Monday, July 20, 2020

Let's measure internet speed in this way. Complaint to dissatisfied authority

Let's measure internet speed in this way. Complaint to dissatisfied authority

The regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Authority has been developing and bringing into operation a system for measuring the quality of the Internet for some time now. The beta version of the system, dubbed the NTA QOS app, was unveiled by Finance, Communications and Information Technology Minister Yuvraj Khatiwada last February.

This web-based system has not yet materialized. However, it is also made available to the user. "This system is not yet fully developed," said NEA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal. "We have made it available on the site with a plan to refine it based on user feedback." We will finalize it soon and make it available. '

Although it may take some time for the app to be finalized, users can now use it to measure the speed of the internet and lodge a complaint with the authority if they have any complaints. Speed ​​can be measured with the quality of mobile and fixed line internet through the app.

According to NEA, there are many speed tester apps and software in the market, but this app is the official app of the regulatory body of Nepal. It can be used to get information about internet speed as well as name of service provider, internet connection address, latency, download and upload speed, download and upload success rate, browsing delay etc.

NEA spokesperson Aryal said that the NEA has also provided the facility to lodge a complaint if one is not satisfied with the information received.

For that, after testing the speed of the internet, you can see the 'Complaint' button at the bottom right of the site. Complaints can be lodged by clicking on the button and providing necessary information including name, email address, phone number.

Spokesperson Aryal said that the regulator will study the complaints and take necessary action.

Here's how to do an internet speed test

1. Click here to test the speed of the Internet from the regulator's web application. You will now see the Speed ​​Test app open.

2. The name of the connected Internet service provider will appear at the bottom of the page. Press the Start button under it.

3. After doing so, you will see a detailed description of the internet speed you are running.

4. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the internet now, you can complain to the regulator as mentioned above.

But here the service provider has to take special care to know the equal internet speed. How close you are to the router, whether the wall and hard objects block the WiFi signal, how many devices are connected to the internet can make a big difference in the speed of WiFi.

In addition, whether or not you have used Ethernet (wire), even how old your device is, can make a difference in the quality of WiFi and Internet available.


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