Sunday, July 5, 2020

Is Facebook's 'Tick' shutting down?

Is Facebook's 'Tick' shutting down?

Social media company Facebook is shutting down one of its apps, Lasso, which is said to hit Tiktak.

Facebook brought the app in 2018 and it was available in different countries of the world. The Lasso app was especially available in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and Uruguay. But Facebook has informed the users through a message that the app will be closed from July 10.

Users will be able to keep their data and videos safe before the Lasso app closes.

Remember, Facebook launched the app to compete with the popular video making and sharing app Tiktak. Users can create up to 15 seconds of video in this app as in Tiktak.

While Tiktak was achieving extreme success, the Facebook app did not get much discussion. Also, Facebook could not make it global. Facebook has finally decided to shut down its service.

As soon as the Lasso app is closed, Facebook will now compete with Tiktak via Instagram Reel. Instagram Reel has been launched in Brazil. In Brazil, it has been launched under the name Cenas. After the closure of the Lasso app, Facebook is expected to launch the app on Instagram. Agency

Google bans 25 Facebook data theft apps

Google has removed 25 different Android apps from its Google Play Store. Google has taken such a step after the cyber security company Avina revealed that those apps were involved in stealing the login data of Facebook users.

Avina had revealed that the apps contained malware and through it the Facebook login data of smartphone users was stolen.

The 25 apps have been downloaded 2 million times in the Google Play Store so far. Most of them are app file manager, flash light, wallpaper management, screenshot editor and weather related apps. 

Here is a list of 25 apps that Google has removed from the Play Store:

Super Wallpapers Flashlight


Wallpaper Level

Contour level wallpaper

Iplayer & iwallpaper

Video maker

Color Wallpapers


Powerful Flashlight

Super Bright Flashlight

Super Flashlight

Solitaire game

Accurate scanning of QR code

Classic card game

Junk file cleaning

Synthetic Z

File Manager

Composite Z

Screenshot capture

Daily Horoscope Wallpapers

Wuxia Reader

Plus Weather

Anime Live Wallpaper

iHealth step counter


Social media photos will not be stored in Google Photos

Google will stop automatically storing photos and videos from social media such as Instagram and WhatsApp in the Google Photos app.

According to a recent decision by Google, photos and videos received by users through social media platforms will no longer be automatically 'backed up' in the Google Photos app.

Google said the decision was made to save Internet resources, saying users shared more photos and videos during the Corona virus epidemic.

Google Photos captures the user's device storage as well as bandwidth.

YouTube and Netflix, among others, have already decided to reduce Internet traffic by reducing the pressure on the Internet network to prevent the world from crashing.

These apps will be affected by the recent decision not to store social media content in Google Photos:



§ Instagram








However, photos and videos that have already been backed up to Google Photos will not be affected.

Remember that some apps, including WhatsApp, have the option to disable the option to store videos and photos automatically in the Google app.


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