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Government permission to download the app now!

Government permission to download the app now!

Kathmandu. The Development and Technology Committee under the House of Representatives of the Federal Legislature-Parliament has directed the government to curb apps and social media. The committee meeting held on Friday directed the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to make arrangements for downloading the app only with the permission of the government.

The directive, issued in the name of the government by the date, says that the apps and social networks used in Nepal should be downloaded or used only after the regulatory body confirms that they are suitable in terms of security, privacy, and usefulness.

Similarly, instructions have been given to make mandatory security audit of government websites and information technology service providers and to make necessary arrangements for government domain names being registered by the private sector.

The committee said that government letters, documents, information, and data are being misused in an unauthorized manner and necessary arrangements should be made to use it only from government official emails and websites.

The directive further states, "The Committee directs the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of Nepal to make arrangements for the responsible officials of all the bodies of the Government of Nepal to formulate and implement necessary programs for the use of electronic communication tools and awareness about it."

The committee has also directed the government to effectively implement the program of providing high-speed broadband internet service in all local level ward offices, health institutions, and secondary level community schools.

Instruct the government to certify mobile apps, computer software and social networks as safe

The Development Committee of the Parliament has directed the government to ensure that the mobile app or computer software and social media are safe.

A meeting of the committee held at Singha Durbar on Friday directed to prove that the apps and social networks used in Nepal are safe in terms of security, privacy, and usefulness.

The meeting directed the Ministry of Communications to make necessary arrangements so that letters, documents, and information are misused in the government official emails and websites only.

The ministry has said that necessary laws will be made for the reform. The meeting also directed the Ministry of Communications to effectively implement the program of providing high-speed internet service in all local level ward offices, health institutions, and secondary level community schools.

City to give Liverpool a 'Guard of Honor'

When Liverpool won the league in 1990 ...

LONDON - Kenny Douglas's Liverpool almost easily won the league in 1990. From 1973 until that moment, Liverpool dominated English football and each season was in the top two of the league, with one exception.

Liverpool won the league a year after the Hillsboro accident. Liverpool lost 96 supporters in the crash, after a stampede in the gallery. In British politics, it was the last year of Thatcher's long tenure as prime minister. There were strong protests against the ruling Conservative Party's tax policy. That was the reason for the looting in London, and that is why Thatcher finally accepted her downfall by November.

Britain was still not immune to the challenge of the Irish Republican Army. And the country itself was heading for an economic recession. The '80s were a bad time for Liverpool. Looting was rampant and the number of unemployed was skyrocketing. The northern part of the city is most affected, says Joe Moran, a professor in the history department at Liverpool's John Moores University. According to Thatcher's policy, the country was moving from the production of traditional goods to the service industry.

Liverpool's port of call was declining dramatically. "1990 was not the worst year for Liverpool, especially the year in which the city was heading for independence," Moran said. Just before that there was an accident in Hillsboro. The city itself was changing, the recession was coming to an end as European investment was flowing in. Liverpool's victory in the league was a medicine for the city at that time because the city was sick at the time. '

Football itself was not what it is three decades ago. There was no time for TV broadcasting to sign a fat contract. Brian Robson was the most expensive player. He moved from West Brom to Manchester United for 1.9 million, a record transfer from one English club to another. The 1990 World Cup was also held in Italy. Moran believes it has made a huge difference in world football.

"From that time on, football was moving towards modern capitalism," he says. In a few years, the Premier League began, and with it, the game of money. Sir Alex Ferguson took full advantage of that and made Manchester United stronger. England's top seven clubs have won since 1990, with Manchester United being the most successful. And Blackburn and Lester are on the list.

Joe Blot is the chairman of the Prit of Sanki Sports Group. He believes that the title Liverpool won in 1990 is now limited to memories for many. He says, ‘Even if one remembers those days, the supporters must be at least 40 years old. Now even a generation of supporters has passed away. All these generations were waiting for Liverpool to win the league. 'Blot himself was 59 years old.

He also believes that football has undergone a lot of changes during this time, the English league is no longer just for England. The big clubs along with Liverpool all have foreign investment. Supporters of all generations of Liverpool agree on one fact, like Blot. "We now have Jर्गrgen Klopp as a world-class manager," he said. He has made Liverpool strong, like a team from the Nineties. '

The dominance of Liverpool began

Liverpool's formal English Premier League title was finally completed. It was too late, Liverpool could not win the league. Many also accused Liverpool of not being able to win the league in England. This is the only rich club in history. While Liverpool is certain to win the league, all those allegations have been proven false. Liverpool supporters claim, now begins again, Liverpool's dominance in English football.

Liverpool - Jurgen Klopp could not hide his feelings, his throat was blocked. Liverpool is set to become English champions for the 19th time on Thursday night. Klopp could not hide his tears.

He and his players had gathered near the manager's house to watch the game between Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea beat City in that game, Liverpool's long wait is over, to win the league title. On top of that, there was the fear of not taking it this time.

But once the league was assured of victory, the joy and excitement of the Liverpool supporters at Merseyside could not be overstated. Police were constantly making requests, but could not stop the club supporters from coming to the streets and gathering. Many gathered around Anfield. Fireworks also went off. He was busy singing many songs. The song was the same, "You'll Never Walk Alone." The whistle blew at Stanford Bridge, and the tide of joy was flowing in Liverpool.

"I'm in a position to say no," Klopp said later. "Who is as proud as I am now?" Ever since I came to this club, my journey has been unprecedented. Even today, all the players celebrated. We were all sitting together watching football. For the next few years, these players have been able to play just as well. I did not even dream of all these achievements. But now the opportunity is huge, it can't be described in words. '

He did not forget to warn his rival team, claiming that Liverpool will play better next season. He said that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the team and the team itself can play a stronger game. Captain Jordan Henderson was equally emotional. He said, "I didn't want to say anything even before the game. But now I can speak. I am very happy and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone, the players, the city, and the supporters all over the world. '

Liverpool behind the record

It took Liverpool 30 years and 58 days to win the league once again, and a three-month lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic. But when they won, it was Liverpool's first English Premier League. It was also the club's 19th overall league title. Liverpool was just two points away from the league title after an impressive win over Crystal Palace on Wednesday. The game at Stanford Bridge only completed the formality of winning the league title.

With seven games remaining in the league, Liverpool are 23 points ahead of Manchester City. Coincidentally, Thursday's game is between these two teams, in Etihad. The city is expected to provide Liverpool with a "guard of honor". So it is not even mandatory. Both clubs must agree to this. While the game was going on at Chelsea's house, manager Jurgen Klopp was sitting at Farkby Hall Golf Club watching.

He also had other Liverpool players. Liverpool last won the league title on April 28, 1990. That's when Madonna's song "Bhog" topped the UK singles charts. Even now, Liverpool itself is going through the same number one position. In the last 13 extraordinary months, Liverpool has won not only the Premier League but also the European Champions League, the Club World Cup, and the UAE Super Cup.

Now Liverpool will be able to set many new records in English domestic football and many of them are in the name of the City. The first record was set by Liverpool, who won the league with seven games remaining. Earlier, City and Manchester United had won the league with five games left. Liverpool will be able to collect a maximum of 107 points at the end of the league and in this process, City will surpass the 100 points achieved in 2017-2018.

Liverpool can also set the record for most wins in a single season. This record is also in the name of City winning 32 games in six leagues. The city had a 19-point lead at the top when they won the league in 2017-2018. Liverpool will try to surpass this too. Captain Henderson will have to wait until the end of July to lift the league title and will have to wait for safe time and circumstances if Liverpool is to make the winning run.

'Long-awaited decisive factor'

Pep Guardiola believes Liverpool's 30-year wait is crucial to winning the league title this time around. J योrgen Klopp's Liverpool is certain to win the title, and City's league winners are no more. The city lost 2–1 to Chelsea at Stanford Bridge, their eighth defeat in the league. Guardiola congratulated Liverpool and acknowledged that his team's performance had not been consistent throughout the season.

"Liverpool has played very well this season," he said. We could not perform like him. Liverpool became very confident after winning the European Champions League. It's been 30 years since Liverpool won the league, so it's been a turning point for him to win the title. Liverpool played every game that way. Like, that was their last game. We are the beginning of the league We didn't do well in the room and paid the price. "

Guardiola added: "Let's not forget that we have won two titles in the meantime. This is also a great achievement for us. The last 7-8 years have been great for City. So we have to say, one club doesn't always win. Our job is to learn from what happened this time. Today's game is not the only decision on the title. In fact, Liverpool had already won the league long ago. He deserves full credit. '

The big player is Klopp himself

On October 8, 2015, Jrgen Klopp entered Anfield for the first time. In front of all the media in the world, this miraculous manager had said, "If we are skeptical, we should become believers." Five years later, there was no one to doubt Klopp and his players. By the time he took over Liverpool, the club was in tenth place on the table. Whatever it is, Liverpool has won the European Championship for the sixth time.

Now also the English Premier League champions. Needless to say, if anyone has the biggest hand in this reproduction of Liverpool, it is Klopp. His personality is great in itself, he is a great strategist. His laughter is also strong. The way he celebrates goals in the technical area may not be digestible by others. Recently, when he came to England, the critics of Liverpool had said about him, these are fewer coaches, more shouting.

But there was no room to question the tremendous ability of the coach in the club. He is well versed in modern football and can study the game. He likes to call his style of playing football 'heavy metal'. He is a connoisseur of English football. On a rainy day, the ground is wet. It is also difficult to recognize the player's face. Mud all over the body. After the game, it is difficult for the player to walk. Klopp is a supporter of such football.

City to give Liverpool a 'Guard of Honor'

LONDON - Pep Guardiola has announced that his team will give a 'guard of honor' to the new league winner during next week's game between Manchester City and Liverpool.
Liverpool won the English Premier League two days before City lost to Chelsea.

Liverpool has won the league for the first time in 30 years. The top two teams in the table are playing at Etihad on Thursday. Guardiola also said that Liverpool deserved the traditional 'Guard of Honor'.

"There is no doubt that Liverpool will be given a guard of honor in this game," he said. Liverpool is fully entitled to it. We will have no hesitation in this. '

Working from home

Working from home

Although the coronavirus (Covid-19) originated in China, it has affected more than 100 countries around the world in the past month. Just last year, the world-renowned company Google instructed its South American office staff to work from home. Citizens of many countries, including Italy, have started living in isolation at home with the influence of Corona.

This trend of not going to the office, not going to the crowd and staying at home has started in many countries. Along with the Corona Cross, many citizens have left their homes for work other than having to go.

Although no corona infection has been reported in Nepal, the threat is growing. Going to the office is crowded and if one person is infected, the other is more likely to move. For that, the practice of working from home can be started in Nepal as well. But, how to do you work from home? Here are some of the apps that are more popular for office purposes and if an office motivates its employees to work from home, the use of such applications will help in the work. These applications support virtual communication between more than one person. Not only when there is talk of coronavirus, but also at other times, these tools help to do office work at home. Some tools are more useful for office management and some for employees.


Slack is a tool used for office purposes. What is special about it is that it gives the opportunity to communicate with the people in the office on various topics. Another feature of Slack is that it can be used both paid and free. It can be used by any organization with many employees. The biggest feature of being popular in Slack offices is not only the ability to chat but also the ability to chat by subject. It can also integrate other social networks and tools that work with document sharing, editing. It can be used in both app and web versions.


It is also a commercial messaging platform like Slack. It allows the user to chat, to make progress of the work in progress instantly. It allows you to chat with more than one person individually or individually. It also has a video chat system. It has the facility to massage the different departments of the office and the groups working separately according to their work. The flock can be used for free or for a fee. There is a charge for using the full feature.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft is a competitive tool of Team Slack. Its purpose is to monitor the work of the office staff and their work. Although Microsoft launched it four years ago, it made it available for free two years ago. By sharing it with your employees, you can share video, audio calls, file sharing, chats, and project-related responsibilities, and you can easily monitor them. Also, it is easy to know which employees have which shifts and how long they have worked.

Team Viewer

This is a very useful tool for people working on both home and office. It allows access from one device to another, which is very useful for file sharing. It can also be used to work from your office commuter at home. It can be used for free.


Dropbox is a useful tool for working people. If you keep the file and documents of the office in your computer in Dropbox, you can work with fun wherever you are, due to which it is not a hassle to do office work from home. Files in Dropbox can be shared, emailed, edited and copied with others, so it makes the job much easier. It can be used for free.

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Here's how to use Google's new app to read during the lockdown

Here's how to use Google's new app to read during the lockdown

Agency. Schools are closed due to the coronavirus. Various online courses and platforms are now taking up the responsibility of educating children. Meanwhile, Google has unveiled a new app to help students read.

Called Read Along, the app offers a variety of online classroom materials for students from nursery to grade 12. This will help the students to continue their studies.

Currently available only on the Android operating system, this app has been developed by Google targeting children above the age of five. Using Google's 'Speech Recognition' technology, it teaches children to read.

Similarly, as children read stories and readers in a loud voice, an assistant section called Dia responds to both sight and sound. So far this app has been downloaded 1 million times.

Use it like this

1. Download the Read Aling Android app for free on Google Play Store.

2. Read the app's privacy policy. According to Google, this app has no ads or in-app purchases. Once the app and its storage are downloaded, it also works offline when there is no data.

You don't even have to sign in for it. But you should allow it to record audio as well as take photos if you want to progress to be saved. But voice data is analyzed on the device in real-time and does not reach Google's servers. If users feel comfortable with these policies, they should click on Got It to proceed.

3. Then tap Virtual Assistant. Doing so will allow your app to record audio and give you feedback by listening.

4. See all options like Story Library, Play a Game, or Download a New Story.

5. Click the story you want to read. Look at the Digital Storybook page, you will see a button on the screen. The star appears when you read a word and pronounce it correctly. If you read incorrectly, a red line appears and then the correct pronunciation comes in Diya's voice.

In this app, you have to read for 10 minutes a day and it keeps track of your progress and the interest you get. If you need help pronouncing a word, you can tap on it.

Diya's feedback is effective and it teaches children what they don't know. Reed Launch was first made public by Google in India. The app is now available in 180 countries.

It is available in 9 languages ​​including English, Spanish, Prochugis, Hindi. Google says it will add more books and features in the coming days.

End-to-end encryption for those who use Zoom for free - 2020

End-to-end encryption for those who use Zoom for free

Agency. All users of the video conferencing software Zoom, which became popular during the Coronavirus era, now have access to end-to-end encryption. On Wednesday, Zoom announced that it would offer this feature to all users using the beta version from next month.

Zoom says it will make the feature available to both free and paid users. End-to-end encryption can be enabled and disabled by the organizer with the help of toggles during the meeting.

Earlier this month, the company said it would not provide end-to-end encryption to non-paying users, citing the risk of being used in illegal activities.

The company argued that strong encryption would make it difficult for police and other agencies involved in the investigation to access the data of free calls. Zoom has brought an end to the encryption feature after growing criticism over the security of the app.

A spokesman for the company said Zoom would not monitor meeting data and would not share information with other agencies, but would share information on incidents of child sexual abuse with investigative agencies.

Twitter lags behind Instagram in the news

The issue of which social network users trust the most is always on the agenda. There have been many studies on this subject.

Meanwhile, Reuters has released a 'digital news report' on which social media was mostly used as a news medium during the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the study, Instagram has overtaken Twitter. According to a study conducted in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Australia, and Brazil, the number of people using Instagram as a news medium has doubled compared to 2018.

The influence of Instagram is growing, especially among the youth. According to the study, three-quarters of 18- to 24-year-olds use Instagram as a news source.

According to the study, Facebook is number one in the list of social media used as a news medium. During this period, users relied heavily on Facebook as a news source.

Similarly, YouTube is in the second position, WhatsApp is in the third position and Facebook Messenger is in the fourth position. Instagram is at number five while Twitter is at number six. According to a 2018 study, Twitter preceded Instagram.

But studies have shown that the number of people who believe the news on social media is low. According to the study, only 26 Prasit believe the news on social media.

According to the study, government bodies and national news organizations are trusted more than social media as a news source. Fifty-nine of the participants in the study said they believed the information flowing from such organizations.

Google launches 'One Tap' to make signing up and logging in easier

Google launches 'One Tap' to make signing up and logging in easier

The concept of registering for services by filling out a form is very old. It is largely being replaced by the autofill system.

But there are still some problems. For example, where did you sign up for an account from Google or Facebook? Use a password or register for the first time? Such dilemmas can come in it.

But for those who want to use Google's solution, the company has also come up with a solution. The company has developed a one-tap solution.

This new system makes it easy for you to sign up for apps or sites logged in with a Google Account with a single touch. Users will be able to use Google's solution after developers include it in their services.

This allows users to quickly sign up for a site or app without having to fill out a form on Android, and even back up quickly by tapping from a registered account. This way you can get rid of the hassle of remembering your password and creating an account under a nickname.

As it appears in the uniform interface, it can be easily identified in all third party apps and services. If you are already logged in to your Android device, Google will run on your device without asking for a Google account and password.

This way, even for the second time in a third-party app, it will not ask for your Google Account password. Google has also developed a back-end system called Block Store to guarantee that your information is secure.

This allows third-party apps to create security tokens, which are linked to the user's account. Users can use this token instead of other information when signing in.

This feature seems to be a great relief to those who use a lot of apps on their device. Life hacker Brendan Hiss is concerned about the risk of linking all apps to a Google account.

If someone has access to your Google Account, they can access all the apps you use. But there is no big difference between signing up from Google.

Top 50 inventive companies in the world this year -2020

Here are the top 50 inventive companies in the world this year

Kathmandu. As in real life, exploration is a powerful combination of operation, shape, and skill. Operations set ambitious agendas and invest in potential opportunities.

Size can turn those opportunities into new sources of income. Skills become an integral part of holistic exploration, which is needed forever.

The size and power of exploration-based companies around the world are growing. Out of the 50 exploration-based companies on Boston Consulting Group-BCG's 2020 list, smaller companies have revenues of 30 billion.

Since the first survey in 2005, their income has increased by 170 percent, or  11 billion. But operation and size are meaningless when your exploration system can't work on it.

BCG's investigation has drawn more serious conclusions about this. A series of explorations is awkward. Out of 162 companies, 50 companies have been at the top of BCG for the last 14 years. 30 companies once fell on this list.

Fifty-seven percent of companies made it to the list three times or less. Only eight companies, including Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, and Toyota, make it to the list each year.

When BCG began research for the 14th edition of the 'Most Innovative Company' report, COVID 19 arrived. The main theme of this year was about the importance and benefits of a series of explorations.

This discovery has become even more relevant today as the leadership of research is making sweeping changes in supply, demand, consumer behavior, and the way it does business. Besides, companies have doubled their exploration during the current recession.

Companies are taking advantage of investment opportunities and working to overcome this situation. But the development of a clear exploration strategy is a prerequisite for its successful completion, which requires proper investment support.

Your search system should be able to quickly identify and use this opportunity. While researching these topics, a global innovation performance database of thousands of companies was created.

The study was started to find out what practices of those companies enabled him to rise above the rest of the world.

Committed to exploration

For two-thirds of the companies included in the study, exploration has always been a top-three management priority. This is the lowest level of the financial crisis in 2009 and 2010.

The uncertain economy that emerged due to geopolitical tensions before the spread of COVID 19 is also thought to be one of the reasons. This finding can be analyzed more subtly. Committed investigators, who accounted for 45 percent, said exploration was their top priority.

He also mentioned that he has made significant investment commitment. Another concern was that exploration, which accounted for 30 percent, was not a strategic priority and was not a special area of ​​investment.

Similarly, 25 percent of the ambiguous investigators have not invested as much in the strategic importance of the investigation.

The study found that 56 percent of researchers were in the financial and pharmaceutical sectors, 32 percent in wholesale and retail, and 37 percent in industrial goods.

Committed investigators have won. In the business started three years ago, the sales ratio of goods and services to such investigators has increased by 60 percent. The business of suspicious investigators has increased by 30 percent and the business of dilemma researchers by 47 percent.

Even in previous investigative reports, there was a big difference between committed investigators and others. Looking at the example of 2019, there was a big gap between the business of strong and weak investigators when it comes to using artificial intelligence.

The strong investigators involved in this study have found that external investigations, such as incubators and partnerships with educational institutions, have progressed.

According to a 2018 research report, 80 percent of strong investigators digitized their investigative processes well, while 30 percent were weak.

The expanding business of strong investigators is the latest evidence of the strong link between commitment to exploration and its analogy. This situation is seen in all areas related to exploration.

How do committed investigators work?

Most companies try to address multiple exploration challenges at once. But committed investigators handle only a few exploratory tasks at a time and get the right results by addressing them.

They focus on advanced analytics, digital design, and technical platforms. There are various reasons behind embracing these three special things of technology.

For example, advanced analytics has always been a top priority for industrial goods companies looking for new analytics-driven value propositions.

For example, agricultural equipment manufacturers are now moving to create the easiest agricultural technology possible through IoT (Internet of Things).

Even among the most committed investigators, only 60 percent have solved their priority challenge. There is plenty of room for improvement for other companies. Another challenge the success of can not be repeated.

Innovation and discovery

The researchers asked executives at various top investigative companies after 2015. Which has seen a new amazing pattern this year?

When the research was done on this topic, it was found that companies from different fields came to different fields and led the research. For example, Amazon is exploring the health sector, while Alibaba is exploring financial services.

In today's world where all sectors are becoming technical industries, it is very important to be able to develop exploration capacity by merging other sectors with one's own.

Many companies have broken through the wall and entered another area. Three M Company has explored many industries in the last few years.

These include consumer goods, chemicals, construction, and Medtech. Compared to 2016, this trend has increased even more (about 20 percent). New players following this trend are Sony, Nike, Xiaomi, and

If you look at the data at the industry level, software and service companies are entering such areas. Automakers, chemical companies, retailers, and industrial manufacturers are entering the field of other companies.

Because they have seen opportunities in the business model driven by new technology. They have also found a source of income outside their core business.

Top 50 Innovative Companies

BCG's best inventor company is based on a comprehensive survey of 2,500 innovation executives from around the world, selected from a poll conducted from August 2019 to October 2019.

The company's performance was divided into four areas and averaged by calculating scores in the survey.

1. Apple (two location improvements)

2. Alphabet (one place below)

3. Amazon (one place down)

4. Microsoft (in place)

5. Samsung (in place)

6. Huawei (42 place improvements)

7. Alibaba (16 place improvements)

8. IBM (one place down)

9. Sony (back on the list)

10. Facebook (two places down)

11. Tesla (two places down)

12. Cisco (five places above)

13. Walmart (29 places above)

14. Tencent (re-entry in the list)

15. HP (29 places above)

16. Nike (re-entries)

17. Netflix (11 places down)

18. LG Electronics (in place)

19. Intel (re-entries)

20. Dell (21 places up)

21. Siemens (five places down)

22. Target (list re-entry)

23. Philips (six places above)

24. Xiaomi (re-entries)

25. Oracle (re-entries)

26. Johnson & Johnson (12 places down)

27. Snake (one place up)

28. Adidas (18 places below)

29. Hitachi (re-entries)

30. Of cost (re-entry in the list)

31. (newcomer)

32. Volkswagen (six places up)

33. Bus (newcomer)

34. Airbus (re-entry)

35. Salesforce (two places down)

36. JPMorgan Chase (16 places down)

37. Uber (re-entry)

38. Bayer (14 places down)

39. Poster and Gamble (re-entry)

40. Royal Dutch Shell (ten places below)

41. Toyota (four places down)

42. Nestle (re-entry)

43. ABB (newcomer)

44. 3M (five places down)

45. Unilever (13 places down)

46. FCA (newcomer)

47. Novartis

48. Coca-Cola (re-entry)

49. Volvo (newcomer)

50. McDonald's (29 places down)

Source: BCG Global Innovation Survey

The serial numbers for 2020 compared to 2019. Re-entrants are companies that were not on last year's list but were on the previous year's list.

Nepal is one of the top ten hacker countries - 2020

Nepal is one of the top ten hacker countries

Kathmandu. For some time now, the number of Nepali hackers on the Bug Bounty platform BugCrowd has increased dramatically. In the report 'Inside the Mind of a Hacker 2020' released by Bug Crowd on Wednesday, Nepal has managed to be included in the top ten countries.

However, the number of hackers has increased significantly in other countries in South Asia recently. Neighboring India has become the first country in the Bug Bounty to overtake the United States.

The report is based on an analysis of data from 3,493 hackers and 1,549 BugCrowd Vulnerability Disclosure programs between May 2019 and April 2020. There were 7.7 million interactions in this process.

According to the report, the number of Indian bug hunters has increased by 83 percent compared to last year. It has established India's image as a world leader in the field of information security research.

India has overtaken the US this time. For the first time, the United States has been forced to settle for second place with a limited number of 10 percent bug crowd users.

‘Such a significant decline indicates a decrease in the number of U.S. security research hackers. But the data shows that the number of Indian hackers is growing faster than in other countries.

Other countries in the top five of the list are Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia respectively. The UK is sixth, Egypt is seventh, Australia is eighth and Germany is 10th.

While announcing the results, BugCrowd estimates that it will curb cybercrime worth  8.9 billion in 2019 alone.

BugCrowd's platform aims to track where security researchers live, as well as to consider in-depth the factors that define a hacker.

CTO Chassis Ellis, founder, and chief technical officer of BugCrowd, said the company also wanted to erase the story of a man who hooked up to a dark room designed in the name of a hacker.

Interestingly, the survey found that about 53 percent of the hackers surveyed were under the age of 24. Forty-one percent were new, less than 12 months after joining the BugCrowd platform.

Thirteen percent of those hackers had neurodiverse. Neurodiverse is a broad term, which includes diseases such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder and autism.

"About 6 percent of neurodiverse are experiencing ADHD and they can make progress in rapidly changing areas such as security research," says Ellis. Their creativity to think outside the box is respected. ’

What kind of organization is Bug Crowd?

BugCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform. It is the first company to embrace and utilize crowdsource security and cybersecurity researchers as the main link to the business model.

Founded in 2011, the company is expected to become the world's largest bug bounty company by 2019.

What is Bug Bounty?

Bug Bounty is a reward given to cybersecurity personnel who detect errors or weaknesses in any computer program or system.

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Fear of 'mass depression'

Fear of 'mass depression'

Epidemics, natural disasters come and go from time to time. The effect of the mind, the brain lasts a long time. This should be taken care of in time.

Various studies claim that ‘one in three people in the world will be mentally ill after 2030’. The reason for the global terror of Kovid-19.

"It's hard to say how traumatic the Covid-19 epidemic can be," says Yuval Nerai, a professor of psychology at Columbia University in the United States. But it will last longer than any previous epidemic. '

The epidemic does not stress an individual or a family, it affects the society and the nation. Kovid-19 has caused a stir all over the world. Experts have warned that even after the technical control or termination of Covid-19, its injuries could endanger the human race in the long run. And, that would be more of a mental distraction than a financial and physical one.

The virus, which was seen in Wuhan, China in late December, is now spreading around the world. After China, Italy, and now the United States is at the center of the crisis.

As of Friday, the virus had killed more than 53,200 people. 1 million 15 thousand people are infected. The omnipotent US President Donald Trump has said that it would be an "achievement" if the death toll in the US could be reduced to one million.

The majority of countries are in limbo. A quarter of the world's population is confined to their homes. Hotels, airports, colleges, and all kinds of workplaces are closed. The United Nations has called Corona the worst crisis since World War II. The world has rarely faced such a collective shock before.

After Chait, Nepal's public life also became chaotic. The lockdown that started on December 11 has been extended till December 10. Thank you! So far, the infection has not become an epidemic in our country.

Even so, the common man has not been able to get rid of the anxiety of what will happen next. Psychoanalyst Basu Acharya says, ‘We now have less psychological stress caused by viruses than in other countries. But if we are not careful, it can hurt for a long time. '

According to Acharya, the mental disorder that appears in the common man after an epidemic is called traumatic stress disorder in the language of psychology. Disasters that you have never experienced, that you have never imagined, make people restless. Anxiety and nervousness occur. I feel sad and unhappy. Uncomfortable and restless. "After the earthquake, we had such a disorder," said Acharya. "Most of the people who come to me for counseling say that the problem started after the earthquake."

It is difficult to say how painful the Covid-19 epidemic is mental. But it will last longer than any previous epidemic. - Yuval Nerai, Professor, Columbia University
After the 2003 SARS attack in China, a large community was suddenly depressed. The 9/11 terrorist attacks created a similar situation in the United States. But Professor Nerai does not want to compare it with the events of September 11 and the post-World War II depression. He sees the current situation as even direr. "At that time, there was only terror within a certain geography," Nerai told CNBC. There is no limit now. '

So far, the number of Kovid-19 infected people in Nepal is low. But people are still terrified. Psychological deviations have begun to spread on social media. What a mess it must have been! There are no positive signs that the virus will be eradicated. Instead of trying to recover, we wallow in our sadness and thus, experience more failure.

Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Yoga and naturopathy specialist Dr. Hari Prasad Pokharel expresses concern that the problem of the body is shifting towards the mind. ‘Covid-19 can cause a variety of mental stressors. We have to be ready to fight it now, 'he said.

We believed that foreign countries had helped us and would do so even if the earthquake-damaged our property. We receive remittances from almost every household, the earthquake did not affect it, but Kovid-19 may close or affect that road. It takes some time for the domestic economic business to deteriorate. The tourism sector takes a long time. It is this tension that has taken root in our minds.

"We are being plagued by fabricated and negative fears rather than realistic ones. Its source is social media, 'said psychoanalyst Acharya.' People are panicking while following unnecessary and exaggerated information about Covid-19. You have to balance that yourself. '

According to him, even after the end of Kovid-19, most people are not afraid of the virus coming back, I think. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. I feel like crying. The work wakes up. Acharya says, ‘But the person himself may not know that he has a problem. I have met many such people after the earthquake. I don't know why I was sad. '

'Useless social media to relieve stress'

Depression can be avoided if psychotherapy, family love, social support, and the victim's intellect can be refined. Even if you do not do this, you should take medicine.

According to experts, this treatment is based on family love. Like now when you are with your family in lockdown, you should talk to each other as much as possible. The behavior of yourself and your family members should be monitored. It may flow in the mind, it should be made an environment to release. Those who do not want to be open should be made emotionally comfortable. Must be engrossed in creative work. Tolerance must be developed. According to psychoanalyst Acharya, it is very effective if only one member of the family takes care of this and gives support/counseling to others accordingly. The pain subsides at home.

"Now let's have fun at home, let's increase family love. Let's have a lot of fun at this time so that we can develop the courage to resist collectively no matter what happens tomorrow. '

After family, social intimacy develops a person's self-confidence, but in our case, Acharya claims that society has a hand in increasing mental anguish. He says, ‘After seeing a slight change in behavior, others call him crazy. Makes a laughing stock. This tendency puts the victim in the throes of further pain and then comes the guardianship of the state.

Psychologists say that when I believe that the state will take care of me when there is a crisis, there will be less mental distractions. In Nepal, the government has announced relief for daily wage workers, special care for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and provision of wages by employers for formal sector workers.

Voices are being raised that government relief is positive but inadequate. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announced an emergency economic package of two trillion dollars. The relief program is expected to enable Americans to cope with the economic crisis.

Psychiatric counseling has started in New York without control of Covid-19. Governor Andrew Cuomo has appointed 6,000 employees. They are working 24 hours a day for free psychiatric treatment.

Due to this epidemic, those who will lose their jobs, those who will lose relatives, those who will 'recover' after the infection, they become mentally weak.

Depression or other problems are more likely to be exacerbated. Elena Newman, a mental health researcher who has been affected by the outbreak, says:

For now, avoiding Kovid-19 is all that matters. Different energy can come after facing the crisis. New possibilities of profession/business can be born. Acharya suggests, ‘Now let’s enjoy sitting at home, increasing family love. Let's have a lot of fun at this time so that we can develop the courage to resist collectively no matter what happens tomorrow. '

Dexamethasone: Is there a cure for the coronavirus?

Dexamethasone: Is there a cure for the coronavirus?

The Coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China, has infected more than 8.1 million people worldwide and caused more than 440,000 deaths. COVID 19, which has affected the whole world, has infected more than 6,000 people in Nepal and 20 people have died. Of course, the good news is that Corona's fears are weakened by the long-term downturn and the economic problems she has caused, or she is forced to return to work in the crisis.

News of the vaccination and treatment of COVID 19 has raised hopes from time to time. The virus, which was discovered in December 2019, has managed to embarrass the world in a short period. Not many great studies and researches have been done in this short period. But many studies are ongoing. Tenofovir used for HIV / AIDS and hydroxychloroquine used for malaria were very popular. US President Donald Trump also made public the use of hydroxychloroquine, which has since been discontinued in the United States because of its negative effects. Recently, there have been reports of permethrin and now dexamethasone being effective.
The medicine should not be used, the immune system should be increased. So it is not uncommon to hear about the need to eat vitamin C, garlic, ginger, and yoga, and exercise. To prevent this, news of vaccine production and its study is also coming. It has also been reported that some vaccines are being studied and produced simultaneously.

Not only modern medical science but also homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment methods have explored various treatments. No matter how many experts claim to be completely cured, the world has not readily accepted it. Because the world seeks the results of the study. Now a good result has come. Probably the most infected participant in the study for COVID 19, this study showed that dexamethasone, a type of steroid available in our Nepali pharmaceutical market, was a great success.

Experts in the UK say that dexamethasone, a cheap drug available worldwide, has helped prevent serious corona infections. They say that even small doses of dexamethasone steroid can prevent serious infections. Research claims that the death rate of patients placed on ventilators is one-third and that one in five patients given oxygen is protected. Researchers at the University of Oxford administered dexamethasone to 2,000 hospitalized patients, comparing more than 4,000 patients who had not used the drug, the BBC reported. The study found that ventilator mortality rates dropped from 40 percent to 28 percent.

According to lead researcher Professor Peter Horby, it is the only drug that reduces the risk of death from infection. It is also a great success and achievement in corona treatment. However, Professor Horby has made it clear that the drug is of no benefit to the general population and is important for those with respiratory problems.

Although there has been an increase in the number of COVID 19 infections in recent times, there has been a significant reduction in the complexity of those infected. There has also been a reduction in deaths due to COVID 19 infections. Although the number of infected people is high in India, Russia, and Nepal, the death rate due to the infection is lower than in Europe and the United States. In this case, the efficacy of dexamethasone produced in our country will definitely give positive results.

Dexamethasone is a steroid that reduces inflammation caused by cavities and other causes, especially those of the pharynx and trachea, so it only benefits those with respiratory problems. It is not uncommon for the general public to avoid rage by eating this, so social distance, proper use of masks, and handwashing habits should not be forgotten to avoid COVID 19.

Why are men more prone to COVID infections?

Why are men more prone to COVID infections?


Infection with the Noble Coronavirus affects people of all genders and age groups. But in the last six months, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide has shown that men are most at risk. About 7.5 million people have been infected with the coronavirus since December 2019. Of these, 3.9 million have recovered after treatment and four million have lost their lives. Of those infected, 82 percent are men and only 18 percent are women.

Although the statistics of different countries have been analyzed differently, men are more infected in each country. About 70.3 percent of those infected in Chinese hospitals are men. In the United States, 60.7 percent of infected people admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in New York City are men, and 67 percent of those who die are men. Eighty-two percent of those admitted to the intensive care unit in Lombardy, Italy, were men. Similarly, 69 percent of infected men in the UK and 79 percent in Spain. At the time of writing, 4,364 cases of infection have been confirmed in Nepal, of which 4,055 (92.91 percent) are men. Of those infected, 11.95 percent are men. 26.95 percent of the infected are women are free of infection. The proportion of infected men and women is 70-30. That is, men are twice as likely to be infected as women.

Of course, in Nepal, men spend more time out of the house than women, go abroad for employment, drink more alcohol, and smoke, so they may have more infections. However, as more men than women are infected worldwide, the search for biological causes has begun. This article will discuss the same biological causes.

The determination of whether a person is born a boy or a girl is made in the first stage of fetal development in the mother's womb. In the process of reproduction, the fetus is formed by the union of the sex chromosomes of the mother and father. The father has X and Y sex chromosomes, while the mother has both X chromosomes. If the father's Y and mother's X chromosomes match, a son is born. If the X chromosomes of both father and mother combine to form an embryo, a daughter is born. Therefore, the role of the chromosome of the father, not the mother, plays a role in determining the sex of the child born.

Professor of Immunology at the University of Oxford, Dr. According to Philip Goulder, the difference between men's and women's ability to fight disease begins here.
It is the job of the immune system to detect and produce antibodies that are needed to detect and resist any foreign harmful bacteria. The noble coronavirus is encoded in a recognizable protein X chromosome. But X chromosomes are two in females and only one in males. Therefore, the ability to prevent corona infection or the resistance expressed by the protein is automatically reduced by 50 percent in men. Dr. Philip Goulder believes that women have a greater ability to fight not only coronavirus but all diseases than men.

Another factor that differentiates men and women from coronavirus infection is the angiotensin-converting enzyme. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE-2) is a type of enzyme present in the human body. Enzymes are catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions in the body. ACE-2 is a central component of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS), which controls blood pressure, heals wounds, and regulates fluids in the body. This enzyme, discovered by Leonard Skags in 1956, indirectly increases blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. Therefore, ACE-2 inhibitors are used in the treatment of most heart diseases.

When the coronavirus infects humans, the virus's protein attaches to the same ACE-2 enzyme and travels to cells in various parts of the body. As a result, it opens the door to infection in the lungs while taking oxygen through the blood and blood vessels. According to an article published in the European Heart Journal, ACE-2 is more common in men than in women. It occurs in large quantities in the lungs, heart, and testicles of men. Because ACE-2 occurs in the testicles, there are more males than females in the testicles. Iziah Sama explains. Similarly, published in the ‘Journal of Virology’. According to Hong Peng Xia's article, ACE-2 has the appearance of being attached to a thorn-shaped protein spike on the surface of the current Nobel coronavirus. Thus, the physical constitution of men has increased the risk of corona infection in men than in women.

According to a recent article in Science News, coronavirus infections in men have been linked to another factor. According to the article, androgen hormones also play an important role in increasing the risk of infection. The androgen hormone helps men to produce the hormone testosterone and make sperm. The same hormone also helps the coronavirus to enter the cell. Men cannot be fertile without the hormone testosterone. Infections in China, Spain, Italy, and the United States have been linked to androgen hormones and coronavirus infections.

The androgenic hormone regulates the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme in the male prostate gland. The prostate gland helps men to urinate and keep sperm alive. Therefore, transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme is produced more in men. ‘Cell Journal’ According to Marcus Hoffmann, published in, coronavirus infection also depends on the surface membrane of the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme. The membrane of this enzyme combines the thorny proteins of the virus with the DNA in human cells. Men also have an increased risk of coronavirus infection due to this enzyme.

Italian molecular cancer specialist Dr. According to Andre Alimonti, some of the men who used androgen in some of the experiments there did not have to go to the hospital because of Kovid-19. Thus, the transmembrane protease serine 2 enzyme produced in men during prostate operation and regulation has increased the risk of corona infection in men.
The fact is that men are more at risk of coronavirus infection than women, not only for socio-economic reasons but also for biological reasons.

(Koju, who has a doctorate in zoology, is the head of the Faculty of Natural Resource Management under the Center for Post-Graduate Studies, Nepal Engineering College, Pokhara University.)