajyoti Mall and Putalisadak's Comtech. He then traveled to the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET). He did not last long in NSET. After that, his journey towards self-reliance started from 2073 BS.

He initially started a business called Bhakka House in Old Baneshwor. It was opened in collaboration with his uncle. While doing business, his plan reached Matia House with the suggestions of customers. He says, "A customer who came to eat bhakka has given a plan of matiya."

He says that he has been able to support all three businesses with the loan of Rs 500,000 he had made while opening Bhakka House.

He did not forget Bhakka House when he planned the Matia House. Instead, he planned to take both of them together. Bhakka House and Matia House are still in operation. According to his third plan, Bamboo Biryani was launched in October last year.

How was the plan for 'Bamboo Tea' made?

Kafle wanted to expand his plan. Within the perimeter of Nepali cuisine, he twisted his plan and brought to his mind the cuisine of Indonesian culture. The culture of cooking in bamboo dishes is especially prevalent in Indonesia and China. He tried to introduce the same style in Nepal.

Biryani, a South Indian dish, is found in many parts of Kathmandu. But when it comes to bamboo cooked biryani, his 'bamboo biryani' is evolving as a different brand.

When opening the restaurant, Kafle aimed to make all kinds of Nepali food. But the bamboo biryani slowly overshadowed the other dishes. Eventually, his restaurant became special for bamboo-cooked biryani and tea.

Bamboo biryani, which started in October, was slowly gaining market share. Due to the lockdown that started in April, the business fell to zero again. The pace of Kafle's third business was put on hold by Corona Mahahari.

After the society was gradually returning to New Normal, ‘Bambo Biryani’ had started its service with new dishes last September. The restaurant, which has only bamboo-cooked biryani, has started branding 'bamboo tea' in September.

Recalling plans to expand the brand of bamboo tea, Kafle recalls, "It could have been a cup made of bamboo eyes for drinking tea. But how to cook? At the same time, I remembered the traditional cuisine of Indonesia. It is said to be more profitable than health. So we have a plan to promote this brand. '

Operator Kafle says that many customers are attracted by the cooking of bamboo cows by putting them on a burning fire.

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Let's listen to the child's feelings

Let's listen to the child's feelings

No child can admit that he is weak, that he has lost. However, not all children have the same abilities. You would expect them to be at the forefront of sports, but the child was not interested. Or he may not have tried. So the friend overtook him.

This time you asked them, "Are you only second or third?" Why can't you be the first? '

Does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

The child had already tried to win. At least participated in sports. This was also a positive thing. You don't have to look at his positive side. He also participated in the exam. Tried to write. Some questions could not be resolved. Even now he had tried. You should be happy with what he did.

But, you are upset that your child did not get first in the exam or did not get good marks. You think your child is weaker than others. And, he expressed this sadness to them. It does not inspire or motivate them. Instead, pressure builds.

That is, your expectations become a mental burden or pressure for children. The pressure never makes progress. Instead, it weakens the child's morale. They lose the creative ability. So you have to understand that what you expect from them is just pressure.

You did not allow the child to dress as they wished. He didn't let me go to play with my friends. When he was hungry, he refused to eat. All this puts pressure on the child. Pressure always makes them weak and discouraged.

Your child failed the exam. He could not surpass everyone in sports. So is your child vulnerable?

You think, 'Yes, they are weak.'

You made your children feel weak because you compared them to others. When you get here, you have to keep in mind that no child can be compared to anyone else. Because children are born with their own talents and abilities. They are born with no innate strength. Their interests, desires, goals are determined by the environment in which they grow up, home environment, friends, family culture, etc. This is also improving their skills.

To understand the child. Read their temperament and tendencies. What do they want What are they interested in? Create a conducive environment accordingly.

Don't think of your child as a robot, a human being who does everything remotely according to your remote. You do not create the child according to your interests, but you create the appropriate environment according to the child's interests.

Your child is human. He has also brought some weaknesses in his birth. He can make human error. Don't assume that your baby needs to be perfect. No one in the world is perfect. Even warriors who set out to conquer the world are not perfect. They also have some shortcomings, weaknesses.

So don't forget to dig into your child's shortcomings. Give the child the environment to grow according to their interests and abilities. Give them freedom. Understand their interests and desires.

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Restful sleep and physical health

Restful sleep and physical health

There are so many dreams that you don't want to forget. And, how many dreams are there that make you an interpreter? After seeing such dreams, we try to satisfy ourselves, 'Dreams are dreams after all.'

But, where does our mind easily understand?

Because many stories connected with dreams are rooted in our minds and brains. We have struggled with what a dream looks like and what its fruit is. We consider some dreams as ominous signs. We consider some dreams as auspicious signs. What is a dream?

Of course, there have been many discoveries in this regard. Some have considered it a reflection of the subconscious mind, some have interpreted it as an event-accident connected with the past and the future, some have compared it to a mere mental state.

When we sleep, we dream. Sleep is a state of physical rest. In this state, some parts of our body rest. Dreaming while sleeping like this is not considered good, especially in terms of physical health.

Deep sleep is essential for good physical health. Deep sleep is that in which no dream disturbs us. However, for various reasons, we are unable to get a good night's sleep. Dreaming Why does the dream appear, how does it appear, what is the effect of it? Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

However, now we will focus on why we have nightmares.

Most of us have a good night's sleep. When the eyes blink, nightmares haunt us. The heartbeats. Our sleep opens. Sometimes this kind of situation cannot be considered serious. However, if such a dream constantly disturbs sleep, it causes mental and physical problems.

Is it because of stress or depression that you have nightmares while you are sleeping? There is room for doubt.

One study says, "Depression is the main reason you have nightmares."

Researchers from the University of Finland and the Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare conducted a joint cross-sectional survey in 2007 and 2012. The participants in the survey were in the age group of 25 to 74 years.

Researchers found that 3.9 percent of people had nightmares almost every night for the past 30 days. Of those, 4.8 percent were women and 2.9 percent were men. It found that 28.1 percent of people have such dreams due to depression. Besides, 17.1 percent of people had nightmares due to lack of sleep.

The researchers found that this type of nightmare was caused by insomnia, fatigue, depression, and a negative attitude towards oneself.

So he suggested, "If you want to get a good night's sleep, you need to get rid of stress or depression."

Why drink enough water in winter?

Why drink enough water in winter?

As the cold starts, our food intake increases, but our water intake decreases. Our body is 55 to 75 percent water. The body spends a lot of water in conducting its activities.

For example, breathing day and night consumes about a quarter glass of water. Significant amounts of water are also used to flush out toxins from the body in the form of sweat and urine.

So only repeated water piers can compensate for the water we have used.

Due to the amount of water in the body, people can suffer from constipation, gas, or other problems in winter. So to avoid such problems, you should pay attention to food.

The less fat the human body has, the greater the capacity of the muscles to hold water. Therefore, thinner people have more water in their bodies than obese people.

If the body is less than 10 percent fluid, the risk of dehydration increases in any season. Therefore, it is important to drink water frequently to keep the body healthy, energetic, and to function properly.

Lack of clean drinking water can lead to various diseases. We drink less water in winter because we feel less thirsty. Dehydration is dangerous for health.

So even in winter, we should drink at least 2-3 liters of water or liquids like lemon water, coconut water, green tea lassi, etc.

Our body system is so simple that when the body needs water it informs us that it is thirsty. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Some do not like to drink water. The amount of water in a day depends on our physical structure, way of working, and environment.

The American Institute of Medicine has conducted a study on the adequacy of water for the body. The study suggested that men should drink 3 liters of water a day and women 2.2 liters of water a day.

We don't like to drink water in winter. Although tea, coffee, or other liquids provide some water to the body in winter, it cannot compensate for the loss of water.

Only low-calorie fluids keep the body fit. We think that drinking tea, coffee, or soup instead of drinking cold water in winter compensates for the water, but that alone is not enough. We have to drink enough water.

People are confused about when to drink water and when not to.

Some people say that the digestive system shouldn't drink water half an hour before or half an hour after a meal, while some people say that it is better to drink water in between meals.

The American Chemical Society conducted a study in this regard. According to the study, drinking water before meals has resulted in a weight loss of about 2.5 kg in 3 months.

Studies have shown that water taken before meals helps in consuming 75 to 90 percent fewer calories in food. After eating, food reaches the small intestine.

There, the process of separating the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, etc. in the food begins. In this process, water acts as a proper lubricant.

According to the study, drinking water between meals is very beneficial in food digestion. Similarly, it is not good to drink water while consuming fruits because the acid in the stomach fights with the bacteria of the fruit, thus water reduces the energy and strength of the acid.

Adequate water intake relieves fatigue and stress. As well as keeping people fresh, it also plays a big role in brightening the skin.

Water is a natural nutrient and cleanser. It makes the rough and dandruff-faced face shiny and spotless.

Diseases that afflict in winter

Diseases that afflict in winter

There are many health problems in winter. For example, cold, joint pain, asthma. At this time, the risk of heart disease also increases. Similarly, winter can lead to depression in some people. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the physical problems that occur in winter and to take the necessary precautions in this regard.

Heart attack

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about winter. As the temperature drops, the arteries that bleed become narrower. This makes it harder for the heart to pump blood.

According to experts, people over the age of 30 should not be too tired in cold weather. Instead of going for a walk on a cold morning, go to a sunny place.

Asthma attacks

If you have asthma, you may know that your asthma increases a lot during the winter. In this way, cold and dry air tightens the airways and makes breathing worse.

So making some changes in your lifestyle in winter can definitely be helpful. Keep your home smoke-free as it makes it very difficult for asthma sufferers. Also, wash your bed at least once a year.

Itchy skin

One of the most common problems people face in cold weather is itchy skin. The skin starts itching due to low humidity in cold weather.

You can massage the skin with almond, coconut, or olive oil to prevent itching. Also, avoid eating greasy street food. You can also drink Sakhkar tea to get rid of the problem of itchy skin.

Joint pain

Many people suffer from joint pain in winter. The first step in relieving joint pain is to keep yourself and your feet warm.

So instead of wearing one warm cloth, wear two or three thin cloths. Exercise should be done to avoid joint pain and muscle pain during cold weather. Another way to get rid of joint pain is to bask in the sun for a while.


Headaches, runny noses, and colds are common problems. The problem of sinusitis occurs when the house is closed and there is no proper ventilation.

You need to get enough rest to stay away from sinusitis in this season. Also, eat healthily, avoid colds, and drink plenty of fluids. Also, stay away from dust.

Hand in hand with nature: Life is happy and healthy

Hand in hand with nature: Life is happy and healthy

The body is amazing. It is a beautiful creation of nature. And, it is an advanced form emanating from the soil. Like a beautiful plant, a sparkling flower, a succulent fruit growing from the soil. Likewise, the body is made of clay.

The body that grows in the soil becomes a cat in the soil. If we realize this, we will not keep disorders like ego, pride, greed, anger in this holy body. But, being unaware of the anatomy of the body, we defile the body by storing these disorders. We pollute.

Just as polluting the atmosphere causes many problems, so polluted emotions inside the body make the body sick and chronic. Most of the diseases that have spread in the modern lifestyle have grown inside our bodies.

There is immense power within the body. There is an amazing beauty. But, we never enter the body. We neglect our bodies in the cycle of external pleasures. We eat what we need or not. We enjoy an unnatural lifestyle. In this way, we despise our own bodies. Insult What is the result?

Many diseases, sufferings, pains are added to the body.

 "Living with a sick body is not life, it is just a state of pain."

Yoga-science has called living with a sick body 'committing suicide in installments'. Therefore, living a sick or painful life is a punishment in itself. Is torture You don't have to go into custody for torture. We are living a torturous life even in the comfort of our own home.

Therefore, to live a happy, energetic, happy life free from such pain and torture, we must be one with nature. It should be uniform with the soil. The more we become alienated from nature, the more pain we have to endure.

Play in the soil, wander in the forest, eat the fruits and grains given by nature. Nature produces various fruits, grains, etc. at the right time to keep our bodies balanced and healthy. But, we go against nature.

We try to grow the fruits that nature grows. We try to eat the food given by nature by roasting, cooking, and frying. We clear the forest and decorate the house with artificial plastic flowers. Thus, while being detached from nature, we are falling into the swamp of disease.

Monday, January 18, 2021

How does blood flow properly in the body?

How does blood flow properly in the body?

To keep the body healthy, a person's blood flow must be at the right level. Not only sound oxygen but his alertness and dedication to are most required. Blood carries essential nutrients as well as oxygen to the body.

As soon as there is any damage to the blood cells, there is also damage to the blood flow. Which can be harmful to all parts of the body. But such problems can also be treated with natural remedies at home.

Physical exercise

Exercise regularly to stay physically healthy. Regular yoga, sports, and badminton cure heart disease as well as improve the blood flow in the body. The faster the blood is pumped from the heart, the better the blood flow.

Eat a balanced diet

Whatever type of food we eat has a direct effect on the body. So we should always eat a balanced diet. Eating a diet rich in nutrients like fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and C eliminates the disorder in the blood cells of the body.

Adequate water intake

Our body is 70 percent full of water. When there is a lack of water in the body, along with feeling thirsty, the concentration of blood also decreases. So you should consume as much water as possible. An adequate amount of water should be consumed for oxygen to flow in the body.

Don't smoke

Smoking is harmful to health. Its consumption can cause many problems. To maintain blood circulation, you need to quit smoking. Smoking tightens blood cells. This can cause problems with blood flow. So quit smoking.

Limit salt intake

The main cause of high or low blood pressure is due to salt. Excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. Consuming a limited amount of salt has a positive effect on blood cells and also regulates blood flow.

When the stomach is upset

When the stomach is upset

The digestive system converts food into energy. We can walk, walk, play, jump, jump, work. If the digestive system is bad, we cannot stay healthy and fit.

When the digestive system is not healthy, stomach ache, vomiting, gastric, and epilepsy usually occur. But, this alone is not enough. Frequent stomach problems can cause serious illness in the body.

Body odor

When our digestive system is bad. Or does not touch the food. Then toxins accumulate in the body. No matter how you know it, the body stinks. Sweat or any part of the body smells bad. From this, it should be understood that the digestive system is bad.

Skin problems

As the digestive system weakens, so does the skin. There are various skin problems. If the digestive system is good, the skin will glow, there will be no blemishes, there will be no rash However, when the digestive system is damaged, these problems appear at once.

Bad breath

Bad breath is a common problem. Mouth odor is caused by not cleaning the mouth and teeth properly. However, stomach problems also cause bad breath. If there is bad breath even after brushing or cleaning the mouth, the stomach is bad.

Hair loss

There are many causes of hair loss. But, one of them is also stomach upset. When the digestive system is bad, the body lacks essential nutrients. It also affects the hair.

Nails become weak

If the digestive system is bad for a long time, it affects the body as well as the nails. When the digestive tract is damaged, body waste cannot be excreted. This causes some problems. One of them is breaking nails and becoming weak.

How to keep the digestive system healthy?

To keep the digestive system healthy, one should pay attention to food and lifestyle. If the digestive system is strong, all the food eaten is well digested. The body absorbs the nutrients in these foods. The body is healthy and fit.

To keep the digestive system healthy and strong, one should pay attention to food. Eating too much is not good for the digestive system. That is, spices used, fried in oil, meat-based, dairy products become a burden for the stomach. Processed foods are also not good for the stomach. Such foods should be controlled. Digestive food should be consumed. Fiber-rich foods like vegetables, radishes, fruits keep the stomach clean. Strengthens

Similarly, to strengthen the digestive system, the body must be kept active. Some exercises and yogasanas directly affect the digestive system.

- Let's eat only at the right time according to the eating schedule. The habit of eating at any time affects the digestive system.

- Food should be eaten only as much as the body needs. Eating junk food makes your stomach heavy.

- Sit comfortably while eating. Stay in the right posture. This helps your digestive system to function properly.

- Stimulate the digestive fire. That is, take a piece of ginger and mix lemon juice in it. Add a little salt. It is easily digested no matter how rich and heavy you eat.

-According to Ayurveda, the proper and regular routine should be followed to keep the digestive system healthy. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be done at the right time.

-Do not sleep immediately after dinner. Have a light meal at night. Eat nutritious food in the morning.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Aren't you becoming a 'net patient'?

Aren't you becoming a 'net patient'?

Many people now go to the Internet for treatment according to their symptoms and go to the hospital for treatment. They believe more in what they find on the Internet than in consulting a doctor.

In the report, a doctor said, "Some people have been saying that I have cancer. Even doctors don't use the word cancer until they are convinced. '

Today, everyone uses the Internet to learn about the effects and uses of any medicine. No matter what field of the profession they are in, they do not consider themselves inferior to doctors.

The doctor said, "Once my sick relative called and angrily asked, 'Why did you prescribe this medicine?' He worked at the World Bank. He said that it is written on the internet as an anti-depressant drug. I'm not depressed. I reminded her that this medicine is not only anti-depressant but also has other benefits. But, you can't know everything about it by reading on the internet. '

If you search the internet for 'symptoms of brain tumor', it can cause symptoms like headache, vomiting, fainting, and insomnia. Some of the symptoms are similar to other diseases. Similarly, if you search for headaches, you will find many articles, what are the diseases related to headaches. This makes the patient more confused.

A psychiatrist says, ‘If a person searches Google according to his symptoms, he will find another disease that matches his symptoms. Symptoms of common to serious diseases are given on the internet. People are afraid that their symptoms will be associated with a serious illness. '

It increases the negative emotions in their minds. Some patients find information on the Internet about the medication they are taking and read about its side effects. Also, spend money on unnecessary tests. On the one hand, they are mentally harassed and on the other hand, seeking treatment is a waste of time and money.

There is a scene in the Hindi film Three Idiots after watching the video. This kind of practice is not complete in itself. Now, after watching the video, some people adopt the treatment method, which does not give good results.

Doctors say it is objectionable to have surgery after watching the video. Even physicians who have participated in many surgeries are very careful and cautious before performing the operation. Because this is not a normal job.

The sensitivity of any information given on the internet should be taken into consideration while following it in practical life.

Now the question arises, is it wrong to seek treatment for the disease on the internet? Shouldn't such a thing be done?

It is not advisable to seek any treatment or medicine according to the information available on the internet. Because physicians have studied the subject for many years. Information is acquired. Are experienced. So doctors are more reliable than the Internet.

According to doctors, those who seek treatment on the Internet are called 'Net Patients' or 'Google Doctors'.

You don't have to rely on the internet. However, you should not rely on the internet for sensitive issues. Even if you can get general information, you should not make the mistake of taking medicine and treatment based on it. Also, it is not appropriate to resort to the internet to find the disease according to your symptoms. This can lead to unnecessary stress.

Let's use the kitchen as a hospital and the food as medicine

Let's use the kitchen as a hospital and the food as medicine

Covid 19 weakens the human body's ability to fight disease. Covid-19 not only weakens the immune system but also promotes global food insecurity. Food experts say. "Unhealthy eating has led to an increase in malnutrition and an increase in the number of food-related illnesses," he said. The need to invest has increased.

The famous Greek physician Hippocrates described the food as follows: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Are paying attention to what is beneficial for.

Research has confirmed which countries were most affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic and their eating habits also affected the spread of the disease, sparking further debate about food. Even farmers can produce easily. With this in mind, we need to focus on crop production and marketing and reset our food system. Adequate attention needs to be paid to these two things, food and nutrition.

Science has confirmed that more nutritious and quality food has medicinal properties that help protect human health from disease. The Kovid-19 epidemic is causing our food system to fail. We need to work in different ways to strengthen the failed food system. We must now reconsider farming and launch a campaign to plant nutritious crops. The first step is to introduce such foods and establish them in the minds of everyone.

This is even more relevant in the case of Nepal. A food-dependent country like ours should be able to manage a vibrant food system in its own country that will improve the health of the people, help increase disease resistance and prevent the country from falling prey to food dependence. This is a great opportunity for Covid-19 to create this kind of strategy. In our country, there are ample possibilities to produce healthy food with medicinal properties quickly and cheaply. Due to our eating habits, these crops were being overshadowed and their production was declining. The state did not pay attention to research and development and we became more and more dependent on food.

It is important to cultivate the food crops that can be produced following the geographical environment of Nepal by identifying them well. Uva, Barley, Kodo, Fapar, Chino Caguno, Junello are the crops that are highly nutritious and have health benefits. These crops are ideal for small and medium-scale farmers.

There is a close relationship between our bodies and food. We need to pay more attention to this and work together to formulate effective policies to address the issue of food. Policies to promote multi-sectoral coordination among agriculture, health, and food stakeholders to promote healthy food. The mindset of the builders needs to change. We know that good food is the key to a long and healthy life. Multinational organizations such as the European Union and the World Health Organization must work to make good food a social responsibility.

According to the United Nations, about 6 million people, or eight percent of the world's population, were malnourished in 2019. If this trend continues, this number may increase to more than eight million in the coming years. Guterres, chief executive of the World Health Organization, said. Countries must develop programs that standardize food and nutrition services, implement conservation programs for those working in the sector, prioritize food supply chains, and strengthen the social security of young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly, and other at-risk groups. He has advocated for the transformation of the food system for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

The kitchen is like a home hospital. Food prepared in the kitchen determines our health. We need to promote good food. What we are eating now is hurting us.

Winter Drinks: Delicious milk and sugar

Winter Drinks: Delicious milk and sugar

Milk is delicious in itself. Some add sugar to make it more palatable. They mix honey. The best rule is to mix sugar in the milk. Thus, milk mixed with sugar contains a large amount of sucrose, glucose, mineral liquid, and water. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and copper. Eating sugar with hot milk is beneficial in many ways.

Eating Zakhar relieves joint pain. For this, a small piece of sugarcane should be eaten mixed with raw turmeric and hot milk should be drunk along with it. Colds and coughs are common in winter. In this case, the consumption of sugarcane milk is very beneficial. Doctors and nutritionists recommend not eating too much sugar. But they say that the sweetness of sugarcane is very beneficial for health.

Asthma sufferers suffer a lot in cold weather. Lack of oxygen in the air and increasing pollution cause coughing and sneezing, making it difficult to breathe. In this case, to keep the body warm and to get rid of the phlegm, let's mix sugar in milk and drink it daily. Consumption of milk and sugar cleanses the blood. Drinking does not cause anemia and fatigue in the body.

Other benefits

To get rid of the pain of menstruation every time a woman should consume Zakhar with hot milk. For this, let's take one teaspoon of Sakhkar daily from one week before the start of menstruation.

If you have a problem with insomnia, you should drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed. It helps you to fall asleep faster and also gives energy to your body.

Consumption of hot milk and sugar softens the skin and also removes skin related problems. Hair is also strong and shiny. People with constipation have a tendency to eat it mixed with milk. It also improves the digestive process.

Pregnant women are advised to drink milk mixed with sugar to relieve fatigue and weakness after delivery. It also increases breast milk and keeps the body warm.

Both milk and sugar contain a sufficient amount of calcium. It protects against bone diseases such as osteoporosis or age-related joint pain. So every day you should eat a small piece of sugarcane mixed with ginger and drink hot water. The many minerals iron and calcium in sugar and milk strengthen muscles and joints.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Does being happy increase the body's resistance to disease?

Does being happy increase the body's resistance to disease?

We get more satisfaction from anything only when our body is in good condition. When the body is not well, no matter how sweet the food is, no matter how good the place is. This means that the body must be healthy for us to enjoy life to the fullest.

How is the body healthy?

For this, we must have strong immunity. There are many rules to strengthen the immune system. One of them is a simple rule, happiness.

Being happy both externally and internally can keep you healthy for a long time. It is very important to be happy to live a good life. When our body's ability to fight disease is reduced, various diseases occur.

So it is very important to be happy to boost the immune system. Many things around us control our happiness and stress. According to which our body reacts. To stay healthy and happy, it is very important to stay emotionally healthy. Even if mental health is not good, it harms the body. So it is important to take care of what is happening in our lives.

1. Health effects of positive thinking

Positive thinking is very important in life. When negative things are around, you also start to be negative. So try to keep the surrounding environment positive. Which helps to keep the body healthy and happy.

2. Happiness boosts the immune system

When you are happy, your body gets energy. So it is very important to be happy to improve the immune system.

3. Laugh a lot

Laughing out loud reduces stress and boosts the body's immune system. Laughter improves blood circulation in the body. As a result, the production of stress hormones in the body is reduced.

4. Exercise

Most people do not like to exercise. But when we exercise, our body produces a hormone called endorphins. Which improves our mood. And stress and anxiety are reduced. Swimming, cycling, and skipping are good for boosting immunity.

5. Sleep

Sleep calms the mind. A good night's sleep relaxes the body and relieves stress by forgetting the fatigue of the day. So you need enough sleep to improve your immune system.

6. Dance

Regular dancing makes you physically healthy. Besides, our body's immune system is strong. Dancing makes our body feel happy and reduces calories in the body.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Skin problems and treatment methods

Skin problems and treatment methods

Skin is the outer layer of the body, which needs to be healthy and beautiful. However, the skin is also the part most affected by external infections. There are many skin problems. We are also looking for diagnoses for such problems. However, it has not been effectively diagnosed.

Skin diseases and skin diseases are not the only causes. The effects of internal diseases of the body are also seen on the skin. If there are problems in the heart, kidneys, intestines, stomach, etc., its effect is also seen on the skin. So skin is also an indicator, indicating the disease of the body.

If the skin is healthy, radiant, and soft, then it should be understood that the health is good. However, if any infection, blemishes, etc. are seen on the skin, there may be some problem.

There are differences in the symptoms and severity of skin diseases. It is temporary and permanent. It hurts and it doesn't hurt. In some cases, it may be genetic. Sometimes skin disorders can be very subtle, which can be life-threatening.

We cannot ignore the seriousness of skin disease. If you have any of these problems, you must seek treatment.

Skin and skin type

- Rough skin

- Oily skin

-Chicken Pucks

- Eczema

-Rosacea (reddening of the face)

- Seborrheic dermatitis

- Skin diseases

- White spot


-Skin cancer

- Mole




- Screaming


What are the symptoms?

- Red or white spots appear

- Itchy skin

- Skin peeling

- Ulcers

- To be dry or rough

- Deterioration of skin color

Why do skin infections occur?

1. Pores of the skin, bacteria in the hair

2. Microorganisms in the skin

3. Virus

4. Weakness of the immune system

5. Exposure to an allergen or another person's infected skin

6. Genetic factors

7. Diseases affecting the thyroid, immune system, kidney, and other body systems

Skin infections

1. Bacterial skin infections - These infections occur when the skin enters the body through a wound.

2. Skin infections caused by viruses - The most common viruses occur in three groups. Poxvirus, Human Papillomavirus, Herpes Virus.

3. Fungal Infections - The body's chemicals and lifestyle cause fungal infections.

Take precautions

1. Wash hands with soap and warm water. That is, special care should be taken in hand hygiene.

2. Don't share eating and drinking with others.

3. People with skin infections should not be in direct contact with them.

4. Clean public places, such as gym equipment, before using.

5. Do not share personal belongings, such as blankets, swimsuits, etc. with another person.

6. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

7. Drink enough water.

8. Avoid excessive physical and emotional stress.

9. Let's have a nutritious diet.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Keratin treatment to make hair healthy

Keratin treatment to make hair healthy

Hair is one of the most important parts of beauty. Strong, soft, long, and thick hair is the standard of beauty. In this age of fashion and glamor, the beauty of hair has a special effect on the overall personality. That is why attention has been paid to the proper decoration from hair care.

Haircuts are not just enough to make your hair look attractive, but many other things come along as well. How to strengthen hair? What color to decorate? How to design? These alone are not enough. It is important to style your hair according to your face or overall body. For this, it is important to understand how to style your hair according to your personality. And, in today's world, there is a growing awareness of hair. There are also many facilities now. Hair can be made to suit your taste.

Also, you need to know how to make your hair naturally attractive. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. A good alternative to this is keratin treatment.

What is a keratin treatment?

Keratin is the uppermost layer of our scalp. There are two types of keratin, one is alpha protein and the other is beta keratin. The keratin that is in our skin or hair is called alpha keratin. In keratin treatment, the hair is temporarily straightened. It contains a keratin solution that reaches the inside of the hair. Then a flat iron is used to straighten the hair.

It makes hair naturally strong, soft, thick, and healthy.

Who should do it?

Anyone can do keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is essential for everyone to keep their hair healthy.

Where to do

Keratin treatment can also be done at home. However, it is more effective if it is done by an expert or an expert in related work. So you can go to a reliable parlor and get the keratin treatment. It should be noted that many parlors are open for keratin treatment. But, you have to be able to find a place to treat it properly.

What are the benefits?

Keratin treatment provides essential nutrients to the hair. The keratin in our hair is being destroyed due to various reasons. As the keratin is destroyed, the hair becomes coarse. Therefore, it should be returned naturally from keratin treatment. Keratin makes hair healthy and soft.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Sleep is a medicine

Sleep is a medicine

As much as food and exercise are necessary for a healthy life, so is sleep. It is said that for a healthy life, one should get 7 or 8 hours of sleep daily. Children should sleep longer than this according to their age. Adults must get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep should be deep. To get a good night's sleep, you need to be mentally and physically fit. The bed, the environment, the position, etc. can also affect our sleep.

Light exercise, pranayama before going to bed is said to be beneficial for a good night's sleep. The process of deep breathing and exhalation is also very beneficial.

According to architecture, it is better to sleep with the head facing east or north. Sleeping position and the earth's magnetic field also affect our health. You should not keep a very high pillow while sleeping. Sleeping on the left side is good for your health. Of course, we do not sleep in the same position all night. However, to sleep, when you lie down on the bed, you should lie on your left side. Why so

This makes it easier to digest food in the stomach and esophagus. When sleeping in this position, the pancreas properly releases enzymes to digest food. It digests food eaten at night. Those who have indigestion, upset stomach, they should lie down on the left side. The function of the liver is to extract bile juice, which helps digestion in the gallbladder. This action is done while lying on the left side. Because of this, fat is digested well. Fat does not accumulate in the liver.

Sleeping on the left side also relaxes the short and long intestines. This prevents constipation. After defecating in the morning, the stomach is cleansed. When you lie down on your left side, the toxins and disorders accumulated in the body are slowly released. Leaning to the left does not affect the liver and digestive system, food is well digested. When food is well digested, it does not cause many diseases. Sleeping on the left side does not put pressure on the heart. Because at this time the supply of blood from the heart is very large. When the heart is healthy, the supply of blood and oxygen is easy. It makes the body healthy.

In this way, the body's waste products are excreted by the liver and kidneys. So it should not be too much pressure while sleeping. Sleeping on the left side corrects the stomach, relieves fatigue, does not cause bloating and other problems of the body. Sleeping on the right side affects the body.

Yoga for the mental and physical health of children

Yoga for the mental and physical health of children

There are many types of yoga. The method of yoga, its benefits are also different. Children and adolescents can practice special types of yoga. Especially from the yoga they do, you can learn how to increase your intellectual capacity and improve your mental health.

In fact, the age to do yoga is in childhood. The body becomes flexible in childhood and adolescence. There is no complicated disease. Chronic illness is not caught. At this age, we have immense energy. So at this time, we can do any kind of yoga practice. You can also perfect yourself in so-called complex yogas.

Tomorrow when we become adults. You get old. At that time, due to some diseases and physical conditions, we could not practice many types of yoga. If you start doing it now, you can do that kind of practice for the rest of your life.

Yoga is one of the best methods of proper body exercise. Yoga is useful for making the body naturally strong, fit, and healthy. But, it not only makes us physically healthy, but it also makes us mentally strong. Yoga is useful for the purification of the body and mind.

Some yoga methods keep the brain healthy. Increases memory capacity. So when the body is strong, healthy, we are still mentally healthy. When the body is sick, problematic, then we can't accept many things even if we want to. Can't remember

So in this time of leisure, we can devote ourselves to yoga. There are natural methods like yoga, meditation, pranayama, which make us healthy, fit as well as positive, and happy.

For physical health

Yoga plays an important role in the physical development of a child. It makes their body flexible, agile, and strong. Yoga is important to keep fit and fine from childhood.

Increases concentration

Yoga removes disorders of the body. Blood flow is smooth. When the body is healthy, children are also mentally healthy. Similarly, yoga and meditation help to increase concentration in the brain and mind. As a result, they can easily recall what they read.

To increase the ability to fight the disease

Regular yoga also boosts a child's immune system. Because yoga makes internal organs naturally strong and healthy. As a result, external diseases cannot attack.

The first step in learning yoga is to set your own time. It is best to do yoga, especially in the morning. Yoga can also be done in the evening. You can also do yoga in the afternoon by combining your free time. That is, there is no set time for yoga. Morning is considered the best time.