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The same pursuit of every life: happiness and peace

The pursuit of happiness and peace is the essence of what people do throughout their lives. But people do not have happiness and peace until they die. Why Because people are looking for it in the wrong way. In this context, the sentimental translation of this article published in Hindi is appreciated here.

The pursuit of happiness and peace

What are people looking for today? Happiness, pleasure, luxury, material advancement, achievement, fame, fame. In fact, these are many means. In fact, people are in search of peace and happiness.

Some people are looking for peace and happiness in material things, some people in their reputation. Some have resorted to entertainment, while others have sought it through sports, movies, and tourism. Most people think that happiness and peace are the fulfillment of their desires and desires. People live their lives in the hope of getting something after fulfilling one wish. They see that achievement as real peace and happiness. Is that the truth?

What is real peace? For this, it is appropriate to go back to your past. The question of what we have lost and what we have gained lies in the form of real peace. Peace is the inspiring moment in drawing the creative picture of the future. Today, right now, this is the awakened practice to live this moment to the fullest, peace.

We may also have some determination to live a peaceful life ourselves. Also to wish a peaceful life for all. Only such a determination can really make life meaningful.

Grocho Marx says, ‘Every morning when I open my eyes I say to myself, is this day happy or sad? I have the full power to choose it. I have one day and I will be happy all day. '

Today everyone wants every day to be auspicious, peaceful and auspicious for me. There are more than seven billion people in the world. None of them want peace. Not only human beings but also animals from Kirafatyangra want a peaceful life.

The Yajurveda prays, ‘Heaven, space and earth are forms of peace. Water, medicine, plants, the world gods, Parabrahma and all the worlds are forms of peace. 'This prayer is meaningful when we take a vow of restraint, contentment. Because true peace is in sacrifice, not in enjoyment. Just as people sincerely strive for self-sacrifice, so peace comes to them. Albert Gilbert said, "When we accept a difficult task as a challenge and perform it with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen."

Satisfaction is the infallible means of peace. People are searching for peace but are not able to find the right path. How to reach the destination when you can't find the right path?

People have wealth, luxury, family, home, business, computer, car, everything. The more amenities are available, the more unrest there is. That is, people are losing their peace. Unrest has surrounded all sides. There is an empire of panic, fear, violence, jealousy, frustration and stress. Why has this happened? Wealth and splendor can make the minimum needs of the people affordable. But what is needed today is not just shelter, shelter and peace. But teaching peace does not bring peace.

Peace is not produced from markets, industries, mills, factories. The product of peace is in man himself. Therefore, people should develop morality, purity and the value of life within themselves. "The world is what we think it is," says HM Tomlison. If we can change our expansion, we can change the world. '

Western scholar Tennyson writes, ‘There is no happiness other than peace.’ Indeed, if the mind is troubled, anxious, terrified, restless, there is no happiness in the joy and sleep of the velvet bridge. Unless the mind is healthy and calm, the mind cannot rejoice in any material comforts. This means that peace is not in the comfort of the outside, it is in the mind inside. According to spiritual guru Chidananda, it is possible to seek peace by having a direct relationship of peace from our heart.

Revealing the secret of a peaceful life, the great philosopher Saint Acharya Mahapragya says, ‘If we want to live peacefully with others, our first need is the development of spiritual consciousness.’ No matter how much peace is sought by neglecting spirituality, it is not achieved.

The greatest need for peace is the development of human values. We can achieve real peace by embracing eternal values ​​such as truth, non-violence, chastity and morality. Every human being should have human qualities like love, compassion, amity, tolerance, equality, kindness, simplicity, awareness, sympathy, peace.

You should invest your time, labor and energy in acquiring these qualities. As long as the seeds of peace, the irrigation of affection, the sun of discipline, the footsteps of morality, the air of friendship, the efficient protection and nurture of selflessness are not given in the fertile garden where people laugh and play, the cultivation of spiritual happiness and peace will not flourish.

Peace begins where ambition ends.

Peace is the essence of all religions. For this, Hindus recite the Gita, while Muslims recite the Qur'an. Buddhists recite Dhammapada, Jains recite Agam Shastra. Sikh Guru Granth Sabih reads, Christian reads the Bible. Despite the diversity of names, forms, words, doctrines, scriptures, cultures, cults, all of these have the same essence, the search for peace.

Where is the happiness of life?

Happiness Our life revolves around this two letter word. Why do we make money? For happiness Why do we want to be successful? For happiness Why do we want to improve? For happiness Why do we buy a house, buy a car, have a bank balance? For happiness

In other words, happiness is the only destination for all the efforts we make in life. We are looking for happiness from family. You are looking for happiness in your profession. We seek happiness through our deeds. Happiness is the inner hunger to gain prestige, to earn fame, to prosper.

What is happiness?

We spend our whole lives wandering for the same happiness. You make many efforts throughout your life. The material things we seek are for happiness. While happiness is an emotional state.

The car does not give us happiness. Facilitates We get happiness in the same facility. Sweet food does not give us happiness, it gives us satisfaction. In that contentment we find happiness.

What is the source of happiness? What is the source of happiness? Where does happiness come from? Happiness in itself is not a matter of material achievement. But, we are looking for happiness through material achievement. Maybe we can find a source of happiness from this. However, it cannot be satisfied.

Mutual tension in the circle of happiness

Now we are struggling with wealth. Your own brothers are also becoming enemies. You are doing many tricks. For what For property. What is the property for? To make life easier. Why make life easier? For happiness

We are looking for happiness in the opposite way. This does not mean that we do not need wealth, cars, houses, gold and silver. Need But, they are consumables. After consuming it, its life expires. So these material things are not the source of happiness. The source of happiness is within us. Happiness can never be satisfied by looking for material things. Instead, you should enter into your own heart. You have to search within your own heart.

Happiness is a feeling

Happiness is a mental state and it is a feeling. So it cannot be obtained by searching outside. It depends on the person and his temperament. Similarly, happiness is different for everyone.

Happiness is the experience of long-term relief. It is a feeling of peace of mind and contentment with life. We always wish you happiness. We think that if we can eat sweet food, wear expensive clothes, have fun all the time, then we will be happy. But, that doesn't happen. We believe that happiness is found when our needs and desires are fulfilled. However, this kind of thinking makes us suffer from loneliness and depression.

Happiness is not in money, it is in contentment

If money were the basis of happiness, the richest people in the world would be happier. But, even those who have immense wealth have survived with sorrow in their minds. They have survived the ordeal. While the poor may be experiencing happiness.

Happiness cannot be bought with money. With money we can get convenience. Getting the facility does not mean happiness. Because convenience alone does not make us happy in all situations.

The source of happiness

The Buddha said that the greatest source of happiness is to place others in one's heart. When we care for the well-being and happiness of others with complete devotion, our hearts are filled with love. At this time, we are also feeling very happy physically.

We are never perfect by taking from others. Also happy. We cannot be satisfied with the wealth of others, with the sweat of others. The expectation that we should be happy because of others makes us more miserable. Instead, if you do something for others, you will find happiness. Such happiness is lasting. Happiness is a sense of equality. It comes from satisfaction.

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