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Why is Ashtanga Ayurveda important?

Why is Ashtanga Ayurveda important?

Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world. It is believed that Ayurveda has inspired all the medical systems that have been developed in the world. Most people now believe in Ayurveda because of its ability to eradicate any disease.

Ayurvedic medicine is divided into eight different parts according to its subject matter. The combined form of these eight parts is called 'Ashtanga Ayurveda'. Let's go into detail about each of these branches.

What is medicine?

This word means fire. Physical therapy means fire-related therapy. Agni is considered to be the most important in Ayurveda. From every cell of the body, the whole system is going through a process all the time. In Ayurveda, it is called Tridosha and in modern Ayurveda, it is called Anabolism, Catabolism, and Metabolism.

When our body's fire starts working properly, then the three defects and the seven metals are all in a balanced state. Keeping the fire in order will correct all the processes of defecation and running inside the body. This is the sign of a healthy life.

The medicine mentioned in Ayurveda is mainly focused on its digestive fire. Fire is considered to be the main energy of the body. Fire balances all the chemicals, salts, and hormones in the body. Our body's metabolism also depends on this fire.

There are 13 types of fire in Ayurveda. In which gastritis or digestive fire is considered to be the main one. To weaken or increase the digestive fire is to invite disease in the body. This disease is treated under chiropractic. Physiotherapy is used to treat fever, diabetes, leprosy, arthritis, epilepsy, anemia, piles, stomach related, and other hidden diseases.


Treatment of gynecological diseases during pregnancy and care of the baby after delivery and her treatment is included in pediatrics. This is the second major part of Ayurveda.

From choosing the right delivery method, breastfeeding, and every small and big problem that occurs after delivery is diagnosed.

Ghost science

This mainly treats mental illness. Metaphysics uses methods such as tying ropes and putting medicine in the nose. This is the method of treating mental illness.

In addition, in Ayurveda, bacteria and bacteria are called monsters, vampires, demons, etc. Any disease in our body is caused by these bacteria and germs. Diseases caused by bacteria in the body are also treated by the same ghost.


Surgery is a method of treatment known as surgery in Ayurveda. In case of any injury or serious wound, a treatment method is sought, in which surgery may be necessary. According to Sushruta, the help of surgery is taken to treat any injury or wound that is spread by additional disorders.

School system

Problems related to the mouth and nose, ears, and eyes are treated under the Shalakya system. It is treated with the help of rods. In allopathy, it is called ENT and ophthalmology.

Agad Tantra

The identification of different types of toxins and the treatment of the problems caused by them are all part of the system. According to Ayurveda, poison can be of any kind, such as toxins from trees, minerals, or other means. Subjects coming out of the bite of snakes, scorpions, etc. The treatment of these different types of toxins using different treatment methods is called agad tantra.

Chemical system

The special importance of juice and metal has been mentioned in Ayurveda. Deficiency or excess or imbalance of this juice and metal causes disease in the body. The method of treating the disease thus generated is called chemistry. Especially in this branch of Ayurveda, diseases like the roughness of the face, graying of hair, and hair loss are treated.

Wajikaran Tantra

Sexual problems and their treatment are done under the guise system. According to Ayurveda, the medicine that helps to increase our fertility is called vajikarana. Under this, impotence, lack of sperm, weakness of the body, etc. are treated.

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