Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Instagram's camera is suspected to have been hijacked due to a bug

Instagram's camera is suspected to have been hijacked due to a bug

 Users have complained of unnatural activity on the Instagram app in the beta mode of iOS 14. Even while scrolling through the feed without taking photos and videos, there are complaints that the green indicator of the camera is visible on Instagram.

A spokesman for Instagram said the situation was caused by a bug and that the company had fixed it. Access to the camera can be obtained from Instagram's Create Mode feature. When you get access like this, the camera indicator turns on. That is why the problem may have arisen.

Such an error can be seen by running the app's camera by swiping from the feed. ‘We only have access to your camera if you allow it. For example, when you swipe from feed to camera, we get access.

Due to the bug in the iOS 14 beta, the user was afraid that his camera would be hijacked even if he did not use it. We've repaired it now, "he said." We haven't used your camera and we haven't recorded any content. "

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The 'Read Letter' feature is coming to the desktop version of the Chrome browser

Popular web browser Chrome is targeting desktop users to save any content and is preparing to bring a read letter feature at their convenience. Chrome is about to add a new menu on the desktop so that you can save any tab and read it later.

According to a report released by the bug tracker 'Chromium Gerrit', this feature can be used on Chrome operating system as well as Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems. The feature, which was unveiled to iOS users three years ago, is still in its infancy, Gerrit said.

It is said that there will be no change in the user interface of this feature which is being tested. If you are wondering when to use this type of feature on Android, there is good news for you. You can even use this download feature to recreate functionality.

Click the three dot menu at the top right of Chrome and click the download icon in it. To view saved pages, go to your Downloads section and view the saved websites.

Theoretically you can also go to the download route to save the page on the desktop but it downloads the website as an HTML file. So this is not a suitable solution for Android.

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