Saturday, June 27, 2020

Working from home

Working from home

Although the coronavirus (Covid-19) originated in China, it has affected more than 100 countries around the world in the past month. Just last year, the world-renowned company Google instructed its South American office staff to work from home. Citizens of many countries, including Italy, have started living in isolation at home with the influence of Corona.

This trend of not going to the office, not going to the crowd and staying at home has started in many countries. Along with the Corona Cross, many citizens have left their homes for work other than having to go.

Although no corona infection has been reported in Nepal, the threat is growing. Going to the office is crowded and if one person is infected, the other is more likely to move. For that, the practice of working from home can be started in Nepal as well. But, how to do you work from home? Here are some of the apps that are more popular for office purposes and if an office motivates its employees to work from home, the use of such applications will help in the work. These applications support virtual communication between more than one person. Not only when there is talk of coronavirus, but also at other times, these tools help to do office work at home. Some tools are more useful for office management and some for employees.


Slack is a tool used for office purposes. What is special about it is that it gives the opportunity to communicate with the people in the office on various topics. Another feature of Slack is that it can be used both paid and free. It can be used by any organization with many employees. The biggest feature of being popular in Slack offices is not only the ability to chat but also the ability to chat by subject. It can also integrate other social networks and tools that work with document sharing, editing. It can be used in both app and web versions.


It is also a commercial messaging platform like Slack. It allows the user to chat, to make progress of the work in progress instantly. It allows you to chat with more than one person individually or individually. It also has a video chat system. It has the facility to massage the different departments of the office and the groups working separately according to their work. The flock can be used for free or for a fee. There is a charge for using the full feature.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft is a competitive tool of Team Slack. Its purpose is to monitor the work of the office staff and their work. Although Microsoft launched it four years ago, it made it available for free two years ago. By sharing it with your employees, you can share video, audio calls, file sharing, chats, and project-related responsibilities, and you can easily monitor them. Also, it is easy to know which employees have which shifts and how long they have worked.

Team Viewer

This is a very useful tool for people working on both home and office. It allows access from one device to another, which is very useful for file sharing. It can also be used to work from your office commuter at home. It can be used for free.


Dropbox is a useful tool for working people. If you keep the file and documents of the office in your computer in Dropbox, you can work with fun wherever you are, due to which it is not a hassle to do office work from home. Files in Dropbox can be shared, emailed, edited and copied with others, so it makes the job much easier. It can be used for free.

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