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There is a reason why different companies recommend drugs for the same disease

There is a reason why different companies recommend drugs for the same disease

When we are sick, the doctor prescribes medicine. If the medicine does not cure the problem, we blame the doctor or the pharmacist. But have we used and safely used the medicine we bought? The side effects of any medicine can be just as frightening if it is not used properly instead of being stored properly. About the quality and use of the medicine given by the doctor, Dr. Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara. Sudesh Gyawali was asked some questions by online news.

Why do doctors prescribe different medications for the same disease?

One is that we need different medicines for one disease. For example, there are 40-45 types of medicines for high blood pressure. It is divided into separate groups. Medication is prescribed based on the condition of the patient and the condition of the disease. Physicians also prescribe different medications, depending on the brand. There are 40-50 types of painkillers. Of the many drugs, the most effective one is the one that is given to the doctor. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to prescribe different medicines depending on the health condition of the people.

Isn't it said that the doctor prescribes the medicine to the patient based on the recommendation of the pharmaceutical company or MR? Does this reduce the quality of the medicine or not?

To put it simply, remember to buy noodles. We like to eat noodles. If you go to the store and ask not to eat noodles, the shopkeeper can give you any brand of noodles. But noodles are different in quality and price. The same is true of medicine. Noodles or other ingredients are bought according to the buyer's choice but the medicine is bought as per the doctor's choice as it is a little sensitive. So when the doctor prescribes the medicine to the patient, the health condition of the patient, whether the medicine is available at his place of residence or not? The medicine should be prescribed according to geographical and economic conditions.

Is there a specific method of taking the medicine? That is, there is a time when any medicine is effective.

The method and timing of medication vary according to the characteristics of the medication. There are three types of coincidences that need to be treated by the drug. The first chemical, which is found in medicine. Information with the second medicine, which doctors suggest when and how to take. The third is the belief in medicine, which should be within oneself. Nothing happens with a cittamal mill alone, these three things must be combined to make the medicine effective.

At the same time, the timing of taking the medicine also has an effect. For example, if most people have hypothyroidism, they should be given no food at all in the morning. Eating that food after eating is not effective. Even if the iron mill is eaten on an empty stomach, it does not have such an effect. But we recommend eating it as soon as possible. Eating after meals is more effective. Medications such as painkillers are effective after meals. To treat bone problems, it is recommended to take bisphosphonate with a glass of water and stay upright for an hour after eating. Therefore, this is not a common problem for effectiveness. According to the characteristics of the medicine, the medicine should be taken in consultation with the doctor.

What to pay attention to when keeping the purchased medicine at home?

Storage also plays a big role in the effectiveness of the medicine. You have to be very careful while keeping some medicines at home. Refrigerated medicines should be kept at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius while other common medicines should be kept at room temperature i.e. 25-30 degrees Celsius in a place where there is no direct sunlight. For example, insulin must be refrigerated. Most medicines should be protected from direct sunlight. It is said that medicines should be kept at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees centigrade when kept at home. Heart attack medicine has almost zero efficacy if exposed to direct sunlight. Of course, for the safety of such drugs, the drug company also packages accordingly. But we also need to focus on storage.

Can side effects of the drug be avoided?

Side effects vary from drug to drug. All medicines have side effects. The food we eat also has side effects. But with good counseling, its side effects can be greatly reduced. What are the chances of cutting our hands when we use a knife? What can be done to stop it? That's it. If used with caution, the drug can have fewer side effects. But the effect happens. It is said that medicine has three possibilities. One problem is cured, the second is that if there is no good medicine, the disease gets worse and worse, in the third the medicine causes side effects. Therefore, the drug should be used to correct the problem.

Ayurvedic medicine is said to be better than allopathic medicine, is that correct?

I have already mentioned above that for the medicine to work properly, there must be three types of coincidences. The most important thing is faith. What we learned during Corona was how important self-confidence was. We cannot ignore faith. If one thinks that only Ayurvedic medicine can cure it, then he can also believe that if he uses it in the right way. However, this does not mean that Ayurvedic medicine has no side effects.

Mask Holder: How is it becoming popular among teenagers?

How does the consumer adapt his needs to his hobbies and interests? How does any need become a fashion in the long run? Masks and mask holders are examples. What was needed yesterday has been transformed into fashion today.

It is mandatory to wear a mask now. Especially with the spread of corona infection, the use of masks increased. This was an effective option to avoid the potential risk of infection. That is, it was used as a protective shield.

But now masks have entered the fashion market. The fashionable generation has turned their needs into fashion. They turned the compulsion to wear a mask into a hobby. That is why the market is full of masks of different colors and shapes. There is competition among manufacturers to bring masks of various shapes and styles keeping in mind the interests of the consumers.

Especially Hollywood-Bollywood celebrities used masks as fashion. Following this, the younger generation has started using masks in combination with their face and dress style.

Now masks have become fashion along with security. This has further increased the usefulness and popularity of masks. Now not only masks, but mask holders are also becoming fashionable. Mask holders in colorful and varied styles are used by the present generation?

How did fashion come about?

The fashion generation has used masks and mask holders as fashions wherever there is a will.

There is an obligation to wear a mask. But, wearing a mask to cover the nose and mouth does not reveal your beauty? With this suspicion, a solution was found on how to wear a mask that is attractive and suitable. Eventually, a mask similar to the face was used. At the same time, it was combined with his clothes. It was widely adopted by the artists of the glamor world. This style was followed by the youth.

Attractive and expensive masks can be lost or left behind. So the mask holder chain was used to secure the mask. Attached to the ropes on both sides of the mask, various chains were placed around the neck like a garland. After wearing it in this way, there was no fear of leaving or losing the mask, it also looked attractive.

Mask holder chains are now available in the market in a variety of styles. Hand-crafted attractive mask holder chains made of plastic, glass, etc. are very popular among teenagers.

Tickle Trends, Marketing on Facebook

Lately, new trends are entering the fashion market. And, it has become the fastest medium, Tiktak.

The ticket has made the fashion market more dynamic. The creative generation is using this as a medium to introduce new styles. An example of this is the mask holder chain. The fashion of the mask holder chain has flourished from the ticket. Hollywood-Bollywood celebrities also seem to be wearing a mask holder chain, which has had an impact on the fashion market.

Mask holders are being marketed using social media including Facebook along with making chains by wearing chains. It has become more widespread in tools like Marketplace.

Teenage fashion

Of course, the fashion market is dominated by the teenage generation. They are the ones who make the fashion market move. The mask holder chain is also more popular among this generation.

The trend of wearing a mask holder chain in combination with your style of dress has increased. Entrepreneurs say that such fashion is not only for teenagers but also for teenagers. The average price of a mask holder in the market is 150 to 200.

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