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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sisnu business in Kathmandu: Sisnu used for everything from torture to medicine is no longer easy to find | Has covid-19 started to increase again around the world? Worry that the infection will increase in winter

Sisnu business in Kathmandu: Sisnu used for everything from torture to medicine is no longer easy to find

A woman selling silk near the Buddhist stupa complex in Kathmandu. She said that she sold sisnu, which is considered useful for sugar/pressure, for 50 rupees.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Food is medicine

Food is medicine

Natural medicine is the art of managing the routine from waking up in the morning to going to bed. Eating a balanced diet, taking regular baths, and managing anxiety and stress are among the many aspects of naturopathy.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Blood Donation: How Beneficial?

Blood Donation: How Beneficial?

'Blood donation'. The easiest thing we can do for philanthropy is to keep our bodies intact, donating blood. It is also called 'Mahadan'. Because when we donate blood, it can give new life to other patients. One unit of blood can save someone's life.

However, people are not as aware of the importance and necessity of donating blood. Blood donation campaigns are run in different places, but people are not ready to donate blood. One of the reasons for this is people's misconception about blood donation.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Why is Ashtanga Ayurveda important?

Why is Ashtanga Ayurveda important?

Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. It is believed that Ayurveda has inspired all the medical systems that have been developed in the world. Most people now believe in Ayurveda because of its ability to eradicate any disease.

Ayurvedic medicine is divided into eight different parts according to its subject matter. The combined form of these eight parts is called 'Ashtanga Ayurveda'. Let's go into detail about each of these branches.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

How to get rid of insomnia?

How to get rid of insomnia?

Balanced food, clean water, fresh air is indispensable, even deep sleep. Doctors call it medicine. That is, taking a deep sleep is also an indicator of a healthy body.

When sleep is disturbed, health problems begin. Insomnia is a problem in itself, which causes other problems. It causes high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, restlessness, and other diseases.

How to get rid of insomnia? There are some simple methods.

Eat fast food in the evening

Sleep experts and medical researchers often emphasize that dinner should be eaten an hour and a half before going to bed. Otherwise, indigestion may occur. Indigestion is the main cause of insomnia.

Change your bed

Uncomfortable pillows or mattresses can also impair your sleep. It can force you to get up all night and move around. It can cause muscle strain, nausea, body aches, and long-term damage to the body. You can sleep happily only if the bed is comfortable.

Sleeping place

Do not place work-related items, mobiles, or other recreational items in your sleeping area. Declare a special place a 'comfort zone' and arrange for a good night's sleep, such as scented candles, concentrating music, and the constant sound of rain. Doing so gives your mind the peace it needs and allows you to sleep comfortably.

To seek advice

When we are busy with our work all the time and then when we are alone we do not get sleep due to anxiety and anxiety.

When insomnia and restlessness go hand in hand, it is difficult to tell the difference. So while we have time for our worries and anxieties, we should tell this to a close friend who can help us and that can solve the problem of insomnia in time.

Physical labor or exercise

A tired body needs rest. You can sleep comfortably if you work hard for at least an hour a day, do regular yoga or exercise, get into the habit of walking for a while at work, and ensure light handwork.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Nine things that should always be kept secret

Nine things that should always be kept secret

आयुर्वित्तं गृहच्छिद्रं मन्त्रमैथुनभेषजम्।

दानामानापमानं च नवैतानि सुगोपयेत् ।।

Namely, age, wealth, house secret, guru mantra, sex, charity, honor, humiliation, and medicine, these nine things should always be kept secret.

Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, was also a great politician. The teachings of Shukracharya, who learned the art of resuscitation to save the dead by making Lord Shiva his teacher, are famous as eucalyptus. He has composed many scriptures.

In one verse of Shukraniti, 9 such wells are mentioned which should be kept hidden in every situation or in every situation. What are those nine things?


People should not tell anyone about their age. The better the age, the better. If the enemy finds out about the age, they will harm you by waiting for a suitable opportunity, so you should not tell your age anyone.


Wealth and money bring happiness and prosperity in life but in some cases, this money becomes the cause of misery. The fewer people know about their property, the better. Otherwise, some people with wrong intentions may get the needle of money and by doing many tricks first, they can even cause a great loss after making friends. Therefore, you should not give information about your property to others.

The secret of the house

Don't tell others the secrets of your home. If others find out about the architectural defects of the house and other domestic disputes, the opponent can take unfair advantage of it. If others are told, the fruit of home peace will not be obtained.


Some people worship and chant regularly to gain God's favor. For this, initiation is also taken. You should not tell anyone the mantra you are chanting. It is said that one who can keep his worship and mantras secret gets the fruits of his good deeds.


Don't tell others about sex or sex life. Keeping sex life secret is considered good in every way. If a third party finds out about the relationship between the two people, he can take undue advantage of it. If others find out about this, it will become a problem or a matter of shame for them.


Charity is a good deed that is as fruitful as it can be kept secret. A person who makes a showy gift for the sake of gaining praise from others or to perfect himself in front of other people, all the good deeds are done by him before they are destroyed.


Some people have a habit of showing their respect to others. This habit is not beneficial for any human being. Demonstrating self-esteem in front of others can lead to self-loathing. Because of such habits, others may try to distance themselves or try to do so.


If you have ever been insulted by someone, you should always keep it a secret from everyone. If you tell such things to others, you will hurt yourself. If others find out about this, they will stop respecting themselves and make fun of themselves.


Medicine means the person or doctor who administers the medicine. Your doctor also knows some personal things. In this case, if the enemy finds out about the person who is treating them, they can try to harm themselves by contacting them or seeking help. Therefore, the information of the doctor treating you should not be given to others.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Let's use the kitchen as a hospital and the food as medicine

Let's use the kitchen as a hospital and the food as medicine

Covid 19 weakens the human body's ability to fight disease. Covid-19 not only weakens the immune system but also promotes global food insecurity. Food experts say. "Unhealthy eating has led to an increase in malnutrition and an increase in the number of food-related illnesses," he said. The need to invest has increased.

The famous Greek physician Hippocrates described the food as follows: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Are paying attention to what is beneficial for.

Research has confirmed which countries were most affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic and their eating habits also affected the spread of the disease, sparking further debate about food. Even farmers can produce easily. With this in mind, we need to focus on crop production and marketing and reset our food system. Adequate attention needs to be paid to these two things, food and nutrition.

Science has confirmed that more nutritious and quality food has medicinal properties that help protect human health from disease. The Kovid-19 epidemic is causing our food system to fail. We need to work in different ways to strengthen the failed food system. We must now reconsider farming and launch a campaign to plant nutritious crops. The first step is to introduce such foods and establish them in the minds of everyone.

This is even more relevant in the case of Nepal. A food-dependent country like ours should be able to manage a vibrant food system in its own country that will improve the health of the people, help increase disease resistance and prevent the country from falling prey to food dependence. This is a great opportunity for Covid-19 to create this kind of strategy. In our country, there are ample possibilities to produce healthy food with medicinal properties quickly and cheaply. Due to our eating habits, these crops were being overshadowed and their production was declining. The state did not pay attention to research and development and we became more and more dependent on food.

It is important to cultivate the food crops that can be produced following the geographical environment of Nepal by identifying them well. Uva, Barley, Kodo, Fapar, Chino Caguno, Junello are the crops that are highly nutritious and have health benefits. These crops are ideal for small and medium-scale farmers.

There is a close relationship between our bodies and food. We need to pay more attention to this and work together to formulate effective policies to address the issue of food. Policies to promote multi-sectoral coordination among agriculture, health, and food stakeholders to promote healthy food. The mindset of the builders needs to change. We know that good food is the key to a long and healthy life. Multinational organizations such as the European Union and the World Health Organization must work to make good food a social responsibility.

According to the United Nations, about 6 million people, or eight percent of the world's population, were malnourished in 2019. If this trend continues, this number may increase to more than eight million in the coming years. Guterres, chief executive of the World Health Organization, said. Countries must develop programs that standardize food and nutrition services, implement conservation programs for those working in the sector, prioritize food supply chains, and strengthen the social security of young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly, and other at-risk groups. He has advocated for the transformation of the food system for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

The kitchen is like a home hospital. Food prepared in the kitchen determines our health. We need to promote good food. What we are eating now is hurting us.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Sleep is a medicine

Sleep is a medicine

As much as food and exercise are necessary for a healthy life, so is sleep. It is said that for a healthy life, one should get 7 or 8 hours of sleep daily. Children should sleep longer than this according to their age. Adults must get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep should be deep. To get a good night's sleep, you need to be mentally and physically fit. The bed, the environment, the position, etc. can also affect our sleep.

Light exercise, pranayama before going to bed is said to be beneficial for a good night's sleep. The process of deep breathing and exhalation is also very beneficial.

According to architecture, it is better to sleep with the head facing east or north. Sleeping position and the earth's magnetic field also affect our health. You should not keep a very high pillow while sleeping. Sleeping on the left side is good for your health. Of course, we do not sleep in the same position all night. However, to sleep, when you lie down on the bed, you should lie on your left side. Why so

This makes it easier to digest food in the stomach and esophagus. When sleeping in this position, the pancreas properly releases enzymes to digest food. It digests food eaten at night. Those who have indigestion, upset stomach, they should lie down on the left side. The function of the liver is to extract bile juice, which helps digestion in the gallbladder. This action is done while lying on the left side. Because of this, fat is digested well. Fat does not accumulate in the liver.

Sleeping on the left side also relaxes the short and long intestines. This prevents constipation. After defecating in the morning, the stomach is cleansed. When you lie down on your left side, the toxins and disorders accumulated in the body are slowly released. Leaning to the left does not affect the liver and digestive system, food is well digested. When food is well digested, it does not cause many diseases. Sleeping on the left side does not put pressure on the heart. Because at this time the supply of blood from the heart is very large. When the heart is healthy, the supply of blood and oxygen is easy. It makes the body healthy.

In this way, the body's waste products are excreted by the liver and kidneys. So it should not be too much pressure while sleeping. Sleeping on the left side corrects the stomach, relieves fatigue, does not cause bloating and other problems of the body. Sleeping on the right side affects the body.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Who is afraid of a heart attack?

Who is afraid of a heart attack?

Many now have high blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol problems. These problems increase the risk of a heart attack.

However, winter weather is not considered favorable for heart patients. External cold causes the nerves to constrict or constrict. This causes difficulty in blood flow. Whose direct burden falls on the heart. Several factors increase the risk of a heart attack in winter.

A blockage in the blood vessels to the heart can lead to a heart attack. There are three main causes of blood vessel obstruction.

- Fat accumulates in the blood vessels

- The tube is broken

- If the blood pressure rises and affects the heart

Signs of a heart attack

Acute chest pain is generally considered to be a sign of a heart attack. However, this is not the only sign of a heart attack. Even before a heart attack, there are other signs on the skin that we can be aware of. When the health of the heart is disturbed, various signs start appearing on the skin. By recognizing the sign and being alert in time, the potential danger can be avoided.

If small bumps suddenly appear on any part of the body, it indicates that you have heart disease. This is seen when the level of cholesterol in the body increases. Therefore, one should be careful after such a sudden appearance.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. For some, it may even look like a frozen candle. In addition to the eyes, such slippery hands and feet can also appear. If you have these symptoms, your cholesterol is out of control. This can increase the risk of a heart attack at any time.

Be careful if the skin on any part of your body looks blue or purple, as it is a sign of an unhealthy heart. Such symptoms often appear around the toes. A blue, purple rash on the skin means that there are blood clots in any part of your body and not enough oxygen. When blood accumulates in an artery, the artery becomes blocked, which can lead to a heart attack.

Swelling of the upper part of your finger can also be a sign of a heart attack. Swelling of the nails is usually a sign of a heart infection or other disease. Sometimes lung problems also show such symptoms. However, all of these signs can cause a heart attack.

Be careful if you suddenly see a blue or purple mark under your finger. It also indicates heart disease. Of course, such a Nissan injury may also appear. However, if there are no injuries, you should see a doctor immediately. If it looks like a small sore on your hand or toe and it is painful, it is also a sign of heart disease.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Let's not make these mistakes in winter, we will get sick

Let's not make these mistakes in winter, we will get sick

During the growing winter, we often use various methods to protect ourselves. So that we can avoid problems in the cold. But there are also small mistakes that can be made at such times, which can increase their risk of health problems or infections. This requires that we change our normal lifestyle to protect ourselves in cold weather and to fight any infection.

Our health is at risk due to climate change. Colds and fevers are commonplace at this time. To avoid these things we must avoid some mistakes.

The habit of drinking less water

Many people drink less water in the winter, due to which the body does not get enough water. Which can later lead to health problems. However, everyone should drink water regularly even in winter, so that the body does not become dehydrated. With it, you can go out regularly.

Irregular eating habits

Don't eat too much outside food in the cold. Excessive oil consumption in outside food can lead to poor eating habits. Everyone knows how oily food affects our health. This can put you at risk for many health problems. For this, you need to eat your own home-cooked food and healthy food.

It is better to include a lot of green leafy vegetables in the diet. Which communicates positively to our health. Besides, it protects against many types of infections. Most children are addicted to such fast food. Such work should be stopped by the child.

Abandon exercise

Exercise is very useful to keep us physically and mentally healthy. When you exercise in winter, it feels warm and active throughout the day. But many people stop exercising because of the rising cold, which makes them feel sluggish at home. However, you should exercise regularly in winter to avoid laziness and stay healthy. With the help of which you can stay healthy for a long time.

Do not use a moisturizer on the skin

Cold air during the winter can make your skin completely dry and can even damage the skin. To avoid this, we should use moisturizer regularly to keep the skin moist for a long time. But many people show their summer habits even in winter. They do not use any moisturizer even in the winter season, which makes their skin completely hard and dry. It also increases the risk of many skin problems and infections.

Don't drink too much alcohol

Alcohol harms our health from many angles, as you all know. However, many people still drink heavily in the winter. Due to which many health problems start to occur, to avoid this, the consumption of alcohol should be limited even in cold weather. Reduce intake as much as possible. With it, you can stay healthy for a long time.

The tips above are about common mistakes made during the winter, which can help you stay away from your daily schedule and keep yourself healthy.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Before buying medicine

 Before buying medicine

There are some chronic patients at home who need regular medication. Even after any treatment, you have to take medicine for some period of time. Similarly, we need medicine for common fever, cough, and epilepsy. In this case, we go to a drug store and buy medicine.

Often our knowledge and information about the medicine are lacking. What kind of medicine do we need? Which company How is it We are ignorant of all this. So, like a drug dealer, they stop the drug, we carry it quietly. While this is a very sensitive thing associated with physical health.

However, we are not interested in the dosage and quantity of the medicine, the method of eating, the date of production, etc. The effect of the drug depends on the amount, method, and time of eating. But, we don't care about such a thing.

How ignorant we are when buying medicine is that we do not know what the medicine we are asking for is worth it. When we reach the drug store, we are asking for medicine by showing the symptoms of our problem. That is, 'Give me a cough medicine, I need medicine to cure fever, I need medicine to cure epilepsy.'

Whenever possible you should have all of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. The medicine should be purchased and consumed only following the doctor's recommendation. At the same time, we have to pay attention to some things while buying and consuming medicines.

Where to buy?

When buying over-the-counter medications, you may end up with the wrong medication. They may not be able to prescribe medication or even stop taking it without understanding the doctor's prescription. Such drugs have side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to buy medicines only from authorized and reliable drug stores.

Some questions

When buying medicine, write down the amount and timing of the medication. However, not everyone understands it clearly. So when buying medicine, you need to know how much to take and at what time.

Similarly, when buying medicine, it is important to be clear about what to eat with medicine. Some medications also need to be coordinated with the diet. While taking the medicine, you should ask about what to eat and what not to eat.

If there are other problems or if you are taking any medicine, you should also tell them.

Physician consultation

As much as possible, it is advisable to take the medicine as per the advice of the doctor who is checking you regularly. According to your problem, it is advisable to consult a doctor about which medicine to take, how much to take, and when to take it.

The instructions mentioned in the medicine

The medicine shell contains the method of use or other information. Mentioned from the date of production to the method of use. Therefore, it is advisable to read the instructions on the medicine shell carefully before taking the medicine.