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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 'Never Die' Love

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 'Never Die' Love

The love affair that happens in the life of a normal person is a common issue for many. But if this love affair happened to people active in the public sector, it could become a topic of discussion all over the world. Philip died at Buckingham Palace in the UK on Friday at the age of 99.

There is an interesting love story between these couples in the royal family's highest position. Which can be a source of inspiration for people around the world.

Seven decades of marriage have passed. Prince Philip often appeared at important public functions as the queen's assistant. But in his personal life, the prince was the person who knew the queen best.

Growing up in a royal family, Elizabeth and Philip became acquainted as teenagers. A friend's relationship gradually became a love affair. In the end, it even took the form of marriage.

One of the Queen's personal secretaries once said, "Prince Philip used to make the Queen laugh with his words. They also have a deep love affair. '

Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth were married in 1947. They turned a long love affair into a marriage. A photograph taken with him at Dartmouth Naval College in 1939 shows that they have known each other for a long time.

The 18-year-old dashing cadet, who played tennis and crocodile as a teenager, caught the attention of 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth From the first meeting, they were already in a relationship as friends. The time was World War II. Philip was then serving in the Royal Army. Both used to write letters to each other on the day of the war. Gradually, the meeting between them started. Even then, she kept a picture of Princess Elizabeth Philip in her room.

Born in Greece, Prince was forced to flee his country for a variety of reasons. He came to the UK through various European countries. Until then, he had no greater ambition than to live life. He was an emotionally strong man from an early age. But the princess grew up in a world far away from Philip's world. But the queen herself was shy and sensible. Who had a long and exemplary relationship with Philip?

A couple in love

The couple got engaged in 1947, the day of Elizabeth's 21st birthday. However, Prince Philip had already announced his love and desire for the princess a year ago.

A few days before his marriage, Prince Philip wrote a letter to his mother informing her of his relationship with Elizabeth. He said, "We are in complete love without any doubt."

Royal couple after marriage

They were living a relatively normal life before marriage. Although Elizabeth belonged to the royal family, she generally liked to hang out with Philip. In one of the film footage, they were seen relaxing and talking happily with each other and leaving the courtship and living a happy life.

Changes after King George VI

With the untimely death of King George VI on February 6, 1952, all things began to change. Queen Elizabeth was only 25 years old. Prince Philip was 30 years old. She knew in that look that she had become a princess, but she still had some time to live.

But when Elizabeth became queen, Philip's role changed. Suddenly, Philip, who was in command of the ship, took on the role of Queen's assistant. In the 1950s, it was not uncommon in Britain for a wife to move ahead of her husband. But he continued to work as a skilled assistant. At the same time, their personal love life did not diminish.

The relationship between them was of two kinds. In public life, they were in the role of queen and helper, and in private life husband and wife. What was the problem with having to forge the same relationship in two roles was a different matter. But Prince Philip also took the time to define his role, and he continued to excel in both.

In 1956 he traveled to the Commonwealth for four months. There was a lot of talk about Elizabeth and her relationship at the time. Many also questioned his love for his wife. But when he returned to the palace, there was no shortage of love. The same exemplary couple was released on Friday.

Monday, October 26, 2020

15 natural ways to strengthen the immune system

15 natural ways to strengthen the immune system

Today, the world is plagued by Covid-19. Except for the continent of Antarctica, there is no cure or vaccine available to prevent this global epidemic. From modern health sciences to ancient health sciences, it has been found that special emphasis has been given to this disease.

In this context, you must be curious about how to strengthen your immune system. Therefore, 15 natural methods to strengthen our immune system are discussed.

1. Eight hours of sleep daily

A good, deep, and sweet sleep between 9 pm and 5 pm play an important role in increasing white blood cells, healing wounds, and controlling infections. Research to date has found sleep to be the best immune booster.

2. Adequate water intake

Drinking enough water prevents the accumulation of contaminants in the body. This prevents the growth of unnecessarily harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites in the body. Besides, when it is low, toxins accumulate in the body and destroy the cells of the immune system.

3. Yoga practice or exercise

Yoga helps to regulate blood circulation in the body, distributes nutrients evenly, plays a role in the excretion of toxins, and produces immune system cells. A 45-minute moderate-speed yoga exercise strengthens the immune system.

4. Pranayama with rapidity i.e. fast breathing

Rapid breathing pranayama like Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Sudarshan Kriya increases the number of natural killer cells and T cells in the body and helps in fighting the virus infection. Doing fast chest pranayama for 15 minutes daily strengthens the immune system.

5. Meditation

Meditation reduces stress. When stress is reduced, the immune system strengthens itself. 30 minutes of meditation daily is essential for everyone and if you want to continue on the path of meditation, meditate on your age equal to 30 minutes (30 minutes for 30 years and 50 minutes for 50 years).

6. Vegetarian food

Vegetarianism is a natural human right. By adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, people can protect themselves from many zoonoses (animal-to-human diseases). Apart from this, Manshahari also suffers from various infections. Vegetarian food strengthens the immune system as it helps to cure infections and inflammation.

7. Daily intake of 500 grams (five portions) of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and salts, as well as antioxidants. These elements play an important role in the production and growth of immune cells. Similarly, the micro-nutrients present in fruits and vegetables are involved in many immune functions, including the development of antigens and the development of immune memory.

8. Sunbathing

Sunlight is the best natural insecticide. Besides, sunbathing helps the body synthesize vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system. The immune system can be strengthened by heating the sun for half an hour daily in the morning.

9. Foods rich in fiber and bran

Fiber and bran help to remove toxins from the body, cleanse the digestive system, and stave off infections. Cereals such as laguna, sama, chino, measure, body, rajma, bathmats are high sources of fiber and bran. Half a gram of your body weight daily (35 kg if you weigh 70 kg) fiber and bran strengthens the immune system.

10. Fasting

Fasting helps to reset the immune system and also helps in the production of immune system cells after fasting. The immune systems of fasting people are stronger than those of normal people.

11. Positive thinking

When an epidemic like the corona spreads, people die out of fear rather than disease. When the thinking is positive and the morale is high, you get more strength to fight the problem. Surviving in the negative can be stressful, and stress can weaken the immune system.

12. Proximity to nature

Proximity to nature helps to keep the immune system acts as the immune system is constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

13. Quit smoking and alcohol

Various studies have revealed that smoking and alcohol directly weaken the immune system.

14. Don't consume sugar junk food etc.

Sugar intake attracts harmful bacteria in the mouth and body. Where these bacteria are present, the virus is attracted quickly and the infection spreads. Similarly, sugar intake disrupts various points of the body and affects the immune system.

Similarly, harmful chemicals present in junk food, fried food, and processed foods affect the immune system in the blood. So such foods should be avoided.

15. Confidence

To win Covid-19, we must first have confidence. With confidence, our immune cells become active and the disease does not dissolve easily.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

City to give Liverpool a 'Guard of Honor'

When Liverpool won the league in 1990 ...

LONDON - Kenny Douglas's Liverpool almost easily won the league in 1990. From 1973 until that moment, Liverpool dominated English football and each season was in the top two of the league, with one exception.

Liverpool won the league a year after the Hillsboro accident. Liverpool lost 96 supporters in the crash, after a stampede in the gallery. In British politics, it was the last year of Thatcher's long tenure as prime minister. There were strong protests against the ruling Conservative Party's tax policy. That was the reason for the looting in London, and that is why Thatcher finally accepted her downfall by November.

Britain was still not immune to the challenge of the Irish Republican Army. And the country itself was heading for an economic recession. The '80s were a bad time for Liverpool. Looting was rampant and the number of unemployed was skyrocketing. The northern part of the city is most affected, says Joe Moran, a professor in the history department at Liverpool's John Moores University. According to Thatcher's policy, the country was moving from the production of traditional goods to the service industry.

Liverpool's port of call was declining dramatically. "1990 was not the worst year for Liverpool, especially the year in which the city was heading for independence," Moran said. Just before that there was an accident in Hillsboro. The city itself was changing, the recession was coming to an end as European investment was flowing in. Liverpool's victory in the league was a medicine for the city at that time because the city was sick at the time. '

Football itself was not what it is three decades ago. There was no time for TV broadcasting to sign a fat contract. Brian Robson was the most expensive player. He moved from West Brom to Manchester United for 1.9 million, a record transfer from one English club to another. The 1990 World Cup was also held in Italy. Moran believes it has made a huge difference in world football.

"From that time on, football was moving towards modern capitalism," he says. In a few years, the Premier League began, and with it, the game of money. Sir Alex Ferguson took full advantage of that and made Manchester United stronger. England's top seven clubs have won since 1990, with Manchester United being the most successful. And Blackburn and Lester are on the list.

Joe Blot is the chairman of the Prit of Sanki Sports Group. He believes that the title Liverpool won in 1990 is now limited to memories for many. He says, ‘Even if one remembers those days, the supporters must be at least 40 years old. Now even a generation of supporters has passed away. All these generations were waiting for Liverpool to win the league. 'Blot himself was 59 years old.

He also believes that football has undergone a lot of changes during this time, the English league is no longer just for England. The big clubs along with Liverpool all have foreign investment. Supporters of all generations of Liverpool agree on one fact, like Blot. "We now have Jर्गrgen Klopp as a world-class manager," he said. He has made Liverpool strong, like a team from the Nineties. '

The dominance of Liverpool began

Liverpool's formal English Premier League title was finally completed. It was too late, Liverpool could not win the league. Many also accused Liverpool of not being able to win the league in England. This is the only rich club in history. While Liverpool is certain to win the league, all those allegations have been proven false. Liverpool supporters claim, now begins again, Liverpool's dominance in English football.

Liverpool - Jurgen Klopp could not hide his feelings, his throat was blocked. Liverpool is set to become English champions for the 19th time on Thursday night. Klopp could not hide his tears.

He and his players had gathered near the manager's house to watch the game between Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea beat City in that game, Liverpool's long wait is over, to win the league title. On top of that, there was the fear of not taking it this time.

But once the league was assured of victory, the joy and excitement of the Liverpool supporters at Merseyside could not be overstated. Police were constantly making requests, but could not stop the club supporters from coming to the streets and gathering. Many gathered around Anfield. Fireworks also went off. He was busy singing many songs. The song was the same, "You'll Never Walk Alone." The whistle blew at Stanford Bridge, and the tide of joy was flowing in Liverpool.

"I'm in a position to say no," Klopp said later. "Who is as proud as I am now?" Ever since I came to this club, my journey has been unprecedented. Even today, all the players celebrated. We were all sitting together watching football. For the next few years, these players have been able to play just as well. I did not even dream of all these achievements. But now the opportunity is huge, it can't be described in words. '

He did not forget to warn his rival team, claiming that Liverpool will play better next season. He said that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the team and the team itself can play a stronger game. Captain Jordan Henderson was equally emotional. He said, "I didn't want to say anything even before the game. But now I can speak. I am very happy and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone, the players, the city, and the supporters all over the world. '

Liverpool behind the record

It took Liverpool 30 years and 58 days to win the league once again, and a three-month lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic. But when they won, it was Liverpool's first English Premier League. It was also the club's 19th overall league title. Liverpool was just two points away from the league title after an impressive win over Crystal Palace on Wednesday. The game at Stanford Bridge only completed the formality of winning the league title.

With seven games remaining in the league, Liverpool are 23 points ahead of Manchester City. Coincidentally, Thursday's game is between these two teams, in Etihad. The city is expected to provide Liverpool with a "guard of honor". So it is not even mandatory. Both clubs must agree to this. While the game was going on at Chelsea's house, manager Jurgen Klopp was sitting at Farkby Hall Golf Club watching.

He also had other Liverpool players. Liverpool last won the league title on April 28, 1990. That's when Madonna's song "Bhog" topped the UK singles charts. Even now, Liverpool itself is going through the same number one position. In the last 13 extraordinary months, Liverpool has won not only the Premier League but also the European Champions League, the Club World Cup, and the UAE Super Cup.

Now Liverpool will be able to set many new records in English domestic football and many of them are in the name of the City. The first record was set by Liverpool, who won the league with seven games remaining. Earlier, City and Manchester United had won the league with five games left. Liverpool will be able to collect a maximum of 107 points at the end of the league and in this process, City will surpass the 100 points achieved in 2017-2018.

Liverpool can also set the record for most wins in a single season. This record is also in the name of City winning 32 games in six leagues. The city had a 19-point lead at the top when they won the league in 2017-2018. Liverpool will try to surpass this too. Captain Henderson will have to wait until the end of July to lift the league title and will have to wait for safe time and circumstances if Liverpool is to make the winning run.

'Long-awaited decisive factor'

Pep Guardiola believes Liverpool's 30-year wait is crucial to winning the league title this time around. J योrgen Klopp's Liverpool is certain to win the title, and City's league winners are no more. The city lost 2–1 to Chelsea at Stanford Bridge, their eighth defeat in the league. Guardiola congratulated Liverpool and acknowledged that his team's performance had not been consistent throughout the season.

"Liverpool has played very well this season," he said. We could not perform like him. Liverpool became very confident after winning the European Champions League. It's been 30 years since Liverpool won the league, so it's been a turning point for him to win the title. Liverpool played every game that way. Like, that was their last game. We are the beginning of the league We didn't do well in the room and paid the price. "

Guardiola added: "Let's not forget that we have won two titles in the meantime. This is also a great achievement for us. The last 7-8 years have been great for City. So we have to say, one club doesn't always win. Our job is to learn from what happened this time. Today's game is not the only decision on the title. In fact, Liverpool had already won the league long ago. He deserves full credit. '

The big player is Klopp himself

On October 8, 2015, Jrgen Klopp entered Anfield for the first time. In front of all the media in the world, this miraculous manager had said, "If we are skeptical, we should become believers." Five years later, there was no one to doubt Klopp and his players. By the time he took over Liverpool, the club was in tenth place on the table. Whatever it is, Liverpool has won the European Championship for the sixth time.

Now also the English Premier League champions. Needless to say, if anyone has the biggest hand in this reproduction of Liverpool, it is Klopp. His personality is great in itself, he is a great strategist. His laughter is also strong. The way he celebrates goals in the technical area may not be digestible by others. Recently, when he came to England, the critics of Liverpool had said about him, these are fewer coaches, more shouting.

But there was no room to question the tremendous ability of the coach in the club. He is well versed in modern football and can study the game. He likes to call his style of playing football 'heavy metal'. He is a connoisseur of English football. On a rainy day, the ground is wet. It is also difficult to recognize the player's face. Mud all over the body. After the game, it is difficult for the player to walk. Klopp is a supporter of such football.

City to give Liverpool a 'Guard of Honor'

LONDON - Pep Guardiola has announced that his team will give a 'guard of honor' to the new league winner during next week's game between Manchester City and Liverpool.
Liverpool won the English Premier League two days before City lost to Chelsea.

Liverpool has won the league for the first time in 30 years. The top two teams in the table are playing at Etihad on Thursday. Guardiola also said that Liverpool deserved the traditional 'Guard of Honor'.

"There is no doubt that Liverpool will be given a guard of honor in this game," he said. Liverpool is fully entitled to it. We will have no hesitation in this. '