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Why not eat flour?

Why not eat flour?

There are many beliefs about food in our daily life. For example, you eat Egyptian but do not eat the same sugar, you eat flour but you do not eat flour.

We can find such differences in foods of the same nature not only in the food mentioned above but also in other foods. For example, light brown rice is considered healthier than white rice. Even brown bread is considered to be healthier than white bread. What is the science behind it? 

Generally, how much energy does any food provide to our body, and at what speed does energy flow in the blood from that food? The quality of food is determined based on That is, when you eat something, you feel hungry quickly, but when you eat something, it doesn't last long. How much energy does the food we eat go into the blood? That determines. If the energy has gone into the blood at a very fast speed, its power will be exhausted quickly and it will get hungry quickly. This is the basis on which we decide what to eat and what not to eat.

What is the reason for not eating flour but eating flour? This is because of the fact that flour is processed food. No matter how much we say no to food, they are all processed and chemically mixed foods. There is no hesitation in eating natural food. Fibers are extracted from it during processing. It is similar to the fiber in flour. That is why it is said that flour should not be eaten but flour should be eaten.

Fiber is just as important to our body as any other nutrient. So if you have to eat fiber-free flour, you should eat high-fiber vegetables along with it. If you eat high fiber foods along with flour, the flour will not have much effect.

Analyzing it in another way, there are three types of carbohydrates that our body needs, normal, complex, and fibrous. Common carbohydrate foods include white rice, flour, and fruits. These foods cause the blood glucose to flow faster.

Another is the complex type of carbohydrate. Which is found in wheat, millet, and sorghum. Eating such food keeps the energy flowing in the body for a long time. That is why eating rice makes you feel hungry faster than eating millet.

The third carbohydrate is fiber. Even though fiber is considered a carbohydrate, it does not provide energy to our human body. Since our small intestine cannot break down the fiber found in the food we eat, it is not a source of energy for us. No enzyme in our body can break down that fiber. But animals like grass-eating rabbits have enzymes that digest and break down fiber. Thus three types of carbohydrates provide energy to the body.

Barley is a food that gives strength for a long time

The glycemic index is a measure of what percentage of glucose flows into our body in an hour from the food we eat. It helps to analyze the calories that develop in the human body by dividing from zero to 100. For example, eating 25 grams of sugar makes 100 percent glucose flow in the body in an hour. Similarly, when eating 25 grams of white rice, only 80 percent of glucose flows in the blood in an hour. Which is only 60 percent in brown rice.

Among the foods we eat, barley has the lowest glycemic index. Barley has a glycemic index of only 28 percent. That is, when you eat a dish made of barley, 28 percent of glucose goes into the blood in an hour. The remaining 78 percent is flowing slowly. So the higher the glycemic index, the faster the calories you get from food. The lower the glycemic index, the slower the flow of energy, so the longer the flow of energy.

Sugar or glucose to increase stamina when tired

Why do you consume glucose or sugar water to provide quick energy to the body when you are very tired? The reason for this is the same glycemic index. For example, when sugar or glucose is consumed when energy is low, 100 percent of its calories reach the blood within an hour. Due to which energy is generated quickly.

If energy is needed for any immediate work, then those who do not have diabetes can eat. But since Egyptian is better than sugar, it is better to consume it in small pieces.

Non-edible carbohydrates?

Now many have cut potatoes from their meal, many even rice. There is a general belief that eating rice and potatoes increases obesity and causes diabetes. Therefore, the density of people who stop eating carbohydrates is increasing. On the other hand, many people take a blind keto diet. They say that you should completely eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. Is this really true?

What is the effect of carbohydrate-free food, the main source of energy in the body? Nutritionist Indra Prasad Sitaula says that the body cannot become refreshed and energetic by reducing the number of carbohydrates in the body.

Of the foods we eat, rice is high in carbohydrates and low in other nutrients. Therefore, it is believed that obese people should look for alternatives to rice. But Sitaunla disagrees. "If you eat the right amount of any food, it doesn't do much harm to the body," he says.

Similarly, flour is not used in food after rice. This is because it contains a lot of carbohydrates as it is extracted from the flour and drunk very smoothly. Sitaula says that flour contains up to 95 percent of carbohydrates. But what is rich in minerals and fiber. So those who are using the keto diet suggest using wheat but do not eat flour.

Why carbohydrates?

Many consider carbohydrates to be a cause of weight gain. That's why they cut out carbohydrate foods from their diet. While fats and proteins are essential for a healthy life, carbohydrates are just as important. Carbohydrates are the primary energy source.

Carbohydrates are organic substances that contain carbon, hydrogen, or oxygen. It has the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen as water. Some nutritionists even say that carbohydrates help improve the digestive system. Therefore, it is not necessary to eliminate any food for a balanced diet. Eat-in the right amount and in the right way.

How much to eat

Things like losing 5 kg in a week under the pretext of controlling obesity can be seen on social media. But nutritionists claim that losing weight all at once is not good for your health. "It's a regular process and gradually losing weight is good for your health," says Sitaula.

For example, the excuse for carbohydrate control is not to eat meat and not to eat too much meat. You can eat a small amount of meat. When it comes to meat, there is a difference in how much to eat depending on the age and weight of the child. Most people between the ages of 50 and 60 do not eat more than 70 grams of meat a day. Problems such as obesity, cholesterol. Cholesterol is high in red meat so don't eat too much.

Of course, fruits also contain carbohydrates. But it also contains fiber and minerals. So you don't have to take risks while eating fruits. But adding pesticides to control pests is the cause of the problem. Mushrooms can be mixed with fruits like grapes. To control it, if you bring it home and eat it well dipped in water, it will create problems.

If you start eating fruits like carrots and radishes, it can also harm the body. Sitaula says, "When eating vegetables, you should eat them when they look oily, not completely melted." But you have to wash the pesticide thoroughly.

Consult a nutritionist for a non-regular meal schedule

Sitaula says that regular meals and traditional food are good for health. But if there is any excuse to change the diet and dishes, nutritionists should be consulted.

Sitaula says that if obesity is to be controlled or for other reasons, it is necessary to consult a nutritionist. ‘Nutritionists say that eating a nutritious diet with a schedule for weight loss/weight gain does not cause side effects in the body. So how much meat to eat, how much to eat eggs? You should also consult a nutritionist about what to eat and what not to eat.

Sitaula says that diet is to control. Diet is the control of food. Control is not the control of everything, but the control of unnecessary nutrients and the supply of essential nutrients is the biggest diet.

Many doctors and clinics are now promoting keto diets, claiming to reduce obesity. But this is not a permanent solution. It is controlled by food. It doesn't do much harm. But if one thing is weak in it, it affects the other part.


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