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Is there a way to breathe?

Is there a way to breathe?

To stay healthy, we pay attention to various aspects like drinking a lot of water, eating a balanced diet, cleanliness. But we don't pay much attention to breath, which is the only means of survival. Because breathing comes automatically, no effort is needed for it.

However, many of us don't realize that there is a way to breathe naturally. It may be surprising to hear, but really, if you can take the breath correctly, you can have a long life.

Normally we are doing spontaneous breathing and exhalation. But this simple breathing may not provide enough oxygen to the body. That's why there is a special rule for breathing, taking deep breaths and letting them out. By adopting this process, the body is supplied with sufficient amount of oxygen.

Children breathe through the lungs by stretching the diaphragm at the bottom, which is enough to be healthy. The reason why they go into a deep sleep, get happy at the slightest thing, even if they are angry with someone, they can forget it in a few moments is also because of the right way of breathing in them.

But with age, the balance of the way of breathing deteriorates. The more we age, the more people's company, different relationships, and relationships become turbulent. The feeling of turmoil is expressed by the person through the breath, which affects the breath.

When breathing is not good, rapid breathing can increase, which not only reduces oxygen but also shortens life. For example, if a person gets angry due to not being satisfied with something, he breathes quickly through his nose, which is also affecting his health. Unhealthy body also means shortening of life.

How to breathe correctly

Various pranayama such as Kapalabhanti, Bhastrika Pranayama, Nadisodhana Pranayama, Ujjyi Pranayama can be performed from proper breathing to complete yogic breathing. These different pranayama changes breathing in different ways.

In full yogic breathing, sit comfortably, while inhaling, the stomach and lungs should be inflated. Try to make the breathing period as long and deep as possible, you should feel that the breath is coming from the inside of the stomach. It calms the mind and makes people healthy and fit. Similarly, surdshan kriya rhythmically changes the breath.

Ujjyi Pranayama is called the Pranayama of victorious breathing. It has many benefits such as helping to focus, preventing various diseases, helping to keep the mind calm. In Bhastrika Pranayama, one should inhale and exhale forcefully. Kapalabhati pranayama is the process of letting out the breath inside. While doing this, the area around the naito should be shaken and breathed in. Sudarshana Kriya is a powerful pranayama with easy rhythm. Which brings the body, mind and emotions into a rhythm through a specific natural breathing process. Sudarshan Kriya provides a certain depth. It induces deep sleep, gives energy to the body and gives happiness and peace.

It is considered very good to do these pranayama in the morning. But if you have free time, you can do it in the afternoon and evening. Pranayama is best done only with the help of a trainer.

There are many benefits of practicing breathing techniques. By developing the ability to control emotions and impulses, anger and anger can be kept away.

Breathing plays a role in controlling the effects on the mind such as stress, confusion, restlessness, jealousy based on various events that happen in life. Which increases the lifespan of a person.

Correct breathing increases concentration in reading and writing, removes disorders from the body, and develops positive thinking.

Are all people breathing at the same rate?

No person can breathe in the same amount at the same speed. The pace varies according to the person's condition and time. People often take long breaths while sleeping. But people who are having nightmares are breathing rapidly. During the day, if a person is angry, he/she breathes fast, while when he/she is sad, the speed of inhaling and exhaling is slow.

When you are happy, you slow down the process of inhaling and exhaling. That's why the speed of breath varies from person to person, so the breathing action of all people cannot be the same.

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