Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Alcohol makes sanitizer

Alcohol makes sanitizer

As the coronavirus infection is spreading in the world, the panic has also increased in Nepal. People are increasingly using masks and sanitizers to prevent infections. Due to which the market demand is increasing. There are allegations that there is a lack of it in the market due to some black market as an opportunity to make money. Meanwhile, Lalitpur Metropolitan City has trained the locals to make masks and sanitizers. The metropolis has conducted training to make sanitizer from alcohol to prevent a shortage in the market.

The metropolis has imparted training on making sanitizer from alcohol with the technical assistance of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). Sixty representatives from 29 wards of the city participated in the training which started last Sunday. The metropolis had earlier given training in making masks. "Initially, we trained to make masks by understanding the lack of market," said Harishchandra Ghimire, a senior engineer at the metropolis.

Ghimire said that the participants were taught the whole method of making sanitizer from home-made liquor. Nast spokesperson Suresh Kumar Dhungel said that they have been trained to prepare local manpower for the production as sanitizers can be made through the use of home-made liquor.

After the training, it will be very easy to make sanitizer by processing home-made liquor, says Sajan Lal Syaula, head trainer and senior scientist of Nast. According to Syaula, domestic alcohol contains 35 to 42 percent ethanol. About 75 to 80 percent ethylene is needed to kill the virus. "We have learned how to increase the amount of ethanol in alcohol," he said. "We have learned how to increase the amount of ethanol in alcohol in the way recommended by the World Health Organization."

What is a sanitizer?

Sanitizer is a chemical that usually kills germs by cleaning. We use soap to clean our hands and disinfectants to clean the floor. Antiseptics are used to treat the body's living organisms, according to Scientific Syaula. All chemicals have their own method of cleaning. "When we clean our hands, the soap washes away the dirt and doesn't kill the germs," ​​says Syaula. "We can't use disinfectants in the body, they are used to kill bacteria." Therefore sanitizer is antiseptic.

Let's not put sanitizer in the eyes

What can be used to make sanitizer?

Sanitizers can be made in thousands of ways. However, only sanitizers made from alcohol are considered effective. Alcohol also falls into the category of chemicals. Alcohol contains chemicals including methanol, ethanol, butanol. The World Health Organization recommends making sanitizers from methanol, ethanol, and butanol. We have learned to make sanitizer using ethanol found in homebrew.

When to use it?

It can be used in any situation. It doesn't matter if you use a sanitizer to hold a newborn baby. It is used to prevent infection from one person to another. They also use sanitizer in and out of the hospital's operating theater. It is always useful to avoid any infection.

Does too much use affect or not?

Does not This is because alcohol does not stay on the skin for long. It flies away in an instant. Being in the body does not harm. There is nothing to be afraid of. But, it should not be overlooked.

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