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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Eight things that teenagers are searching for on Google

Eight things that teenagers are searching for on Google

Today's teenagers do not have to keep things hidden in their hearts. They can easily pour out what is stuck in their heart through some medium. Especially social media or Google is their reliable medium.

There are some things that are uncomfortable to ask others. Many people are looking for answers to such questions on Google. Thus, teenagers are ahead in searching for any answer from Google. Whether it is about their career or interest or about fashion trends, about sex or food, they are searching on Google. After all, teenagers are searching for the most things on Google?

1. A matter of health

At a glance, it seems that they are only searching for entertainment content on Google. However, most of today's teenagers are curious about their health. Especially they are mostly asking about depression, anxiety, fitness.

They are also searching for things like what to eat, how to control obesity on Google. Some people are learning exercise methods from Google.

2. Window shopping

Window shopping is the buzz word now. It indicates online shopping. Window shopping means looking at the details of the necessary equipment from Google without physically being present in any store.

Today's teenagers are getting information about the design and price of clothes, mobiles, laptops, watches, shoes, books, glasses, etc. from Google. According to a study, most of the teenagers find it easy to buy goods online.

3. Relationships and dating

Of course, when you reach the teenage stage, you become more curious about love and sex. They cannot do this openly with their parents or friends. That is why they have lost such questions in themselves.

From how to make a relationship with a boy or a girl, how to love, how to go on a date, they are searching for many questions related to sex on Google.

Google becomes a safe and secret medium for them to satisfy their curiosity.

4. Technology and Gamed

Teenagers are interested in new gadgets. What kind of equipment entered the world market? They are updated as often as possible. Be it mobile or anything else, they are very interested in it. They are also very interested in gaming and gaming devices.

They are looking for new tools on Google. They are asking about the features and price of a new mobile or any device. In the same way, some people have searched on Google about the way of gaming.

5. Educational support

Today's teenagers search for their education or career on Google. They also take the help of Google while doing assignments or preparing for exams.

Now many sources of educational materials can be found on the internet. They also search for things on Google that are not in some textbooks.

Also, they take help of Google to learn how to manage time, what should be the study process, how to make notes.

6. entertainment

Today's teenagers also get some information about entertainment from Google. They are getting information about movies, music, artists, events from Google.

Many people are also searching on Google about the famous Korean music band BTS, Black Pink. Similarly, they are very interested in searching for information on Google about the upcoming movies.

7. Searching for a career

This is the stage in adolescence itself, when they start to be interested in career as well as studies. What to do in the future, what to become, how to get a happy and happy life makes them more interested in their career.

That's why they are getting information about the career according to their interest on Google. At the same time, they are also looking for employment opportunities. They are more interested in where and what to do. They are also searching for opportunities on Google about jobs that can be done online.

8. News and Events

What is happening to teenagers in the world? What subject is being debated? There is also an interest in who is reacting to what. They are looking for information about the political and social things happening in the world through Google. Similarly, they are being updated on topics like technology and entertainment.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Google Translate will provide you with an instant translation of the text.

Google Translate will provide you with an instant translation of the text.

Google Translate is a free online translation service developed by Google that can translate text, speech, and websites from one language to another. It was launched in April 2006 and has been continuously updated and improved since then.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Blogger is a popular blogging platform that is owned by Google.

Blogger is a popular blogging platform that is owned by Google 

Blogger is a popular blogging platform owned by Google that allows users to create and manage blogs. It is a free and easy-to-use platform that offers a range of features and tools for creating and publishing blog posts, such as customizable templates, rich text editing, and the ability to add images and videos.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising program run by Google that allows website owners and bloggers to earn money by displaying ads on their websites. Advertisers pay Google to display their ads, and Google shares a portion of this revenue with the website owners and bloggers who host the ads.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Google's AI technology in Bihar to give flood alert from Nepal

Google's AI technology in Bihar to give flood alert from Nepal

India is the second-most populous country in the world. More than 20 percent of the world's flood deaths each year are in India.

Floods destroy tens of thousands of homes every year. With that in mind, Google volunteers have been working to help flood victims in India for the past two years.

In 2018, the company launched the Pilot Initiative for flood forecasting in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Bihar is one of the most flood-prone states in India for a long time.

Where more than a hundred people lose their lives every year. Google was trying to provide them with accurate flood forecasts in real-time.

The company's AI model analyzes the historical data of many river basins in different parts of the world for accurate forecasting. Google is not alone in this project.

Instead, it is cooperating with the Central Water Commission of India, the Israeli Institute of Technology, and the University of Barisan. The company is also working with the Indian government on how New Delhi is compiling water level data to improve its efforts.

They have installed a new electronic sensor, which automatically transmits data to bodies working in the water sector. Two years later, Google on Tuesday announced that its 'Flood Forecasting Initiatives' would cover the whole of India.

The company is also cooperating with the Water Development Board of Bangladesh. Bangladesh, India's neighbor, has more floods than any other country in the world. At the same time, Bangladesh has become the first country outside India to launch Google's service.

Google's efforts are likely to make a huge difference in the lives of people in India and Bangladesh. The company has so far sent more than 30 million notifications to flood-affected areas in India.

He said his efforts have helped 200 million people in an area of ​​250,000 square kilometers. In Bangladesh, Google's model has managed to reach 40 million people and work is underway to expand it nationwide.

‘We are providing people with information on when and how much flood water will rise. We have been sharing in-depth maps of the flood-prone areas and sharing detailed information about the user's village and region, "said Yossi Matisse, Google's engineering VP and head of Crisis Response.

In this context, the company is also working with Yale and there is a need for further improvement in the service. This year, Google will make the alert more accessible and effective.

For that, Hindi, Bengali, and seven other local languages ​​have been added and the messaging alerts will be customized in the coming days. The company has also rolled out a new forecasting model.

Which has doubled its alert warning time?, a philanthropic arm of the company, has also partnered with the International Red Cross Federation and the Red Cross Society to build local networks and provide alerts directly to those without a smartphone.

"It simply came to our notice then. Much work needs to be done in the coming days to improve the system to expand the flood-affected area to more people. To that end, we are working with our partners around the world. "

"We will continue to develop, manage, and further improve the technology. The project's digital tools will help save communities and lives, "said Mattis.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The 25-year journey of Internet Explorer is coming to an end

 The 25-year journey of Internet Explorer is coming to an end

We should all be using Internet Explorer, a product of Microsoft. The 25-year journey of Internet Explorer, the most used search browser in the early stages of the Internet, is now coming to a complete halt.

Everyone has their own experience in using it. However, the company has made an unpleasant decision to shut it down due to the recent loss of users due to the popularity of other browsers.

Microsoft will stop supporting it from August 17, 2021. According to Microsoft, Microsoft 365 App & Services will no longer provide services to Internet Explorer from next year.

As an alternative, the company has been promoting Microsoft Edge for the past few years. Which is now established as the world's second-largest web browser.

In 2015, the company created Microsoft Edge through the open-source Chromium for Google Chrome. Which has many features compared to Internet Explorer. It is also user friendly.

Google prepares for 6 GHz WiFi test

Google has asked the US government for permission to test the GHz spectrum for high-speed Wi-Fi. The company has sought permission from various state governments to test the technology, which is seen as a new generation of WiFi technology.

Google is preparing to test it in major US cities in the first phase. The company has also sought permission from the government to test the six GHz WiFi, which is expected to affect other WiFi signals.

This technology will run at twice the speed of WiFi currently available. Similarly, the coverage area of ​​WiFi will also be more.

Currently, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band WiFi is in vogue in the global environment. Five GHz WiFi has just come into use in Nepal. After some time, a big change is appearing in WiFi.

With two decades of major upgrades to WiFi, this will change

After some time, a big change is appearing in WiFi. The US Federal Communications Commission has announced that it will open a plot of 6 GHz spectrum for use without a license.

Such a change would allow the user to broadcast the router above the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. So your router will have more open-air routes to broadcast WiFi signals.

Next year when this new spectrum will be officially opened for business, users' devices will run faster, connections will be more reliable than the previous generation.

Since the Federal Communications Commission made provision for Wi-Fi in 1989, the decision will add a wide spectrum. This new spectrum has further increased the amount of space available for routers and other devices. As a result, any device will have more bandwidth and less interferer.

"This is the biggest decision in the history of WiFi spectrum in twenty years," said Kevin Robinson, marketing leader of the WiFi Alliance, an industry group that oversees the implementation of WiFi.

By the end of 2020, the devices are expected to support 6 GHz WiFi. Therefore, its implementation is not far away. When it arrives, it will be branded as WiFi Six E.

How can this help our weak WiFi?

If your device has trouble connecting to the WiFi network, it may be due to spectrum congestion. When you connect multiple devices with the same band frequency, the network drops on some devices.

If you see many WiFi networks in your area, now consider for yourself why your connection is slowing down. The reason is simple, your computer is competing with many signals.

6 GHz can solve this problem for you. This allows your router to accommodate so many new airwaves that the signals of the WiFi channels never overlap like they do now.

This new spectrum has enough rooms for a maximum of seven WiFi streams. All streams can be broadcast at GHz without interruption without using the previous spectrum.

FCC is opening a 1200 MHz spectrum in the 6 GHz band. For the past two decades, WiFi has been operating in 400 spectra. Within that limited space, all available channels were being split.

Within the 6 GHz band, each channel is expected to be 160 MHz in size. But currently available space can only accommodate two channels of this size.

6 GHz WiFi

Not everyone knows how WiFi works. WiFi works by transmitting airwaves. The airwaves are open to everyone's use.

Today, it operates in two bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Now the third band 6 GHz has been added.

Depending on the band's number, their features also vary. 2.4 GHz flows very fast and 6 GHz provides fast data.

It does not matter what specific frequency is used. The important thing is the space of the available airwave.

It has a lot of 6 GHz space. The space of the new band is more than the overall WiFi space available before.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Free 15 GB storage on Google One for Android and iOS users

Free 15 GB storage on Google One for Android and iOS users

Google One, the cloud storage service launched by Google in 2018, will now offer free storage backups for both iOS and Android phone users with Google accounts. You can put photos, videos, contact numbers, calendar events in Google One's iOS app.

In the Android app, users can backup all kinds of files on their phone without subscribing to Google One.

In addition to backing up files, Google One has also been updated to make it easier to manage which files are stored. This storage management feature is available in both app and web. This feature helps to manage all the files saved from Drive, Gmail and Photos in one place.

You get 15 GB of free storage on your personal Google Account. But it does not support G Suite account. Google has also introduced a free storage plan. The user has to pay 1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage. Google has said that the new feature will be rolled out for Android in a few days. Similarly, the new iOS app is also preparing to go public.

Google One service is also available in Nepal. Click here to find out which other countries have Google One available.

Click here to download Google One's Android app. For the iOS App Store, you will have to wait a while.

For the first time in history, Google's revenue fell

Google's parent company Alphabet is facing its biggest revenue decline yet in the second quarter of this year. However, the company said it was able to meet Wall Street's revenue expectations.

Alphabet Company had a total revenue of  38.30 billion in the second quarter. Alphabet was expected to earn 37.4 billion, according to Wall Street.

However, it is two percent less than the same period last year. Compared to a net profit of  9.9 billion a year ago, this time the net profit has dropped to  6.9 billion.

Google search revenue fell to 21.3 billion this year from  23.6 billion last year.

The most profitable area for Alphabet this time around is YouTube. During this period, YouTube's advertising revenue increased to 3.81 billion.

Which was 3.6 billion last year. Google Cloud earned  2.1 billion in the same period last year, and has earned  3.1 billion this year.

But Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet, said she was excited by the growth towards the end of the second quarter. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat the global macro-environment macro-environment.

The company's CEO, Sundar Pichai, said the corona virus epidemic had weakened the global economy, and that the first sign of stability was seen by users operating their businesses online.

He says Google Play and YouTube performed well during that period. App and game downloads increased 35 percent during the period. He said that the consumption of cloud services has also increased while most people work from home during the same period.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Instagram's camera is suspected to have been hijacked due to a bug

Instagram's camera is suspected to have been hijacked due to a bug

 Users have complained of unnatural activity on the Instagram app in the beta mode of iOS 14. Even while scrolling through the feed without taking photos and videos, there are complaints that the green indicator of the camera is visible on Instagram.

A spokesman for Instagram said the situation was caused by a bug and that the company had fixed it. Access to the camera can be obtained from Instagram's Create Mode feature. When you get access like this, the camera indicator turns on. That is why the problem may have arisen.

Such an error can be seen by running the app's camera by swiping from the feed. ‘We only have access to your camera if you allow it. For example, when you swipe from feed to camera, we get access.

Due to the bug in the iOS 14 beta, the user was afraid that his camera would be hijacked even if he did not use it. We've repaired it now, "he said." We haven't used your camera and we haven't recorded any content. "

In support of the agency.

The 'Read Letter' feature is coming to the desktop version of the Chrome browser

Popular web browser Chrome is targeting desktop users to save any content and is preparing to bring a read letter feature at their convenience. Chrome is about to add a new menu on the desktop so that you can save any tab and read it later.

According to a report released by the bug tracker 'Chromium Gerrit', this feature can be used on Chrome operating system as well as Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems. The feature, which was unveiled to iOS users three years ago, is still in its infancy, Gerrit said.

It is said that there will be no change in the user interface of this feature which is being tested. If you are wondering when to use this type of feature on Android, there is good news for you. You can even use this download feature to recreate functionality.

Click the three dot menu at the top right of Chrome and click the download icon in it. To view saved pages, go to your Downloads section and view the saved websites.

Theoretically you can also go to the download route to save the page on the desktop but it downloads the website as an HTML file. So this is not a suitable solution for Android.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Six G internet speed, one thousand gigabits per second

Six G internet speed, one thousand gigabits per second

Even the Five G Internet has not yet become commercially global. South Korean company Samsung has already started work on the development of Six G Internet.

It is said that Samsung has a plan to complete the construction of 6G internet infrastructure and bring it into commercial use by 2028. By 2030, the Six G Internet will be widely used in the world.

Samsung launched the Advanced Communication Research Center in May 2019 to develop the SixG Internet. Research by the same research center has projected the future of the Six G Internet.

According to Samsung, by 2030, the world's six billion devices will be connected to the Six G Internet. By then, mobile phones will be available in a variety of formats and technologies, including augmented reality glasses, virtual reality headsets, and holograms.

SixG's ultra-high-speed internet will be essential for multimedia devices such as immersive XR, mobile holograms, and digital replicas. Six G connectivity's peak data speed is expected to be 1,000 gigabits per second. That's 50 times faster than the Five. Five G has a peak data speed of 20 gigabits per second.
To expand network coverage, the Terahertz frequency band will be used in the Six G network. The Six G is expected to use artificial intelligence in wireless communication technology.

At a time when the commercialization of the Five G Internet is still in its infancy in the world, it is not unreasonable to start preparations for the Six G. But according to Sunghiun, head of Samsung's Advanced Communications Research Center, it will take at least 10 years to develop and commercialize the SixG network, so it is important to start preparing for the SixG now.

Google is investing Rs 12 trillion in India

In India, the world's second-most populous country, the world's largest companies have begun to invest heavily. Last April, Facebook invested  5.7 billion in Indian Geo. Less than three months after Facebook announced its investment in India, Google has announced a 10 billion investment.

At a recent event, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, announced that Google would invest резреж 10 billion in India over the next five to seven years.

During the Google for India 2020 program, he said that Google's investment will be in the form of equity, partnership, physical infrastructure, and environmental investment. According to him, Google's investment will focus on four important areas of India's digitization. These will include providing easy digital access and information in the languages ​​prevalent in India, production of goods and services based on Indian needs, supporting businesses for digital transformation, and facilitating the use of artificial intelligence and technology in social sectors such as health, education, and agriculture.

According to Google CEO, 26 million small and medium enterprises in India can now be found in Google search.

Facebook connecting Messenger and WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the most popular social media apps used for chatting. Even though Facebook is a company, these two apps operate independently in different ways. But shortly, Facebook plans to connect Messenger and WhatsApp. This means Messenger and WhatsApp users will be able to chat with each other. That is, you will be able to chat from Messenger to WhatsApp and from WhatsApp to Messenger.

The fact that Facebook is about to integrate Messenger and WhatsApp has been revealed from a recently leaked code.

According to experts, web data related to contact and chat functions have been leaked in Facebook's service settings, which indicates that Facebook will be connected to WhatsApp soon.

Just a few months ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram would be linked.

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app, is expected to grow in popularity and number of users after being linked to Messenger.

Lately, WhatsApp has been bringing various new features. Along with the Dark Mode feature, WhatsApp has also provided a group video calling feature in which up to 8 people can make group video calls simultaneously.

Apart from this, the shortcut of Messenger Rooms has also been included in the beta update of WhatsApp. From which it can be understood that Facebook has started connecting Messenger and WhatsApp. Agency

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Google collects more data than you think, how to view, delete and block

Google collects more data than you think, how to view, delete, and block?

You may not know that Google collects more of your personal data than you think. Google keeps a record of every video you watch and every video you watch on YouTube.

Whether you use the iPhone or Android. Even if you don't open Google Maps, it will follow you everywhere. You will be amazed if Google finds out about you.

But don't worry, there are some things you can do to help Google. The company said it would automatically delete the personal data of new Google Account users. But by default, it is only possible after 18 months.

If you are a new user of Google and are creating a Google account for the first time or have just purchased an Android phone, you can also take advantage of the latest announcement from Google.

But if you are using an old Google account or running an old Android phone, you should be deprived of this feature of Google.

Today we're going to teach you how to access and delete your data from Google. We'll also talk about some important settings on how to strike a balance between using Google's services and protecting your privacy.

What information does Google make public?

Google is likely to know your name, age, gender, your face, the email address used, password, and phone number. Some of these are public information, some are highly personal.

Now follow these steps to find out what Google shares about you with the rest of the world.

Click here to go to your Google Account.

If not logged in, type your Google username and password.

Select Personal Info from the menu bar and see the information there. Once there, you can even change your photo, name, birthday, gender, password, email, and phone numbers.

If you want to see what information has been made public about you, scroll down to the Go to About Me.

There are three types of people who can see your details on the page. One is visible to all, the other is visible to the organization you work for, and the other is visible to you. You can see how this information is kept public and confidential.

But you currently have no way to keep your account completely confidential. However, Google has said it will use a privacy control dashboard for mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Here's how Google has recorded your online activity

If you want to see what data Google has collected, follow the procedure below.

From there, you can get a record of your online activity, review it, delete it, or set it to automatically delete it within a certain period.

Sign in to your Google Account by clicking here and select Data & Personalization from the navigation bar there.

If you want to see your activity recorded by Google, scroll down to the place where Activity Control is written and select the Web and App Activity under it, and go to Manage Activity. There you can find all of your Google searches, YouTube View History, Google Assistant Command, and all the interactions recorded by Google Apps and Services.

To turn it off completely, go to the Knit Saving Activity at the beginning and put the Web and App Activity Toggle (button) in the off position. But beware, changing this setting can make the Google Assistant devices you are using, such as Google Home and Google Nest smart speakers and displays, virtually useless.

If you want Google to stop tracking sites signed in using your Chrome browser history and Google Accounts, uncheck the first box. If you do not want Google to record the audio of your conversation with Google Assistant, uncheck the second box or follow the fifth step.

If you want Google to delete such data manually or delete it every 18 days, select Auto Delete and select the time step you want. Google will then immediately delete data that is older than you set. For example, if you select three months, your data older than that will be automatically deleted.

Once you have selected the Auto-Delete setting a popup will appear on your screen and it will ask you to confirm. Then select Confirm.

Click Manage Activity. In it, you can find all your data and statistics collected by Google, including the date. All records from the first day you created your account are there.

To delete data on a specific day, select the trash can icon to the right of the corresponding day and then select Got It To get more specialized data or doing it one by one To delete, select the three dots next to that item and select Delete or Detail.

If you want to manually delete part or all of your history, select the three-dotted icon at the top right of the search bar at the top of the page. Then select Delete Activity according to the time option available there.

To see if your new settings work, go back to the Manage Activities Step 4 directory.

Access the Google records in your location history

The most frightening situation comes when Google keeps an eye on your every move. Once you sign in to Google Maps on your mobile device, you realize that you are being monitored by someone every day.

Now you have no choice but to throw the phone away. But if you follow certain procedures, you can access and manage or delete Google Maps data.

Sign in to your Google Account by clicking here and select Data & Personalization from the navigation bar.

To view your location data recorded by Google, scroll to Activity Control, and select Location History.
If you want Google to stop tracking your location, turn off the toggle on the page, scroll down, and click Pause.

If you want Google to delete such data or delete it every 18, select Auto Delete and select the time frame that suits you. Google will then immediately delete data that is older than you set. For example, if you select three months, data older than that will be automatically deleted.

Once you have selected the Auto-Delete setting a popup will appear on your screen and it will ask you to confirm. Then select Delete or Confirm.

To permanently delete all of your location histories, click the Trace Can icon in the lower right corner and then select Delete Location History that appears. To delete the location of each trip one by one, select the dot in the timeline map or bar, and on the next page click on the Trays Can icon next to the date of the trip you want to delete.

To make sure your location data is deleted or not, start with the second process of Activity Control and continue with the fourth step of Managing Activities. You can see it by opening the timeline in the upper left corner. Also, you will not see any dot on the map showing any of your previous locations.

Here's how to manage YouTube search and watch history

YouTube Search and Watch History is one of the records that Google tracks. Compared to other records, it is not so harmful. Instead, you can benefit from it.

With the help of YouTube's Watch History, Google knows your choice and sends you the video you want. However, if you want to delete such history, we are also teaching you that method.

First, sign in to your Google Account by clicking here and selecting the Data & Personalization navigation bar.

If you want to see all the YouTube data recorded by Google, scroll down to Activity Control, and select YouTube History.

If Google wants to completely remove your YouTube search and view history, turn off the toggle on that page. If you only want to delete the watched video or search, uncheck the Appropriation box.

If you want to automatically delete all of your YouTube data in Google in 18 months or less, select Auto Delete and choose the option you want. Doing so will erase all records older than the time you set. For example, if you select three months, all records older than three months will be deleted.
Once you have selected the Auto-Delete setting, a pop up will appear and prompt you to confirm. Select Confirm there.

Click Manage Activities. Here's a list of all the videos you've watched and searched for.

To delete a record for a specific day, select the Trace Can icon to the right of the date. Then select Gut It. Select the three-dotted icon to get more specific details or to delete individual items. Then select Delete or Detail.

If you want to delete all records or only certain parts of your history, select the three-dot icon at the top right of the search bar at the top of the page. Then select Delete Activity By and select the time you like.
You can start with Activity Control as taught in the second step to determine if YouTube's recorded data has been deleted. Then go to Manage Activities and see the topics you deleted.

Another important thing about privacy

Don't be under the illusion that Google's access to your data is completely blocked by setting up Google to prevent you from tracking your online or offline activity.

Google even when the user turns off their location service

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Here's how to use Google's new app to read during the lockdown

Here's how to use Google's new app to read during the lockdown

Agency. Schools are closed due to the coronavirus. Various online courses and platforms are now taking up the responsibility of educating children. Meanwhile, Google has unveiled a new app to help students read.

Called Read Along, the app offers a variety of online classroom materials for students from nursery to grade 12. This will help the students to continue their studies.

Currently available only on the Android operating system, this app has been developed by Google targeting children above the age of five. Using Google's 'Speech Recognition' technology, it teaches children to read.

Similarly, as children read stories and readers in a loud voice, an assistant section called Dia responds to both sight and sound. So far this app has been downloaded 1 million times.

Use it like this

1. Download the Read Aling Android app for free on Google Play Store.

2. Read the app's privacy policy. According to Google, this app has no ads or in-app purchases. Once the app and its storage are downloaded, it also works offline when there is no data.

You don't even have to sign in for it. But you should allow it to record audio as well as take photos if you want to progress to be saved. But voice data is analyzed on the device in real-time and does not reach Google's servers. If users feel comfortable with these policies, they should click on Got It to proceed.

3. Then tap Virtual Assistant. Doing so will allow your app to record audio and give you feedback by listening.

4. See all options like Story Library, Play a Game, or Download a New Story.

5. Click the story you want to read. Look at the Digital Storybook page, you will see a button on the screen. The star appears when you read a word and pronounce it correctly. If you read incorrectly, a red line appears and then the correct pronunciation comes in Diya's voice.

In this app, you have to read for 10 minutes a day and it keeps track of your progress and the interest you get. If you need help pronouncing a word, you can tap on it.

Diya's feedback is effective and it teaches children what they don't know. Reed Launch was first made public by Google in India. The app is now available in 180 countries.

It is available in 9 languages ​​including English, Spanish, Prochugis, Hindi. Google says it will add more books and features in the coming days.

Google launches 'One Tap' to make signing up and logging in easier

Google launches 'One Tap' to make signing up and logging in easier

The concept of registering for services by filling out a form is very old. It is largely being replaced by the autofill system.

But there are still some problems. For example, where did you sign up for an account from Google or Facebook? Use a password or register for the first time? Such dilemmas can come in it.

But for those who want to use Google's solution, the company has also come up with a solution. The company has developed a one-tap solution.

This new system makes it easy for you to sign up for apps or sites logged in with a Google Account with a single touch. Users will be able to use Google's solution after developers include it in their services.

This allows users to quickly sign up for a site or app without having to fill out a form on Android, and even back up quickly by tapping from a registered account. This way you can get rid of the hassle of remembering your password and creating an account under a nickname.

As it appears in the uniform interface, it can be easily identified in all third party apps and services. If you are already logged in to your Android device, Google will run on your device without asking for a Google account and password.

This way, even for the second time in a third-party app, it will not ask for your Google Account password. Google has also developed a back-end system called Block Store to guarantee that your information is secure.

This allows third-party apps to create security tokens, which are linked to the user's account. Users can use this token instead of other information when signing in.

This feature seems to be a great relief to those who use a lot of apps on their device. Life hacker Brendan Hiss is concerned about the risk of linking all apps to a Google account.

If someone has access to your Google Account, they can access all the apps you use. But there is no big difference between signing up from Google.

Top 50 inventive companies in the world this year -2020

Here are the top 50 inventive companies in the world this year

Kathmandu. As in real life, exploration is a powerful combination of operation, shape, and skill. Operations set ambitious agendas and invest in potential opportunities.

Size can turn those opportunities into new sources of income. Skills become an integral part of holistic exploration, which is needed forever.

The size and power of exploration-based companies around the world are growing. Out of the 50 exploration-based companies on Boston Consulting Group-BCG's 2020 list, smaller companies have revenues of 30 billion.

Since the first survey in 2005, their income has increased by 170 percent, or  11 billion. But operation and size are meaningless when your exploration system can't work on it.

BCG's investigation has drawn more serious conclusions about this. A series of explorations is awkward. Out of 162 companies, 50 companies have been at the top of BCG for the last 14 years. 30 companies once fell on this list.

Fifty-seven percent of companies made it to the list three times or less. Only eight companies, including Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, and Toyota, make it to the list each year.

When BCG began research for the 14th edition of the 'Most Innovative Company' report, COVID 19 arrived. The main theme of this year was about the importance and benefits of a series of explorations.

This discovery has become even more relevant today as the leadership of research is making sweeping changes in supply, demand, consumer behavior, and the way it does business. Besides, companies have doubled their exploration during the current recession.

Companies are taking advantage of investment opportunities and working to overcome this situation. But the development of a clear exploration strategy is a prerequisite for its successful completion, which requires proper investment support.

Your search system should be able to quickly identify and use this opportunity. While researching these topics, a global innovation performance database of thousands of companies was created.

The study was started to find out what practices of those companies enabled him to rise above the rest of the world.

Committed to exploration

For two-thirds of the companies included in the study, exploration has always been a top-three management priority. This is the lowest level of the financial crisis in 2009 and 2010.

The uncertain economy that emerged due to geopolitical tensions before the spread of COVID 19 is also thought to be one of the reasons. This finding can be analyzed more subtly. Committed investigators, who accounted for 45 percent, said exploration was their top priority.

He also mentioned that he has made significant investment commitment. Another concern was that exploration, which accounted for 30 percent, was not a strategic priority and was not a special area of ​​investment.

Similarly, 25 percent of the ambiguous investigators have not invested as much in the strategic importance of the investigation.

The study found that 56 percent of researchers were in the financial and pharmaceutical sectors, 32 percent in wholesale and retail, and 37 percent in industrial goods.

Committed investigators have won. In the business started three years ago, the sales ratio of goods and services to such investigators has increased by 60 percent. The business of suspicious investigators has increased by 30 percent and the business of dilemma researchers by 47 percent.

Even in previous investigative reports, there was a big difference between committed investigators and others. Looking at the example of 2019, there was a big gap between the business of strong and weak investigators when it comes to using artificial intelligence.

The strong investigators involved in this study have found that external investigations, such as incubators and partnerships with educational institutions, have progressed.

According to a 2018 research report, 80 percent of strong investigators digitized their investigative processes well, while 30 percent were weak.

The expanding business of strong investigators is the latest evidence of the strong link between commitment to exploration and its analogy. This situation is seen in all areas related to exploration.

How do committed investigators work?

Most companies try to address multiple exploration challenges at once. But committed investigators handle only a few exploratory tasks at a time and get the right results by addressing them.

They focus on advanced analytics, digital design, and technical platforms. There are various reasons behind embracing these three special things of technology.

For example, advanced analytics has always been a top priority for industrial goods companies looking for new analytics-driven value propositions.

For example, agricultural equipment manufacturers are now moving to create the easiest agricultural technology possible through IoT (Internet of Things).

Even among the most committed investigators, only 60 percent have solved their priority challenge. There is plenty of room for improvement for other companies. Another challenge the success of can not be repeated.

Innovation and discovery

The researchers asked executives at various top investigative companies after 2015. Which has seen a new amazing pattern this year?

When the research was done on this topic, it was found that companies from different fields came to different fields and led the research. For example, Amazon is exploring the health sector, while Alibaba is exploring financial services.

In today's world where all sectors are becoming technical industries, it is very important to be able to develop exploration capacity by merging other sectors with one's own.

Many companies have broken through the wall and entered another area. Three M Company has explored many industries in the last few years.

These include consumer goods, chemicals, construction, and Medtech. Compared to 2016, this trend has increased even more (about 20 percent). New players following this trend are Sony, Nike, Xiaomi, and

If you look at the data at the industry level, software and service companies are entering such areas. Automakers, chemical companies, retailers, and industrial manufacturers are entering the field of other companies.

Because they have seen opportunities in the business model driven by new technology. They have also found a source of income outside their core business.

Top 50 Innovative Companies

BCG's best inventor company is based on a comprehensive survey of 2,500 innovation executives from around the world, selected from a poll conducted from August 2019 to October 2019.

The company's performance was divided into four areas and averaged by calculating scores in the survey.

1. Apple (two location improvements)

2. Alphabet (one place below)

3. Amazon (one place down)

4. Microsoft (in place)

5. Samsung (in place)

6. Huawei (42 place improvements)

7. Alibaba (16 place improvements)

8. IBM (one place down)

9. Sony (back on the list)

10. Facebook (two places down)

11. Tesla (two places down)

12. Cisco (five places above)

13. Walmart (29 places above)

14. Tencent (re-entry in the list)

15. HP (29 places above)

16. Nike (re-entries)

17. Netflix (11 places down)

18. LG Electronics (in place)

19. Intel (re-entries)

20. Dell (21 places up)

21. Siemens (five places down)

22. Target (list re-entry)

23. Philips (six places above)

24. Xiaomi (re-entries)

25. Oracle (re-entries)

26. Johnson & Johnson (12 places down)

27. Snake (one place up)

28. Adidas (18 places below)

29. Hitachi (re-entries)

30. Of cost (re-entry in the list)

31. (newcomer)

32. Volkswagen (six places up)

33. Bus (newcomer)

34. Airbus (re-entry)

35. Salesforce (two places down)

36. JPMorgan Chase (16 places down)

37. Uber (re-entry)

38. Bayer (14 places down)

39. Poster and Gamble (re-entry)

40. Royal Dutch Shell (ten places below)

41. Toyota (four places down)

42. Nestle (re-entry)

43. ABB (newcomer)

44. 3M (five places down)

45. Unilever (13 places down)

46. FCA (newcomer)

47. Novartis

48. Coca-Cola (re-entry)

49. Volvo (newcomer)

50. McDonald's (29 places down)

Source: BCG Global Innovation Survey

The serial numbers for 2020 compared to 2019. Re-entrants are companies that were not on last year's list but were on the previous year's list.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

New feature added by Facebook, Facebook photos and videos can be moved to Google Photos

Facebook, the most widely used social network in the world, has added a new feature.

Facebook, a new feature launched in the US and Canada last April, is now open to the world.

Facebook has made this service global by improving it based on comments and suggestions from users in the US and Canada.

According to the new feature, photos and videos posted on Facebook can now be moved to Google Photos and stored.

The company has stated that some procedures have to be followed to transfer photos from Facebook to Google.

To move a photo to Google, you need to go to Facebook's 'Your Facebook Information'.

For that you have to go to settings.

Then go to 'Transfer a copy of your photos and videos'.

After clicking there, the photo on Facebook will be stored in Google Photos, according to Facebook officials.

Passwords are also requested to start the photo transfer service.

After linking your Facebook and Google Accounts, users will be able to move their Facebook photos to Google Photos.

Privacy and security challenges for  Xiaomi Phone users

Users of the Chinese phone Xiaomi Phone face privacy and security challenges. As the phone will be used for unauthorized recording and tapping of mobile phones of the users, the privacy of the users of those phones has been questioned. Experts say that this has added to the challenge of cyber security.

Various studies have shown that this phone has more problems with Xiaomi Phone Mi 10, Saomi Ridmi K20, Saomi Mix 3 and other phones.

In a query from Forbes magazine, the company said privacy and security were its top concerns and was unaware of such issues.

The weaknesses of this phone have become public after the data of watching porn videos of various users of Xiaomi Phone came out. According to analytical studies, the incident has brought a significant smile to Saomi's users.

A study by Andrew Deerney, a cybersecurity researcher, found that Saomi sent a lot of data and browsers to Google Play.

It violated the privacy of millions of users, according to a report in Forbes Magazine. Saomi has admitted that it leaked while trying to secure the user's data.

This problem has been seen in not only one of Saomi's but also many series of phones, which has caused psychological panic among the users. At the same time, the impact of the leaked confidential data will be even more challenging in the coming days.

Researchers have concluded that this is even more dangerous as all the activities of the users of the phone will be tracked.

In collaboration with Saomi, this data can be accessed and used by anyone, according to Forbes News.

According to the news, a customer of Saomi had reached the office of Forbes with the phone set of Saomi of Woke. Forbes then proceeded with its research on the subject.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Apple is making history again, becoming the world's first 2 trillion company

Apple is making history again, becoming the world's first 2 trillion company

Apple Corps, the world's first non-governmental company with a market value of  1 trillion in 2018, is crossing another milestone.

Apple is set to become the world's first company with a market value of 2 trillion in the near future.

The recent outbreak of the corona virus has caused many companies around the world to fluctuate, and Apple has not been spared. But despite such adversity, analysts estimate that Apple's market value will cross the 2 trillion mark in the near future.

Amit Daryanani, a well-known tech analyst at Cultofmack, made this claim in his latest research report. According to him, the market value of Apple will reach 2 trillion dollars by September 2024. According to the report, by 2024, Apple's earnings per share will reach  23.

His projection is based on a model of 14 percent annual EPS growth. He said Apple's EPS for 2020 would be. 12.72 and would double in the next four years.

Analysts say Apple will not venture into new areas and continue to expand its core business in the wake of its unique success with a market value of 2 trillion. Apple's two main businesses are cloud / software, as well as wearable gadgets such as AirPods and Apple Watch.

Researcher Daryanani also noted that the service sector business will grow faster than Apple's hardware business. The report estimates that Apple will be able to earn 60 billion a year from these two sectors over the next few years.

Google Chrome's dominance in web browsers, a fierce battle between Firefox and Edge

Internet search giant Google's web browser Google Chrome has maintained its dominance in the Internet browser market. According to a recent report by Computer World, Google Chrome has a 68.26 percent share in the desktop web browser.

Other web browsers lag far behind Chrome. Firefox, the second largest browser, has a share of 77.2 percent. Microsoft's Edge is in third place with 6.67 percent of users choosing the Internet browser market.

According to the report, Chrome has not lost its first place in the browser market since 2008 and in recent times other browsers have not been able to reach its side.

Before 2008, Microsoft's Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser. Despite the strong presence of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer had a market share of up to 70 percent at the time.

According to the latest report, Google Chrome is also in the first place in the smartphone browser. Chrome accounted for 64.8 percent of the mobile browser, followed by Apple's Safari browser with a market share of 26.71 percent.

Chrome's popularity among tablet users has waned. According to statistics, Chrome has only 48.59 percent market share in tablet web browsers. Apple's Safari browser accounted for 41.17 percent.

Google recently released Google 83rd Edition. In addition to various other new features, there is also a group tab feature. This feature allows users to rename, color, and move tabs in the tab bar.

Chrome has also added Safe Browsing Mode and Safety Check Tool in the new update. Google says it is constantly taking steps to protect users' data and privacy in the Chrome browser. Agency