Friday, November 26, 2021

Children need to learn practical knowledge from Japan

Children need to learn practical knowledge from Japan

Japan is one of the countries in the world with an exemplary education system. Japan's education system is considered practical. What can we learn from the Japanese education model, which teaches practical education at home from an early age and emphasizes practical education rather than theoretical at school? Interview with Kumud Bhatt, a longtime Japanese education model:

How are children raised in Japan? How are they treated at home?

Raising a child is a different art in Japan. From an early age, children are taught practical knowledge. When a child is one year old, work is taught based on what the child can do. For example, a child who eats food is taught to feed himself and to do his own chores. You don't even have to send them to school for these tasks, all the work is taught at home. The other is to treat the child in a very humble way. They are talked to in the style of a child. These two things are different things to learn in Japan.

How do Japanese teach a child home or practical things?

The practical thing is to teach them to wear clothes that are regular at home, to teach the child to put the used items in the right place, if there is a shop nearby, they are sent to buy the goods. When wearing clothes, they are taught to choose the right clothes, to behave according to their local culture, and to wear clothes. They are taught to mix books and wash their hands well. They also teach you how to keep your belongings safe at home.

What do the Japanese teach children that we need to emulate?

In general, what we can imitate is their style of teaching practical knowledge. They believe in more practical things than theoretical knowledge. Their curriculum is designed accordingly. I think we should follow suit.

At what age do children go to school in Japan?

In Japan, there are separate schools according to the level. Even daycare, which takes care of young children, is considered a school, so children go to school from the age of 18 months. Complete practical education is given in daycare, no curriculum has been prepared for it. Subjects that need to be studied by preparing courses like science and mathematics are taught only after reaching the primary level. Up to the age of five, only practical knowledge is given to the child. In which more attention is paid to piano teaching class, work to increase creativity, etc. After that, only the upper level focuses on theoretical knowledge.

What is the pre-primary or primary level curriculum like? What is mainly taught?

When it comes to the curriculum, the writing work starts only from the primary level, and especially the teaching work is kept at the pre-primary level. The curriculum model is designed that way. That is, learning to show one's creativity and to learn without writing anything is at the pre-primary level. After reaching the primary level, more attention is paid to theoretical issues.

How vital and practical is the teaching method there?

The education system there focuses more on mathematics and science. English is not very focused. Their English grammar is good. But the habit of speaking has not developed much. The learning there is like 'learning by doing. So it can be said that it is useful for life.

Some children do not go to school?

That doesn't happen. Because the government has opened everything from daycare to kindergarten in Toll. So everyone goes to school. It is very expensive to teach in a private school there. Therefore, public kindergartens are open in every nook and cranny. That is why they are sent to school from an early age.

According to child psychology, how appropriate is our teaching method?

Many private and government schools and kindergartens are also open in Nepal. Compared to the past, the reading style has also improved a lot. But there are still many weaknesses. First of all, teachers should value their profession. It is difficult to improve unless you are aware that many children have a future in their hands.

Secondly, the aspect of capacity building in teachers is also important. Only then can teachers understand the child's psychology and act accordingly. Teachers need positive willpower and still need to be refined.

How many cups of tea and coffee a day is better?

 It is rare to find a person who does not drink tea or coffee. Some people do not drink tea or coffee in cold weather. But not everyone knows the benefits of drinking the right amount of tea and coffee and the disadvantages of consuming too much.

For a long time, various studies have been done on the advantages/disadvantages of coffee and tea consumption. Researchers in China have recently conducted a similar study. The study, conducted by researchers at Tianjin Medical University in China, found that drinking coffee and tea reduced the risk of stroke and dementia.


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