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To avoid allergies in cold weather, do not allow the skin to become dry

To avoid allergies in cold weather, do not allow the skin to become dry

With the onset of winter, various skin problems begin to appear. Dry skin can cause cracking, swelling, redness, itching, and roughness.

Associate Professor of the Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases of Nepal Medical College (NMC) Dr. Elise Aryal suggests that the skin should always be kept soft in winter. About skincare and safety measures in winter. Excerpt from a conversation with Aryal:

What can be done to prevent skin allergies in cold weather?

People with skin allergies should stay warm in cold weather. Do not wash your hands, mouth, and feet frequently with soap and water. It is best not to use soap as much as possible. When using soap, it is better to use mild soap or baby soap with moisturizer.

Immediately after using the soap, you should apply greasy substances like cream, moisturizer, oil, lotion on the body part where the soap is used. Apply oil and cream repeatedly on the face, face, and feet which are not covered by the cloth. This will prevent the problem of dry skin.

How many people have the problem of itching even when not touched with soap and water?

That's all there is to it. The upper part of our skin is getting dry. There is a problem of burning and small wounds when exposed to the sun. The main reason is wind and sun. They stay in the sun to escape the winter. When sitting in the sun, the sun and wind make the skin dry. After drying, the skin cracks. It has a problem of itching and burning after sun exposure. So it is important to apply cream and oil to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Which of the various lotions, creams, and oils available in the market is more effective?

The main purpose of applying lotions, creams, and oils is to soften the skin. The quality of all these materials is good or bad. The use of any item will make a difference in its quality. So it is better to pay attention to the quality than the same thing.

But it is better to use cream than lotion in the winter months. The lotion contains only a little more water. As the amount of water in the cream is less, it makes the body soft for a long time. These are the things we buy and use in the market. Apart from that, olive oil, coconut oil, pure mustard oil, and milk can also be used in our house. If that doesn't happen, it's still a way to get more involved. Put a little salt in the ghee and apply it to make it creamy. After applying so much to the body, you should wear soft clothes.

Cold weather can also be caused by clothing?

Yes. Woolen cloth dries the skin so it hurts when wearing woolen clothes and hats. Most of the clothes available today are made of polyester. It also makes the skin dry. So when wearing such clothes, you should always wear cotton clothes from inside. It is better to wear a cotton t-shirt, pajamas and woolen clothes from outside. As much as possible, it is best not to touch the skin directly.

How much attention should be paid to food to prevent dry skin?

You have to pay attention to food. Creams and oils are applied to smooth out the skin from the outside. Food plays an important role in keeping the skin naturally smooth and soft from within. Omega (fish oil) can be eaten as it is insufficient for what we are eating. Fish is good for our health. As it is common to eat only a small amount of fish, you can also get vitamin and protein capsules from fish. That too can be eaten. It heals not only the skin but also the bones and joints. Similarly, foods like okhar, alas, katus, almonds make our skin naturally soft. These things can be eaten by those who do not eat fish.

If there is any problem in the skin, based on the experience and suggestions of others, they apply their own cream or take medicine. How right is it to do this?

It is best to go to the nearest dermatologist if possible. Even if you don't go to the doctor, you know what your skin looks like. Treat your skin according to its nature. Don't rely on the experience of others. Aloe vera, which we call Ghu Kumari in the local language, is also a non-profit. Therefore, according to the nature of your skin, it is better to use cold cream, a moisturizer that softens the skin. And, avoid the sun as much as possible. You can also apply sunscreen or sunblock cream while walking in the sun. Smooth cream should be applied. After drying, it also causes chauripana on the skin. If it is smooth, the sourness will also go away.

Problems with sitting in the sun?

It is best not to sit in the sun as much as possible. This is because of the sundries and softens the fat layer inside the skin. It makes the skin dry. Skin problems are more common. In case of vitamin D deficiency, it is recommended to stay in the sun. Even for that, there is only a limited time. Usually, when we walk in the sun for some time of the day, it is fulfilled. When drying clothes, the sun on the body while walking on the road may be enough. In case of absence, capsules can also be used. Excessive sun exposure can add to other skin problems.

What are the things to consider when buying cream?

You have to read what is written on the goods you bought. Buy only when you know the date of manufacture, the time of operation, where, and by which company. It is advisable not to buy such materials if they are not written in a language you do not understand.

Is it necessary to apply age-appropriate cream?

It should be applied according to the nature of the skin rather than age. For children, different creams should be applied. Mild cream is available that can be applied.

But sunscreen or a sun block should not be applied according to age. Anyone can apply the cream to keep the skin soft. If you have fair skin, you should wear UVA 50 and above. If you have dark skin, you can apply 30 to 40.

Sex education is not a sexual activity

Today, not only children in urban areas but also children in rural areas have direct access to the Internet. Whether it's video game addiction or online study, children have increased access to the Internet. Psychologists say that unlimited access to the internet has increased access to positive knowledge as much as it has affected it.

Various studies have shown that children are increasingly searching for sexually explicit material on the Internet. Psychologists say that this has a serious effect on the brain of children. According to psychologist Karuna Kunwar, when children have direct access to sexual content, how does it affect society? We had asked that.

Children now have direct access to sexually explicit material through the Internet. What effect did this have on them?

This is a complex subject, even if it seems simple at first glance. The internet itself never does any harm. But for various reasons, unnecessary topics searched on the internet can hurt a child's brain. This has seriously affected not only the children but also society as a whole.


The Internet is good for learning, it is good for entertainment. But beyond that, when children start looking for sexual content, then it becomes harmful for them. Cocaine-like effects have been found on the brains of children addicted to the Internet. People who are addicted to such drugs tend to be more aggressive towards each other. So it is better to use the internet as long as it helps us. This can lead to problems such as children gaining more weight than they need physically and being emotionally weak.

Aren't they seeking sexual information or sexual addiction through such means?

There has been no systematic study on this. Everyone's desires are different. Some people want to find something new, while others want to find out about sex. As interest in such content grows, it also leads to addiction. That bad habit is making people addicted.

On the one hand, due to food and climate change, sexual maturity in children is increasing rapidly. On the other hand, they have direct access to sexual content. How much does this increase their risk of sexual dysfunction?

I can't say how much the impact of climate change is on it. However, it is natural for people to mature naturally over time. Due to modern technology, people develop new methods, styles, and patterns. It not only does good, but it also causes distortion. The effect of this is seen from incidents like cyberbullying, sexual violence.

How much sex education do children need now?

Nowadays, the need for sex education among children is increasing. What should sex life be like when it comes to sex education? What are the problems that occur when people are maturing for sex? What measures can be taken to avoid such problems? It is important to teach your children about this in time.

At what age is sex education appropriate?

When people start to mature for sex. Then gradually people need education in this regard. Sex education is not a sexual activity. It covers issues such as fertility and sexual problems in humans.

How to talk about sex with children?

It is said that when children reach adolescence, mothers should treat their daughters and fathers should treat their sons as friends. How to deal with children is a common problem when it comes to sex. When it comes to sex, sex is different. People usually change a lot at the age of 11-12. So after treating them like a friend, they also tell their problem and the solution can be found accordingly.

What aspects of sex do children need to know?

What is sexual abuse in particular? What are the important aspects of sexual health? How do people become sexually mature? What are the legal aspects of sex? It is important to teach your son how to be responsible to women.

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