Saturday, March 11, 2023

Love is very expensive

Love is very expensive

Love must have been created by the natural instinct to find a friend with the feeling of humanity. But today the nature of love is changing. Capitalism has dominated modern love. Because now people are caught in the clutches of consumerism and extreme capitalism. The rest of it has also fallen into a love relationship. This has made love emotionless and unconscious.

Because people are interested in money day and night. Need money. People are suffering from the mentality that money buys everything. There is a widespread misconception that love can be bought with money.

Once upon a time, the love shown in cinema had no boundaries of caste, religion, geography or class. Therefore, people interpreted it as a sacred bond. But where is today's love like that? Love has also become a commodity to be bought and sold. Class, power, caste have divided love. It is difficult to establish a love relationship between the rich and the poor, between the supposed upper caste and the lower caste. In this extreme capitalist society, love is different according to caste and class.

There are different levels of people's happiness, marriage and family struggles. Of course, there is a difference between the behavior of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Poor couples of Karnali go to shepherds to make love, while elite couples of the city go to expensive restaurants to make love. There is no one form of love here.

Not only love, but also sex and faith are trapped in the pitfalls of extreme capitalism. Women have started speaking openly about their love relationships and sexual violence. But has the influence of capitalism changed all our mentality, culture and understanding?

Social behaviors are systematic. Traditions, customs and cultures discriminate against women. And our expectations are also different.

In the current state of affairs, love relationships that fall into the trap of extreme capitalism cannot be considered ideal. Extreme capitalism dominates the love of sacrifice and dedication. When love, which is considered so eternal, is made a subject of transactions in the scales of capitalism, surely the tragic end of love could not be prevented. Extreme capitalism has contributed to making the simple meaning of love meaningless, whether it is by making such a pure and pure relationship expensive before marriage, or when it comes to marriage, dowry and dowry are not given, and divorces are caused by domestic violence.

Life is to wave, wave, wave. It is also to enjoy yourself in the glimmers of mystery. You need a friend to laugh, play, enjoy in time. A life partner is needed to overcome the long distance of life. But why do you need a boyfriend or girlfriend in life? Are our joys and sorrows, gains and losses, losses and victories, tears and laughter, ideals and dreams, visions and emotions all incomplete without a lover?

How would I be if I had fallen into the trap of a beloved lover? Let's look at that part once. If the girl is just as spendthrift and angry, if she is not understanding and stubborn, if she gets involved in superficial nonsense without getting to the bottom of the problem, life becomes more boring.

Went to an expensive house, bought a lot of things, had a lot of sweet gossip while eating, everything from searching for stars in the sky to picking pearls from the sea for each other, but if I only have to take out my wallet or digital wallet when paying the bill, just think, how long will this relationship last? And, leaving Chamenagriha and reaching home, I think, have I lost balance in this relationship?

Another example, I am sick and sleeping at home, but because of my girlfriend's insistence, I go to the cinema hall, watch the movie, but I can't entertain myself. After coming home, I am also forced to think, do I always have to sacrifice and contribute in this relationship? So what is the meaning of this relationship? Isn't this the relationship between master and servant?

We are busy picking flowers in the flower garden. We speak in imagination and emotion. We sacrifice until we do and give the price until we give. But somewhere in it, the balance breaks. Love and trust begin to break between each other. Then we start to tear ourselves apart. We begin to feel that the world is dark. And we burn ourselves inside. It also starts to trouble our parents and family. Love is supposed to give a sweet feeling, but many love relationships we have today set fire to our hearts. Such love breaks the rhythm of our life.

Love should be the kind that makes life beautiful. Love should not be like that, which ruins life. So let's not lose our balance by getting lost in love. Let's maintain the rhythm and rhythm of life.

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