Saturday, July 18, 2020

The first 'bike' made in Nepal

The first 'bike' made in Nepal

The first motorbike made in Nepal has been made public. Founded in 2017, the electric bike manufacturer Yatri Motorcycles has brought this bike as its first product. The bike is named 'Yatri'.

This bike has been built under 'Project-Siro'. The electric-powered bike was built by a team of six Nepali youths, including four engineers. The company says that they have designed and manufactured all the parts of the bike in collaboration with the United States, China, India and other European countries.

The bike has 40 horsepower and the company says that it can run 230 kilometers once fully charged. The full speed of the bike is 120 kilometers per hour and the bike has a screen with a seven-inch display, which will show the speed. Called environmentally friendly, this bike has its own app 'Passenger Hub'. According to the company, the bike will be available for public sale from March 2020.

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