Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Here's how to use Google's new app to read during the lockdown

Here's how to use Google's new app to read during the lockdown

Agency. Schools are closed due to the coronavirus. Various online courses and platforms are now taking up the responsibility of educating children. Meanwhile, Google has unveiled a new app to help students read.

Called Read Along, the app offers a variety of online classroom materials for students from nursery to grade 12. This will help the students to continue their studies.

Currently available only on the Android operating system, this app has been developed by Google targeting children above the age of five. Using Google's 'Speech Recognition' technology, it teaches children to read.

Similarly, as children read stories and readers in a loud voice, an assistant section called Dia responds to both sight and sound. So far this app has been downloaded 1 million times.

Use it like this

1. Download the Read Aling Android app for free on Google Play Store.

2. Read the app's privacy policy. According to Google, this app has no ads or in-app purchases. Once the app and its storage are downloaded, it also works offline when there is no data.

You don't even have to sign in for it. But you should allow it to record audio as well as take photos if you want to progress to be saved. But voice data is analyzed on the device in real-time and does not reach Google's servers. If users feel comfortable with these policies, they should click on Got It to proceed.

3. Then tap Virtual Assistant. Doing so will allow your app to record audio and give you feedback by listening.

4. See all options like Story Library, Play a Game, or Download a New Story.

5. Click the story you want to read. Look at the Digital Storybook page, you will see a button on the screen. The star appears when you read a word and pronounce it correctly. If you read incorrectly, a red line appears and then the correct pronunciation comes in Diya's voice.

In this app, you have to read for 10 minutes a day and it keeps track of your progress and the interest you get. If you need help pronouncing a word, you can tap on it.

Diya's feedback is effective and it teaches children what they don't know. Reed Launch was first made public by Google in India. The app is now available in 180 countries.

It is available in 9 languages ​​including English, Spanish, Prochugis, Hindi. Google says it will add more books and features in the coming days.

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