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What, how much and how to eat in the lockdown?

What, how much and how to eat in the lockdown?

Lockdown has left most people indoors today. Many people know what to eat and what to eat while staying at home. Whether it is woodcut or not, we should always eat healthy food at home. But, even in such a situation now, it is heard that many people are ordering food from various food delivery services. Even in such leisure time, the townspeople are reluctant to eat at home. But, we should eat home-cooked food as much as possible.

In some cases, just cooking at home does not mean that the food is healthy. For that, the food should be cooked in a healthy and clean way. You should not cook or eat more than you need, saying,

Some people have a habit of eating a lot after getting sweets. This habit can lead to weight gain as well as diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems. When you cook too much, you can't eat all the food at once. Food is wasted. Throwing food at such a difficult time is like committing a crime. There are also people who get restless without getting a meal. These are the things to pay attention to.

What and how to eat

Eat less rice, bread and more green vegetables. Since green vegetables are not available everywhere now, you should eat as much as you have available. Nutritious food should be shared by everyone in the house. Living indoors and not having much work, the body now has fewer calories. Still, there are those who eat three or four meals a day. There is no need to make rice, pulses, two or three kinds of vegetables and pickles like other times. Rice and pickled vegetables and pickles are enough. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. It works on both lentils and vegetables. Eating in this way also reduces weight. And, the body needs enough calories. Some people can't even cook two or three kinds of vegetables without meat. This habit should be removed.

One meal in the morning and one meal a day. Rice or bread does not have to be eaten. Gedagudi and its soup can also be eaten.

This is a golden opportunity for a housewife to teach her family how to eat healthy food with little food. One meal in the morning and one meal during the day. Rice or bread does not have to be eaten. Instead, you can eat kodo soup, nuts and its soup. It also makes the stomach bloated. It is not always necessary to drink only milk tea in the morning. Lemon water, lemon tea can be eaten. Eating lemon peel with tea or rice also enhances the body's ability to fight disease. There are many foods in the home that increase the body's ability to fight disease. People are now eating turmeric. Some people eat it with hot milk and some with hot water. It is better to eat it with pepper. It increases the body's ability to fight disease.

There is a lot of gas in cooking many kinds of food. It's time to dump her and move on. Some foods can be cooked in the morning and kept in the fridge until the evening to be heated.

It saves time and food along with gas. Saving food means saving money. Lockdown has removed the idea that people should go to restaurants and eat burgers and pizza, and go to grocery stores and bring noodles. This time has taught us that we can live by eating home-cooked food. Especially middle and upper class families have learned this.

As the woodcut is getting longer, those who say, 'I feel bored of home-cooked food' start getting used to home-cooked food. Many are now in better health than before. Because, they have avoided eating out. However, some parents still go to the grocery store to pick up cartoons of noodles. Corono has quickly touched many junk food eaters. Even though they know this, they are pretending not to know. It's time to dump junk food. Feeding children junk food is like giving them alcohol and cigarettes. It has no less effect than alcohol and cigarettes. Similarly, many people are now making restaurant dishes at home and posting them on Facebook.

They have not seen any other food except mum and pizza. They feel ashamed when Dalbhat is posted on Facebook. They don't say on Facebook, 'I ate potatoes, chickpeas, sprouted food, millet soup, dumplings, bread, cake today'. No one posts photos of Malpuwa, Celeroti, Chiura's Pulau, Kheer. He thinks that he has lost his dignity. They are playing with the health of their family.
(Based on Srijana Khadka's conversation with nutritionist Upreti)

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