Sunday, June 7, 2020

New feature added by Facebook, Facebook photos and videos can be moved to Google Photos

Facebook, the most widely used social network in the world, has added a new feature.

Facebook, a new feature launched in the US and Canada last April, is now open to the world.

Facebook has made this service global by improving it based on comments and suggestions from users in the US and Canada.

According to the new feature, photos and videos posted on Facebook can now be moved to Google Photos and stored.

The company has stated that some procedures have to be followed to transfer photos from Facebook to Google.

To move a photo to Google, you need to go to Facebook's 'Your Facebook Information'.

For that you have to go to settings.

Then go to 'Transfer a copy of your photos and videos'.

After clicking there, the photo on Facebook will be stored in Google Photos, according to Facebook officials.

Passwords are also requested to start the photo transfer service.

After linking your Facebook and Google Accounts, users will be able to move their Facebook photos to Google Photos.

Privacy and security challenges for  Xiaomi Phone users

Users of the Chinese phone Xiaomi Phone face privacy and security challenges. As the phone will be used for unauthorized recording and tapping of mobile phones of the users, the privacy of the users of those phones has been questioned. Experts say that this has added to the challenge of cyber security.

Various studies have shown that this phone has more problems with Xiaomi Phone Mi 10, Saomi Ridmi K20, Saomi Mix 3 and other phones.

In a query from Forbes magazine, the company said privacy and security were its top concerns and was unaware of such issues.

The weaknesses of this phone have become public after the data of watching porn videos of various users of Xiaomi Phone came out. According to analytical studies, the incident has brought a significant smile to Saomi's users.

A study by Andrew Deerney, a cybersecurity researcher, found that Saomi sent a lot of data and browsers to Google Play.

It violated the privacy of millions of users, according to a report in Forbes Magazine. Saomi has admitted that it leaked while trying to secure the user's data.

This problem has been seen in not only one of Saomi's but also many series of phones, which has caused psychological panic among the users. At the same time, the impact of the leaked confidential data will be even more challenging in the coming days.

Researchers have concluded that this is even more dangerous as all the activities of the users of the phone will be tracked.

In collaboration with Saomi, this data can be accessed and used by anyone, according to Forbes News.

According to the news, a customer of Saomi had reached the office of Forbes with the phone set of Saomi of Woke. Forbes then proceeded with its research on the subject.


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