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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 'Never Die' Love

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 'Never Die' Love

The love affair that happens in the life of a normal person is a common issue for many. But if this love affair happened to people active in the public sector, it could become a topic of discussion all over the world. Philip died at Buckingham Palace in the UK on Friday at the age of 99.

There is an interesting love story between these couples in the royal family's highest position. Which can be a source of inspiration for people around the world.

Seven decades of marriage have passed. Prince Philip often appeared at important public functions as the queen's assistant. But in his personal life, the prince was the person who knew the queen best.

Growing up in a royal family, Elizabeth and Philip became acquainted as teenagers. A friend's relationship gradually became a love affair. In the end, it even took the form of marriage.

One of the Queen's personal secretaries once said, "Prince Philip used to make the Queen laugh with his words. They also have a deep love affair. '

Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth were married in 1947. They turned a long love affair into a marriage. A photograph taken with him at Dartmouth Naval College in 1939 shows that they have known each other for a long time.

The 18-year-old dashing cadet, who played tennis and crocodile as a teenager, caught the attention of 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth From the first meeting, they were already in a relationship as friends. The time was World War II. Philip was then serving in the Royal Army. Both used to write letters to each other on the day of the war. Gradually, the meeting between them started. Even then, she kept a picture of Princess Elizabeth Philip in her room.

Born in Greece, Prince was forced to flee his country for a variety of reasons. He came to the UK through various European countries. Until then, he had no greater ambition than to live life. He was an emotionally strong man from an early age. But the princess grew up in a world far away from Philip's world. But the queen herself was shy and sensible. Who had a long and exemplary relationship with Philip?

A couple in love

The couple got engaged in 1947, the day of Elizabeth's 21st birthday. However, Prince Philip had already announced his love and desire for the princess a year ago.

A few days before his marriage, Prince Philip wrote a letter to his mother informing her of his relationship with Elizabeth. He said, "We are in complete love without any doubt."

Royal couple after marriage

They were living a relatively normal life before marriage. Although Elizabeth belonged to the royal family, she generally liked to hang out with Philip. In one of the film footage, they were seen relaxing and talking happily with each other and leaving the courtship and living a happy life.

Changes after King George VI

With the untimely death of King George VI on February 6, 1952, all things began to change. Queen Elizabeth was only 25 years old. Prince Philip was 30 years old. She knew in that look that she had become a princess, but she still had some time to live.

But when Elizabeth became queen, Philip's role changed. Suddenly, Philip, who was in command of the ship, took on the role of Queen's assistant. In the 1950s, it was not uncommon in Britain for a wife to move ahead of her husband. But he continued to work as a skilled assistant. At the same time, their personal love life did not diminish.

The relationship between them was of two kinds. In public life, they were in the role of queen and helper, and in private life husband and wife. What was the problem with having to forge the same relationship in two roles was a different matter. But Prince Philip also took the time to define his role, and he continued to excel in both.

In 1956 he traveled to the Commonwealth for four months. There was a lot of talk about Elizabeth and her relationship at the time. Many also questioned his love for his wife. But when he returned to the palace, there was no shortage of love. The same exemplary couple was released on Friday.


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