Thursday, January 28, 2021

Nine things that should always be kept secret

Nine things that should always be kept secret

आयुर्वित्तं गृहच्छिद्रं मन्त्रमैथुनभेषजम्।

दानामानापमानं च नवैतानि सुगोपयेत् ।।

Namely, age, wealth, house secret, guru mantra, sex, charity, honor, humiliation, and medicine, these nine things should always be kept secret.

Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, was also a great politician. The teachings of Shukracharya, who learned the art of resuscitation to save the dead by making Lord Shiva his teacher, are famous as eucalyptus. He has composed many scriptures.

In one verse of Shukraniti, 9 such wells are mentioned which should be kept hidden in every situation or in every situation. What are those nine things?


People should not tell anyone about their age. The better the age, the better. If the enemy finds out about the age, they will harm you by waiting for a suitable opportunity, so you should not tell your age anyone.


Wealth and money bring happiness and prosperity in life but in some cases, this money becomes the cause of misery. The fewer people know about their property, the better. Otherwise, some people with wrong intentions may get the needle of money and by doing many tricks first, they can even cause a great loss after making friends. Therefore, you should not give information about your property to others.

The secret of the house

Don't tell others the secrets of your home. If others find out about the architectural defects of the house and other domestic disputes, the opponent can take unfair advantage of it. If others are told, the fruit of home peace will not be obtained.


Some people worship and chant regularly to gain God's favor. For this, initiation is also taken. You should not tell anyone the mantra you are chanting. It is said that one who can keep his worship and mantras secret gets the fruits of his good deeds.


Don't tell others about sex or sex life. Keeping sex life secret is considered good in every way. If a third party finds out about the relationship between the two people, he can take undue advantage of it. If others find out about this, it will become a problem or a matter of shame for them.


Charity is a good deed that is as fruitful as it can be kept secret. A person who makes a showy gift for the sake of gaining praise from others or to perfect himself in front of other people, all the good deeds are done by him before they are destroyed.


Some people have a habit of showing their respect to others. This habit is not beneficial for any human being. Demonstrating self-esteem in front of others can lead to self-loathing. Because of such habits, others may try to distance themselves or try to do so.


If you have ever been insulted by someone, you should always keep it a secret from everyone. If you tell such things to others, you will hurt yourself. If others find out about this, they will stop respecting themselves and make fun of themselves.


Medicine means the person or doctor who administers the medicine. Your doctor also knows some personal things. In this case, if the enemy finds out about the person who is treating them, they can try to harm themselves by contacting them or seeking help. Therefore, the information of the doctor treating you should not be given to others.

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