Saturday, July 25, 2020

TikTok makers will now get money, the company is opening a fund of Rs 24 billion

TikTok makers will now get money, the company is opening a fund of Rs 24 billion

There is good news for ticket users. The popular Chinese video platform for short videos is now paying its users.

Tiktak, which was established in a short time, has announced such a feature especially targeting popular users and new users. In a statement on Thursday, the company said it was building a fund of about 24 billion rupees ( 200 million) for its new announcement.

This feature will help users who are looking for opportunities to progress through creative content. According to Tiktak, cash distribution from the fund will start by the end of this year.

In the past, ticket users could only earn money through live and brand partnerships. Tiktak's new announcement is expected to continue to attract users as it forms the basis for revenue.

According to Tiktak's criteria, such amount will be used only for original content above 18 years of age and self-created. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Although it is not clear how the ticket users will get the amount, a spokesperson of the company said that the amount of the fund will continue to increase and make it competitive in the market. The most popular ticket in the world has been getting into trouble lately.

India has imposed a ban on tickets due to a border dispute between China and India, and there is a possibility of a ban due to the growing distance with the United States.

To reduce this potential, TICT has recently unveiled a new plan to create 10,000 jobs in the United States. Tickets are equally popular among Nepali users.

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Here's how to download YouTube videos

 If you want to download a video from YouTube for offline viewing, you can't download it directly. For this, you need a third-party tool.

But downloading videos from YouTube is not difficult. Today we are going to show you an easy way to download videos from YouTube.

If you want to download YouTube videos on Windows computer, click here to download and install Fork Video Download software. This is free software. Its special feature is that you can download the entire playlist from YouTube at once.

The software also has the facility to download three-sixty videos and 3D videos. To download the video, go to the address bar of YouTube, copy the URL of the related video, and paste it into the 4k download software. You can see the place to paste the link to the left of Shirani.

After doing so, you have to choose the quality option to download the video. However, the quality of the video depends on the quality of the video on YouTube.

If the video of your choice is available on YouTube in quality up to Forke, you can download videos of the same quality from it. In addition, you have to choose the format in which to download the video.

Even if there are other options, MP4 may be suitable for you. When done, click on the 'Download' button. The video will now start downloading. From this, you can download up to 24 videos simultaneously.

If you don't want to use a separate app to download videos from YouTube, this might be the right option for you. By clicking here, you can easily download videos with the help of Y2Mate's web app. All you have to do is copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it into the web app.

Then choose the format in which you want to download the video. From which you can download the video in various formats in a short time. If you have a small amount of storage on your device, you can even adjust the file size with this software.

But you can only download one video at a time. This web app is not developed to be able to download multiple videos at once. You can also download YouTube videos using this web app as a Google Chrome extension.

Don't make the mistake of trading online

Even though the coronavirus lockdown is over now, many people are still working from home. Since the lockdown began, Nepalis' reliance on online platforms has increased significantly.

However, the side effects of COVID 19 are similar in other countries. Hackers are also looking at this as an opportunity and are making people victims of online fraud.

Everything from online shopping to bank transactions is being transferred online. So today we are going to tell you some important tips so that no one can cheat you online.

Never make such a mistake

Avoid opening links and attachments sent by strangers as much as possible.

Never share your account password with anyone else.

Log out immediately after finishing online banking.

Do not share personal information such as date of birth, address, phone number on any social media. Because it can easily be misused. You can even fall into online fraud.

Pay attention to these issues

Never use your name, date of birth, or phone number in your password.

Set your account password so that it doesn't contain any guesses about you.

Find out a strong password and know the tips for keeping a strong password.

Change your password from time to time, so that no one can steal it.

Only give access to your personal device or system to someone you trust.

Do not allow strangers to use your system.

Always have anti-virus on your system and device.

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