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Food is medicine

Food is medicine

Natural medicine is the art of managing the routine from waking up in the morning to going to bed. Eating a balanced diet, taking regular baths, and managing anxiety and stress are among the many aspects of naturopathy.

Rules such as reducing the use of carbohydrates and junk food as food, prohibiting greasy and starchy foods, and fasting once a week are important aspects of naturopathy in itself. It does the work of 'servicing' the body.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Natural medicine is the treatment method without any medicine, without surgery, without injection. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Naturopathy is useful not only for getting infected but also for living a disease-free life. Being naturally strong, healthy, the fit is the first condition. For which naturopathy is a unique system in itself, which helps man to walk on the right path physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually.

What is naturopathy?

All the diseases in the human body have the same causes and treatment methods. When the body begins to accumulate pathogens, the same condition we call disease. Therefore, the treatment method is to eradicate these disorders harmlessly. The existing methods of treatment are many. The oldest of these is naturopathy.

According to the definition of naturopathy, people get the disease for three reasons. The first reason is metabolic toxin deposition, i.e. the imbalance of heterogeneous elements and the second reason is vitality. Imbalance in the blood is the third cause.

Naturopathy does not just seek treatment for a particular disease, it focuses on keeping the whole body healthy. It also helps to develop immunity. It also helps to reduce the risk of any disease in the body.

Naturopathy: Food is medicine

Natural remedies have their own characteristics. In this treatment method, the suppressed disease is brought to the surface and a permanent diagnosis is sought. It also saves from chronic diseases. Its special feature is that it not only treats any physical problem or disease but also mental and social treatment.

There is a formula for natural medicine, only food is medicine. The food we eat makes the body healthy or disease-free. The food we eat is what boosts the body's immune system. To make the body strong, healthy. It is to make longevity.

Today, people are getting sick because of the same diet. Are getting worn out. They are on the verge of death. If food is known to be eaten, it becomes medicine. If you don't know how to eat food, it becomes poison.

The body is made up of five elements. Nature is also created by Panchatatva. Nature and body are one and the same. Therefore, the herb that keeps the body disease-free is also in nature. The five elements are fire, sky, water, air, and earth.

How is the natural treatment done?


Hydrotherapy is a treatment method using water. Water has its own properties, which play a role in eradicating the disease. Water treatment methods include hip bath, sauna bath, steam bath, and spinal bath.


Fasting is the state of not eating any food. It relaxes the digestive tract. Fasting is also a method of purifying the body from within.


Food is the cure. It is said that you are what you eat. We have divided the food into three parts. Satvik, Tamasik and Rajasi. Sattvic food is useful for a healthy life. Tamasic or majestic food lures the tongue. But, it also causes disorders in the body.

Soil therapy

Playing on the soil, exposure to the soil increases our body's ability to fight disease. There are various methods of soil treatment in the world.


We have a tradition of massaging. When the baby is born, mustard oil is massaged. Massage is a natural method, which strengthens the body. Helps in blood flow. There are many other methods of massage.

Air treatment

Fresh air is essential for good health. The more pure air we have inside our bodies, the healthier we will be. So there are some ways to increase the amount of fresh air in the body. Methods like pranayama are a form of this.

Psychologists say that the addition of 'screen' is making children stubborn

After Kovid-19, the suicide rate among children has increased or there has been an increase in mental health problems. Why did the suicide rate among children increase after Kovid or did they have mental health problems? The medical psychologist Dr. about the role of parents. Interview with Vijay Gyawali:

Is parenting for children okay? Or what is our upbringing style?

Our parenting style is wrong. The style of raising our children is going wrong. Due to our misguided parenting, children have suffered mental health problems since the Corona epidemic.

They have increased screen time. We left them on the screen all the time. We did not talk. Understanding children's emotional balance is through communication with them. Communication with children is very important. All we have to do is communicate with them. We say read, do homework, grandma or dad. We did not listen to them.

That made their screen addictive. The biggest disadvantage of the screen in psychology is the 'instant gratitude'. That is the desire to be satisfied quickly. If something like this is needed, he insists on it immediately and in any way. The screen adds to the urge to be satisfied quickly.

What problems does this cause?

‘Instant gratitude’ makes a child aggressive. And, it can lead to suicide. Although the process of suicide is long, one of the main reasons is that children are not satisfied when they want to.

However, the number of suicides has increased due to a lack of satisfaction in time. According to my study, the main problem now is that screen is the main reason for the increase in the suicide rate among children.

We didn't care about the mental health problems of the children. We don't remember that children have depression and anxiety. We didn't think that the children who were biting their nails, who were impulsive, who were jumping on the sofa, were emotionally unbalanced. Because of our neglect, children have become victims of serious accidents, such as suicide.

Is it possible to say that children are addicted due to covid?

It can be said. Because of Corona, parents have more time to spend with their children. But quality time did not increase. Like we are with the children in the parent's home. If children are watching TV, we have forgotten about mobile phones. After that, no matter how much time was spent with the children, there was no quality time.

So there are weaknesses in our parenting. It's not just that I'm giving kids time. Communication with them is declining. Children are forced to communicate with the characters they see on television or mobile phones or laptops. They seem to behave and act like the characters they see. So the time we gave was not quality. Due to which they spent more time on the screen. Addicted to 'Instant Gratitude'.

How do children relate to their parents?

At present, the relationship between children and parents is only for satisfaction. My needs are met more than my parents do. Like they buy good mobiles, toys, sweet chocolates. It has been developing in recent times that parents are the only ones to fulfill their needs.

Lack of communication has changed the traditional relationship between parents and children. Relationships are weakening. They do not share their thoughts with each other. The emotional connection between the two is disappearing.

Is it developing because of parents?

Yes Because we have not tried to understand the problems of the children by communicating with them. A parent is also a parent and friend of a child. You have to play with him. But because the parents do not play with them and do not help them, such understanding is developing in the children. Parents also spent the last time on the screen under the pretext of working or under various pretexts. While he was working, another screen was given to his children. He didn't even look at the entertainment with his children. There was no communication with the children who could not get close to the children.

What are the symptoms of anxiety and depression in children?

Symptoms of depression include nausea, loss of appetite, lack of socializing with friends, and depression. Children with anxiety are more restless. There is a tendency to shout, shout loudly, shout at the city, turn it upside down, look for attention.

Simply put, children with depression are more likely to be inactive, while those with anxiety are more prone to depression. That is the behavior they do when their emotions are out of balance. They do not know how to use their energy in the right place. That seems to be the problem.

Are the causes of anxiety and depression the same or different?

In most cases, the causes are the same. Everyone has different abilities to manage mood. Some do, some do not. Some are talking nonsense. Silent speakers are squeezing their fingers and biting their nails. The symptoms may be different. But the reason is almost the same.

What kind of guardianship or supervision do children need today?

Now the parents are also in trouble. Our diary is busy. Therefore, parents cannot give much time. But we should try to make the quality of the time that we give. Communicate with your children as much as possible. We should try to understand their problems and attitudes by talking.

Because the hard work of our parents is for them. So we have to pay attention to the quality of the little time we have. To help with their homework, we need to make sure that the screen they use is under our control. We should also watch the content they watch together.

Out-of-home activities for children have been reduced. Children have a lot of energy. That energy has to be taken out into the open to flourish. Therefore, you should also pay attention to external travel.

Physically the problem can be lessened when the school is opened?

It is possible. Because they mingle with friends. Play in the open, jump. Friends listen to each other. It increases the activity of children. Everything except the risk of infection is beneficial for the children when the school is physically open. Positive expectations can be made.


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