Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Google launches 'One Tap' to make signing up and logging in easier

Google launches 'One Tap' to make signing up and logging in easier

The concept of registering for services by filling out a form is very old. It is largely being replaced by the autofill system.

But there are still some problems. For example, where did you sign up for an account from Google or Facebook? Use a password or register for the first time? Such dilemmas can come in it.

But for those who want to use Google's solution, the company has also come up with a solution. The company has developed a one-tap solution.

This new system makes it easy for you to sign up for apps or sites logged in with a Google Account with a single touch. Users will be able to use Google's solution after developers include it in their services.

This allows users to quickly sign up for a site or app without having to fill out a form on Android, and even back up quickly by tapping from a registered account. This way you can get rid of the hassle of remembering your password and creating an account under a nickname.

As it appears in the uniform interface, it can be easily identified in all third party apps and services. If you are already logged in to your Android device, Google will run on your device without asking for a Google account and password.

This way, even for the second time in a third-party app, it will not ask for your Google Account password. Google has also developed a back-end system called Block Store to guarantee that your information is secure.

This allows third-party apps to create security tokens, which are linked to the user's account. Users can use this token instead of other information when signing in.

This feature seems to be a great relief to those who use a lot of apps on their device. Life hacker Brendan Hiss is concerned about the risk of linking all apps to a Google account.

If someone has access to your Google Account, they can access all the apps you use. But there is no big difference between signing up from Google.

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