Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Mysterious hole in the picture of Mars

The US space agency NASA took a picture of Mars in 2011. The photo was exhibited by NASA on March 1. A mysterious hole is seen in the image captured on Mars.

According to various media reports, scientists have suggested that Mars may be suitable for habitation. There are also many caves near the 35 meter diameter hole. Scientists are now conducting research on this image.

NASA has sent a robot called 'Arbiter' for the study. The robot is sending a picture of Mars. This picture was also taken and sent by 'Arbiter'. The cave is about 20 meters deep after NASA discussed the hole in the picture.

According to NASA's blog, many safe caves have been discovered around the hole seen on Mars. It is estimated to be 35 meters long and 20 meters deep.

Want to go to Mars? Mars became a small planet on Earth

Mars is considered a symbol of heroism in Eastern astrology. If Mars is weak in the horoscope, no astrologer can make you spend 4-5 cycles of your office and 20-25 thousand rupees. According to the established beliefs and principles of astrology, not only Mars but also Mercury, Jupiter, Sun etc. It should be understood that Ketu has a high position in the union with the Moon and Venus and has a crooked vision.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun beyond the Earth. Its average distance from the sun is 22,79,9,100 km, and there is a big difference between the earth and its distance. The average distance between the two is 22,50,000,000 km. But when the distance between the two increases, there is a gap of up to 40,10,000,000 km. As the Sun orbits the Earth, Mars travels up to 5,600,000 km.

But this is not always the case. In August 2003, Mars passed so close. Normally, Mars orbits the sun every two years and moves 7,77,92,000 km away from the earth. That's why all the space agencies in the world send their spacecraft to Mars in a gap of 2 years.

Although Earth scientists have succeeded in sending a spacecraft into interstellar space (beyond 150 AU from the Sun), including all the planets in the solar system, they have not been able to send people to any celestial body other than the Moon.

Mars, which has a solid surface like Earth, continues to attract the minds of scientists. There is no solid surface on any planet beyond Mars. All the planets after Jupiter are gaseous planets.
Scientists have a great desire to land humans on Mars.

For this, space corporations of many countries as well as private companies are competing. Everyone is claiming to set foot on Mars by 2032. But with the technology and science that has been available so far, the pace at which space has been achieved does not seem to be changing.

However, this is possible if you want to travel around the Earth in a Mars-like environment.

The famous holiday website Trip Advisor and Astroland Company have created a small planet with a Mars-like atmosphere on Earth. This artificial Mars is made in Spain.

This artificial planet, which has the same atmosphere as Mars, was built in a cave in northern Spain. The company plans to accommodate tourists for three days and three nights.

The dream of Mars has come true in a cave at a height of 196 feet in northern Spain. The length of this cave is 1.4 km. An atmosphere of Mars has been created inside the cave.

You must first participate in a 30-day 'tour program' to visit this Martian planet. The company gives you 21 days of online training after booking a trip to Mars. Mars' gravity, atmosphere, ecology, etc. are all very different from Earth's. After the online training, the company will put you in another 3-day training workshop to give you physical and mental strength and less gravity as well as physical training to do other activities.

After gaining proficiency in training, the company will take you on a journey to artificial Mars for 3 days and 3 nights.

Arrangements have been made for the tourists going to the cave-like Mars to go on this journey only with special equipment and special clothes.

According to the company, the three-day trip to this artificial Mars will cost around Rs 800,000.

"Our first trial is over, and the results are very encouraging," said David Ceballos, the company's CEO.

The company has opened bookings for tourists. It will definitely be exciting to experience Mars for Rs 800,000.

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