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Ludo Game Rules

Ludo Game Rules

Ludo game today is the favorite game not only of us Indians but of people almost all over the world. Every sports lover in the world must have played Ludo. Ludo game is very special in itself and its history is also very interesting. For some years this game was played offline only on a chart but today we can play this game online on our mobile as well. Let us tell you something special about this game and its rules.

what is a ludo game

India has been a sports lover since ancient times, many sports are mentioned in our history. There is also a mention of the 'Pachisi' game in historical texts. At that time the rules and methods of playing the game were different. But in today's era, the twenty-five game is called Ludo.

Who Invented Ludo Game (Who Invented Ludo)

The Ludo game is invented in India. Although the name and rules of Ludo in India have changed a lot over time. But if we talk about who started it, then let us tell you that it has been said in the Puranas that this game, which has already been named Parade, Pachisi, Chaupad, Chausad, Daiktam, Soktam, or Vargas, started it. It happened during the time of Lord Shiva and Krishna. Since then this game is being played till now.

Now if we talk about Ludo games played on mobile, then many apps are now present in Google Play Store. And all these apps have been launched in the last 3 years, which are now played by people all over India.

(Ludo History)

Ludo is a very ancient game, as we told you that in ancient times this game was called Pachisi. We also find mention of this game in texts like Shiv Puran, Mahabharata, and Gita. But with time this game has been changing. Even today we get to see the 2000 years old history of Ludo. During the reign of Akbar, a very large Pachisi board is found in Fatehpur Sikri. It is said that at that time the king used to play this game by making his maids pawns. But later there were changes in this game and finally, we got it in the form of Ludo.

how to play the ludo game

A maximum of four people play this game together. You have to use your brain a lot to play this game. In ancient times, the one who was victorious more often in this game was considered wise. It consists of 16 pieces, boxes, and a shape are made of different colors on a chart. This game is played according to the same shape. There are cubical dice in it, numbers up to 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 are written on it. These dice have to be rotated by placing them in a box and according to the number that comes, you have to move your pieces forward. You have to eat your opponent's piece and in the end, take all your four pieces to the victory point. The one who first takes all his four pieces to the victory point becomes the winner.

Ludo Game Rules

Ludo can be played by a maximum of four people, if they want, they can play all four separately, if they want, they can also play by forming a group of two. There is not much difference between the rules of playing in groups and the rules of playing individually. If you want to play Ludo then you have to follow these rules.

Single Goti Rules -

First of all, you have to choose one of the four different colored boxes on the chart. Now we have to choose the same color pieces (pawns) and place them in all four boxes.

Now the first thing to do is to make sure who will do the trick. For this, you roll the dice one by one. Whoever gets the most points will make the move first. Although it is optional. If you want, any next chance will be the one after that.

After the first move, clockwise, that is, the one who is sitting to the left of the first mover, will make the next move. The same move will continue.

Until there are 6 points on the dice, no one can open the pieces, that is, they cannot bring them out of the mines. If someone has 6, then he can take out one of his pieces.

The pieces have to always be moved in the direction of the needle.

Some stops are also made on the chart, if there is a piece on it then no other player can cut these pieces.

Someone's piece has been opened and he has rolled the dice when it is his turn. Now the number of points he has got on his dice, the number of boxes his open piece will move on the chart.

As soon as 6 numbers appear on the dice, in the same way, the player can take out his four pieces (pawns).

If 6 appears on the dice three times in a row, he does not get any points and has to pass the trick to another player without moving the pawns.

When an opponent's piece hits another player's piece, and if the other player's piece is not on the stop, that piece will be cut. Now the second player will have to start that piece back from the starting.

If a player does not cut any opponent's piece and directly leads all four of his pieces to the victory point, then he is not considered to be the winner. That is unless he calls someone's piece, he cannot enter. Where does victory point come from?

Double Goti Rules

If people are playing in two groups, then one group can double it by placing its own piece with the other partner's piece.

After the piece is doubled, the players of the other group cannot cut that piece. But those pieces can be moved forward only when the pie is even-numbered like 2,4,6 otherwise the move is discarded.

In two groups, both players have to move their pieces together to the winning point. Whereas if four different players are playing then the first one who takes all his four pieces till the victory point is the winner.

Materials required to play Ludo

If you play Ludo the traditional way then you must have the following material-


A chart on which the design of Ludo is made.

Four pieces of different colors (pawns) according to 4,4,4,4

A cubical dice with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 marked on it.

A box in which dice can be rolled. This is optional, you can also throw the dice by rolling the dice with your hands and feet.

Ludo Game Mobile App (Online Play)

Today there are many ways to play Ludo, the easiest way is to play Ludo on mobile too. Today we can find many ludo game apps online. Which we can play offline or online with our friends. The Ludo game present in the Google Play Store is as follows –

Ludo King

ludo star

Ludo Master

Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Club

Ludo King App

This is the most downloaded and played game app. By downloading it very easily, 5 to 6 players can play online simultaneously. In this, it can be played online, offline, and play with friends or play with PC in any way.

Which country's app is the ludo king app?

Ludo King app has not been made anywhere else but in the country of India itself, the company making this app is software development company Gammation Technologies Private Limited. And the name of the owner of this company is Vikas Jaiswal.

How To Hack Ludo King App (Ludo King Hack)

Ludo King app can be hacked only by a professional hacker. Let us tell you that the way an account is hacked, similar accounts are created in Ludo King. It requires a lot of brains.

How To Download Ludo Game (Download App)

To play the Ludo game on your mobile, you have to download and install it on your phone. Which you can do from Google Play Store. There are many types of Ludo game apps available in the Google Play Store. You can download any of those apps, and ask your friends to do the same. After that, you can start the game by joining a contest with each other.

Play Ludo Game Earn Money

After installing the Ludo game app on your mobile phone, you get any chance to win money. Yes, there are many options to earn money in every Ludo app, which are as follows –

By creating an online team on Ludo:-

In this, you have to make a team with your friends by downloading the Ludo app. After this, when you play this game, if your team wins that match, then you get coins in return. But you have to win the game in this.

Earn money by referring to Ludo :-

You have to refer Ludo game with your friends. The more people you refer, the more you will benefit. For this, you have to link your Ludo account with your Facebook account.

By playing Ludo game online:-

Apart from this, you can also earn money by playing Ludo games online. The way you earn many times more by investing money in dream 11, in the same way, you have to put your coins on every bet. After which if you win it, then you get good money from it.

Via Telegram Group:-

You create a group in Telegram and get people to join it, then win by betting and earning thousands.

Apart from this, there are many other ways by which you can earn money from Ludo.


We have told the rules of playing Ludo here, hope you have liked our article. If you like this information of ours, then do not forget to share it with your friends. If you have any queries related to this game then you can write in a comment. We will answer your question soon.


Q: Is Ludo game made by God?

Ans: In the Shiv Purana, there is a mention of the game of Chaupad. With time, only twenty-five games have been given the form of Ludo.

Q: Can I earn money by playing Ludo?

Ans: No, earning money from Ludo is like gambling.

Q: Is this the rule of online ludo as well?

Ans: Yes, but there may be some 1-2 changes in these.

Q: Can a single person play Ludo?

Ans: If Ludo is played traditionally then it is not possible. But on mobile online, you can play ludo alone with the robot.

Q: In which country Ludo is played the most?

Ans: Ludo is played in almost all countries, but in the lockdown of 2020, online Ludo was played the most in India.

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