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Is love without lust?

Is love without lust?

Unconditional love is the greatest power for humans. Osho says, 'Love starts from the fourth chakra of the heart. When the heart chakra opens, love arises from there. That same love with God or nature rises from the heart. Lust disappears in it. When that love comes below the heart chakra, then it enters the stage of lust.

In the understanding of Osho monk Shobhita Simkhada, just as the body feels hunger, so can the desire for lust. Which can be felt by the depth of love. Between the lover and the lover, the first is attraction, the second is closeness, when the body is close, the body produces hormones and leads to lust.

Science has mentioned that the presence of lust in love is the role of hormones. According to a study conducted in 2012, oxytocin plays a role in increasing mutual attachment between young people. It is mentioned that it not only increases love but also lust.

Love without lust

Those who do not give importance to material happiness and dreams and are engrossed in spiritual sadhana. They may be attracted to the opposite sex around them, but there is no desire for lust. It is the understanding of Simkha that it is possible in voluntary celibacy.

When a person is in love, then after a stage they can reach lust, which is natural. But to go towards lust without love is unnatural. Even if you are not hungry, if you eat unnecessary food, the body cannot absorb it, similarly, it is wrong to have sexual lust without love or without the body seeking it. There is no love. Lust without love was not approved even by Oso,' she says.

Some people pretend to be in love for the sake of sex. After sexual intercourse, the person becomes disgusted with the sexual desire. That is the reason why many relationships are being joined and broken in a few moments.

Swami Anand Vinod Sharma argues that there is no lust in love. According to him, it is a conspiracy of sexual nature. As soon as love becomes lust, love becomes selfishness. One can attain the form of love only through spiritual practice. Libido is power. What happens in men and women," Sharma says, "Lust is a game of nature. No one goes into sexual intercourse without giving a glimpse of extreme pleasure. As a result, creation cannot develop. But this is also necessary.

How to know the perfect love?

The presence of one who is made in perfect love is like heaven. There is no selfishness in love. Love is a nature. Where it should not be taken. Doubts and suspicions do not exist. There is no need to tame. "The work of giving only goes on," says Sharma, "Both people are devoted to each other. That love can become a force that brings positive energy. Love has the power to dissolve anger, rage and ego.

According to Insider's report, the biggest difference between love and lust is that lust is based entirely on sexual attraction, while love is passion and a feeling of extreme attachment to someone.

If you spend most of your time just being physically intimate but have no particular interest in your personal life and you both have different mindsets, these are signs of libido, according to the report.

6 Psychological Facts About Love

1. Heart beats when two lovers look into each other's eyes.

2. It has been shown that falling in love has the same effect on the body as the consumption of cocaine.

3. Looking at a picture of a loved one can reduce pain.

4 If love continues for a long time with continued prosperity, the risk of early death is reduced by 50 percent.

5. Heartbreak is real. Be it a breakup or divorce or the loss of a loved one, intense emotional stress releases chemicals that weaken the heart. This is known as broken heart syndrome. This is a real heartbreak that can cause chest pain and difficulty breathing.

6. Danger plays a big role in making two people fall in love. Studies have shown that if a man meets a woman in a risky situation, the chances of them falling in love are higher than if they met in a normal situation.

Love is the natural nature of every creature. That is why love is most preferred in genres like literature, music, cinema.

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